SCTV The Best of John Candy


  1. anthony sonnheim

    anthony sonnheimBulan Yang lalu

    Great Memories!

  2. Peter Wesley Bastone

    Peter Wesley Bastone2 bulan yang lalu

    very nice...shared to the Media Factory Show TV Channel on FB

  3. Out There Movies

    Out There Movies2 bulan yang lalu

    Cool thanks and glad you liked it!

  4. A. Stone Thorn

    A. Stone Thorn5 bulan yang lalu

    We love John Candy because he was John Candy!

  5. Better Blue

    Better Blue7 bulan yang lalu

    Best comedy ever.

  6. 2packs4sure

    2packs4sure8 bulan yang lalu

    Help me SCTV fans, please !! There is a scene where Guy Caballero is watching something he doesn’t like and starts saying,,, “ I don’t like this I don’t like this I’m a scared ,,,,,,,,,, then rubs his hands all over all over his face while making booba booba bluba bluba sounds………. I thought it was the ZONTAR episode but I’m mistaken because I watched Zontar on my DVD looking for it a few years ago looking for it and my buddy watched it a few days ago online looking for it and it ain’t there. HELP if you can. It’s buggin’ me. ANY info. at all would be greatly appreciated.

  7. Magma Sunburst

    Magma SunburstBulan Yang lalu

    Pepi Longsocks?

  8. Bluejean 1991

    Bluejean 19918 bulan yang lalu

    "Ward... you're boring. You're a very dull kid." Gets me every time xD

  9. terry witzu

    terry witzu9 bulan yang lalu

    OTM, We've got too much in common, dude. That's why I love and comment on all your movies. FYI - "Volunteer's" is on YT. It's a way better movie, now then when it came out. I don't remember laughing so hard when I saw it in the theater.

  10. Out There Movies

    Out There Movies9 bulan yang lalu

    Yes, volunteers is great. I remember renting that one back in the 90's. Thanks!

  11. Gord Jacobs

    Gord Jacobs9 bulan yang lalu

    Ha ha ha. Great memories. Thanks.

  12. Brian Winters

    Brian Winters9 bulan yang lalu

    14:18 Catherine O'Hara laughing on camera

  13. It's Ukraine

    It's Ukraine10 bulan yang lalu

    Found spares strikes and shmenges shirt on ebay the other day. bought two just for backup

  14. Errol Waguespack

    Errol Waguespack10 bulan yang lalu

    Incredible show

  15. Christopher Cringle

    Christopher Cringle10 bulan yang lalu

    Mommas cooking now, mommas cooking now!!!

  16. fernand gauthier

    fernand gauthierTahun Yang lalu

    John Candy this men was HILARIOUS . uncle buck was my favorite

  17. Out There Movies

    Out There MoviesTahun Yang lalu

    Uncle Buck is a classic, great movie

  18. NickH

    NickHTahun Yang lalu

    John Candy was such a funny and sweet person. I love these old episodes, some of the best.

  19. New Castle After Dark

    New Castle After DarkTahun Yang lalu

    Monster Chiller Horror Theater!! Thanks for posting this, this channel is awesome, we dig it!!

  20. Out There Movies

    Out There MoviesTahun Yang lalu

    Thanks, glad you enjoy it!!! That means a lot, we are big fans of your channel, we have been watching since the very first show. Nick and Rikki