Shia LaBeouf Sheds a Tear While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones


  1. First We Feast

    First We Feast5 bulan yang lalu

    Welcome back, spice lords! Who do you want to see Season 10?

  2. OdellisaurusRex

    OdellisaurusRexBulan Yang lalu

    Game Grumps!

  3. Meagan Testerman

    Meagan TestermanBulan Yang lalu

    Chappelle duh.

  4. clankdimxx

    clankdimxx2 bulan yang lalu

    Antonio brown

  5. Allen Tonnesen

    Allen Tonnesen3 bulan yang lalu

    Petition to have Wim Hof on the show. Or maybe do the show in an ice bath or out in the snow at his place. That would be epic!

  6. Anastasia

    Anastasia4 bulan yang lalu


  7. ef

    ef10 jam yang lalu

    This is a strange man. I love him. One of the best guests, one of the best episodes.

  8. Joey Barz

    Joey Barz10 jam yang lalu

    The manliest tears on IDreporter 😂

  9. Tiana Lady_Pickle

    Tiana Lady_Pickle10 jam yang lalu

    And this is EXACTLY why I've been in a glow over Shia for these last 2 decades🤩🤩🤩

  10. R C

    R C10 jam yang lalu

    after seeing the way this man treated law enforcment when he was arrested, i fuckin hate this idiot. not to mention his stupid movements.

  11. Mark

    Mark10 jam yang lalu

    This guy is mentally ill though. If you look up the things he said and did goddamn ...

  12. Paul Allen Leoncini

    Paul Allen Leoncini10 jam yang lalu

    Hilarious! Shia, who knew?

  13. Caleb TheMan

    Caleb TheMan11 jam yang lalu

    Its easier to pick off a fast runner because they are more likely to try to get a jump, the lazy runner will stay closer to the bag and play it safe.

  14. jelaninoel

    jelaninoel11 jam yang lalu

    Stealing illuminati chicken 😆

  15. SuperVince1010

    SuperVince101012 jam yang lalu

    I wonder if those hot wings divided La la B

  16. Tomas Tylecek

    Tomas Tylecek12 jam yang lalu

    im gonna have to watch this one with my friends many times over, my favorite, you guys destroyed it♨️

  17. Mister Ree

    Mister Ree13 jam yang lalu

    Fuck me. He went the whole hog........... i mean wings. 10 wings 10 dabs. and ate the whole thing. WOW.

  18. Hunter Dugan

    Hunter Dugan13 jam yang lalu

    I feel like he's high

  19. Kherce73

    Kherce7314 jam yang lalu

    Love the GoT music at the start...and these two need to get a room :)

  20. Simsimaspineshank S

    Simsimaspineshank S14 jam yang lalu

    Wow I’m Surprised at how likable he is. I don’t understand why he supports socialism when he seems so down to earth🤔

  21. nexusinyou666

    nexusinyou66614 jam yang lalu

    another amazing soul

  22. CyanoticFuture

    CyanoticFuture15 jam yang lalu

    Bob Barker

  23. Flynn B900

    Flynn B90016 jam yang lalu

    Honestly Shia is the best guest ever on hot ones, he’s cool as fuck and hilarious

  24. Jeremy Waugh

    Jeremy Waugh18 jam yang lalu

    is Shia name cajan or jewish

  25. maddy

    maddy19 jam yang lalu

    He really misses the opportunity to say, "shia lapush".

  26. paul smith

    paul smith19 jam yang lalu

    Good shit

  27. Ivan G

    Ivan G20 jam yang lalu

    Shia is cool

  28. drewcifer24

    drewcifer2421 jam yang lalu

    If Shia was a dirt bike, he’d be a yz450f 2020, the winner of all the shootouts. Super fast, but needs a rider to show just how amazing he is in super cross.

  29. Hubson

    Hubson21 jam yang lalu

    I like Shia, as an actor he is great, as a regular dude he is a little odd sometimes (who's not?), but still I really respect him and hope he will make some good movies in the near future. Capsaicine is very addictive, but really healthy, cures cancer and clean organism.

  30. Rene Terrazas

    Rene Terrazas23 jam yang lalu

    Good to see him on here!

  31. Mit Morj

    Mit Morj23 jam yang lalu

    It sounds like he’s trying to deepen his voice lol

  32. cipher88101

    cipher8810123 jam yang lalu

    Shia LaBeouf catches way too much BS from Hollywood, dude is pretty damn cool and down to earth. One of the best ever on this show tbh.

  33. Trint Martin

    Trint MartinHari Yang lalu

    "Its hard to be pretty with the 2 bones." That is a great sentence. Hahaha

  34. Rachel Ellingson

    Rachel EllingsonHari Yang lalu

    Damn that was great! So much new found respect for this dude

  35. DonnieRay Bishop

    DonnieRay BishopHari Yang lalu

    Vince Vaughn

  36. GenocideVirus

    GenocideVirusHari Yang lalu

    I fckin hate all this streaming service shit. I wanted to want Honey Boy so bad and then I found out it’s on Amazon. It’s getting to a point now that you can’t enjoy everything you want unless you pay $75 a month.

  37. kyootnshort

    kyootnshortHari Yang lalu

    I remember when we all thought that Shia has gone off his rockers in Hollywood, but he's actually the most woke in Hollywood.

  38. Dios67

    Dios67Hari Yang lalu

    It would have been fun to talk about the great capture the flag challenge that the Internet Historian so hilariously documented 2-3 years ago.

  39. FLIIC

    FLIICHari Yang lalu

    shila freakin beef

  40. Jereme Smith

    Jereme SmithHari Yang lalu

    This is the best episode they’ve ever done. Shia is a fuckin legend

  41. L__VE To Worship

    L__VE To WorshipHari Yang lalu

    12:00 hey Shia, my younger brother legit could be your doppelgänger. Watching this interview with your natural mannerisms and speech is making me miss him more. Haven’t seen him in a few years. Thanks for indirectly reminding me to write to him 👍🏽

  42. Nicolas Fisher

    Nicolas FisherHari Yang lalu

    Fucking love shia. Dont give a fuck about the crazy shit love all his movies he is an amazing actor

  43. Christopher David Suryanarayan

    Christopher David SuryanarayanHari Yang lalu

    Last Dab??? Shia was like, we’re dabbing all these wings.

  44. Spookychris01

    Spookychris01Hari Yang lalu

    If he played guitar, he'd be great as dimebag, ha haha

  45. Diana Vazquez

    Diana VazquezHari Yang lalu

    Gawd dang he is sweating ! And sad !

  46. Diana Vazquez

    Diana VazquezHari Yang lalu

    This is the best one !!

  47. Lʏυṩɪ NɪӥᴇLịvᴇϟ

    Lʏυṩɪ NɪӥᴇLịvᴇϟHari Yang lalu

    it's official, shia's got a big dick

  48. E

    EHari Yang lalu

    I think taking steroids made Shia Le-buff actually think hes a tough guy. lol. His whole demeanor has changed into this tough guy, tom Hardy wannabe bullshit. Hes so phony its hilarious.

  49. Renzokuken Leneyoyo

    Renzokuken LeneyoyoHari Yang lalu

    Damn Shia's the real deal, he ate all the chicken and dabbed on all of them... respect!

  50. dugan hays

    dugan haysHari Yang lalu

    Please put liquid hungrybox on this show

  51. Darrell

    DarrellHari Yang lalu

    This is one of the better shows but one HUGE mistake. Vin Scully is not the LATE Dodger baseball announcer. He's still around at 92 years of age. Let's' not rush please

  52. YouTube Inferno

    YouTube InfernoHari Yang lalu

    When did he voice get so deep

  53. Tagoo Tuesday

    Tagoo TuesdayHari Yang lalu

    Great interviewer, great guest

  54. Irredeemable Deplorable Covfefe MAGA

    Irredeemable Deplorable Covfefe MAGAHari Yang lalu

    His acting style is high pressure. As if he’s in his manic state or on crack cocaine. It is tiring. Personal life shenanigans are revolting. Bottom line. Click. Cancel. Bye.

  55. Xxmarsii_DiiicexX

    Xxmarsii_DiiicexXHari Yang lalu

    Whoever disliked this video ... FIGHT ME

  56. Xxmarsii_DiiicexX

    Xxmarsii_DiiicexXHari Yang lalu

    Even Steven can get it I wanna hang with him for 48 hours SHIA HIRE ME AS YOUR ASSISTANT!!!

  57. John Smith

    John SmithHari Yang lalu

    possibly the most dominant hot ones competitor of all time

  58. OG_PRO_OG

    OG_PRO_OGHari Yang lalu

    Love this kid. But what's with the weak handshake.

  59. DB Cooper's MoneyBags

    DB Cooper's MoneyBagsHari Yang lalu

    That was the fuckin hottest episode that you guys have ever done. Shia smoked every guest to date.

  60. Drizzyy Morizzelle

    Drizzyy MorizzelleHari Yang lalu

    @22:54 😂😂😂 mf was Smashin on that wing

  61. T Jimmy

    T JimmyHari Yang lalu

    JUST. DO IT!!!! DO IT!!!!

  62. Brandon Reid

    Brandon ReidHari Yang lalu

    Shia is hands down the best guest this show has ever had he was hilarious, he was genuine and not fake at all, likely to have fixed years of bad PR with one interview, more self-aware than anyone probably realized, he ate the entire wing every time and last dabbed every wing and never once was he a little bitch about it. GOAT

  63. Mr Man

    Mr ManHari Yang lalu

    Jim Carrey or Katt Williams

  64. Space Commander Fox

    Space Commander FoxHari Yang lalu

    Cody Maverick

  65. samurai sandz

    samurai sandzHari Yang lalu

    Shia has grown into a hunky bear man🤗