1. First We Feast

    First We FeastTahun Yang lalu

    Tell us your favorite hot sauce we haven't had on the show. Season 8 tasting begins now...

  2. Joe marcellino

    Joe marcellino11 bulan yang lalu

    Where can I get the hot ones sauce

  3. Ryan Sims

    Ryan SimsTahun Yang lalu

    CaJohn's La Segadora

  4. skannerz22

    skannerz22Tahun Yang lalu

    www.hotsauce.com/the-source-7-million-collectors-extract/ it was on epic meal time they had to evacuate the kitchen when they cooked with it due to it being in the air and you have to agree to some disclaimer before they let you buy it

  5. Ryan Sentinos

    Ryan SentinosTahun Yang lalu


  6. Patrick McEvoy

    Patrick McEvoyTahun Yang lalu

    Have you tried Scorned Woman? My favorite blend of heat and huge flavor. Good medium-range heat.

  7. comic630

    comic6306 bulan yang lalu

    The BEST Lineup of Hot Sauces you guys have ever done.

  8. FumettosaMente

    FumettosaMente6 bulan yang lalu

    I'm effectively watching an infomercial aren't I

  9. JaredSVX

    JaredSVX9 bulan yang lalu

    How can this guy even taste anything?

  10. Joe marcellino

    Joe marcellino11 bulan yang lalu

    You should have the super bowl champs on here or at least Nick foles

  11. Michael Lazar

    Michael Lazar11 bulan yang lalu

    I would love to play along at home. I cant be alone.... where can I buy a double shot of each season 7 sauce .

  12. mark burress

    mark burress11 bulan yang lalu

    Its the hole you gotta watch

  13. simon hebert

    simon hebert11 bulan yang lalu

    i have had couple days ago, da bomb final answer with satans blood as the last hot wing of 6 in a contest , it destroyed my a** hole the next day

  14. m c

    m cTahun Yang lalu

    where is da bomb on the website?

  15. Aaron Bolanos

    Aaron BolanosTahun Yang lalu

    gimme dat daddy sean evans sauce

  16. SickT.

    SickT.Tahun Yang lalu

    Sometimes i rewatch old videos and rewind to Da Bomb question. Its the best one

  17. DoomchildXXL

    DoomchildXXLTahun Yang lalu

    Go, Primo!

  18. Charley Thomas

    Charley ThomasTahun Yang lalu

    Get Eminem

  19. joshyboy82

    joshyboy82Tahun Yang lalu

    I'm eating Exhorresco on Tostadas, i thought, "Isn't this in the season?" So i came here to confirm, since the Bill Burr wing got cut. Yes it is hot, not that great tasting also. Xtinction is by far the tastiest super hot.

  20. Ishmam Al Taashsuq.

    Ishmam Al Taashsuq.Tahun Yang lalu

    Wow Form Bangladesh.

  21. John Gazda

    John GazdaTahun Yang lalu

    Andy Samberg

  22. B-Thrash

    B-ThrashTahun Yang lalu

    Not sure why I can't click a link & order all of these sauces as a collection??? Wake up Hot Ones.

  23. gregithy7eleven

    gregithy7elevenTahun Yang lalu

    I hereby challenge u to a heat off Mr Evans. Any time any where. Fox with a nobody. Triple dog dare you

  24. gregithy7eleven

    gregithy7elevenTahun Yang lalu

    I call bullshit. I subscribed and only got the medusa. No pepper x last dab redux. Better see it this month or else!!!

  25. Darrell Gardner

    Darrell GardnerTahun Yang lalu

    Tried looking up Da Bomb on amazon, found "Da Bomb: Final Answer" which is apparently their hottest one. Too bad im not paying $40 for 2 ounces..

  26. TheSuboptimum

    TheSuboptimumTahun Yang lalu

    How is sean always so relaxed ?

  27. Mmmph

    MmmphTahun Yang lalu

    If you're looking for variety but don't want to get rid of Da Bomb, why not replace Beyond Insanity with one of their other 3 flavors?

  28. Bun Bun Luangraj

    Bun Bun LuangrajTahun Yang lalu


  29. Claudiaroyal

    ClaudiaroyalTahun Yang lalu

    Bring back fiery chipotle pleaseee

  30. tiagovirago

    tiagoviragoTahun Yang lalu

    Belize has one that is caliente’ and tastes amazing

  31. lelandma

    lelandmaTahun Yang lalu

    Thank God Da Bomb made the cut. Always the de-fine-ing moment.

  32. Kaustubh Basu

    Kaustubh BasuTahun Yang lalu

    Sean i love your show and i watch it regularly.. thank you for the new entry no 6... it would be really nice if you mention that the sauce is from northeast of india.. the name Assam says it all... hope you see the comment and respond to the request... and if not... thats ok.. You mentioned India and its cool

  33. Logan Mcmonigal

    Logan McmonigalTahun Yang lalu

    I'd really like to see some IDreporterrs like Mini Ladd and Big Jiggly Panda on Hot Ones

  34. Rob B

    Rob BTahun Yang lalu

    Please Restock the Homeboy's Fiery Chipotle for sale.

  35. blackstar

    blackstarTahun Yang lalu

    Get Cow Chop up on here

  36. Lvskymar

    LvskymarTahun Yang lalu

    Da Bomb is just capsicum extract. No taste just pure asshole sauce. That sauce doesn’t belong on the list flavorless heat is dumb like a Ferrari with nitrous.

  37. The Yonko

    The YonkoTahun Yang lalu

    Anything good has to come in a bottle. Putting sauce or juice in plastic changes the taste. So plastic squeeze bottle aren't worth the loss of flavor

  38. Robert_6- _

    Robert_6- _Tahun Yang lalu


  39. Robert_6- _

    Robert_6- _Tahun Yang lalu

    Get eminem on this bit**

  40. Kevin Jasica

    Kevin JasicaTahun Yang lalu

    I gotta say, The Exhorresco is a little bit of a step down in heat from the Mad Dog. The flavor is great, but I don't think I'm going to dread eating it as much as I dread the Mad Dog.

  41. Thomas Clardy

    Thomas ClardyTahun Yang lalu

    Who else wants to see Adam Sandler on hot ones?

  42. Nairn Patullo

    Nairn PatulloTahun Yang lalu

    Get lil yatchy on

  43. Ludvio

    LudvioTahun Yang lalu

    anyone knows similiar show but without generic guests with generic topics?

  44. Andrew Godwin David

    Andrew Godwin DavidTahun Yang lalu

    Da bomb baby❤❤❤❤

  45. clay womack

    clay womackTahun Yang lalu

    Gordon. Ramsey. Please.