Samsung Galaxy M20 Unboxing & First Look 🔥🔥🔥#GalaxyMSeries #IMPOWERD


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    LIKE aur SHARE jaroor karna dosto,..Kuch naya karte hai jaldi hi!!!

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    Technical Guruji can you give me this phone please I'm baging 😭😭

  3. Dhananjay Kumar

    Dhananjay Kumar3 bulan yang lalu

    abe iska cons tera baap batayega fake review dalta h

  4. Shiekh Irfan

    Shiekh Irfan6 bulan yang lalu

    Technical Guruji

  5. Nobody Bohra

    Nobody Bohra9 bulan yang lalu

    Why didn't u mentioned it is having fake camera ....not for portrait.....?

  6. Nepal

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  7. Smøøth Gamer

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    Who seen this video after purchase this product like me...🤪🤪

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    Phone mast hai

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    0:35 only legends will understand 😂😂😂

  10. Santosh S K

    Santosh S K10 hari yang lalu

    Samsung pay or Apple Pay, which one is better???

  11. Vishal vj

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    This phone is tooooo bad for music lover

  12. Ashish Yadav

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    Excellent phone

  13. Jakir makwana jakir Makwana

    Jakir makwana jakir Makwana18 hari yang lalu

    Ye phon kine rupia melena cha hi ye

  14. Ashwin T.

    Ashwin T.18 hari yang lalu

    Between m20 and redmi note 8 which one would you recommend?

  15. Deepu Dass

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    hi my name Deepu

  16. Bhupendra singh Nagi

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    Bad point TFT


    MASTER OF GAMINGBulan Yang lalu

    You are best and your videos help me to know more about mobile

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    फालतू है .. लेके चुर diya 😠😠

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    pleas review kara samsung a20s technical guruji

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  22. Chinky Arun

    Chinky ArunBulan Yang lalu

    Poor touch quality don't buy this frnds... waste mobile I have saled within 1 day hate this touch quality..

  23. Shashank Surya

    Shashank SuryaBulan Yang lalu

    Bakwas mobile hai m20 mai use kr raha hu ab pachta raha hu bekar me ispe paise mt waste kijiye

  24. Jaswanth Krishna

    Jaswanth KrishnaBulan Yang lalu

    Can I recharge Sam ear buds with m20 mobile...?

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    Love you guruji

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    Video mein maja nahi aya , bol ne ka style change karo .

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    Redmi & Realme best phone

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    Sorry Bhai mane galti see dislike Kar diya abhe like karta ho

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    Vii dimagme pach kas gayA hay do phone ak sat dhake

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    Jio phone 3 Kia aya he

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    Guruji m10 ek video banta hai please

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    All Bangladeshi & Muslim brother #unsubscribeTecnicalGuruji a fascist no common sense youtuber please

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    Realme Like Samsung Comment 🔥

  34. K.S amazing videos stars

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    He actually did paid review means he got money from Samsung. Samsung told that don't tell negative about this phone. That is why he broke his redmi note 7pro to tell that Samsung is better

  35. Md Fazal

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    Thank you so much for uploading this video because after watching this video I bought this Mobile Samsung galaxy M20

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    Dosto dosto dosto that is all I heard

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    Make video on oppo a 5 2020

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    M10 lover like hit

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    Samsung Galaxy M20 message me not send not receive ka problem

  40. Samson Joseph

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    Battery very bad camera and worse

  41. Paras cool

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    Sir samsung A20s ki unboxing video banaiye

  42. Srinivas Metta

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    Smasung phones may not be best in market but they are sofware wise very reliable.

  43. Mason Forrest

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    it don't even come with head phones

  44. Gaurav

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    Ye bik Gayi Hai Gormet


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  46. Hemraj Sonar

    Hemraj Sonar3 bulan yang lalu

    Sir ji, Will you tell me when the M20S will be launched in India, I waiting for this phone.

  47. Rajesh Singh

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    Yes sir

  48. Ganesh Mondal

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    M31 kab launch hoga india me

  49. Vipin Nair

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    how to get alert when someone is calling and u are busy in the phone in Samsung M20

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    Super phones


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    Abnormally tall!

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    1) Redmi Lover ----- Comment 2) Samsung Lover ----- Like 🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇

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    Bekar mob

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    Ye 3 rd cls mob k lie

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    @W10 studios me.pasta raha hu

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    I'm redmi lover

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    Gaurav bhaiya can you give me a phone without becoming a member please

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    सर आपके रिव्यु की वज़ह से मने M20 sumsang फोन तो ले लिया था पर वो एकदम फुद्दू फोन मिला. ☹️

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    Sonu Krd Kyo kya ho gaya mast to hai.

  62. Anik Bhowmik

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    bhai Bangladesh main m20 ka price kitna hoga? please bata do

  63. Jancy Samson

    Jancy Samson3 bulan yang lalu

    Samsung bad phone camera very bad battery back up very bad please don't buy Samsung build quality very poor

  64. Tik tok fans

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    Me mobile m20 I like it

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    Bhai bilkul bekar phone, is camera to bilkul hi mra prha hai, sala focus hi nhi krta, samsung ne chutiya kaat diya mera, now I am finally buying redmi note 8 pro exchanging m20 in only 4200😫😫😫😫


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    Aur mano es chutiye guruji ki 🤬🤬 .

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    It is very cheap everyone can buy

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    Mene 10/ 15 video dehke hai aap ke pass itne phone hai or to or I phone 11 bhi hai aap ke pas phone free mai atehe keya

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    Mat legia vai 🙅

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    Samsung A10s phone ki video banao