SCARY STORIES TO TELL IN THE DARK (2019) Ending + Monsters Explained


  1. shattered Planet

    shattered Planet11 jam yang lalu

    i would just get a gun and shot my self

  2. Ha _MOSSAD

    Ha _MOSSAD11 jam yang lalu

    Stella is kinda dumb change my mind

  3. Bob Cipher

    Bob Cipher11 jam yang lalu

    Me wanting to watch a regular video without political talk. 'That Trump guy in charge." Boi. Really I came here for ending explained not a political view

  4. Sharkii

    Sharkii11 jam yang lalu

    So basically goosebumps on steroids

  5. StarryByNature

    StarryByNature11 jam yang lalu

    the part i found rather interesting was that ramone said "they shipped him back in pieces" when talking about his brother, and the gangly man fell down in pieces. i'm not sure if that was intentional or not, but it was a neat little connection

  6. camila pruna

    camila pruna11 jam yang lalu

    i don’t think the books really scared me, i just thought they were interesting

  7. Bruno Leone

    Bruno Leone11 jam yang lalu

    Make a review from "A Dark Song" movie please. I like it very much :-)

  8. Yoongi Infires Man

    Yoongi Infires Man12 jam yang lalu

    I used to and STILL, LOVED to read these books in 3rd grade, I CANT WAIT TO WATCH THE MOVIE 🍿

  9. ToxicValkyrie

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    15:41 Finally! A horror movie that doesn’t have a pet dying!

  10. A potato

    A potato12 jam yang lalu

    You know, I thought the end would be stella being the new Sara

  11. Succuba

    Succuba12 jam yang lalu

    0:53 me on the toilet after going to grandmas house

  12. Gamer Boy

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    How many movies does found flix have?😂

  13. Astrid Montoya

    Astrid Montoya13 jam yang lalu

    The video : Ending Explained Him: Explains the whole movie

  14. vinni whyte

    vinni whyte14 jam yang lalu

    In the Uk This film is rated 15 in the us it’s rated 12 what the fuck is going on

  15. Negative Robot

    Negative Robot15 jam yang lalu

    I would like to thank my teachers and.Peeples Ms.Gregory Mrs.Harrison and Mr.Valquez for reading these stories to us and making me cry all night until I was allowed to sleep in my moms bed

  16. Abigail Isaacs

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  17. Dean Smith

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    1:15 That is Badass!

  18. Hippie Love

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    Wasn't dog poop

  19. Alex Barajas

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    I’m so excited for when hide and seek comes out just so i can watch your video on it 😂😂😂

  20. WolfChildRusk

    WolfChildRusk16 jam yang lalu

    This movie is PG-13... the hell ?

  21. WazowskiForgotThePapers

    WazowskiForgotThePapers14 jam yang lalu

    It’s technically a kids book and since this movie is based on said book, it’s basically a slightly older kids version of Goosebumps

  22. jknight 182

    jknight 18216 jam yang lalu

    Seeing the illustrations again really makes me wonder how the hell that book managed to get into my elementary school library

  23. Michael McCarthy

    Michael McCarthy16 jam yang lalu

    First a cool goosebumps movie and now this work of art... Is this what satisfaction feels like? My childhood is thankful

  24. DrFunkinstein

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    Imagine watching a scary movie in a cinema and then you turn back and see this guy behind you taking notes.

  25. Boonkious Gangulous

    Boonkious Gangulous16 jam yang lalu

    I am not the best I n scary movies :\

  26. Superkennylogan

    Superkennylogan17 jam yang lalu

    I don’t remember it just being images for the clips

  27. Citycat Gaming

    Citycat Gaming17 jam yang lalu

    The books scared the fuck outa me when I was little and now it's like I'm watching cartoons it didn't scare me when I watched the movie

  28. MicayahUnique

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    i love all your videos but i have a request can you please do and ending explain on the movie St. Agatha on netflix

  29. Your mom Is the best

    Your mom Is the best17 jam yang lalu

    Hard candy 2005 please

  30. Alyssa Black

    Alyssa Black18 jam yang lalu

    Probably if the skinning scene was included there might’ve been an R rating attached

  31. Jose Tejeda

    Jose Tejeda18 jam yang lalu

    In Russia, you don't read the book, the book read you

  32. Leng Vang

    Leng Vang19 jam yang lalu

    Stella: I HAVE THE POWER !!! (evil laugh)

  33. ibraham rashid

    ibraham rashid19 jam yang lalu

    You should do" I Trapped the devil "

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    Omega Warrior19 jam yang lalu

    Do “The Silence” ( Netflix)

  35. Omega Warrior

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  36. Omega Warrior

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    Do it next

  37. Macaron

    Macaron19 jam yang lalu

    I’d love to see Wait Til Martin Comes show up!

  38. Blue Horse

    Blue Horse19 jam yang lalu

    My only problem with the movie is the ending. I was expecting a dark tone But overall the movie is amazing and actually scary

  39. Lunch

    Lunch14 jam yang lalu

    it was a dark tone. the kid goes to Nam prob to die. the friends r gone although she says they may come back if she can figure out the book. but i mean... i doubt it

  40. Vanguardmastervideos

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    Can you do one for the banana splits movie?

  41. Xxdjking

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    Idk about y’all but every time you opened one of these books you would get chills and they would have that old book smell

  42. nightmuffin937

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    Its One Of The Greatest PG-13 Horror Movie since Lights Out and The Grudge1 & 2

  43. Schutzstaffel Agent

    Schutzstaffel Agent20 jam yang lalu

    TI9 And This movie August feels good man

  44. Soldier

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    Salt and burn the mf bones and the book, and the house, and everything she owns

  45. Bill Vang

    Bill Vang21 jam yang lalu

    Dr. Wells: *whispers* Ramon

  46. zoe lmao

    zoe lmao21 jam yang lalu

    when tommy calls ramone a wetb*ck it made me flinch as much as the toeless ghost. when i lived up north they would call me and my brother that until i cried.

  47. less kiss

    less kiss20 jam yang lalu

    Calm down dude. Im sorry I'm being a dick but your voice is so obnoxious

  48. Spartachr1s Gaming

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    Ending + Monsters Explained = describing the entire movie scene by scene

  49. less kiss

    less kiss20 jam yang lalu

    Ok I saw this movie . Its rlly good. I loved it. And it was my1st horror movie to see in theatre

  50. Student Freeman Morgan

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    Man this really got me, it has to be one of the best horror movies we had in a while

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    Can u do the series #dark pleaaaaase?

  52. pearlynatsuNS

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    Unpopular Opinion: Stella doesn’t know how to act

  53. Deleted

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    What if... what if you just eat the book..

  54. Frank Rizzo

    Frank RizzoHari Yang lalu

    Alvin Schwartz

  55. less kiss

    less kissHari Yang lalu

    Alright I have to be honest they shouldn't of killed Tommy first they should of killed him secondly

  56. Father

    FatherHari Yang lalu

    PG-13? I saw this movie today and it was rated R..?

  57. beaniie

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    Wait this movie is set in PA?? Well, wonder which story would be mine lmao

  58. NegroJonesStrikesAgn

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    Can you do the stuff. Chocolate chip Charlie, best part of the movie.

  59. Taylor San

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    Please please please!!! Do I Still See You starring Bella Thorne!!!

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  61. Gee Cee

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    I’m glad I didn’t pay to see this in theaters.

  62. Trey Gregg

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    [Spoiler] when the old lady lulu started singing the hearse song I felt like a kid again reading the books

  63. Nilufar Sultana

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    Ok I saw this movie . Its rlly good. I loved it. And it was my1st horror movie to see in theatre

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    Calm down dude. Im sorry I'm being a dick but your voice is so obnoxious

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    You should explain the banana splits movie

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    this is probably the closest you’ve gotten with matching the fonts in the intro i’m so proud

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    I'm glad the black lab lived

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    When I saw the wendigo story did anyone think of until dawn . . . . . Anyone?

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    Can you do look away next?

  70. Need you now

    Need you nowHari Yang lalu

    The ending pissed me off with the "You're better than this, you can be good! uwu" concept.

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    Don’t watch at night unless your a boomer and can buy your own night light

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    Loved the books

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    Can you do ending explained on shutter

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    Where did you get your shelves from?

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    In America you read book In Soviet Russia Book reads you

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    S t o l e n C o m m e n t

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    Alright I have to be honest they shouldn't of killed Tommy first they should of killed him secondly

  78. Jaiden Rodriguez

    Jaiden RodriguezHari Yang lalu

    I really enjoyed the movie but I hate those type of ending/battles

  79. Rachel Painter

    Rachel PainterHari Yang lalu

    Please do an Ending Explained on The Wind directed by Emma Tammi. I thought the movie paced well and the Western meets supernatural story was interesting but I'm still not exactly sure what happened in the end.

  80. ominousyoshi

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    Title is “ending explained” Just narrates the whole movie

  81. Coby Dickes

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    I used to read these books and now watching this movie this is so Nostalgic

  82. Brett Likes Grass

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    I love YUR vids I also like youtuber like Deadmeat and FilmHerald if you like FoundFlix you should watch him.

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    I was not scared but It was good

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    There was like this clown in the corner in a scene in the house

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    You should have a podcast

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    That’s excatly what she said” after all it’s Halloween wanna see a haunted house”

  87. Skylar

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    The ending pissed me off with the "You're better than this, you can be good! uwu" concept.

  88. Marinette/Ladybug Dupain-Cheng

    Marinette/Ladybug Dupain-ChengHari Yang lalu

    She was right though. Sarah was a victim, not the criminal. She was a vengeful ghost.

  89. ʚ kermitted ɞ

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    this is probably the closest you’ve gotten with matching the fonts in the intro i’m so proud