Shia LaBeouf & Kristen Stewart - Actors on Actors - Full Conversation


  1. PistonFace

    PistonFaceJam Yang lalu

    Shia is a piece of shit

  2. S Earle

    S EarleJam Yang lalu

    This might be the dumbest interview I've ever seen.

  3. killacaliboy kotastrophie

    killacaliboy kotastrophie3 jam yang lalu

    Lost me when he went all spiritual and the describing the meanings of people’s behaviors idk Shia reminds me of Danny Bonaduce he tries really hard to be intense but comes off as menacing or like he has something to prove ... Kristen Stewart was chill and intriguing.

  4. androssteague

    androssteague3 jam yang lalu

    I don't exactly agree with Kristen when she says acting isn't real skill or talent. It does take a little luck but also how to read a scene and knowing how you want to go into that scene and reading off your costar's emotions to determine how much your range needs to go.

  5. androssteague

    androssteague4 jam yang lalu

    He pulls her teeth in a very tactful way. She clearly has ADD. Someone tell me one time in this interview that she wasn't tapping her foot., Or was absolutely still?

  6. Mr Palacios

    Mr Palacios5 jam yang lalu

    Sooo gawdamn deep in the most simpliest form of conversation.

  7. Dahlandre oates

    Dahlandre oates5 jam yang lalu

    I hate that he hurts the way he does he has a good ass heart

  8. Lavender Life

    Lavender Life5 jam yang lalu

    okay wait mirrors. The actor , the young boy, that played him was so amazing because Shia was giving amazing work. As actors they really complimented each other.


    STACY CLARKE6 jam yang lalu

    These two together is something 😳 I can’t process it but I love it ♥️

  10. mrjackolanterns

    mrjackolanterns6 jam yang lalu

    When Shia asked her why her hand was shaking while holding up an imaginary gun in one of her scenes in a film, she she said she was probably hungover, but then emulates the "finger gun" again @4:24 and she is shaking like a son-bitch. What's that all about? Is she just a nervous person?

  11. Bot 100

    Bot 1008 jam yang lalu

    Fucking love this dude, one of the most real actors and real people you will ever watch in a movie

  12. Shelbz A

    Shelbz A8 jam yang lalu

    Omg.. Shia knows my feels!!!

  13. Daniel Badger

    Daniel Badger10 jam yang lalu

    I need a 32:35 of Shia nodding in his chair specifically. A dash of "Like yeah, totally," from Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, with a mix of "mmmmm, indeed" from Treebeard in LotR the Two Towers

  14. Pauline Julien

    Pauline Julien11 jam yang lalu

    I had never really seen her in interviews before, she is truly fascinating. I have never seen an actor showing so much sincerity and vulnerability at the same time. I totally identify with her madly shy kid-self, and I think I would have looked a bit like her if I had become an actor (I don't mean physically, I mean in her style, attitude, the way she interacts with others etc), it's a weird feeling! I feel weirdly connected to her in a sense. She's relatable and that's rare.

  15. Meda Kazadi

    Meda Kazadi11 jam yang lalu

    When he said “this job makes me love things”... I just... I mean. I think he’s super misunderstood.

  16. Time Lady

    Time Lady14 jam yang lalu

    I had never realized Kristen Stewart was so relatable until this interview? Like for real I have the EXACT SAME speed pattern and stimming-boucing body language

  17. Njin

    Njin15 jam yang lalu


  18. Samuel Tadesse

    Samuel Tadesse16 jam yang lalu

    next movie for Shai is being a psychiatrist.

  19. Hello Goodbye

    Hello Goodbye16 jam yang lalu

    I always knew acting was hard and intense, but the way they both describe it gives the word a different meaning.

  20. Chris Camacho

    Chris Camacho17 jam yang lalu

    payce, you'll see me making music soon. hopefully

  21. Chris Camacho

    Chris Camacho17 jam yang lalu

    I traveled all the way to LA to see you. You turned your back on me with your cool Jacket, thanks for letting me know, you dance.

  22. CptGinger6661

    CptGinger666118 jam yang lalu

    this was so interesting in a multitude of ways, you don’t ever see these two in these types of interviews and Shia is so focused on what she’s saying. i could definitely watch multiple interviews with these two together

  23. Michael Blackshire

    Michael Blackshire20 jam yang lalu

    This is your own personal stuff, and stuff - Kristen Stewart

  24. Beketele Dlamini

    Beketele Dlamini20 jam yang lalu

    My Love for Kristen!!!!

  25. Samuel Tadesse

    Samuel Tadesse21 jam yang lalu

    Shai "i feel like my body have a better idea than my mind" story of my life bro

  26. Avery Jones

    Avery Jones22 jam yang lalu

    I love reading these comments because all of you love and understand them and I thought I was the only one. ❤️

  27. Michael Brookins

    Michael Brookins22 jam yang lalu

    That's really cool I like that allot

  28. Tessa Maye

    Tessa Maye23 jam yang lalu

    I was completely enthralled the entire time, wow

  29. Sarah Duffy

    Sarah Duffy23 jam yang lalu

    Holy shit, Shia LaBeouf has figured his shit OUT. He is so collected and focused and fucking *present*, it is noteworthy. He used to be constant agitated energy when he spoke. I hope that means he's doing well.

  30. Tony Makaroni

    Tony MakaroniHari Yang lalu

    Watching this I started to interview myself, this is brilliant!

  31. Skayem 91

    Skayem 91Hari Yang lalu

    When depression & anxiety meet

  32. Sasha Gonzalez

    Sasha GonzalezHari Yang lalu

    I feel like a kid in the living room watching my parents drinking at 2 am talking about existential life choices and feelings.

  33. Devin Gomez

    Devin GomezHari Yang lalu

    Shia should have his own talk show!

  34. Panama Ghost

    Panama GhostHari Yang lalu

    How is she a actor, she can barely speak.

  35. Daniella Rose

    Daniella RoseHari Yang lalu


  36. Ness P

    Ness PHari Yang lalu

    Bruh they are so engaging with each other. Actors interviewing actors is more interesting and deep as opposed to basic ass interviewers.

  37. Patricia Ramos

    Patricia RamosHari Yang lalu

    I wish this was longer. Wow.

  38. Zoe Gfeller

    Zoe GfellerHari Yang lalu

    actual cannibal shia labeouf

  39. Jason Strong

    Jason StrongHari Yang lalu

    Like having a butterfly land on your shoulder. Omg.

  40. Loyalty1269

    Loyalty1269Hari Yang lalu

    I could talk to Shia all day