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    Wow this was a great video!!

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    “I thought we were done!!?” “No nO, I JUsT BEgUN”

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    RIP Unspeakable’s bank account

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    I am so sorry for you

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    You are meeeeeeeeeeeen nathin

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    R.I.P unspeakable wallet 1 like=save unspeakable wallet life

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    Your a giant

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    Nathan should get a green version of Kayla‘s huge car. one like + 1 prayer for Nathan to get more money

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    Wow I give respect for you unspeakable. But why did u buy all those stuff. Bro u probably spent like 400k dollars or more. Guys sub and like to this guy. Respect. And keep up the good work. Love ur vids. Pls shout meh out ty😀😀😀✌✌

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    now she has to do that for you lol

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    1 like = 1m dollar

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    How much money is gorden?

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    But I,m a big fan 🥇

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    Dude are you gucci after that R.I.P Unspeakable

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    Buy Kayko another cat!!!

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    Why the G- Wagon unspeakable you should have taken the McLaren or the Ferrari

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    R.i.p unspeakable ☠️

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    do not let her buy the suff

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    RUDEST thing ever!?

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    I can't afford that


    WILSTONE INC13 jam yang lalu

    Chill he doesn’t have to buy you a car and plus in the beginning I saw you driving a Mercedes Benz you don’t really need another car

  24. Jaycen Williams

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    She said she would only be able to wear balck and white with pink shoes and how hard it would be to match meanwhile she is wearing white and black only

  25. Holly Baker

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    My favorite song was playing in the back round when kay was getting a knew car 😆

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    24 hour challenge in the jeep

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    Do a 24 hour challenge in the back of the monster truck

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    15:31 Golddigger reflex kicked in

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    Lol she is hella pissed

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    Jeffery start is quaking

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    I like Gordon I have another beta fish that looks exactly lie Gordon named dippy

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    You went to dadeland mall

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    *rip wallet

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    Why Kayco why you just had to kill unspeakable’s wallet you muderer

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    Im so happy Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy

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    If he was my brother i will be the most happiest child in the world cuz there is so much things i want but cant get but im still the happiest kid in texas i even have a crystal watch

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  42. Gamer Kid Jr

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    Ops mclaren

  43. Gamer Kid Jr

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    Unspeakable you should get a mrcleran

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    The freaking g wagon cost a big HOUSE

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    Does kayla play guitar

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    R I p unspeakables wallet

  47. Genia Leonard

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    Kako do you still have the car

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    One like equals HALF a million dollars back in unspeakables's wallet here ill start

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    Tesla’s may be cheap but they have everything I want in a car.

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    Nani youtubers are so rich but their just so rich they can buy anything but only the famous ones

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    diamond ultra

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    Gold digger just joking she not

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    Kayco your underwears are white se can se them0

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    U need to buy her that car for real for u doing that

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    Yo you spend all your money for your girlfriend

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    Not by Eminem

  57. cat Learn

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    That was without me in the background

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    3:03 Without me (Song)

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    Make Kayla say yes for 24 hours

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    How about staying on kaycos new car for 24 hours but u can still drive it buy food and do anything you want but do not leave the car for 24 hours with moose kayco

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    Atles he's not mad

  62. craig jhunelle B. tanjunsay barroga

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    Unspeakable ur girl friend is so upset wow if she's mad he will lock u over in the house wow

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    This video is pretty much screaming RIP Nathen's wallet

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    She Is spoiled

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    If i we're u i qould totally buy the Mclaren

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    She is triggered as heck. You better be ready for your grave tomorrow

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    We could eat that truck😂😂

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    Wow u r rich I can’t afford a watch

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    She's so luke

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    7:14 Me: . . . Really?

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    I love how Kayla was so calm and considerate about the car

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    Can i have a shout out the day before you made this video was my birthday

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    R.I.P=unspeakable's 💳 1 like = having money again and being rich

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    He did not cover the license plate ooops Like if you saw

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    what if you uy a new house

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    You must do a 24 hour in the car

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    Why not a TESSLA

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    My auntie is rich

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    They bought the car monster car just to look bigger lol Waste of money

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    rip unakable wolit

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    G wagen i mean...

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    Why you didn't buy the car unsubscribe

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    I think you need tho buy the car Cuz that savage

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    If you guys can guess what time im watching this video ill subscribe to your channel IF you have one

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    I whatch same

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    90 percent of the comments is for nathans wallet also if this is the say yes everything vdeo to your girlfriend kayla said buy not rent so nathan said no to kayla

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    .did they forget about the challenge

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    My cousins birthday cake was passed on your channel

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    everybody dont like on this comment like on the video and comment "RIP Unspeakable's Wallet"Unspeakable needs thousands of likes after what he has just witnessed lol

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    1 like 10000 dollersdon't spend

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    Daaaang Nathan R.I.P your wallet

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    Git it unspeakable

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    bakugan , GO!

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    why would you buy that one

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    1 like =100000000$ for unspeakable

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    I would have want the car that can up the roof.... MY DAD he would have been so happy! And tell me can I try can I try?!