Shannon Sharpe reacts to Danny Green's comments about LeBron | NBA | UNDISPUTED


  1. Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

    Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTEDBulan Yang lalu

    What are your thoughts on Danny Green's comments?

  2. Mary Smith

    Mary Smith23 hari yang lalu

    @Custom Shade he is a 3 point shooter on Lakers. He played with Kwahi on Spurs team, & spoke up for Kwahi when Spurs were trying to handle Kwahi, so Spurs shipped Danny Green to Toronto with Kwahi.

  3. Mary Smith

    Mary Smith23 hari yang lalu

    @macca m & he need to shut his mouth.

  4. Big Dee

    Big DeeBulan Yang lalu

    uh....lavar ball said the lakers isnt gonna win

  5. Jerry Howard

    Jerry HowardBulan Yang lalu


  6. Iambriangregory

    IambriangregoryBulan Yang lalu

    @BronAintShit LE LOSER LE NOBODY = YOU doesn't know enough about basketball to know that one game does not equal a resume or body work in basketball or establish leadership but you're such a grasper at straws as a hater loser that you got nothing else to come back with. you didn't see that one coming did you ? hahaha go play your video game now you don't know anything about basketball evidently except on a video game

  7. Benjamin Perez

    Benjamin Perez21 hari yang lalu

    He needs to pass the ball more.

  8. jack jack

    jack jack27 hari yang lalu

    LeDiva..?? Where the bronsexuals at 🤔 🤔

  9. Matthew Boettcher

    Matthew BoettcherBulan Yang lalu

    Shannon and Skip are like opposites. Shannon the bronsexual and Skip the full on LeBron hater

  10. S B

    S BBulan Yang lalu

    Skip Bayless looks like a complete idiot in this segment. Moronic argument the producers have him making.

  11. panocasabe

    panocasabeBulan Yang lalu

    who cares, they are winning!

  12. Kerry Fat

    Kerry FatBulan Yang lalu

    💪🏾Shannon and 💪🏻Skip are the best Dual journalist n business. Always talking truth

  13. Tre Baylor

    Tre BaylorBulan Yang lalu

    Wouldn’t you want your teammates to critic you they need to. They’re trying to win, you got to make everyone accountable so don’t matter if it’s Lebron or Zach norvell. You wanna win you telling people “aye man you messed you here fix this.”

  14. marksdad10

    marksdad10Bulan Yang lalu

    Strong coaching has always been LeBron's greatest weakness. Not convinced that he wants it

  15. Carey Sellers

    Carey SellersBulan Yang lalu

    To me his comments were we all mess up but LBJ is Man enough , a Great teammate enough, a Great person enough to admit when he does mess up.

  16. Elijah Reynalds

    Elijah ReynaldsBulan Yang lalu

    Yeah Lebron humble 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂


    CAT ASTROPHICBulan Yang lalu


  18. Mike Thaxton

    Mike ThaxtonBulan Yang lalu

    Skip twisting things that only Skip does and just like Steven A. Smith the only sport he ever played was dodge ball in PE

  19. Jayson Babiano

    Jayson BabianoBulan Yang lalu

    Skip did not play sports for real on his life... shannons credibility on his pinky is more than skips.. jalen call this guy again !!! Please !!!

  20. Cally W

    Cally WBulan Yang lalu

    So disgusting how skip never have anything good to say about the greatest player on the planet. Highest level of hating.

  21. Ted Rowland

    Ted RowlandBulan Yang lalu

    LeBron who? Wait there is a basketball player whose first name is Lebron! NBA hasn't been any good since Bird Magic and Jordan. Bringing in the 3 point line is a good example.

  22. Jerry Howard

    Jerry HowardBulan Yang lalu

    Skip leaves his chair in the studio...goes out back & jumps on his horse, throws his sheet on👻 his racist face. And yeee hav! While Shannon Sharpe has a donkey parked in the next parking spot. STAND UP TO THIS DUDE MAN!!! Don't settle with 40acres & a mule!

  23. Itty Itt

    Itty IttBulan Yang lalu

    Skip has it wrong. Especially VETERANS who work together. Lebron doesn’t have an ego that’s above his equals (teammates). I don’t believe any Laker is upon a pedestal in this kind of way. That’s a Kobe thing. As Mr. Sharpe pointed out.

  24. Edd Bugatti

    Edd BugattiBulan Yang lalu

    Skip is a pure hater mannn...f u Skip

  25. Humble Servant

    Humble ServantBulan Yang lalu

    Great players respect knowledge/hard work. If you show them you know the game and are willing to work hard you can get on them.

  26. romero grady

    romero gradyBulan Yang lalu

    Skip is basically saying, he don't think LBJ don't have humility ! This dude needs to be fired immediately ! Skip that's why you're a analyst, and not a pro basketball player. I would hate to be on any team that's associated with Skip, if you're not on his level..... you can't say nothing to him ! Skip has a bad character, so he's deflecting his character on to LBJ ! He hates LBJ so much, that he attacking everything about the man that's good ! Just listen to the venom he spits.... " FOX, GET RID OF HIM " . African American can be leaders, and listeners to their fellow team mates Skip ! Smh

  27. Tech Nerd Channel

    Tech Nerd ChannelBulan Yang lalu

    Every time skip open his mouth I hit the dislike button I wish I can click on it The Whole time he is talking

  28. Dhy Man

    Dhy ManBulan Yang lalu

    Hahahaha... man Skip!!! Oh my!!! Keeps on saying this everytime ...

  29. Hershey081

    Hershey081Bulan Yang lalu

    when LeBron retire, skip will not have a job.

  30. yellow95111

    yellow95111Bulan Yang lalu

    Lebron humble? Lmao this guy calls himself the chosen one, the king... that's far from humble.

  31. Foxkingin Foxkingin

    Foxkingin FoxkinginBulan Yang lalu

    Shay Sharp all segment.... 😑

  32. Efrain Crespo

    Efrain CrespoBulan Yang lalu

    Whatever the Lakers are doing in the film room is working ( 19-3 )

  33. Efrain Crespo

    Efrain CrespoBulan Yang lalu

    Skip is nuts

  34. krishh jame

    krishh jameBulan Yang lalu

    Skip is having diarrhea in his mouth

  35. John Bradley

    John BradleyBulan Yang lalu

    lebron gonna trade danny green if he said otherwise. facts

  36. Robe Liam

    Robe LiamBulan Yang lalu

    skip wants lebron to "take the last shot" which is selfish skip also wants lebron to "not listen to his teammates" which is also selfish wot

  37. SGT

    SGTBulan Yang lalu

    I’m convinced skip gets paid to hate on lebron. This dude is a glorified hater. He complains when lebron takes 3 shots in the 4th. Now he complains he takes the most shots in the 4th

  38. Andrej Lorenci

    Andrej LorenciBulan Yang lalu

    Is it possible, that anything said negative about LeBron could be banned somehow?

  39. Dirk Garner

    Dirk GarnerBulan Yang lalu

    Lebron never takes credit for win team loses or does bad. When they win he gets all the praise.

  40. Chris Moscoso

    Chris MoscosoBulan Yang lalu

    Lebron shoots the most shots in 4th quarter, skip says he's selfish. Lebron doesn't shoot the ball enough in the 4th quarter, skip says he can't rise up to the occasion. Lebron can't ever win with skip

  41. ZaQuon Reynolds

    ZaQuon ReynoldsBulan Yang lalu

    There’s absolutely no purpose of Jennie being on this show 🤣 just making easy money!

  42. Xander Himar

    Xander HimarBulan Yang lalu

    This show is garbage

  43. Ruckus the old English Bulldog

    Ruckus the old English BulldogBulan Yang lalu

    Will someone please sew skips mouth shut?

  44. Venj Palomo

    Venj PalomoBulan Yang lalu

    Skip waiting to Lebron had a mistake so he can comment bad about lebron haha :D how about he doing right ? no one talking about that always waiting to make a mistake !

  45. Azn Mayne

    Azn MayneBulan Yang lalu

    Lol skip are you scared they might be a connected team?

  46. The Airport Chauffeur

    The Airport ChauffeurBulan Yang lalu

    This Idiot Horse teeth should have his BBall Card snatched! LeBron should never allow the scrubs to call him out.....on anything!

  47. Londer G

    Londer GBulan Yang lalu

    Skip doesnt understand being an athlete how that talk is nothing no matter who they are

  48. killakeyz33

    killakeyz33Bulan Yang lalu

    Skip Bayless is THE Dumbest commentator alive, the only person close to being as dumb as Skip is Stephan A Smith!!!

  49. Jay Carter

    Jay CarterBulan Yang lalu

    You can tell Skip didn't play well with others!

  50. Simone Derret

    Simone DerretBulan Yang lalu


  51. Jhez Talz

    Jhez TalzBulan Yang lalu

    Skip's level of hate to LeBron already reaches infinity. Perhaps, this guy was really paid to hate 😂

  52. Deandrea Harris

    Deandrea HarrisBulan Yang lalu

    Danny green💯💯💯

  53. p d

    p dBulan Yang lalu

    Lakers are dominating the NBA and only one team can compete and its the clippers. On christmas we shall see if the clippers are actually good.

  54. Deandrea Harris

    Deandrea HarrisBulan Yang lalu

    Dam truth hurts and everybody knows that its hard asfk to eliminate lebron james out of the playoffs goodluck 🤗

  55. Dave C

    Dave CBulan Yang lalu

    Jesus skip hate on LBJ is so obvious he cannot stop bad mouth him, everything he does or someone says about LBJ is a big deal!!!! LOL what a sad man!

  56. Jason Burke

    Jason BurkeBulan Yang lalu

    You can always tell a guy that never played anything at any level...he has never been in a film session other than maybe the yearbook club...the point of a film session is to critique, comment and make everyone see what they may not see otherwise. Skip and his 1.8 points per game in high school clearly never got critiqued; cuz it would still be ongoing.


    SRTHEMIMOPARBulan Yang lalu


  58. esims242

    esims242Bulan Yang lalu

    So no one peeped Skips under tone to that black card comment in the beginning 😂😂😂

  59. Al Bernard

    Al BernardBulan Yang lalu

    Las bad as I hate to say it, LeBron is stepping up his game in a big way. Giving him props when props are due

  60. joe chrow

    joe chrowBulan Yang lalu

    Shannon "Lebronsexual" Sharpe yearns to be alone in a steam room with Lebron and give him a full body hot oil massage...Dude is a 51 year old male milking lebrons meat every single day...Very Cringeful and strange

  61. Student of the Word of God

    Student of the Word of GodBulan Yang lalu

    Skip is two and a half shows away from needing to move to Shady Oaks Retirement Village

  62. Ashaki Jones

    Ashaki JonesBulan Yang lalu

    Skip you did not get drafted to the NBA so there you go. You are still mad that you never made it to the BIG STAGE. On top of all this, you averaged 1.4 points per game when you played small stage basketball, but you have a lot of opinions.

  63. jay apple

    jay appleBulan Yang lalu

    Skip hurt my brain


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    X DAFACTORBulan Yang lalu