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  1. Rachel Schwebach

    Rachel Schwebach6 hari yang lalu

    They were very disrespectful to the Queen. They should have met with the Queen, Charles and William. Then they should have worked the details out and then made a public announcement.

  2. G G

    G G21 hari yang lalu

    Stop playing the race card for everything. These two are just hypocritical preachy celebs.

  3. AngelGoddessVibes

    AngelGoddessVibes24 hari yang lalu

    Everyone leaving the Matrix. Soon the media won’t have an audience 😂

  4. Patco Ayong

    Patco Ayong26 hari yang lalu

    I appreciate the move harry and megan but these old royals are blaming megan. So megan becareful for your life even lady Di could not escape


    LADY D MS FREE28 hari yang lalu


  6. rudy law

    rudy law28 hari yang lalu

    They leaving during Kate! they must not like each other

  7. Concerned4 USA

    Concerned4 USA28 hari yang lalu

    Me-gain/Ginger’s SCAM: CELEB stranger wedding, dump KATE WILLS, BRF & ALL RF staff, for Hollywood PR/HRC staff for COVERT Clinton/Sussex foundation-INTERNTL MEDIA “MM puff piece” BOMBARDMENT, while merching &collecting Hollywood kick-backs(during fake pregnancy) using BRF event for 3 mil Disney donation/MM Disney work, & BLOWING OFF the QUEEN @ XMAS for (9 wk taxpayer funded) “much needed healing retreat” to complete Disney job & finish FAKE foundation, & SHOCK UK/BRF W THEIR 3yr LONG CON (RACE CARD LIE “TELL ALL” THREAT) for BIG PAYOFF, TITLES, & RETENTION of their (gifted by the queen)ROYAL HOME!

  8. Cat G

    Cat G29 hari yang lalu

    Harry is a GREAT man, a REAL man for doing the right thing by standing by his wife and son! England pushed Megan out, why should anyone, Royal or not, expect Megan to put up with the racism, hatred, bullying, bullshit!

  9. Isa J

    Isa J29 hari yang lalu

    Tmz's role in thus debacle and the intial setup of markles father is quite diporable.

  10. Eugene Gilbert

    Eugene Gilbert29 hari yang lalu

    I think that TMZ just use people to make money all you people should be ashamed of yourself

  11. Zoey R

    Zoey RBulan Yang lalu

    Well then maybe they shouldn't have rushed into marriage !! Had he taken his brother's advice and eased her into the role and gave her a couple years to adjust to the tabloids DURING AN EXTENDED ENGAGEMENT PERIOD, they would have been able to gauge whether she could handle it long term or not and avoided this whole Megxit bullshit from the beginning!! Now he's saying he's protecting his family. He doesn't want a repeat of what happened to his mum. Here again, had he taken his family's advice non of this would be happening. So using his mum as an excuse to justify this whole thing a low blow and sympathy seeking behavior. BUT NOOO Harry took his brother's advice as him questioning his choices and rushed into marriage like a kid throwing a tantrum. 😑 Look what happened, SHE COULDN'T STAND THE HEAT and now she broke up the brothers and the family and ran to Canada leaving Harry to face it all alone. Ya great job STANDING BY YOUR MAN NUTMEG !! 😤 And then she has the nerve to call herself a feminist !! The Suffragettes didn't turn tail and run when shit hit the fan !! It's clear to the world that she just wanted the title, the fame, and the taxpayers money.

  12. kenkev 1

    kenkev 1Bulan Yang lalu

    I hope Meghan wont disappoint him later on....he is giving up everything for love and let's hope is all worth it. Love them together but I don't think they will stay together for long. Is too much drama since the beginning and still even more now...hmmmmmmmm

  13. Jacey Lataire

    Jacey LataireBulan Yang lalu

    I think the way it was done is so unethical... I liked her all the time... but they could at least have spoken with the Queen first... this is so uncharacteristic of someone who is an intelligent and well brought up person... I notice a great error of judgement here... I also see behavior that's borders on Narcissism and sociopathy... Harry is very vulnerable and he's been taken in by Meghan... watch now.... they are going to lose everything... Meghan will most probably thrive but poor Harry will be the loser in all of this.... so so sad... 😭 😭

  14. John Cassim

    John CassimBulan Yang lalu

    I honestly think the Sussex family livex are in great danger. Please be careful sussex family.

  15. John Cassim

    John CassimBulan Yang lalu

    Why poie kate middleton she sat back and watched the suxxes family get thrown under the bus racist insults to meghan and archie.. wht cant they get things going Harry has been trying to leave for years... since he was a little boy he wanted to leave all you talk shows just tell what others already said.. why would the queen hold them back white british racists media racists.. yes Harry is protecting his family.. their mental health is important so they can be the best parents for baby Archie...Why must they not tell the world they trying to tell you for yeats they want to leave how much more must they wait they have to be of sound mind and be happy growing yp Baby and possibly new babies..

  16. Kelly Mungomo

    Kelly MungomoBulan Yang lalu

    You guys should stop speaking over eachother...fucking annoying

  17. winchester

    winchesterBulan Yang lalu

    If it weren’t for Meghan, he wouldn’t leave duh

  18. Am rose

    Am roseBulan Yang lalu

    Yeh the british pres is blaming it on Megs again. Kind of forced into the decision of leaving. Them leaving, but yet seems like the press bullying them in there articles. Yeh its split decision, Harry protecting his family,

  19. Mezza

    MezzaBulan Yang lalu

    Tmz you got a damn cheek

  20. Harr Birungi

    Harr BirungiBulan Yang lalu

    Welcome to the English, their own can poop on the dinning table during Christmas lunch and they would say, " awww that's funny" fart in the kitchen when you aren't one of them!! They will come at you from all sorts of forms, all their news papers, Televisions, radios plus word of mouth. Most racist people you could ever encounter in this life and the next. (Not all thou)

  21. Susan Marie

    Susan MarieBulan Yang lalu

    Smothering !

  22. Lena KoKoMo

    Lena KoKoMoBulan Yang lalu

    Megan Markle will be getting rid of soon if she wont be right!

  23. Diamond4U1000

    Diamond4U1000Bulan Yang lalu

    If the Queen did not know about their moving out, how come she asked them to delay the announcement.

  24. Goddess Isis

    Goddess IsisBulan Yang lalu

    Happy 67th birthday Kate❤️

  25. Andre' Casillas

    Andre' CasillasBulan Yang lalu

    I'm surprised by the "racist" comments here, though we never find anywhere mentioned. Just look at the wedding ceremony where he became a Duchess, all the British welcomed and the media praised her. When disputes arise with her father, the problem is not resolved with respect. that was the beginning of the loss of British sympathy. The way she resolves problems with her family shows her own arrogance. It must be remembered that the cost of living the Kingdom comes from the people's taxes. Meghan's local staff stops, a series of unsympathetic behavior, this is the beginning of her negative image, not because of racism. She did not adjust to her position which was very fortunate compared to the British who had to work hard because of the burden of paying high taxes in England. The luxurious life she got, she was not grateful, showed selfishness for the British people. So racist is a feeling she created herself? no one analyzed up to this level. Every mistake she made was not due to skin color. she must be able to accept criticism because the British do not see mistakes because of skin color. What I see is that she doesn't want to adjust to the environment. She showed this arrogance by accusing the racist world of opposing her.

  26. Taurean Rebel

    Taurean RebelBulan Yang lalu


  27. Arkham51

    Arkham51Bulan Yang lalu

    After she secures the bag and divorce rapes him in Canada Harry will have to beg the royals to take him back.

  28. Ms Jamereia

    Ms JamereiaBulan Yang lalu

    Coming to America vibes.

  29. Elle R

    Elle RBulan Yang lalu

    They are adults!!! I don’t blame Meghan and Harry!!. They are tired of the BS.. they now have a child to protect as well

  30. Elle R

    Elle RBulan Yang lalu

    Leave Meghan and live your life with your family... Harry is a GREAT husband!!!

  31. Trill Faldon

    Trill FaldonBulan Yang lalu

    This is classic intellectual fallacy and confusion @ 1:03 the Caucasian gay says " first the queen didn't know that Megan and Harry were going to make their decision to divorce themselves from their royal duties announcement" and almost in the same sentence the other rasta dude gives a totally different contradictory assessment to the first dude by saying " actually the queen knew but told them not to announce their decision on social media". What kind of confusing intelligence sources are these two fish getting their contradicting intelligence from ? This kind of sensational intellectual fallacy sucks ! The simple question is, Did the Dracula queen mother knew of her grandson announcement of his royal duties denouncement or she didn't know, which is which ?

  32. Norm Macdonald Show

    Norm Macdonald Show27 hari yang lalu


  33. Gem_Gem7

    Gem_Gem7Bulan Yang lalu

    These two guys sound exactly alike.

  34. Alexandra Anita

    Alexandra AnitaBulan Yang lalu

    Harry is so dumb. He should only date meghan but not married listen their family. What kind women who suport u split from family.

  35. Carolyn Treadwell

    Carolyn TreadwellBulan Yang lalu

    Harry put the statement out to outmaneuver the courtiers who were sabotaging Harry being able to see the Queen.

  36. Camila Barros

    Camila BarrosBulan Yang lalu

    Yep. This is what you do when your wife is always being virtual abused and racist situation cover and uncovered, and THIS IS WHAT YOU DO WHEN YOUR SON IS CALLED MONKEY BY A HUGE PRESS LIKE BBC. Yep!!!!!!

  37. Still Young

    Still YoungBulan Yang lalu

    Is this coming to America 2..."I denounce my thrown"

  38. Patricia Anzar

    Patricia AnzarBulan Yang lalu

    She's broke up her family. So why not Harry's.

  39. T.Loving

    T.LovingBulan Yang lalu

    Harry is Elizabeth’s grandson. TMZ don’t know what they said to one another or their plans, but I doubt the convo went like TMZ is putting it. TMZ your not a fly on the wall your the roach on the wall soon as the royals seen you snoop around for info they took their royal swatter and squashed you on the wall.

  40. Tata Smith

    Tata SmithBulan Yang lalu

    When do they get to make decisions for their own lives?

  41. Tata Smith

    Tata SmithBulan Yang lalu

    Hell Megan was at the party

  42. Tata Smith

    Tata SmithBulan Yang lalu

    Kate's birthday has nothing to do with anything are u kidding me, do u really think she stopped her from having a good time on her day ???

  43. Tata Smith

    Tata SmithBulan Yang lalu

    Well huh I did hear you it's not their decision? But the queen

  44. Lakeisha Kelly

    Lakeisha KellyBulan Yang lalu

    It’s a crisis but it’s a real crisis her son is a pedo think people

  45. Lakeisha Kelly

    Lakeisha KellyBulan Yang lalu

    And y’all know they mad about but it’s ok for her son to cheat and the other one to fuck lil girls this is only a cover the real shit up think y’all fuck

  46. Lakeisha Kelly

    Lakeisha KellyBulan Yang lalu

    Right Harry mom been told us they fucked up so why we acting as if we don’t know this y’all forgot they put a hit on her when she left come y’all think I hope they don’t murder her to

  47. shabrina z

    shabrina zBulan Yang lalu

    She announced her pregnancy on Beatrice's wedding. Its no surprise She chose Kate's birthday for this too

  48. shabrina z

    shabrina z29 hari yang lalu

    @Othman Shehu Yakubu yeah she played the race card. Nobody says anything about Serena Williams marrying a white Billionaire. Nobody says anything about Amal Alamuddin marrying a white Billionaire. Its clear that its about son of Diana marrying a freaking loser. Not about her skin color.

  49. Othman Shehu Yakubu

    Othman Shehu Yakubu29 hari yang lalu

    shabrina z lol! Is this true? Then like I suspect this has nothing to do with her being Half black. I’m fully BLACK and Megan seems to me like a social climber and opportunist

  50. Chengfu Saechao

    Chengfu SaechaoBulan Yang lalu

    Damn M.M looks so Much younger then Kate Middleton.......and NOT 2 mention HARRY is so much more Hotter And Attractive then opinion..

  51. Gregory Peters

    Gregory PetersBulan Yang lalu

    A lot of people are blaming Megan for this move. It could be Harry who wants out. He now has a family and may want to be happy living his life in a normal way. Why is everyone bullying Megan for everything. Harry is not stupid and didn’t seem like a man who could be manipulated much. thing Megan’s pussy is make of gold. Lol. It’s an insult to his intelligence.

  52. Emerge Matic

    Emerge MaticBulan Yang lalu

    It's so many dumb Racist idiots and dizzy black fairytail minded females on here they won't wake up even after the Klan blows them or their son away they will still worship this pale foolishness

  53. Trina Edwards

    Trina EdwardsBulan Yang lalu

    oh come on she is a narissit

  54. Lulee Tomas

    Lulee TomasBulan Yang lalu

    Who gives a shit about the fucken royal family??? Oh thats right dumbasses like TMZ

  55. Nico Patella

    Nico PatellaBulan Yang lalu


  56. Samantha Bastian

    Samantha BastianBulan Yang lalu

    Harry is loyal to his mother that is very good I love him

  57. Jennifer Ward

    Jennifer WardBulan Yang lalu

    People the the stupid press let out the information and they decided to go ahead and make it public. Get your facts straight

  58. Pidzo Tech

    Pidzo TechBulan Yang lalu

    Meghan should hold this man down, he gave up everything for her

  59. Whit

    Whit29 hari yang lalu

    Pidzo Tech You don’t hear that POV much huh? I agree. She owes him. Big time.

  60. Shay Heard

    Shay HeardBulan Yang lalu

    Kate is aging like a banana 😂

  61. Di Johnson

    Di JohnsonBulan Yang lalu

    Shay Heard At least she isn’t a hoe from America’s wrong side of the tracks

  62. Amethyst Angel

    Amethyst AngelBulan Yang lalu

    Kate is the wicked witch!!! Good on Harry and Meagan. Who wants to be in the royal family after the Prince Andrew scandal?. The Queen should focus on that and let Harry and Meagan go.😀 It’s all to take the heat and attention off Prince Andrew. The Queen wants to distract the world from that scandal. The monarchy is falling apart.🤔

  63. Moniql Dag

    Moniql DagBulan Yang lalu

    Harry is the most popular royal? He was, until he married MM

  64. D D

    D DBulan Yang lalu

    Good for them He’s a good dude and she’s fine as all hell

  65. Brandon Walker

    Brandon WalkerBulan Yang lalu

    Harry got his mamas spirit. Its was bond to be in one of her sons. Good it was him. Plus(Harry) his wife fine as hell. Kate look lame as fuck and like a man.