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"Sarri has to trust him more!" Ruben Loftus-Cheek's highlights vs Eintracht Frankfurt


  1. krs 7

    krs 7Bulan Yang lalu

    Top player

  2. Dylan Ferreira

    Dylan FerreiraBulan Yang lalu

    Fury got robbed

  3. Dylan Ferreira

    Dylan FerreiraBulan Yang lalu

    This channel only gets a mil views when it shows highlights for a UCL game

  4. SCD 200

    SCD 200Bulan Yang lalu

    Ruben needs to play more he has the potential to be one of the best and he needs to stay with us

  5. Andy Salmon

    Andy SalmonBulan Yang lalu

    ruben loftus cheek is gonna be a big game player for us in the future he looks so good already the way he drives forward the scary runs he makes 😚

  6. Yunus K

    Yunus KBulan Yang lalu

    So overrated, he can't run and move flat footes

  7. Andrew Joyce

    Andrew JoyceBulan Yang lalu

    Bollocks..he has technique vision strength

  8. iBTunes Bukhari

    iBTunes BukhariBulan Yang lalu

    Who's the chick?

  9. Thorpe 4901

    Thorpe 4901Bulan Yang lalu

    He needs to use his presence and find confidence to run at defenders more. So many times I've seen him run as far as the box then pass it back or out wide. Once the confidence comes then he's gonna be one hell of a player.

  10. Jamil Hussain

    Jamil HussainBulan Yang lalu

    But he trusts Jorginho more even playing Kante out of his position

  11. Cris Salter

    Cris SalterBulan Yang lalu

    West Ham fan here & i gotta say Loftus Cheek absolutely bossed the game against us...Rice couldn’t touch him,he’s a quality young player.

  12. Aksh12345

    Aksh12345Bulan Yang lalu

    If he works on his finishing, he will become one of Chelsea's best midfielders!

  13. Jai

    JaiBulan Yang lalu

    Did this guy just suggest putting Hazard as part of the midfield 3 😭😭

  14. Harrison Fitzgerald

    Harrison FitzgeraldBulan Yang lalu

    Jai hazard as a 10 which is behind the striker so yes he did he can play there

  15. Will B

    Will BBulan Yang lalu

    Sarri has to trust him more..after he just started in Europa league semi, Liverpool away and played more times this season than before. Oh and he's been managing his back injury. Pundits just repeat the same old nonsense. Zzzzzzz

  16. Judger

    JudgerBulan Yang lalu

    RLC is scary, good finisher, good positioning, athletic, and how well does he hold up the ball

  17. Klonus Jones

    Klonus JonesBulan Yang lalu

    Better than pogba

  18. afgviruse

    afgviruseBulan Yang lalu

    Wtf is wrong with Chelsea fans who keep criticising Sarri for subing off LC and not using him enough, because RLC have back problem and he doesn't want to risk him

  19. Anthony Alex

    Anthony AlexBulan Yang lalu

    TheDominic1011 when will people realise that Kante can’t play as a regista..Kante can’t be a press with precise passing..for Sarri to play Kante as a DM his whole system have to change to a double pivot destroyer and a play maker midfield

  20. TheDominic1011

    TheDominic1011Bulan Yang lalu

    Anthony Alex this the same Sarri who said kepa wasn’t defying him in the caraboa cup final? What Sarri says and what actually happens are two different things. Also needs to drop Jorginho and at least try Kanté in that role because Jorginho adds nothing to our game and to be honest is just simply trash… RLC and Mount either side of Kanté next season could actually be dangerous…

  21. Anthony Alex

    Anthony AlexBulan Yang lalu

    afgviruse Sarri said he asked for the sub because he was having cramps


    IONS LEGACYBulan Yang lalu

    who's the blondie???

  23. MrHabib

    MrHabibBulan Yang lalu

    Loftus cheek will never make it. Better CMs out there.

  24. Andrew Joyce

    Andrew JoyceBulan Yang lalu

    Better? Yes but cheek has great potential. He's only 23

  25. dysfynnction

    dysfynnctionBulan Yang lalu

    He's been playing a lot more in the last 2 month's lmao why would he need to leave exactly

  26. dysfynnction

    dysfynnctionBulan Yang lalu

    Your dying nan won't make it either.

  27. E J

    E JBulan Yang lalu

    MrHabib he needs to leave Chelsea that’s it

  28. jaz 32

    jaz 32Bulan Yang lalu

    loftus cheek can actually be one of the best midfielders in the world even the best. Just needs to sort them back injuries so he can play regularly

  29. krs 7

    krs 7Bulan Yang lalu

    Better than pogba

  30. Abdullah Zahoor

    Abdullah ZahoorBulan Yang lalu

    Agreed take away pogabas penalty kicks and he has the same amount of goals a RLC in the prem whos only started 7 games

  31. SHZS

    SHZSBulan Yang lalu

    he is a starter now because for the first time this season he has been playing injury free

  32. Mahdi Ahmed

    Mahdi AhmedBulan Yang lalu

    Hpw much than 35m

  33. Typical Zain

    Typical ZainBulan Yang lalu


  34. BOO BOO

    BOO BOOBulan Yang lalu

    Michael Owen loves the word “terrific”

  35. TITUS 3V5

    TITUS 3V5Bulan Yang lalu


  36. TWayne

    TWayneBulan Yang lalu

    Best all round English CM..(bios Chelsea fan)

  37. I’ve got the crabby patty formula come fw me

    I’ve got the crabby patty formula come fw meBulan Yang lalu

    qwerty qwerty because Fabinhos been underwhelming

  38. Mo

    MoBulan Yang lalu

    @qwerty qwerty sorry mate but milner is not better

  39. qwerty qwerty

    qwerty qwertyBulan Yang lalu

    @TWayne I feel Milner is better. There's a reason why He s getting in that Liverpool midfield

  40. TWayne

    TWayneBulan Yang lalu

    Man like Dave I don’t think anyone’s better, but I had to put it .. to prevent the dickish people who like arguing in comment sections

  41. J Spurs

    J SpursBulan Yang lalu

    @Man like Dave ngl tottenham fan but loftus cheek offers way more than dele alli

  42. Lzwis

    LzwisBulan Yang lalu

    The thing is he’s been playing and starting regularly for the past month or two. Need to catch up lads

  43. Mahdi Ahmed

    Mahdi AhmedBulan Yang lalu

    Arsenal should buy him asap 20m

  44. M A

    M ABulan Yang lalu

    20m maybe 10 years ago

  45. D4RKV4POR

    D4RKV4PORBulan Yang lalu

    Arsenal fans deluded as usual

  46. Yurhomi 24

    Yurhomi 24Bulan Yang lalu

    Mahdi Ahmed he’s not going anywhere and he’d be way more expensive than 20m lol

  47. rowz1612

    rowz1612Bulan Yang lalu

    Ur drunk if u think he's going for 20m

  48. Yurhomi 24

    Yurhomi 24Bulan Yang lalu

    They missed where he flicked the ball past 3 players like he did against Man City

  49. Kai X

    Kai XBulan Yang lalu

    Sack Sarri

  50. TheUnknownkid99

    TheUnknownkid99Bulan Yang lalu

    Not even a BTEC Pogba

  51. Mazzina's

    Mazzina'sBulan Yang lalu

    I try man I try

  52. Yurhomi 24

    Yurhomi 24Bulan Yang lalu

    Mazzina's that was so bad that it was funny 😂

  53. Mazzina's

    Mazzina'sBulan Yang lalu

    Yh true It's ur mum that plays box to box I forgot

  54. Yurhomi 24

    Yurhomi 24Bulan Yang lalu

    Mazzina's RLC isn’t a box to box player, try again.

  55. TheUnknownkid99

    TheUnknownkid99Bulan Yang lalu

    Jax and screamers

  56. Musa Biyikli

    Musa BiyikliBulan Yang lalu

    Another reason why Sarri should go, doesn't trust youth but loves his old Napoli boys

  57. TheDominic1011

    TheDominic1011Bulan Yang lalu

    Sarri is using the youth a bit better than previous managers but could still be integrating them more to be honest, and he is definitely over using his old Napoli boys because both Higuain and Jorginho don’t deserve to be in our starting xi with the way they play now and in jorginho’s case ever! Both too slow and add nothing to our game, almost like playing with two men down when they are both on the pitch…

  58. Jshua

    JshuaBulan Yang lalu

    Musa Biyikli look what happened to CHO With the injury Sarri is managing them right

  59. Nayr Eel 23

    Nayr Eel 23Bulan Yang lalu

    U don’t watch football. Ruben and Callum Hudson Odoi have been regular starters the second half of the season. Only reason why Ruben didn’t get as much game time before is because he was injured? People don’t know what they’re talking about just bandwagon stuff on the internet

  60. blackseac

    blackseacBulan Yang lalu

    he’s literally the first manager in years to have played 3 youngsters let alone them starting in premier league, plastic fan.

  61. Marcus Clarke

    Marcus ClarkeBulan Yang lalu

    Sarri confirmed he’s not risking his back injury that’s why he doesn’t play more often

  62. Anthony Alex

    Anthony AlexBulan Yang lalu

    Ruben asked for the sun Sarri said..he had cramps

  63. Atikul Islam

    Atikul IslamBulan Yang lalu

    I hope Ruben sorts out his back during the summer so can show his true potential next season.

  64. Yurhomi 24

    Yurhomi 24Bulan Yang lalu

    Malwontae Exactly

  65. Malwontae

    MalwontaeBulan Yang lalu

    Yup, but that would ruin the headline.

  66. Fuaad Jafree

    Fuaad JafreeBulan Yang lalu

    RLC....a true blue!

  67. LFC 2001

    LFC 2001Bulan Yang lalu

    Playing vs farmets

  68. JTP_Asher

    JTP_AsherBulan Yang lalu

    Keep improving him, he'll have a great 10 years in the PL hopefully he stays.

  69. Athi Nombeko

    Athi NombekoBulan Yang lalu

    Yes first

  70. Chelsea Fan

    Chelsea FanBulan Yang lalu

    Most underrated midfielder in the league

  71. qwerty qwerty

    qwerty qwertyBulan Yang lalu

    @Caleb Odunaiya 15 starts in a season is considered as hardly plays. Injury or not it's is not enough to judge him fully on

  72. Caleb Odunaiya

    Caleb OdunaiyaBulan Yang lalu

    @david emiloju 15 starts 37 appearances considering he's missed +2 months with injuries but he hardly plays 🤔

  73. PFP Dan

    PFP DanBulan Yang lalu

    Even from Sarri himself

  74. david emiloju

    david emilojuBulan Yang lalu

    Definitely not cz he hardly plays

  75. Yurhomi 24

    Yurhomi 24Bulan Yang lalu

    Chelsea Fan it’s only because of injuries though

  76. naivo

    naivoBulan Yang lalu