SCTV - Words to Live By verbal abuse

  • 1 Des 2018
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  1. Thomas Tovey

    Thomas Tovey7 bulan yang lalu

    SCTV in production had a budget of like $10 per episode, yet these brilliant geniuses of comedy have proven that it's the content that matters most ....This piece of comedy is not only funny but respectful and not offensive in any way to the Jewish or Scottish peoples and does not offend or slight the least.

  2. Ernest Kinas

    Ernest Kinas8 bulan yang lalu

    They would never get away with this today. PC has destroyed great comedy.

  3. Rayn Wolfsbane

    Rayn Wolfsbane12 hari yang lalu

    Russell Peters...

  4. rob tison

    rob tisonBulan Yang lalu

    Ernest Kinas bull crap. He’s Jewish is how.

  5. 525Lines

    525Lines9 bulan yang lalu

    Hey, hoodlum! I love this.

  6. Steven Conrad

    Steven Conrad11 bulan yang lalu


  7. Billy Sol Hurok

    Billy Sol HurokTahun Yang lalu

    Hey,hoodlum... This is brilliant

  8. Outta Thyme567

    Outta Thyme567Tahun Yang lalu

    Temple Benny Hill lol

  9. HotVoodooWitch

    HotVoodooWitch11 bulan yang lalu