Rugby's Most Ridiculous Passes | High Risk - High Reward


  1. Ciaran Cosgrave

    Ciaran CosgraveHari Yang lalu

    Should have included Brian O'Driscoll's famous pass to himself.

  2. Philip Walsh

    Philip Walsh9 hari yang lalu

    No BOD pass to himself??

  3. WatchYour'Six

    WatchYour'Six10 hari yang lalu

    Why "Ridiculous" ?

  4. Beau Pelosi

    Beau Pelosi14 hari yang lalu

    Notice how it’s mostly the fly half

  5. Raymond Poirée

    Raymond PoiréeBulan Yang lalu

    Brock James' magical assist for Nalaga against Brive. Definitly miss some Sivivatu and Regan King show.

  6. v s

    v sBulan Yang lalu

    Do a video on Pio that's ridiculous passes.... Most of these passes are text book passes....

  7. Tomas Mountford

    Tomas MountfordBulan Yang lalu

    What where Is the magician JM Hernandez one pass hand ???

  8. Rob W

    Rob WBulan Yang lalu

    Couple of great ones from Rory Hutchinson on here Scotland are going to be a pain in the ass with him as well as Russell.

  9. Rob W

    Rob WBulan Yang lalu

    2:40 is outrageous

  10. Matthieu Fontaine

    Matthieu FontaineBulan Yang lalu

    It missing Iribaren's and Plisson's chistera

  11. William G Edwards (Disgybl 2014)

    William G Edwards (Disgybl 2014)Bulan Yang lalu

    Finn Russell this Cipriani that, I’m still in love with Gavin Hensons magic wrists

  12. Jay Bone

    Jay BoneBulan Yang lalu

    Not a single Fiji sevens pass??? Could make a 2-hour long video just with passes from last season

  13. Fresh_ DeD

    Fresh_ DeDBulan Yang lalu

    Johnny sexton’s vs France

  14. MrSpleenboy

    MrSpleenboyBulan Yang lalu

    How about this one? :)

  15. LukeDaZuke

    LukeDaZukeBulan Yang lalu

    I love the appreciation for Finn Russel

  16. darragh murphy

    darragh murphyBulan Yang lalu

    Didn't even include the greatest pass every. Brian O'Driscolls pass to himself. Pure genius

  17. Ioane Koroivuki

    Ioane KoroivukiBulan Yang lalu

    These are great clips of great passes but I wouldn't call them the most ridiculous passes. Fiji's Pio Tuwai's back pass to Emosi Mulevoro against NZ comes to mind. The defenders never saw that pass coming and the commentators were screaming at it's sheer class. Another video coming perhaps?

  18. Irimana Ngawhika

    Irimana NgawhikaBulan Yang lalu

    Of these Cipriani's pass is the best, while it looks relatively basic. The skill to spot the defender angled in from the edge, recognize your man in a good position, putting the ball on a dime, cover the massive distance with the pass with pace while running relatively straight and do so in a quick reaction

  19. Erhardt Gerber

    Erhardt GerberBulan Yang lalu

    No Money-bill Williams or Lukhanyo Am?!

  20. epic djyoshi

    epic djyoshiBulan Yang lalu

    Hope Finn Russell becomes the Scotland captain now Laidlaw has retired from international duty . He's a quality player

  21. epic djyoshi

    epic djyoshi12 hari yang lalu

    @Lachlan Reid Ikr look what happened to him 😅

  22. rg smith

    rg smith12 hari yang lalu

    Lachlan Reid no... no it did not 😂

  23. Lachlan Reid

    Lachlan Reid12 hari yang lalu

    epic djyoshi well this didn’t age well did it. Ahahah

  24. L’OVAL Rugby

    L’OVAL RugbyBulan Yang lalu

  25. Gonzalo C

    Gonzalo CBulan Yang lalu

    la vaca lola

  26. Milsbaby

    MilsbabyBulan Yang lalu

    Stephen larkham was a master of the float pass

  27. Tertius Cilliers

    Tertius CilliersBulan Yang lalu

    Hey Cheslin Kolbe gave a no look over his shoulder pass to Juan De Jongh in Super Rugby about 3-4 years ago that resulted in a Try, Where is that Pass?

  28. kurt koroi

    kurt koroiBulan Yang lalu

    Check out the fiji sevens team ultimate passes

  29. Aitken Render

    Aitken RenderBulan Yang lalu

    I would like to know how much time watching Finn Rustles wrists takes out of my life.

  30. crimson tide

    crimson tideBulan Yang lalu

    Doesnt have pio tuwai offload pass against England in the Hong Kong sevens

  31. anthonini66

    anthonini66Bulan Yang lalu

    This should have just been Carlos Spencer passing through his own goal posts on repeat.

  32. Huw Evans

    Huw EvansBulan Yang lalu

    Brief glimpse at what Henson could’ve done on the international stage 0:33 Unbelievable vision and skill

  33. TdayZ

    TdayZBulan Yang lalu

    No Owen Farell?

  34. Take Care Of Your Underwears

    Take Care Of Your UnderwearsBulan Yang lalu


  35. Tate Murphy

    Tate MurphyBulan Yang lalu

    Brian o Driscoll pass vs Northampton 😍

  36. CalvinDaria Hriscouttsia

    CalvinDaria HriscouttsiaBulan Yang lalu

    No better attacking 10 in world rugby than Finn Russell

  37. Joe Boon Music

    Joe Boon Music8 hari yang lalu

    @CalvinDaria Hriscouttsia So true man. There's a lot of talent in that team and the potential is there for them to be major world-beaters. I have a similar thing with Eddie Jones and England right now... Although he's talented I get so pissed off with his arrogance. I also feel like more could be done with the talent we have. Shows how vital a good coach is!

  38. CalvinDaria Hriscouttsia

    CalvinDaria Hriscouttsia8 hari yang lalu

    @Joe Boon Music I believe the problem is with our coaching we can't seem to play a complete game when we're scoring for fun we lack the physicality to beat teams consistently but then when we match the physicality like we've done in our previous two games against Ireland and England we can't score trys it's a mess plus our coach not picking Russell and Russell openly bashing him isn't helping what we need is a world class coaching setup before we waste all this talent

  39. Joe Boon Music

    Joe Boon Music8 hari yang lalu

    Agree with you there, shame he plays for a Scotland side that never seems to hit their potential. They're so keen to beat teams like England but are never true contenders for any of the major competitions.

  40. Taua D

    Taua DBulan Yang lalu

    Clearly this guy has never seen Spencer’s pass for Rokocoko at the Blues...

  41. Alexis FitzGerald

    Alexis FitzGeraldBulan Yang lalu

    Brian O’Driscolls multiple passes through his legs????

  42. Patrick Johnson

    Patrick JohnsonBulan Yang lalu


  43. Noah Fay

    Noah FayBulan Yang lalu

    Jamie shilcock from the other night

  44. Suputi Au

    Suputi AuBulan Yang lalu

    Thought I wasn't gonna see Dylan Leyds pass here. 😂 why isnt there any Fiji 7's team passes? Most of the clips are just wide passes nothing special..

  45. Andrew Forde

    Andrew FordeBulan Yang lalu

    running at full pace and throwing a 25m pass and predicting exactly where the player will run whilst risking an interception or hospital pass is nothing special. Interesting take.

  46. Dan Edwards

    Dan EdwardsBulan Yang lalu

    Owen Farrell vs Ireland should been added

  47. Tom Lumley

    Tom LumleyBulan Yang lalu

    True considering it was the first two minutes of the game as well

  48. TJ Rugby HD

    TJ Rugby HDBulan Yang lalu

    No Fijians here??

  49. Exotic

    ExoticBulan Yang lalu

    This looks like American football but just laterals the whole thing time

  50. Henco Harmse

    Henco HarmseBulan Yang lalu

    It's not.

  51. Sean Byrne

    Sean ByrneBulan Yang lalu

    No Aaron Smith passes !!!!!

  52. Rowan Rabbittoaster

    Rowan RabbittoasterBulan Yang lalu

    So are we just forgetting THAT pass from Owen Farrell against Ireland in the 6 nations?

  53. Rowan Rabbittoaster

    Rowan RabbittoasterBulan Yang lalu

    Canadian Content Tbf it was inches from being cut out and it basically creates the try so if it isn’t high risk high reward idk what is?

  54. Canadian Content

    Canadian ContentBulan Yang lalu

    Wouldn’t call that a big risk pass just a great cut out

  55. Alpa Chino

    Alpa ChinoBulan Yang lalu

    The no look back pass from the ground was a thing of beauty.

  56. Canadian Content

    Canadian ContentBulan Yang lalu

    That whole sequence is just awesome

  57. Fish1167

    Fish1167Bulan Yang lalu

    Very happy to see Finn here 4 times. He is the best passer in the world atm.

  58. Jonathan Millar

    Jonathan MillarBulan Yang lalu

    Fish1167 no competition

  59. Harry Lightfoot

    Harry LightfootBulan Yang lalu

    Great vid, should definitely do another one of these!!!

  60. Maxime

    MaximeBulan Yang lalu

    Sergio Parisse's pass in the 2015 Top 14 semi-final against Toulon had to be in there :(

  61. jack cooney

    jack cooneyBulan Yang lalu

    Need Danny care vs clermont

  62. rrrkev

    rrrkevBulan Yang lalu

    Campese to horan 91 world semi ?? Has to be there

  63. Andrew Forde

    Andrew FordeBulan Yang lalu

    rrrkev gutted I missed that one, will definitely be in part two!

  64. kidavid

    kidavidBulan Yang lalu

    People have no idea how hard it is to throw a perfect spiral pass while running at full pace

  65. Rob W

    Rob WBulan Yang lalu

    (Except all the millions of us who have played rugby)

  66. No

    NoBulan Yang lalu

    That Russel pass is the the only thing that turns me on

  67. Nelson Sweatyballs

    Nelson SweatyballsBulan Yang lalu

    You know what, I'd rather watch Finn Russell's pass at 0:50 than a hundred SBW league style offload. Something so simple but sexy about that pass

  68. KING PMR

    KING PMRBulan Yang lalu

    It was Benji Marshall's move, SBW copied

  69. brry hth

    brry hthBulan Yang lalu

    true it was so subtle yet managed to allow them to break through the defence

  70. Tony O'Brien

    Tony O'BrienBulan Yang lalu

    Johnny sexton pass to jacob stockdale?

  71. Tony O'Brien

    Tony O'BrienBulan Yang lalu

    @Andrew Forde 6 nations grand slam year v wales

  72. Andrew Forde

    Andrew FordeBulan Yang lalu

    Tony O'Brien which one?😂 Stockdale scored plenty from Sexton pass!


    DARTH MONGBulan Yang lalu

    So forward passes have always been fine in NZ? Makes me wonder what their beef is with Wayne Barnes.

  74. 3_bananas

    3_bananasBulan Yang lalu

    @DARTH MONG cool story needs more dragons


    DARTH MONGBulan Yang lalu

    ​@3_bananas I'd be crying but we went out to a better side that passes backwards. NZ however went out as England's bitch.

  76. 3_bananas

    3_bananasBulan Yang lalu

    Up to the ref to call a forward pass. Go have a cry somewhere else

  77. Hellglour Lubliner

    Hellglour LublinerBulan Yang lalu

    Been waiting for this vid👌👌

  78. the travalgians

    the travalgiansBulan Yang lalu

    Ross byrne against lyon his tip on was amazing

  79. Bonker Conker101

    Bonker Conker101Bulan Yang lalu

    This guy really just posted a Finn Russell highlight real and called it the best passes of all time without any of us noticing!

  80. Evan Kurz

    Evan KurzBulan Yang lalu

    Insane vid. Keep up the good work! It would be really nice if you can do a part 2 of rugby's most outrageous offloads. Thanks!

  81. your tannie

    your tannieBulan Yang lalu

    Another lit video

  82. Catherine Keogh

    Catherine KeoghBulan Yang lalu

    2:46 of the wrist