RUBY -vs- Bald Eagle Machine! Does Removing Your Hood Actually Make You Faster??


  1. Cleetus McFarland

    Cleetus McFarland21 hari yang lalu

    Who’s ready for INSANE build off videos all week!?

  2. draxx Sklounst

    draxx Sklounst2 hari yang lalu

    I'm ready for a free mullet

  3. phil mortlock

    phil mortlock12 hari yang lalu

    Please ruby races 1 of sam papadakisi's fleet I love both channels so much.

  4. eichler721

    eichler72118 hari yang lalu

    You should go to the IDreporter callout in February at XRP in Texas. David has a 8.5 second Mustang that I would love to see race Ruby.

  5. Dean Boon

    Dean Boon19 hari yang lalu

    Like a wet dream manifesting itself into reality my dude. I remember seeing you guys collab like 2.5-3 years ago and was like yessss this is a match made in horsepower heaven

  6. Melissa Graves

    Melissa Graves11 jam yang lalu

    Thanks man the vids are awesome end to a long day thanks for the laughs 👍 keep it up.and the bra bra is called hot doggen and folks get pissed around her if you got dog them through the trap.lmao

  7. Melissa Graves

    Melissa Graves11 jam yang lalu

    Wht.vette says to Ruby hey get back here we will race

  8. Melissa Graves

    Melissa Graves11 jam yang lalu

    60 or 330

  9. Melissa Graves

    Melissa Graves11 jam yang lalu

    Shoot IDK ole wht Vette is hauling if it hooks Ruby is in trouble

  10. Melissa Graves

    Melissa Graves11 jam yang lalu


  11. Melissa Graves

    Melissa Graves11 jam yang lalu

    Damn with I had the hair for a mullet .I have been praying for mullets to come back .

  12. Melissa Graves

    Melissa Graves11 jam yang lalu

    Love the car's but that mullet keeps me distracted .she is a comeing in strong got some serious party out back brother

  13. Tebibyte

    TebibyteHari Yang lalu

    Your answer; NO!

  14. Ryan  Bisset

    Ryan BissetHari Yang lalu

    Good God that's a greazzzy Kentucky waterfall you got growing there.

  15. GokuHitEm

    GokuHitEm3 hari yang lalu

    The white vet could gap a demon I think

  16. salemcripple

    salemcripple4 hari yang lalu

    "Ruby don't play" fuck yes! This needs to be in a shirt

  17. Josiah Oates

    Josiah Oates6 hari yang lalu

    Cleetus needs to flat iron his mullet!

  18. IntheBay85

    IntheBay856 hari yang lalu

    11:34 that mullet blowing in the wind is majestic af.

  19. Nabeel Akmal

    Nabeel Akmal9 hari yang lalu

    His hair cut is like somebody have romved the front fender weight reduction lolzzz

  20. SebasBoosts

    SebasBoosts10 hari yang lalu

    11:35 it felt like the mullet was racing ruby...

  21. drfrenchfry

    drfrenchfry12 hari yang lalu

    That’s a nice Lincoln. Sad to see it get demod

  22. Junior 249

    Junior 24912 hari yang lalu

    Ruby is a one bad ride....without the hood !!!

  23. sam yeates

    sam yeates14 hari yang lalu

    Nothing like mullets flapping in the wind!!! Thanks for sharing.

  24. Mike White

    Mike White14 hari yang lalu

    Dude in the red vette was sandbaggin

  25. ecotts

    ecotts15 hari yang lalu

    His haircut is next level, like a level above anywhere anyone else will ever go.

  26. Loretta Ellias

    Loretta Ellias15 hari yang lalu

    On the back of the sign it said Area 51 do not enter

  27. TM stark

    TM stark15 hari yang lalu

    Bald Eagle..

  28. cherryblackhsv

    cherryblackhsv15 hari yang lalu

    Cleeta, Coops and James, I can’t get time off work to come to Summernats. But if you see this message please help! Haha

  29. Shawn Wiedner

    Shawn Wiedner15 hari yang lalu

    Ruby by a mile

  30. Michael N

    Michael N16 hari yang lalu

    just look at that subtle flutter of the mullet in race one :)

  31. Rukh Doughty

    Rukh Doughty16 hari yang lalu


  32. Mark Schouten

    Mark Schouten16 hari yang lalu

    Get a new haircut dude

  33. Delicious DeBlair

    Delicious DeBlair16 hari yang lalu


  34. michael Rogers

    michael Rogers17 hari yang lalu

    James should've pulled the chute on you.

  35. Brendan F

    Brendan F17 hari yang lalu

    cannot beat the sound of that C7 holy sheezel

  36. Justin Motley

    Justin Motley17 hari yang lalu

    Did anyone notice what the other side of the sign said? 😂😂

  37. Chris Dennis

    Chris Dennis17 hari yang lalu

    God that C7 sounds good.

  38. Ionic

    Ionic17 hari yang lalu

    Now, I gotta know what video that Area 51 sign is from.

  39. 270 CREW liljordy Carroll

    270 CREW liljordy Carroll17 hari yang lalu

    Better put that stingray up they just rolled the last one off the line

  40. Big Boss Videos

    Big Boss Videos18 hari yang lalu

    I told you name her Ruby McQueen sand now you're calling her the queen of the street. I think it's shit time to give her her full name

  41. deadbushpotato23

    deadbushpotato2318 hari yang lalu

    Cleetus's mullet looks so good in the wind

  42. Kaelin Morrison

    Kaelin Morrison18 hari yang lalu

    The white c7 sounds better

  43. Jordan Nice

    Jordan Nice18 hari yang lalu

    White car sound fcking beast!!!!

  44. Keith Bruehl

    Keith Bruehl18 hari yang lalu

    You better put James on the payroll! Dude he is neck deep in every project 😂🤣