Scream Powered Microwave


  1. wahat da

    wahat da2 jam yang lalu

    a robot that induces stress.

  2. Vhen Mhykel Villacortes

    Vhen Mhykel Villacortes3 jam yang lalu

    Here I tell you a story... *A KID WITH A MICROWAVE THAT NEEDS SCREAM POWER TO MAKE IT WORK* Kid:aaahahhahahahhahahahahahahahhhahahahahahahahahhahaahhaahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Mom: What's wrong? Kid: Just going to eat a pizza pocket The end *he got spanked for waking up his baby sister*

  3. Guhoose

    Guhoose3 jam yang lalu

    a washing machine that’s moans when it cleans clothes

  4. Elie Valdenaire

    Elie Valdenaire4 jam yang lalu

    A moving table leg designed to destroy your pinky toe

  5. Resolami

    Resolami4 jam yang lalu

    Yeah if I have to be REALLY honest. That idea is pretty fucking bad. I agree with michael on this one :3

  6. Nicholas Betteridge-Spooner

    Nicholas Betteridge-Spooner5 jam yang lalu

    As if you missed the chance to mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm at the microwave

  7. its_ya boi_az

    its_ya boi_az7 jam yang lalu

    what about if everyone had a band around their waist, and at any given random time, the machine randomly tazes anyone who has a band on

  8. ThatOneGuy 1206

    ThatOneGuy 12068 jam yang lalu

    You should make a robot that literally fucking dies whenever someone looks at it

  9. Ferferite

    Ferferite9 jam yang lalu

    Next video: making a camera that tases pepole's legs so you are the tallest one

  10. Jesus Olivera

    Jesus Olivera9 jam yang lalu

    Make a robot that calls you a pussy when you feel insecure or nervous

  11. Chem Mori

    Chem Mori9 jam yang lalu

    You should make a robot that tries to throw itself to its death.

  12. Matt B

    Matt B10 jam yang lalu

    Make a robot that tases someone who doesnt close your bedroom door behind them

  13. Electro gaming

    Electro gaming10 jam yang lalu

    You should make a umbrella that closes when you open it

  14. Eric Garcia

    Eric Garcia10 jam yang lalu

    Robot that eats fucking beans

  15. khallok

    khallok11 jam yang lalu

    Make a robot that make robots from our shitty ideas

  16. Jorge Valdovinos

    Jorge Valdovinos12 jam yang lalu

    A robot that scream to power the microwave and the scream robot should be powered by wind

  17. Colton Carnahan

    Colton Carnahan13 jam yang lalu

    Make a car that runs on water

  18. Magnum McClean

    Magnum McClean13 jam yang lalu

    1 like = 1 GOOD IDEA

  19. DJ Nightmare

    DJ Nightmare13 jam yang lalu

    how about a robot that drowns you every time you make a video so you can never make a shity video again

  20. NekoGod

    NekoGod13 jam yang lalu

    A robot that lights candles

  21. The Tunneler

    The Tunneler13 jam yang lalu

    This is actually a good idea for me I hate the microwave!:-)

  22. The Tunneler

    The Tunneler14 jam yang lalu

    Am I the only one who thought he was,12?:-)

  23. Blake Hole

    Blake Hole14 jam yang lalu

    A toaster that when it is done toasting shoots toast so hard out of the toaster it goes into orbit

  24. Blake Hole

    Blake Hole14 jam yang lalu

    I think the metal piston spike detected his red rage face and stabbed him

  25. Matr Reaper

    Matr Reaper14 jam yang lalu

    You should build a device that delete bad robot ideas from the comments

  26. Combustible Croissant

    Combustible Croissant14 jam yang lalu

    You should make a oven that will only cook tin foil

  27. Tasia Belle

    Tasia Belle14 jam yang lalu

    A keyboard or mouse that means when u touch it

  28. pyromanicAhamkara

    pyromanicAhamkara15 jam yang lalu

    How to trigger michael Step 1: “Make a robot that...” Step 2: profit

  29. levi weng

    levi weng15 jam yang lalu

    Windshield wipers for glasses.

  30. levi weng

    levi weng15 jam yang lalu

    Please. I want a pair

  31. Glowing DJXL

    Glowing DJXL16 jam yang lalu

    Make a robot that makes bots that somehow delete our ideas

  32. wild crab

    wild crab17 jam yang lalu


  33. TheTwoAwesome GamingBrothers

    TheTwoAwesome GamingBrothers17 jam yang lalu

    Make a robot that says GO AWAY when you open a door

  34. The Super Beast 4 subscribe to pewdiepie

    The Super Beast 4 subscribe to pewdiepie18 jam yang lalu

    A robot that draws a pic like a drunk person

  35. Orphic Finesse

    Orphic Finesse18 jam yang lalu

    A bicycle that plays music when you pedal

  36. Remprist

    Remprist19 jam yang lalu

    Make a robot that punches you when you get punched on wii wrestling

  37. ZiggietheGreat

    ZiggietheGreat19 jam yang lalu

    Make the tazer camera!

  38. Ander 109

    Ander 10919 jam yang lalu

    ItS a HoT oRaNgE!!!!

  39. Saltyboi 278

    Saltyboi 27819 jam yang lalu

    You should make a robot that kills all the other robot ideas

  40. Steven Montero

    Steven Montero21 jam yang lalu

    Make an iron suit

  41. Hari Campos

    Hari Campos21 jam yang lalu

    A robot that tazes anyone that's taller than you

  42. AugustKara show / Август Кара

    AugustKara show / Август Кара21 jam yang lalu


  43. tassar 1

    tassar 122 jam yang lalu

    A mouse that tazes you when miss in a game(idfk how the hell is it supposed to register the hit)

  44. Joshua Davis

    Joshua Davis22 jam yang lalu

    Build a robot that says”your ideas is bad”

  45. Noah Batista

    Noah Batista23 jam yang lalu

    You should build a robot that kicks you in the shins for cursing

  46. john Kilgore

    john KilgoreHari Yang lalu

    Make a vape that only hits when it’s connected to wifi

  47. Kevin Saythavy

    Kevin SaythavyHari Yang lalu

    isn’t this literally the plot of monsters inc

  48. Mr. Saltymemes

    Mr. SaltymemesHari Yang lalu

    make a robot that makes you the size of a normal human

  49. the real me

    the real meHari Yang lalu

    Build a robot that that holds an energy drink but every 5 or 10 mins it shouts yeet and throws it

  50. Mason Collins

    Mason CollinsHari Yang lalu

    This is a good one make a sensor trip mine that that says allah akbar before exploding with nerf darts going all over the place

  51. bobs nannn

    bobs nannnHari Yang lalu

    My cat just stole my fish finger

  52. Ābē

    ĀbēHari Yang lalu

    He’s literally plankton

  53. Ābē

    ĀbēHari Yang lalu

    Except plankton went to college

  54. granny leg

    granny legHari Yang lalu

    A lick powered electric knife. Fuck you Michael.

  55. DerDurchblicker

    DerDurchblickerHari Yang lalu

    Guys, y'all remember the Episode where Michael advertises a coffe Website? Because i can't remember it. Can someone send a link or tell me wich Episode it is in?

  56. Subscribe if you like Pewdiepie

    Subscribe if you like PewdiepieHari Yang lalu

    You should make a robot that’s says your robot ideas are bad for you so you don’t loose your voice

  57. MK DeadLock

    MK DeadLockHari Yang lalu

    Hear me out: a door that auto mantically open for you it scans you then opens the door its self for you

  58. Crab Box

    Crab BoxHari Yang lalu

    Michael, we need your help, we need a robot that can help with the violence in America that videogames are causing

  59. CommonAmmo

    CommonAmmoHari Yang lalu

    A table that automatically moves to stub your toe.

  60. Spicy Cat

    Spicy CatHari Yang lalu

    Actually it’s not powered by the screams it’s a scream detector. Your robots are terrible and you should feel bad.

  61. NobodyKnows

    NobodyKnowsHari Yang lalu


  62. Shnerpy

    ShnerpyHari Yang lalu

    Ding Ding

  63. rAnDaL

    rAnDaLHari Yang lalu

    just learned michael is from maui and the college (university of maui college) in his linkedin is a 5 min walk from my house lol.

  64. Wazouski san

    Wazouski sanHari Yang lalu

    how does it feel to get 2000000000 views and 167000 likes?

  65. Wazouski san

    Wazouski sanHari Yang lalu

    getn some fuckin eric andre flashbacks

  66. Bean_Lord

    Bean_LordHari Yang lalu

    a camera booth that has multiple airsoft guns that open fire when its activated

  67. stop

    stopHari Yang lalu

    make a robot that makes robots and the robots that the robot made makes another robots also the ones that were made are able to make another robot and those too can make other robots and then these robots can make even more robots.

  68. What If

    What IfHari Yang lalu

    A robot idea

  69. Penguinought Plaz

    Penguinought PlazHari Yang lalu

    Make a mini mini fridge that comes to where ever you called it from (a think I wanted to build but think I can)

  70. Crane Speaks

    Crane SpeaksHari Yang lalu

    A drawbridge that shouts murder plots at you when it extends and retracts

  71. Tomkenny5

    Tomkenny5Hari Yang lalu

    Make a calculator that makes fun of u for being a dumbass every time u type something simple into it so that everyone knows how dumb u are

  72. Pvt. A. Farag

    Pvt. A. FaragHari Yang lalu

    A device that makes you jump by electric shock and you can control each individual leg or both

  73. The Fallen D.W. by Reese G.

    The Fallen D.W. by Reese G.Hari Yang lalu

    You could make a robot that pushes a chair out when it detects you beside it, and pulls it back in when you get off the chair.

  74. mike dunhim

    mike dunhimHari Yang lalu

    A bot that sees or hears when you laugh at a meme and upvotes it for you

  75. Bashir Sfar

    Bashir SfarHari Yang lalu

    a machine that would bill your bank account a dollar every time you swear..... good luck

  76. Kalkala Alkafila

    Kalkala Alkafila16 jam yang lalu

    @Bashir Sfar 😂😂😂

  77. Bashir Sfar

    Bashir Sfar16 jam yang lalu

    Kalkala Alkafila why not?!

  78. Kalkala Alkafila

    Kalkala Alkafila17 jam yang lalu

    Bank calls in, "exuse me sir are you sure you want to donate a $10683 to a diaper organization?"

  79. colored bullet 21

    colored bullet 21Hari Yang lalu

    Yo a app named larf is using this video in their ad did you allow this

  80. Timmy Jones

    Timmy JonesHari Yang lalu

    *how's your lung capacity*

  81. Tristan Barndt

    Tristan BarndtHari Yang lalu

    Make a cookie jar that slaps you when you take a cookie

  82. Kyle Kovacs

    Kyle KovacsHari Yang lalu

    A computer that shuts down every time you make a spelling mistake

  83. Clorox Bleach

    Clorox BleachHari Yang lalu

    Robot that deletes your browser history when an unregistered user logs on

  84. nobody Yo

    nobody YoHari Yang lalu

    Make a screaming ding ding

  85. It’s Ye Boi

    It’s Ye BoiHari Yang lalu

    How about a robot that just automatically responds to comments asking about robots with the good ol shut the fuck up