Sasha Sloan - smiling when i die (Lyric Video)


  1. Sasha Sloan

    Sasha Sloan3 bulan yang lalu

    thank u for all the support it means the world to me :)

  2. meghani2006

    meghani2006Hari Yang lalu

    the song is so pretty and makes me feel so nostalgic 💕

  3. tom thewriter

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  4. An nie

    An nie2 hari yang lalu

    Love your voice....

  5. An nie

    An nie2 hari yang lalu

    I love it also you uploaded a karaoke version of the songs👍👌#SashaSloan... I feel like singing

  6. An nie

    An nie2 hari yang lalu

    I'm lovingly loving your songs Miss #SashaSloan. Your kinda music is amazing 👌it feels like reality to me... I'm into it... Hope you make more more beautiful songs

  7. Faras Zakia

    Faras Zakia28 menit yang lalu

    im addicted now thanks hobi

  8. Nessie Cas

    Nessie CasJam Yang lalu

    JHope played this while waiting for viewers on his Bday Vlive broadcast.. 💜

  9. Himina Sorour

    Himina Sorour2 jam yang lalu

    Why I relate to every song of yours! You write your own songs right? It's a piece of art!

  10. chlo 2

    chlo 25 jam yang lalu

    Hobi sent me here

  11. lexha wish

    lexha wish6 jam yang lalu

    Jhope recommended this song and i it was good now im addicted to her songs realizing how good relaxing and calming her songs when i heard her voice i thought it was halsey

  12. Ivanete Vicente da Silva

    Ivanete Vicente da Silva6 jam yang lalu

    J hope recomendou essa musica no v live

  13. Ashley Rodriguez

    Ashley Rodriguez9 jam yang lalu

    Jhopea vlive go me here

  14. 520 Lim

    520 Lim10 jam yang lalu

    I love your song so much! I'm so happy when I found out JHope from BTS listens to your songs too!😍💜💖✨

  15. Joy Gladies

    Joy Gladies14 jam yang lalu

    thank u jhope for recommending this nice song for us

  16. jgkktae

    jgkktae14 jam yang lalu

    i just want to say this song is beautiful. Also, credits to Hobi💜

  17. Anoushka Singh Songara

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    Happy Birthday J-Hope😇

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    jhope brought us here

  19. Elizth Marin

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    i love her music

  20. Moon Child

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    This song is sooo chill👌🏼✨

  21. Hãízel BTS Army

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    bts members recommendation ere always at top 😍

  22. Hãízel BTS Army

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    I love meaningful songs 😍

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    Came here because of j-hope

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    here from hobi's vlive and its so good

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    I'm here after listening this song on JHope's bday vlive

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    Jhope bring me here

  27. meghani2006

    meghani2006Hari Yang lalu

    thank you hobi 💜💜


    EMILDAH LOCTHari Yang lalu

    A lot of people in the comments complaining about J-Hope recommending this song but I’m from Africa and if it wasn’t for him my friends and I would have never heard of her and now she’s my absolute favourite artist, I’ve been streaming all her songs and I’m completely in love with her. Sometimes it’s nice when other people appreciate other people’s work especially if it’s good.

  29. Fernanda natalia Diaz

    Fernanda natalia DiazHari Yang lalu

    Me encanta gracias a jhope BTS CONOCÍ a esta cantante hermosa

  30. Andrea A

    Andrea AHari Yang lalu

    here because of hobi 💜

  31. za kia

    za kiaHari Yang lalu

    Who is here after Jhope's vlive 💜 💜💜

  32. Roxys Gaming

    Roxys GamingHari Yang lalu

    Came here after Jhope played this during his live..what a great song 😊💜

  33. DaaN Dattebayo

    DaaN DattebayoHari Yang lalu

    I like it Jhope have great taste in music

  34. Dorentina Bunaj

    Dorentina BunajHari Yang lalu

    Here after Hobi’s suggestion . Great song !

  35. C . J

    C . JHari Yang lalu

    My Hope brought me here 💜 and i'm not disappointed at all

  36. Tamara Daoudir

    Tamara DaoudirHari Yang lalu

    Girl you win you really win in this life you got recognized by J-hope aka Hoseok a BTS member 😭😭😭 I always loved your songs and I'm so happy to hear "smile when I die" playing in Hosoek's live today💜💜💜💜

  37. Anabel Yahuargos

    Anabel YahuargosHari Yang lalu

    I'm here because J-hope play this in his Vlive

  38. Nicole S

    Nicole SHari Yang lalu

    Came here bc hoseoks birthday vlive 🥺 this song is actually so good!

  39. someone x

    someone xHari Yang lalu

    i've been listening to her songs for so long and wait till BTS recognize you same as billie, billie wasn't that famous tho and I loved how BTS members appreciated underrated musicians too bc they are musicians. I love your songs but the song that hits me the most is OLDER. Hope you will be more famous bc your music isn't a joke. And today I just found that Hoseok also listen to your music IM GOING TO CRY I WAS SO EXCITED

  40. Nina M

    Nina MHari Yang lalu

    Came here thanx to Hobi ❤ such a beautiful song 😍❤

  41. tom thewriter

    tom thewriterHari Yang lalu

    I am here from Hobi's vlive and this song is so amazing 😭💜

  42. Hannah Samidon

    Hannah SamidonHari Yang lalu

    Happy birthday Hobi! 😘

  43. jenny

    jennyHari Yang lalu

    just realized that this was posted on my birthday. no one probably cares but its so special to me because i relate to the message of this song so much. since my bday i try to do things that i want. it’s now or never. i’ve only got one life so i’ll live it the way i want to so that i can look back and smile when i die. thanks sasha for this song and hbd jhope

  44. Candy Clouds

    Candy CloudsHari Yang lalu

    Hobi~ this is a lovely song

  45. shruti thakur

    shruti thakurHari Yang lalu

    i heard this on jhope vlive thanks hobi for playing this beautiful song

  46. I AM Stela

    I AM StelaHari Yang lalu

    I listen first time in J hope V live but now I alredy fall in love with this song 😍

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    I opened jhopes live and wowww 😅😅 i was so happy 😁

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    I’m here after JHope’s Vlive. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOBI 💜💜

  50. jeonjeongguk uwu

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    imagine a long night drive with hobi and listening to this 😭❤️

  51. Irina JK

    Irina JKHari Yang lalu

    And thank you Sasha

  52. Irina JK

    Irina JKHari Yang lalu

    Thank you hobi for this 💜

  53. BT21_BTS_ G

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    Wow this sound so nice. Was watching hobi’s vlive at the moment and I heard this💜

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    Come here after hearing this on jhope vlive 😍 it's so gooood !

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    J hope’s V live brought me here. 💜

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    i’m here because hobi listens to this

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    j hope recomendou ....

  58. tragediesrequiem1

    tragediesrequiem1Hari Yang lalu

    Your voice is beautiful and this song is so soothing!! I'm so glad I discovered your music through BTS' j-hope vlive.

  59. ama ny

    ama nyHari Yang lalu

    Coming after hobi v live 😂❤️❤️❤️

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    i’m here because of jhopes live hehe

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    My Hobi bring me here and this song was so good. ❤❤😊

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    Im here because of Hobi hyung. He used this as an intro song in VLive. He is live at the moment by the way 💜💜💜💜

  63. Little Et

    Little EtHari Yang lalu

    Ahhh Just wanted to let you know that J-hope from BTS just listened to your song 🥺 It’s a really amazing song I hope it gets the recognition it deserves 💜❤️💜❤️💜❤️💜

  64. Laura Selmani

    Laura SelmaniHari Yang lalu

    here from hobis vlive, anyone else?

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    Hobi takes me here!! tq hobi 💜💜 happy birthday to our sunshine 🌞