Satellite images appear to show damage from Iran missiles


  1. Choor dakeit

    Choor dakeit4 hari yang lalu

    Qasim Solemani is a real hero in Human History. He is a Global Man. He Fought in Battle Field But There are huge nations who call themselves as super power but their way of war is cowardly, fires from back, Super Cowards

  2. mmmor

    mmmor4 hari yang lalu

    5 weeks on looking back at how much we now know about the Iran's attack one comes to conclusion that how much lies come out of the White House yet again.

  3. Mr Egusi

    Mr Egusi9 hari yang lalu

    Now that we know that 56 US soldiers suffered brain injuries.... It was actually Trump that stood down. Bullies usually stand down when they are confronted.

  4. Abdulrahaman Ashraffi

    Abdulrahaman Ashraffi16 hari yang lalu

    You rascals,are ass licker of zionpigs, spreading propaganda, lies looting,never ending war's, first time from useless people attack on your ass you started licking ass your zionpigs

  5. Bazooka 777

    Bazooka 77717 hari yang lalu


  6. Sayyed Abbas Haider

    Sayyed Abbas Haider18 hari yang lalu

    Hahahhaa Hohihihihi So far so good ALL is Well... Hihihihihihih Where is Patriot missiles? Where is MQ 4 Blobal Halk Dron....?? Leave Middle East to save Lifes..

  7. Kombat Mohammed

    Kombat Mohammed18 hari yang lalu

    That is proportionally

  8. yadola hajati

    yadola hajati18 hari yang lalu


  9. Wogan Jozey

    Wogan Jozey18 hari yang lalu

    Iranian govt carries out terrorist actions for too long, don't just sideline them, they have terrorist hearts

  10. sunny Shine

    sunny Shine18 hari yang lalu

    US is fu*ked up. Iran said this is a slap. The problem is, USA does not know anything about Iranians. Iranians are patient and deadly. The words PARTISAN and ASSASSIN are Persian. Think about it and learn from the history. Yankees go home to your beloved families before its too late.

  11. behzad rahimi

    behzad rahimi18 hari yang lalu


  12. Explore the Nature reality and beauty

    Explore the Nature reality and beauty19 hari yang lalu

    Wow America is nothing but only an empty tin Bloody America drinking the blood of people for oil robbery and Greater Israel

  13. not today

    not today19 hari yang lalu

    The only way the US Empire can be stopped is by destroying it

  14. N Warrior

    N Warrior23 hari yang lalu


  15. adyazman azman

    adyazman azman23 hari yang lalu

    Good job Iran 👍

  16. adyazman azman

    adyazman azman23 hari yang lalu

    Nice /good👍

  17. Arthur Valkan

    Arthur Valkan23 hari yang lalu

    Perfic Shot right in the middle. What does that tell YOU and not 1 American or Israeli patriot rocket picked it up. TRUMP bring OUR TROOPS home or they will come home in body bags with Blood on YOUR hands!

  18. Rana Ahamed

    Rana Ahamed24 hari yang lalu

    What about the US proxy IS

  19. JoKer JoNs MAN OF WAR

    JoKer JoNs MAN OF WAR26 hari yang lalu

    i remember iran has ever caught some American troops and they were crying and begging..chicken heads 😂

  20. zoki kostadinov

    zoki kostadinov26 hari yang lalu


  21. M. izz

    M. izz27 hari yang lalu

    Poor iraq.


    IRVAN TAHER28 hari yang lalu


  23. Alkasur Rahman

    Alkasur Rahman28 hari yang lalu

    Iran can easily destroy American military base in Iraq America must stay quiet and leave the region for the best.

  24. fersup2

    fersup229 hari yang lalu

    look at the mouths of people that sorround Trump, there is no smile... instead, mad face

  25. Esa Shaik

    Esa Shaik29 hari yang lalu

    80 American troops were killed but America covers it up.


    YUSKHANBulan Yang lalu

    These are Precision strikes JewNN

  27. Rass Xerexes

    Rass XerexesBulan Yang lalu

    We (Iranians) didnt leave the negotiation table to come back!! Trump left the negotiation table and he is the person who must come back to the negotiation table not us!

  28. Steve Wisniewski

    Steve WisniewskiBulan Yang lalu

    My apology as an American citizen to the people of Iraq. Our nation does not belong in your country. Unless you as a group of citizens ask for our assistance which we can do a great good of when focused and not in greed, we as a people from our nation can help others out. It is our duty as a strong nation. It is not that we need to be in any place that we are uninvited. Again, as a citizen of the US I give respect to our military and all that the men and women of our nation do to help yet I believe we are hindering and creating more pain in your nation. Godspeed and blessings to all of you and may you rebuild your nation on your own and on your own terms in peace

  29. john gillians

    john gilliansBulan Yang lalu

    Those Iranians aint nothin to fool with. Let the American media lull your ass to sleep if you want. Soldiers were killed and wounded in that strike make no mistake. Since when has the US government told the American public the truth about ANY military ops? They owe us nothing. Soldiers to SAM are nothing but fodder always have been. God save those boys.

  30. Nikandish

    NikandishBulan Yang lalu

    I wish this dark days for western as they don't let ME ppl on their own. US and fuckin allies need to fuck out from ME right now. Leave us alone. Think about ur ppl. We don't need ur human right and fuckin democracy. Stop sending weapons here.

  31. justin denley

    justin denleyBulan Yang lalu

    The dems profit off terrorists like Osama, people like him are the generals for people like salami. Dems love terrorism, it helps them spread hate, racism, conflict, ram rod laws.

  32. Oliver Matthews

    Oliver MatthewsBulan Yang lalu

    Why is CNN treating the Iranian statement as fact? What's your agenda this time?

  33. Opel Sportclub

    Opel SportclubBulan Yang lalu

    Lie after Lie 🧖‍♂️

  34. Waterburner Zero Six

    Waterburner Zero SixBulan Yang lalu

    Dude reporting needs to get the marbles outta his mouth!

  35. truth and common sense warrior

    truth and common sense warriorBulan Yang lalu


  36. shaher

    shaherBulan Yang lalu

    BBC😷 VOA😷 CNN😷 MSNBC😷 SKY NEWS 😷 WASHINGTON POST😷 NEW YORK TIMES 😷 about the Iranian missile attack on US bases in Iraq 😠😡 YES SIR 😥

  37. shaher

    shaherBulan Yang lalu

    No one has the right to report on this base and number of deaths😷 That's American freedom of expression 😉

  38. John S

    John SBulan Yang lalu

    The brit is right, the strategic balance has definitely moved in Iran's favour.

  39. Жека Семенюк

    Жека СеменюкBulan Yang lalu

    Watch a video about the largest family in the world located in Ukraine, grandfather record holder with offspring 350 people

  40. Watan channel

    Watan channelBulan Yang lalu

    America and al saud is fahter of terrorist

  41. Quin Norman

    Quin NormanBulan Yang lalu

    This man was going to send 600 million dollars to the us for Black Israelites. Therefore telling all Israelites who don't know or don't care their history including everyone around the world. That's why he was killed

  42. Jasmin Grbic

    Jasmin GrbicBulan Yang lalu

    Very good, bravo Iran !

  43. MrBaharestan

    MrBaharestanBulan Yang lalu

    Go home yankee, iraq isen‘t your country!

  44. kazem magidie

    kazem magidieBulan Yang lalu

    Fuckk USA


    GARY MCCANNBulan Yang lalu

    CNN is a disgrace to the news net work, nothing they say can be trusted to be true.

  46. Sada e Haq Haq ki Awaz

    Sada e Haq Haq ki AwazBulan Yang lalu

    Bloody trump his face appeared very upsad at conference.. Iran is great..from india

  47. Franz Huber

    Franz HuberBulan Yang lalu

    Their missiles are unguided ballistic devices. Not dangerous at all. If the USA want, they could take out each one of those Ajatollahs and their orbiters within an hour. But it's up to the Iranians to free themselves from this religious salads. I they want to.

  48. John Schaeffer Mike

    John Schaeffer MikeBulan Yang lalu

    Do It At New York..... If It Is........ Just.NOTYING...

  49. Ghulam Murtaza

    Ghulam MurtazaBulan Yang lalu

    Good iran💪💪👍

  50. Mo Gol

    Mo GolBulan Yang lalu


  51. C E Mason

    C E MasonBulan Yang lalu

    You people at CNN are repulsive Sick and twisted You are Anti-American in every sense of the word Just how does a rocket that blows up look like that? Weeds right next to it? Right.......

  52. Paul Garcia

    Paul GarciaBulan Yang lalu

    The Martian rover detected methane gas and oxygen underground. Now lets see NASA put a spin on that or at least cover it up.

  53. nrawayne

    nrawayneBulan Yang lalu


  54. nrawayne

    nrawayneBulan Yang lalu

    All they hit was a few shitters. It's definitely worthy of CNN reporting.😂

  55. bling 1

    bling 1Bulan Yang lalu

    Will Iran got a bigger problem now downing the Ukrainian flight that killed 179 people I thing Iran government need to resign from their position thing about it 179 people dead and kids poor families

  56. Amir Reza Shokrazdeh Hashjin

    Amir Reza Shokrazdeh Hashjin23 hari yang lalu

    Fuck u

  57. Seth Bendfeldt

    Seth BendfeldtBulan Yang lalu

    No damage.. No debree... Just used flash hand grenades .

  58. محمد علي جيهبان

    محمد علي جيهبانBulan Yang lalu This is your army crying as a child

  59. Cadre Deux

    Cadre DeuxBulan Yang lalu

    I thought I saw that they destroyed an American city, but then I realized it was just San Francisco.

  60. paksuman62

    paksuman62Bulan Yang lalu

    so US troop are sittin duck at's those missiles interceptor program...?

  61. Kyle Carter

    Kyle CarterBulan Yang lalu

    One less person on the terrorist list