SCTV Bobby Bittman


  1. Shift Worker 1999

    Shift Worker 1999Bulan Yang lalu

    I laugh as hard at SCTV now as I did when I was twelve years old!

  2. Wowster

    WowsterBulan Yang lalu

    What a dick

  3. Bill Nolastname

    Bill Nolastname4 bulan yang lalu

    I was disappointed when she didn't get blowed up.

  4. MisterNewOutlook

    MisterNewOutlook5 bulan yang lalu

    Friday at 9pm ET? That's the worst time slot of the week! HaHa

  5. ImaMonaKnight

    ImaMonaKnight8 bulan yang lalu

    My Childhood๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿผ๐Ÿค•๐Ÿค’๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ––

  6. ImaMonaKnight

    ImaMonaKnight8 bulan yang lalu


  7. Darrin Rychlak

    Darrin Rychlak8 bulan yang lalu

    These guys were the kings of cool.

  8. Mike Barbacovi

    Mike Barbacovi10 bulan yang lalu

    We now join the Sammy Maudlin Show already in progress ...

  9. fallout man

    fallout man11 bulan yang lalu


  10. Darrin Rychlak

    Darrin Rychlak11 bulan yang lalu

    Bobby Bittman never takes a puff off of his smoke. Edit: Bobby Bittman is the single greatest comedic talent in the history of show business.

  11. fjvideo

    fjvideo11 bulan yang lalu

    He's got enough talent to be 1-10 greatest.

  12. Opinunate ted

    Opinunate tedTahun Yang lalu

    After the comercial, Johny La Rue, who is mad that Sammy is takin up all his time, says "You know, some people, not me, say that you have a habit of crashing other people's appearances on shows."

  13. Monkey Boy

    Monkey BoyTahun Yang lalu

    Sammy invented 'man spreading' here.

  14. Sra Mrtnlli

    Sra Mrtnlli7 bulan yang lalu

    Ooh baby

  15. natural observer

    natural observerTahun Yang lalu

    I don't think TV could put together a talented group of people like this today even if they tried.

  16. PositiveLastAction

    PositiveLastActionTahun Yang lalu

    SCTV: Best comedy series in history . Candy, Flaherty, Levy = comedic genius!!

  17. jon 1965

    jon 1965Tahun Yang lalu

    I used to yell How are yah huhuhahahah all the time as a kid to my it!!!

  18. Scott Kasaboski

    Scott KasaboskiTahun Yang lalu

    levy candy priceless

  19. Aa I

    Aa ITahun Yang lalu

    I will never forget the night that Bobby Bittman walked onto Sammy Maudlin's stage and broke the news that war had just broken the Fack-land Islands. It was a "where were you when it happened" moment for the ages.

  20. fjvideo

    fjvideo11 bulan yang lalu

    That was a solemn a comedian, in all seriousness...

  21. Kevin Hoffman

    Kevin HoffmanTahun Yang lalu

    His home away from home: club med

  22. juantailor

    juantailorTahun Yang lalu

    The Mocha Room in Anchorage Alaska, anyone been?

  23. felicity4711

    felicity4711Tahun Yang lalu

    2:17 In a much later season Bobby Bittman appears on โ€œMaudlinโ€ and sings a song to support the striking Polish workers, and then gets into a screaming argument with his brother Skip because he hates being called โ€œHerschel Slansky.โ€ I wonder if he really thought of Poland off the top of his head or if this is part of his complex about assimilating!

  24. Anon Frank

    Anon FrankTahun Yang lalu

    My uncle lived in Reno and Las Vegas Nevada . He said back in the 60's to 80's they had regular talks shows that were unwittingly ridiculous as these parodies by sctv on the tv every night .

  25. Edmond Dantes

    Edmond DantesTahun Yang lalu

    I remember there was a scene in CASINO where DeNiro was hosting such a show and l immediately thought of Sammy Maudlin and SNL

  26. bkatbamna

    bkatbamnaTahun Yang lalu

    People that are old enough remember Johnny Carson. Sometimes the top of the A list people(like Frank Sinatra, Bob Hope) would interrupt his show. Once Don Rickles was guest hosting and broke Johnny's pencil box or cigarette case. When Johnny came back the next week, he took the camera and invaded the studio where Rickles was taping his own show. That was a different time when humor was fun and not used to make political statements.

  27. KK Akuoku

    KK AkuokuTahun Yang lalu

    Nails the icky fake sincerity of celebrity talk shows well...even when the set looks like it done on public access.

  28. Brian Mouland

    Brian MoulandTahun Yang lalu

    Compared to the slugs who occupy late night TV in 2018,Bittman looks like an icon

  29. Catherine Sokol

    Catherine SokolTahun Yang lalu

    Eugene Levy is the most underrated comic ever, the whole bunch of them, classic, makes me glad to be Canadian!

  30. dingecibbs

    dingecibbsTahun Yang lalu

    "I'll keep crashing it until I get it right Sammy"...that actually was funny.

  31. Deborah Allen

    Deborah AllenTahun Yang lalu

    William B

  32. Ken Potter

    Ken PotterTahun Yang lalu

    How awesome would it be to have all of these on remastered DVDs?

  33. fjvideo

    fjvideoTahun Yang lalu

    How are ya???!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  34. maynardsmoreland

    maynardsmorelandTahun Yang lalu

    How perfect were the Sammy Maudlin sketches?

  35. John Doe

    John DoeTahun Yang lalu

    i love this 60's early 70's vegas , hollywood b rate "hip cats" stuff . reminds me of my uncle and his friends talking and clothing back in those days . love bittman's macho suit look

  36. Frank Booth

    Frank BoothTahun Yang lalu

    Sammy does a perfect Jimmy Fallon

  37. phil sarrazine

    phil sarrazineTahun Yang lalu

    Sammy was 1st. Jimmy does a good Sammy. ๐Ÿ˜„

  38. Angel Madison

    Angel MadisonTahun Yang lalu

    omg the best any chance you can upload the whole show taking a chance taaaaaakin a big fat chance on love!!!!!

  39. paul nadratowski

    paul nadratowskiTahun Yang lalu

    Best show ever. SCTV never missed a trick. Great

  40. Jill Mitchell

    Jill MitchellTahun Yang lalu

    Silences Yourselves!

  41. Robby Combs

    Robby CombsTahun Yang lalu

    Better than ANYTHING on network TV today....

  42. Jim Marcinko

    Jim MarcinkoTahun Yang lalu

    As a comic, in all seriousness, I have to concede that this a chuckler.

  43. Mad Hatter

    Mad Hatter2 tahun yang lalu

    How are yah !!!!

  44. david graham

    david graham2 tahun yang lalu

    I would like to see the specials (0:54) that Bobby Bittman is always taping when he crashes Sammy's show--

  45. paul nadratowski

    paul nadratowski2 tahun yang lalu

    Levy as Bittman nails it. He does a perfect hack comedian

  46. Fatima Jones

    Fatima JonesTahun Yang lalu

    Yes, lounge lizard extraordinaire!

  47. Steve Paul

    Steve Paul2 tahun yang lalu

    Sadly, You could not have a show like SCTV today without a bunch of crybabies yelling "THERE'S NO DIVERSITY".

  48. fjvideo

    fjvideo11 bulan yang lalu

    @Trent Nunyabiz Hee Haw ran for 26 seasons. It was popular.

  49. fjvideo

    fjvideo11 bulan yang lalu

    Bittman is Jewish and William B. is untalented...that's diversity.

  50. TheEternalNow

    TheEternalNowTahun Yang lalu

    the kid from deliverance LOVED hee-haw

  51. Trent Nunyabiz

    Trent NunyabizTahun Yang lalu

    kory stephens everyone hated hee haw because it sucked. Nothing about PC or anything, the humor just lacked relevency.

  52. Nervous Gentleman

    Nervous GentlemanTahun Yang lalu

    Steve Paul: What a fucking pussy! Ha ha.

  53. John Jarou

    John Jarou3 tahun yang lalu

    who would have known that bobby bittman would show up out of the blue?

  54. 3bhui

    3bhui3 tahun yang lalu

    The girl who got shocked was apparently a take-off on Charo who was popular in that era. The players of SCTV were working on such a low budget yet made up for it with their personalities and rapport.

  55. david graham

    david graham3 tahun yang lalu

    Only SCTV could show someone get electrocuted (2:50) and make it hilarious--Bittman's only concern was whether they could finish the sketch!!! LOL

  56. John Abele

    John Abele4 tahun yang lalu

    I haven't seen SCTV for 20 years and, if anything, it's funnier now than it was then. They were really talented group of actors who played off each other very well.

  57. Jack Meyhoffer

    Jack Meyhoffer4 tahun yang lalu

    As a comic in all seriousness.

  58. elvicare35

    elvicare353 tahun yang lalu


  59. Ted Cantu

    Ted Cantu5 tahun yang lalu

    "Where'd you study acting...? POLAND !!?? " LOL !!!!!

  60. Frank Cabanski

    Frank Cabanski5 tahun yang lalu

    How are ya!!!!!!!!

  61. donatospoony

    donatospoony6 tahun yang lalu

    I am looking for when Rocco was running for mayor in Melonville , ... Hey I made some mistakes . So ahead of its time ! Re: Rob Ford

  62. jmnny85

    jmnny856 tahun yang lalu

    SCTV Rules!!!

  63. johnny718bravo

    johnny718bravo6 tahun yang lalu

    I love SCTV

  64. edison

    edison6 tahun yang lalu

    With hilarious results!

  65. edison

    edison6 tahun yang lalu

    I love when SCTV skewered the totally unhip, old guard show business types. They perfectly captured what banal and dark people they were.

  66. The Inferior Corporate Knockoff

    The Inferior Corporate KnockoffBulan Yang lalu

    @John Doe Your comment is not completely banal either.

  67. John Doe

    John DoeTahun Yang lalu

    thats a generalization . they were not all banal and dark people in that social set .

  68. Raptor3400

    Raptor34006 tahun yang lalu

    Catherine O'Hara was incredible. The expression on her face was so funny.

  69. the13corinne

    the13corinne7 tahun yang lalu

    How Are Ya!!!!

  70. Noel D

    Noel D7 tahun yang lalu