Sea of Thieves Developer Update: December 5th 2019


  1. Sea of Thieves

    Sea of ThievesBulan Yang lalu

    0:06 - Hello everyone, Joe here! 0:10 - Remember to do all of those timed things before December 11th! 0:30 - Tweaks coming to sword combat! Let's smooth it out... 0:52 - Less cool down after a missed strike. 1:01 - No stun while blocking strikes. 1:12 - Delay added to sword draw to match guns. 1:24 - Directional damage indicator added to help you keep your wits in combat. 1:39 - Sword trails on the cutlass. Ooh, pretty! 2:00 - More tweaks to come, but it's a start... 2:10 - Introducing the Black Market Archive! Get previously released goods at dramatically inflated prices! 2:47 - Ammo Crates are spawning properly! Huzzah! 2:59 - Collectors Chests will no longer litter Outposts, you can now sell 'em. 3:22 - Vomit will now extinguish fire. Lovely. 3:47 - The December update is appropriately December themed. 4:00 - Don't cut your fingers again Joe...

  2. Deshawnta Wright

    Deshawnta Wright18 hari yang lalu

    Man yall are awesome so transparent this game is sweet ive got like 5 friends to start playing thanks guys

  3. Robert The Chief

    Robert The ChiefBulan Yang lalu

    Of course you'd highlight a reply on my comment that goes against what I said, especially when I ask for something that we console players (80% community) need. Yeah the update is cool, blah blah blah. What I want is for the lag, glitch and getting disconnected to stop. Oh and lets not forget about the hit registration, its not like anyone here has went up against a PC player and only took half health after shooting him once in the face and hitting him with a sword 3 times. The game is unbalanced, remember when double gun was still a thing? That's when the game had balance and was actually a diamond...


    TOFU TIKIBulan Yang lalu

    @alucard002 that makes sense but camping outpost would be much harder.

  5. spruce badger

    spruce badgerBulan Yang lalu

    @TOFU TIKI yeah it dicks people over in arena and story mode only toxic people use it

  6. We Shall Sail Together

    We Shall Sail TogetherBulan Yang lalu

    I really don’t like Time-Limited stuff, it kinda just stresses me out cause you gotta have things done or buy these things by the end of the month or you will never be able to get it again. I think that they should do them like they are doing the Black Market stuff or it would be cool for them to have like days periodically throughout the year where they put out all the previously released Time-Limited stuff but at a higher price kinda like they are doing with the Black Market right now.

  7. Brandon Hasley

    Brandon Hasley17 hari yang lalu

    Havent played this game in a couple months game back and wow have they ruined this game!! The meta is absolute horse crap and the food and fire mechanic is so unnecessary! Terrible job i use to love this game!

  8. tub

    tub28 hari yang lalu

    this cutlass update has completely failed, stun isnt just removed when blocking a hit, its been removed completely, there is no skill in using the sword now, you just have to run towards your enemy and mash rt and u beat them. fix it

  9. tub

    tub28 hari yang lalu

    weekly aye?

  10. Braxton Knudson

    Braxton KnudsonBulan Yang lalu

    Add a gilded Athena's voyage for the pirate legends please

  11. Nabil & Elie

    Nabil & ElieBulan Yang lalu

    We need sea of thieves in ps4!!!!!!

  12. Jerry Sears

    Jerry SearsBulan Yang lalu

    Hey Joe, how about having your crack team fix that glitch through the damn floor boards. Lost 2 hours of treasure because I was immediately in the damn water. Gally was upon me and I didn't even fire 1 shot. Took forever for the mermaid to get me back on board. I was sinking with 4 savages on my ship, when I came back from mermaid. Please stop going to conventions and fix the game.....please.

  13. xxBad_Acidxx 007

    xxBad_Acidxx 007Bulan Yang lalu

    Maybe a grappling hook that takes up a weapon slot so you can board ships without using the ladders? Or a rope to swing to a ship thats right next to you so you don’t have to ram them? Or allowing you to ram a boat head on without taking boat damage yourself? Or possibly a crossbow so you can shoot without making noise? Just a few thoughts.

  14. xxBad_Acidxx 007

    xxBad_Acidxx 007Bulan Yang lalu

    How about letting pets ride on your shoulder ??!? I mean seriously a parrot belong on a pirates shoulder.

  15. Irresponsible Adulting

    Irresponsible AdultingBulan Yang lalu

    but you guys are seriously impressing me

  16. Irresponsible Adulting

    Irresponsible AdultingBulan Yang lalu

    we do need instant blocking and gun blocking

  17. Lucas Willuweit

    Lucas WilluweitBulan Yang lalu

    Hey, any way of implementing Nvidia Ansel on game? I'd love to use Reshade to make the game even more addicting!

  18. William Tallant

    William TallantBulan Yang lalu

    I met The Kestral while at Reapers hideout, he’s a game developer working for rare and we took down his brig in a sloop, we talked and played music and 2 other ships joined us with 8 of us on the island playing music !

  19. R_SPhoenix

    R_SPhoenixBulan Yang lalu

    I was hoping the black market archive would contain *all* the previously sold items, I'm guessing ill be missing my forsaken ashen hull and weapons for a while.

  20. Horny Reptilian

    Horny ReptilianBulan Yang lalu

    And guys, we didnt fix the equipment glitch.

  21. Nate bradley

    Nate bradleyBulan Yang lalu

    More customizable ships, better movement and more ships to fight. I love battaling at sea!

  22. Matthew Murray

    Matthew MurrayBulan Yang lalu

    Make the rowboats customizable if we bring it back to an outpost. I hate having a black or red ship with a brown rowboat on the back.

  23. LordHenHen

    LordHenHenBulan Yang lalu


  24. SergeRedvan

    SergeRedvanBulan Yang lalu

    Make ship customisations that improve ur ship like better cannons or oars on the bottom of the boats to go faster and help turns. Please see this it would be soo cool. Like so this is seen

  25. L Duijm

    L DuijmBulan Yang lalu

    Can u Guys consider a small canon on the back of the ship?

  26. matt corcoran

    matt corcoranBulan Yang lalu

    Soooo still not going to fix the dang equipment??? What’s the point in spending gold to only use my equipment for 5 minutes before it resets again??

  27. Darth Hall

    Darth HallBulan Yang lalu

    when can we expect to have the map finished?

  28. Elijah Kakosso

    Elijah KakossoBulan Yang lalu

    You guys should add ship names

  29. Jaylon Daigle

    Jaylon DaigleBulan Yang lalu

    You should add character creation

  30. Katherine Dunn

    Katherine DunnBulan Yang lalu

    How about a fix to the equipment resetting constantly. What's the point of buying new things when you cant even use them.

  31. Jess Taylor

    Jess TaylorBulan Yang lalu

    Just about to load in after updating! Excited to try out the new combat advances. One thing I love is that the title screen has stayed the same I am totally in love with the theme and the music. Please keep it 🥺. In the future I’d love to be able to change ships in-game and I know a lot of people would love this advantage. Its a downfall when you’re on a fully stocked sloop and you lose everything and the server guarantee just to change ships to add another friend. 3 person sloop also would be amazing! 4 person brig and 6 person galleon!

  32. nathan morgan

    nathan morganBulan Yang lalu

    Lavender beard Lavender beard Lavender beard. New update download. Now unable to play😥😥😥 how long???

  33. Maverick D.T.L.

    Maverick D.T.L.Bulan Yang lalu

    Still waiting to see you guys take out cross platform GAMING!!!!

  34. AnimationDude 21

    AnimationDude 21Bulan Yang lalu

    Umm.. rare I've been getting this weird glitch where sometimes when I spawn in or go to the ferry of the damned and it changes all of my equipment cosmetics, my friends say they get the same glitch, and its repetitive, can you please look this up for me, thanks.

  35. Robert The Chief

    Robert The ChiefBulan Yang lalu

    So no fix on the lag? Or getting disconnected? What about hit registration? I'd like to see some things added for balance between console and PC players. One thing I want for console players is an aim assist, PC players don't need an aim assist. Reason why is because they already have an unfair advantage against console players...

  36. Robert The Chief

    Robert The ChiefBulan Yang lalu

    Don't come at me trying to talk trash all because you want them to cater to the 20%, and learn how use the correct grammar. You're probably some kid, I'm done arguing with you. The game is unbalanced the way it is now.

  37. Robert The Chief

    Robert The ChiefBulan Yang lalu

    Oh and I've played the game for 1 year straight almost daily

  38. Robert The Chief

    Robert The ChiefBulan Yang lalu

    I am good at the game, I've went solo on an entire galleon. Blundebuss is the worst weapon in my opinion, I use either the pistol or sniper rifle. I'm not 12, I'm much older and I'm not a casual. That's all you need to know

  39. Yeanaa

    YeanaaBulan Yang lalu

    Console players dont need aim assist, just git gud. Last thing we need are 12 year old Xbox kids spamming Aim close up with a Blunderpuss to oneshot us.

  40. Hamsterman Blank

    Hamsterman BlankBulan Yang lalu

    perusing the comments and the most common asked for fixes/content updates seems to be 1. Fixing hit reg. this can be frustrating for a great number of reasons. 2. Equipment bugs out and wont maintain last selected cosmetic skins 3. Base character customization after all many of us created our pirates in the beta or on release and maybe didn't fully understand what those choices would mean for our clothing and aesthetic's. 4. Named ships, just gives a more personal connection to the ship. Finally I personally would like to see more ship designs. The brigs, sloops, and galleon designs are great but i'd love to see more variety as far as having more than one in each class. I wouldn't mind if this would be purely cosmetic or even offering advantages and disadvantages depending on the one you choose.

  41. Mario Jenkins

    Mario JenkinsBulan Yang lalu

    Maybe one day they’ll actually make crossplay in adventure an optional feature so that a huge percentage of their player base doesn’t have a natural disadvantage

  42. damn daniel

    damn danielBulan Yang lalu

    fix the bug of skeleton forts with no loot pls

  43. The Gollyer

    The GollyerBulan Yang lalu

    I think I like the changes to the sword but make sure u can still block right away when u pull out ur sword so u can defend urself. Nerf to blunderbuss would be nice to see bc it's really annoying when a noob one shot u with blunder so maybe when a person gets hit with a sword there should be a cool down time before they can shoot the blunderbuss bc sometimes it doesn't even show their correct direction they are facing and then it's easy for them to one shot u bc ur so close and probably not moving if it appears u r behind them and it's easy to get one shot with blunderbuss even if u r not that close especially when there is fire in the mix doing a bit of damage to you constantly so they can finish you off easier with one shot from range its frustrating so please consider this thanks.

  44. Bruce #2

    Bruce #2Bulan Yang lalu

    Ropes to swing on to other vessels? A ladder as the only way is gay.

  45. Bruce #2

    Bruce #2Bulan Yang lalu

    Why do PC and xbox players have to play against each other? The available aimbot technology is overwhelming and now days free to download in most cases. The game is sinking fast and the developers are damn near out of planks!

  46. Gavin Counts

    Gavin CountsBulan Yang lalu

    The other day I was repeatedly killed by a player sword dashing into walls and damaging me on the other side for example they would anchor me and then go to the bottom of the brig and sword dash upward toward the anchor and kill us.(it works anywhere from what I’ve seen) me and my friends are all pirate legends and have never seen this, it is extremely over powered and needs to be fixed

  47. Coatshine

    CoatshineBulan Yang lalu

    Maelstroms when? But thanks for your updates guys!

  48. forttms1b

    forttms1bBulan Yang lalu

    Add a new monster like a whirlpool monster where you drive to survive or sail to survive should I say

  49. The Major Derp

    The Major DerpBulan Yang lalu

    Dont know if anyone will agree with me but you should be able to pull up the ladders on your ship.

  50. JoJo

    JoJoBulan Yang lalu

    3:27 - 3:32 wat? Inaudible wat did Neate say lol

  51. Lord Nicky

    Lord NickyBulan Yang lalu

    Pls make more actually limited time cosmetics like the forsaken sword or the wailing barnacle ship

  52. Feda

    FedaBulan Yang lalu

    Your servers are still trash. Please fix. Only game where pings are around 100.

  53. ReeledCoast

    ReeledCoastBulan Yang lalu

    If he means the sword lunge exploit I will kill him slowly

  54. The Gollyer

    The GollyerBulan Yang lalu

    ReeledCoast I don't think having a cool down time when pulling out sword will effect what I think u r talking about but maybe there is something I don't know that u know but I know that when u press the button that puts away ur sword then press that same button again it is a less of a delay than waiting to swing again if u missed ur swing

  55. Jake Beaker

    Jake BeakerBulan Yang lalu

    Will it ever be possible to play on private servers? I'd really love to set up some epic clan battles

  56. Jens Richter

    Jens RichterBulan Yang lalu

    Still no performance mode for Xbox One X. Maybe in the next console generation. Or the next.

  57. Brent Cabitto

    Brent CabittoBulan Yang lalu

    The dam game still crashes I done everything and it just crashes

  58. Asher Mills

    Asher MillsBulan Yang lalu

    That happened to me, I think what I did was uninstalled and reinstalled and it fixed.

  59. Aqua Dis

    Aqua DisBulan Yang lalu

    Pls add MUSCKETS

  60. Sir Pep

    Sir PepBulan Yang lalu

    I know this would be a huge update, but a pirate city a bit like Tortuga would be amazing. You could even have it so that ships that dock there would migrate to bigger servers for the city. It could even have like a 1v1 arena, bounties and different merchants. Bounties could be really cool if they work that when you take a bounty and leave the city you migrate to the server with that ship in it. I think the city would have to be surrounded by mist or set away a little bit or something for this to work, but it could be really cool. I also think, and I’ve seen this elsewhere, that a boat naming system would be really cool, especially in combination with bounties, so that looking at a boat through your spyglass would show the name of the ship.

  61. Michael Blaser

    Michael BlaserBulan Yang lalu

    When will there be an Xbox One X FPS boost? I know it may not be the main focus but will you end up boosting it eventually?

  62. Ducky Wizard

    Ducky WizardBulan Yang lalu

    Please squeal to sea bound soul

  63. Chasing Charlie

    Chasing CharlieBulan Yang lalu

    Sea of Thieves has unlimited potential and I’m thankful for every development update! There are a lot of things I wish was in the game and also a few things in the game I could do without... or at least have nerfed a bit. All the same it’s making great progress and I love this game. Ps the collectors chests have been a big time saver so thanks for that add on!

  64. BradenTheInflatble Guy

    BradenTheInflatble GuyBulan Yang lalu

    Take harpoons out and add cannons up in front

  65. Tristi

    TristiBulan Yang lalu

    Dear developers. Could you make SOT cheaper than ........ 60€ ?!?!?! sincerely. Someone who'd love to play SOT and who will never buy an xbox pass :)

  66. Jake Frei

    Jake FreiBulan Yang lalu

    Thanks for the update. I could imagine how hard you guys are working at rare to prepare for these upcoming updates 👍

  67. Cole Wittie

    Cole WittieBulan Yang lalu

    Hi I understand why y’all changed this, but please change the letters if recommendation back to how they were please. I beg of you

  68. mistress lavander

    mistress lavanderBulan Yang lalu

    Bugs need fixing clothing and equipment please

  69. HomeGrownMedia

    HomeGrownMediaBulan Yang lalu

    Add riposte

  70. Dece

    DeceBulan Yang lalu

    On the topic of exploits, while the new sword changes were needed the current double gun exploit also needs to be addressed. Also would like to have any feedback geared toward players using cheating websites which are disturbingly abundant on the internet. All that aside looking forward to this update and thanks for all the hard work lads and lasses.

  71. Wildes Durcheinander

    Wildes DurcheinanderBulan Yang lalu

    Please fix these Thunderstorms.Always Dead because of Lightning.Even when you have nothing in your Hand you get hit by Lightning (every 2 Minutes).And when you have full HP this thing kills you with one strike.Then you come back and your ship has a hole (almost sunk because of rain) and burns like a candle.You try to fix and Boom Lightning hits you under deck,dead again,ship gone.And if you have some Gunpowder Barrels or even a Mega Barrel up in the Crows Nest,guess where it hits first! xD.