SELF DISCIPLINE - Best Motivational Speech Video (Featuring Will Smith)


  1. Nathan Brooks

    Nathan Brooks2 hari yang lalu

    Name of first background music?? Please?????

  2. Arjun Sharma

    Arjun Sharma6 hari yang lalu

    Self discipline is hitting the Like button. Waiting for the video to end. Exit IDreporter. And start F*****n working!

  3. Michael L

    Michael L8 hari yang lalu

    Grown me= When you grow up Will smith will motivate you to be the best you. 8yr me= Who the Fresh Prince. Grown me=Yes!

  4. Maseh Rafie

    Maseh Rafie9 hari yang lalu

    Motivations make you go But Discipline make you grow Especially In bodybuilding. From my own experience.

  5. Carol Dieball

    Carol Dieball10 hari yang lalu

    What is with the background music??? It is too loud and overpowering too much of the talking

  6. A B

    A B10 hari yang lalu

    For a second I wondered who gave this video thumbs down. But then again, I don't have time for that, I got shit to do.

  7. Donovan Sidwell

    Donovan Sidwell11 hari yang lalu

    This video had me hooked in the first 10 seconds...people suck sometimes....but you don't have to....make WAY!!!!!


    CHRIS SAVAGE12 hari yang lalu

    Self motivation? Cmon will! I liked him growing up. But he's a fag and I ain't with that stuff. Also did alot of gay things in the industry for his fame. His son is suffering through it now as well. All the ones on top sell themselves out and sacrafice their own. Real talk! 🍻

  9. Atom Strut

    Atom Strut13 hari yang lalu

    self discipline is the control to do things on demand.

  10. Lorie Anne Aluna

    Lorie Anne Aluna16 hari yang lalu

    omg why do all motivational vids abuse so much of superdramatic apocalypse music like lemme just listen to will smith without feeling like im watching a twilight movie

  11. E. Bad

    E. Bad18 hari yang lalu

    I am so glad I ran across this video. It's Self Accountability.

  12. Billy Bob

    Billy Bob18 hari yang lalu

    If you make 90k+ a year, I don't want to hear your bullshit.

  13. Dark Soul

    Dark Soul18 hari yang lalu

    What’s second music called I want to make a motivational video with this music it’s so intense

  14. Woly HasAVoice

    Woly HasAVoice19 hari yang lalu

    I have very bad social anxiety, But since I was young I would watch,Mimic,and learn from improv guys. Had my first class the other day, Scared as shit when they asked for some people for the first scene, I raised my hand,Went up there,and KILLED IT! I was scared for nothing! The first step was easy, Now its time to take more.

  15. elis lantto

    elis lantto19 hari yang lalu

    I like the babe bakback

  16. Rising Gr8ness

    Rising Gr8ness21 hari yang lalu

    Make choices that are in your best interest

  17. darckdkk

    darckdkk21 hari yang lalu

    4:23 is this from a movie ? i would love to know

  18. Jan Nicole Nieves

    Jan Nicole Nieves22 hari yang lalu

    Listening to this wilst eating a crap ton of kitkat knowing that imma regret it later

  19. Underrated 77

    Underrated 7725 hari yang lalu

    These inspirational videos always seem to come at the right time. Thanks Will ( Aka fresh prince of bel air) Lol

  20. Manuel Andrés Rodriguez carrillo

    Manuel Andrés Rodriguez carrillo25 hari yang lalu

    This video is one of the best videos i have ever seen

  21. fit girl

    fit girl26 hari yang lalu

    i dont want to do anything i just wanna fail ..

  22. JGTV

    JGTV27 hari yang lalu

    2019 we are still here!

  23. Elizabeth Pilger

    Elizabeth Pilger27 hari yang lalu

    This speech is so moving, I’m crying listening to it.

  24. Ricky L

    Ricky L27 hari yang lalu

    Do day speek ebonics in heaven mayn ????

  25. Jess Q

    Jess Q28 hari yang lalu

    I needed to hear this today. Thank you.

  26. Tracy Cordero

    Tracy Cordero29 hari yang lalu

    my mind is my friend my mind is also my darkness

  27. shubham saurav

    shubham saurav29 hari yang lalu

    *I HATE ADs*

  28. Lee Mcanaw

    Lee McanawBulan Yang lalu


  29. Billy G

    Billy GBulan Yang lalu

    good speech stupid music

  30. Sonu Baba Buddhist

    Sonu Baba BuddhistBulan Yang lalu

    Discipline is very important to everybody in whatever field he may be... Discipline is a part of humanity and we live a life with manner and well 👍 behavior which teaches us to do good behav to others......

  31. Brandon P

    Brandon PBulan Yang lalu

    I'm late to the party, I'm competing with a friend for a bodybuilding competition and I'm diciplining myself during the toughest time of the year, thanksgiving, christmas, halloween. As soon as I powered this up I got chills, 2:21 hit home. I'm chuckin down chicken, broccli, veggies, while looking at a plate of cookies. I refuse to loose. Wish me luck.

  32. robin bardakci

    robin bardakciBulan Yang lalu

    Why do I need to come here and watch this video? Why can’t someone tell me that this isn’t the end? Why do I always try to motivate myself, it’s hard u know.There is no one there for u, everyone cares for them selves... Ignore the profile picture, too lazy to change

  33. Krystal Thomas

    Krystal ThomasBulan Yang lalu

    “Self esteem should not based on how other people think about you....It like fixing up yourself In a broken mirror.”

  34. ceastar martin

    ceastar martinBulan Yang lalu

    Your voice just make me angry bro..please talk clearly and slowly

  35. natcarbonara

    natcarbonaraBulan Yang lalu

    These videos are hella dramatic but they do get my ass off my bed!

  36. Sapphire ASMR

    Sapphire ASMRBulan Yang lalu

    Discipline is pummeling your body and ACTing. Act before you think.

  37. Jesse Villacis

    Jesse VillacisBulan Yang lalu

    from the guy who brought you gemini man

  38. Andrew Sullivan

    Andrew SullivanBulan Yang lalu

    Will Smith the fresh prince. Thank you. It’s time to ball out

  39. Azik Korgan

    Azik KorganBulan Yang lalu

    Thanks for video 🔥

  40. pnuttrjohnson

    pnuttrjohnsonBulan Yang lalu

    Wow thanks you will 👍👍