Scream Powered Microwave


  1. TRI66ER_ 78

    TRI66ER_ 78Jam Yang lalu

    Make a robot that makes grunting noises every time it approaches a person

  2. Superninja 5910

    Superninja 59104 jam yang lalu

    a drawing tablet that constantly messes up your drawing

  3. fruit salad

    fruit salad9 jam yang lalu



    POOTIS BIRB9 jam yang lalu

    A roomba that detects people, and tazes their ankles, until they scream your entire nordvpn sponsor.

  5. h.pthing

    h.pthing16 jam yang lalu

    Make a robot that automatically autotunse your screams

  6. 오엨허

    오엨허17 jam yang lalu

    Make a robot that funds people who want to get an abortion if you walk within 3 meters of an anti-abortion fiend

  7. Allstar Andrez

    Allstar Andrez18 jam yang lalu

    Why is the microwave getting so much hate. It is the best idea in the universe

  8. Erin Matthews

    Erin Matthews18 jam yang lalu

    You should make a robot that automatically finds bad robot ideas and deletes the comment

  9. Joey Santagata

    Joey Santagata18 jam yang lalu

    Make a table that gets closer to you every time you move so you always stub your toe:)

  10. Renafoxx

    Renafoxx19 jam yang lalu

    Its 100 percent bad and you should feel bad

  11. Madden Gesford

    Madden Gesford19 jam yang lalu

    make a robot that everytime it sees a bad robot idea IT FUCKING SCREECHES

  12. Sirjab Lightning

    Sirjab Lightning20 jam yang lalu

    Make a robot that pushes a button

  13. Mass Games

    Mass Games21 jam yang lalu

    make a robot that makes funny sound

  14. Red Line Together

    Red Line Together22 jam yang lalu

    Make a controller that gets harder to use every time you use the the joy stick

  15. weird_ kid596

    weird_ kid59622 jam yang lalu

    This is perfect for a abusive household

  16. Arizøna vibəs

    Arizøna vibəs23 jam yang lalu

    The taser's origins

  17. Thomas Fitzgerald

    Thomas Fitzgerald23 jam yang lalu

    Yo fuck target

  18. teeth please

    teeth pleaseHari Yang lalu

    A robot that photoshops you to be a white man

  19. Amy Pratt

    Amy PrattHari Yang lalu

    He saw the comment about tasing people's legs and did it

  20. HollisDoesAnimations

    HollisDoesAnimationsHari Yang lalu

    That is the michaelwave

  21. assassinduke

    assassindukeHari Yang lalu

    Make a stupid robot that makes me feel bad for sending robots ideas to you

  22. Velociraptor Nine

    Velociraptor NineHari Yang lalu

    Every time you put your key in your door it screems

  23. Endy Assassin

    Endy AssassinHari Yang lalu

    Why the hell didnt you made a fuking door that opens when you get close to it

  24. Lunar

    LunarHari Yang lalu

    Make a robot that commits suicide when they hear a bad pun.

  25. IZack Production

    IZack ProductionHari Yang lalu

    Make a watch that tases you everytime is reaches a second/minute/hour and allow it the ability to calibrate the shock of the taser

  26. Lucas Ok

    Lucas OkHari Yang lalu

    Make a robot that fucking shoots you when you read a bad robot idea

  27. Chicken McNugget

    Chicken McNuggetHari Yang lalu

    Make a robot that tells people that there ideas are bad. xxx

  28. Alamshah Rahman

    Alamshah RahmanHari Yang lalu

    i really happy that michael join offline tv now....atleast he can learn how to streaming now😂

  29. Jerald Butternubs

    Jerald ButternubsHari Yang lalu

    A robot that eats ass

  30. Jaime Salinas

    Jaime SalinasHari Yang lalu

    Make a bot that hits people and glass for no reason lol.

  31. uberninjajaja

    uberninjajajaHari Yang lalu

    This is my first video that I've watched on your channel. I laughed so much 😂 you're my new favorite

  32. priimcry

    priimcryHari Yang lalu

    make a robot that throws boomer cards at lily and it has a speaker saying "ok boomer"

  33. Ariel a

    Ariel aHari Yang lalu

    A robot that trhows you away to wake you up in time

  34. Jerrod

    JerrodHari Yang lalu

    You should build a robot to shot whoever looks at you with an airsoft gun.

  35. Elaborate Pit009

    Elaborate Pit009Hari Yang lalu

    A knife-wielding octopus robot

  36. Me.Cricketbeard

    Me.CricketbeardHari Yang lalu

    you should make a toast to that turns on when you scream at it

  37. Itz Cole

    Itz ColeHari Yang lalu

    Make a robot that shoots ketchup at u when u get near it

  38. ThatsWhat SheSaid

    ThatsWhat SheSaidHari Yang lalu

    Can you make a robot that squirts water whenever the temperature reaches a certain degree?

  39. nuke-_-trigerman

    nuke-_-trigermanHari Yang lalu

    Here me out okay a chair that detects when someone is sitting on it and calls it obscurities like "GET THE FUCK OFF OF ME" or "DEAR GOD YOU'RE SUFFICATING ME"

  40. Voltic Domo

    Voltic Domo2 hari yang lalu

    Me make a robot :him bruh