RIP Diamond.. Losing Our Best Friend


  1. nikol desli

    nikol desliJam Yang lalu

    i lost my dog a month ago and i completly understand you it was the worts felling ever ..

  2. Sierra Ragen

    Sierra RagenJam Yang lalu

    I'm sorry for your loss. We had a black lab from when I was about 4/5 up until I was 17. He moved with us everywhere then sadly one day had either a stroke or heart attack so we had to say goodbye. It was one of the worst days of my life. RIP Nuba.

  3. lasashamm

    lasashammJam Yang lalu

    😭 I'm simply sorry

  4. ambee wolff

    ambee wolffJam Yang lalu

    In tears 😭 I’ve been watching Jeffery since the beginning and he’s such an inspiration to me and I understand the grief they are going through and I know diamond will always watch over him and Nate 😭life is hard sometimes but somehow we find a way through

  5. Sherri Ward

    Sherri WardJam Yang lalu

    I'm so so sorry. I know the pain and my heart goes out to you! 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸

  6. Claire Bear Lewis

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  7. Internally PANICKED

    Internally PANICKEDJam Yang lalu

    I'm so terribly sorry for your loss. Please stay strong, I know what you're going through you're definitely not alone ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  8. kayla Nevermore

    kayla NevermoreJam Yang lalu

    Rip baby girl you will always be missed 💔💔😭😢the minute our pets become apart of the family it become really hard when they leave so I completely understand

  9. Michelle Casanova

    Michelle Casanova2 jam yang lalu

    So sorry for your loss, sending prayers your way from Floresville Texas 🙏🏻🐶

  10. Eme

    Eme2 jam yang lalu

    Sending lots of love! Diamond will remain in our hearts forever 💖

  11. Micki Campbell

    Micki Campbell2 jam yang lalu

    I'm so sorry it's so hard, God bless u guys

  12. Lemica

    Lemica2 jam yang lalu

    hey i send you alot of love and support from Canada just know you are so strong you have gone so far in your life and i know that it won't stop there, and that Diamond will always be in your heart have a great day Queen

  13. Daniela Aguirre

    Daniela Aguirre2 jam yang lalu

    What a beautiful girl. What a beautiful smile. She is so precious and small. She lived a great life with you Jeffrey, even if it was short. I hope you get through this tough time. We will remember her and we know how much she means to you. RIP DIAMOND❤

  14. 00000 00000

    00000 000002 jam yang lalu

    Jeffreestar & Nat you both should be very proud of your self you gave your baby the best loving life with you & Nat. All your babies are so happy to have both of you you see that in the video they happy wee babies. I know how painful losing a pet is, they are a part of your family hurts my heart knowing your going though this. If you need to cry cry from your heart sending you all my love at this very sad time. We are all here for you xxx ♥️💕♥️

  15. Hannah Boston

    Hannah Boston2 jam yang lalu

    I know that losing a dog sucks💔 😭 Send you my love and prayers Jeffree/nate🤗♥️💜♥️💜🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

  16. Smoeshie

    Smoeshie2 jam yang lalu

    glad he/she/it/... is dead. karma bitch.... Dont lie about James.

  17. Nessa P.

    Nessa P.2 jam yang lalu

    I lost my first baby boy back in 2013 and he had been in my life since I was 2 he was 17 when he passed away. No amount of time with them feels like it’s enough. Apart of my heart was taken when he passed away but a new part was gained when my parents let us adopt another dog. My baby Nero is four and he’s filled a void in my heart that Barkley left when he passed away. Losing a pet is never easy, they’re apart of the family. Rip Diamond Star ❤️😭

  18. Life With Lil

    Life With Lil2 jam yang lalu

    I’m so sorry jeffree fur babies of mine have past but I always look back and I’m so happy they aren’t in pain anymore and yes we miss them but we also have to feel grate for them because they aren’t in pain anymore

  19. Courtney J

    Courtney J2 jam yang lalu

    I totally thought my sister was the only person who gives pets middle names

  20. Christina C.

    Christina C.2 jam yang lalu

    I lost my Pomeranian (Prada Jane) last week to kidney failure 🥺

  21. Leslee Chilberti

    Leslee Chilberti2 jam yang lalu

    R.I.P Diamond 😢 You had the most amazing parents a pup could ever ask for ❤️ Jefferee and Nate, my heart goes out to you. I know how it feels to lose a fur baby. I lost my kitten at 9 months old. I felt as though a part of me was missing. Only time can heal your heart. She is playing with the other animals at the Rainbow Bridge and you will see her again one day. Find peace in knowing you both gave her a wonderful life ❤️

  22. nikkamerro

    nikkamerro2 jam yang lalu

    That last clip...... nooooooo.... That's so heartbreaking! 😭😭😭😭

  23. Patsy Stern

    Patsy Stern2 jam yang lalu

    I can't watch the whole thing. So sorry. You gave her the best life. What a little beauty.

  24. ꧁ ǫᴜᴇᴇɴ ᴄʜɪᴄʜᴜ ꧂

    ꧁ ǫᴜᴇᴇɴ ᴄʜɪᴄʜᴜ ꧂2 jam yang lalu


  25. Tlotlo Kalil

    Tlotlo Kalil2 jam yang lalu

    I cried while watching thus

  26. Bsbsbd Shhshd

    Bsbsbd Shhshd2 jam yang lalu

    Honestly same thing happened to me

  27. Camden Towe

    Camden Towe2 jam yang lalu

    We love you Jeffree. We're praying for you.

  28. XxShadow_MasterxX

    XxShadow_MasterxX2 jam yang lalu

    Who TF dislike 1v1 me in fortnite my Xbox gt is wearyfoal554974 BTW I saw dis on drama alert that's why I came

  29. Equine girl 08

    Equine girl 082 jam yang lalu

    Im so sorry I know how hard it is to loose a pet my heart and thoughts are with you both

  30. Kanoa Newman

    Kanoa Newman3 jam yang lalu

    ♡ I couldn’t imagine what your going through. Diamond was a very bright and strong dog and she lived a very happy life with you. ♡ ☆ R.I.P diamond, your memories will stay with us ☆

  31. Rebecca Smith

    Rebecca Smith3 jam yang lalu

    My miniature pom died at 9 years also. After 6 days, the vet said he'd made a great turn around and could come home the next day. I couldn't sleep all night in anticipation of him coming home. The vet called the next morning and said to "come get him so he could die at home with his mom". I was in shock and not sure I heard them correctly and began to cry. She coldly said to call back when I pull myself together. I wasn't wailing or crying where you couldn't understand me. I cried for two weeks. My husband said he doesn't want me to get another pet because I get too attached. So far I haven't been ready, but I can't imagine going the rest of my life without another baby. So sorry for your loss.

  32. Keziah Bryant

    Keziah Bryant3 jam yang lalu

    I am so sorry for your loss, I've lost a few pets over the years that meant the world to me, and it's so much harder than people think💖

  33. Yo Kisho

    Yo Kisho3 jam yang lalu

    Her little smile is so beautiful, my condolences 🙏🏾💕💕

  34. haleybrooke

    haleybrooke3 jam yang lalu

    My dog is going to the vet today... She has to go...😭😭😭😭

  35. James Bond

    James Bond3 jam yang lalu

    I send my love to you guys and diamond up in dog heaven

  36. Evelin Garcia

    Evelin Garcia3 jam yang lalu

    I came back because I would’ve never though my dog would die soon because he wasn’t sick, I distanced myself from people because words can’t describe how it feels to loose a family member just like animals ❤️😭 My dog got ran over by a car and he was only 6 pounds so he couldn’t survive. I remember me running out the door and seeing him on the grass so I ran down the steps and went to him he was having trouble breathing and I cried out, “Lucas, Lucas wake up, get up Lucas😭😭😭🥺” but he was still on the floor, we brought him up and my dad was trying to save him for a good 30 minutes my dogs son was surrounding him like what’s going on and he started liking his dad and it was sad🥺 he was still moving but then my he wasn’t moving anymore or breathing, my dad eventually said he was dead..😭 It was my older sisters dog and she was holding him and was saying her goodbyes she wrapped him in her old sweatshirt and we brought him to the backyard and my dad was already digging a little place for him I was thinking of him and I always will remember that day😭❤️❤️❤️ I hope your family recovers soon as well as mine❤️🥺 We love you Diamond 💎 Dear Lucas, I’ll miss you and make sure you wait for me in heaven ❤️ I’ll still be waiting for you every time I open the bathroom door and you wanting my food I’ll remember how silly of a dog you were from when we first got you I’ll still call you my best friend I love you❤️❤️❤️ Rest In Peace lil boy💙 11/15/14 - 6/15/19

  37. lina m

    lina m3 jam yang lalu

    RIP diamond ):

  38. Monica Sanchez

    Monica Sanchez3 jam yang lalu

    yes they are part of my family i am sorry about your lost i love the name for her diamond💕

  39. Lauren Roman

    Lauren Roman3 jam yang lalu

    You gave her a great life, you can tell by looking at how happy she is in your footage... rip lil diamond we love you 💕

  40. Shannon Smith

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  41. Tia Marlens

    Tia Marlens3 jam yang lalu

    💎✨ Diamond will shines so bright in heaven// RIP Diamond🥺💗💎

  42. Tommy G

    Tommy G4 jam yang lalu


  43. Sarah Reynolds

    Sarah Reynolds4 jam yang lalu

    Our fur babies burrow right into our hearts forever. So sorry for the loss of such a beloved companion. xx

  44. Sina Emilie

    Sina Emilie4 jam yang lalu

    I‘m so sorry ❤️

  45. Cherry Soda

    Cherry Soda4 jam yang lalu

    im so sorry for your loss Jeffree may diamond be forever in your hearts, my dog passed away aswell and its very hard i know how you feel

  46. hye bye

    hye bye4 jam yang lalu

    its okay i understand ur feelings 😢 i just loss 3 of my kitten 😢 losing people or things that we loved is very hurt but we must keep strong. rip diamond 😢

  47. hisoka 28

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    ALAZI ALAZI4 jam yang lalu

    العربي يشترك بقناتي 😁

  49. andreina Wilson

    andreina Wilson4 jam yang lalu

    I had a chihuahua once’s (actually was my aunt’s dog) but I had a deep connection with him, the day that he pass away I felt like i died with him. I wish I had my dog back 😭 .sorry for your lost guys

  50. Ero Rose

    Ero Rose4 jam yang lalu

    Awwwww no 😭

  51. XxAxzyte xX31

    XxAxzyte xX315 jam yang lalu

    I feel you Jeffree I miss my dad to he past away when i was 2 I can’t remember him 😭😭😭

  52. Rachel's Edits

    Rachel's Edits5 jam yang lalu

    Rest In Peace Diamond 💕 I lost my fur baby 2 years ago and it’s honestly still so hard I miss her so much. My thoughts are with you 💕

  53. XxMoonlightxX

    XxMoonlightxX5 jam yang lalu

    Bye diamond we love you bye you life was well lived and everyone loved you your heart wasn’t small is was huge we could all tell we will al miss you diamond 💎 💖💎👑

  54. Teddy Clifford

    Teddy Clifford5 jam yang lalu

    Bless you guy's, I know that pain. It's just yeah....

  55. Jama Lenig

    Jama Lenig5 jam yang lalu

    my heart breaks for you, I love my fur babies Hugs!

  56. Sinead Cassidy

    Sinead Cassidy5 jam yang lalu

    Honey in so so sorry diamond was an amazing dog and she had an amazing life with you both she was very happy, I know how it feels my dog who I had since I was 4 and im 14 now ,she died not long ago and it was really hard for me because she was there for me for a long time dogs are truly mans best friend

  57. Peachy Guy

    Peachy Guy5 jam yang lalu


  58. ButterPecanMami1990

    ButterPecanMami19905 jam yang lalu

    Oh my gosh im like literally bawling my eyes out!

  59. Moist Grayson

    Moist Grayson5 jam yang lalu


  60. ivan colina

    ivan colina5 jam yang lalu

    Why the dog died

  61. Dan Benson

    Dan Benson5 jam yang lalu


  62. Bethany Acosta

    Bethany Acosta5 jam yang lalu

    Diamond is in a better place now she’s normal and has no problems in heaven I know how much it hurts bc I had a dog she was 9 years old and she passed away from a large heart and when my parents found her they really didn’t want to tell me because I told them “if little one passes then I’ll never want a dog ever again and I’ll be sad for a while “ you guys just need time and trust me it’s hard now but it will get better soon and plus Diamond isn’t gone she still in your heart and your going to see her in your dreams sometimes bc she’s visiting you in there and that how you guys could still see her and once again I’ve been through it and it hurts but it will get better soon .R.I.P Diamond well always be loved and missed ♥️🤧I hope you’ll feel better and never ever turn to evil.......please I know you probably won’t but some people do and I don’t want to see anybody like that.♥️♥️everything’s going to get better and bad things happen to nice people and it happens to everybody ♥️💙

  63. idiotic11

    idiotic115 jam yang lalu

    Jeffree.. There's a saying that our pet knows how much we love them and how much they mean to us. So, they purposely depart during our absence or they choose to run away and hide when they are departing us.. this is their way of loving us, because they don't bear to see us aggrieved by their side. Or can't bear for us to watch them leave.. So, Diamond loves you!!!

  64. Fouloul

    Fouloul6 jam yang lalu

    All the kids in wars, facing diseases, getting molested and beaten are like WTF!!

  65. Jinx

    Jinx6 jam yang lalu

    That's rough Jeffree. I'm so genuinely sorry about Diamond. It's so very hard when our fur babies leave us.

  66. paris & nicole

    paris & nicole6 jam yang lalu

    still so sad about this, were so sorry

  67. YY Lok

    YY Lok6 jam yang lalu

    You saved her life and gave her a wonderful life. 👍🏻👍🏻 RIP diamond

  68. Cristina Aurora

    Cristina Aurora6 jam yang lalu

    I understand the pain so much. cat died after an anesthesia. He did not wake up. I was there through the operation. Everthing went perfect. But he would not wake up. Me and my vet..have tried 1h 30 to wake him up..but his heart beated online when we helped him. He died in my hands. It much..i cant even describe. I miss him so much. He was not even 1 year old😣😣

  69. Veronika Čolak

    Veronika Čolak6 jam yang lalu

    I'm so sad RIP DIAMOND

  70. Carly Murphy

    Carly Murphy6 jam yang lalu

    i don’t understand how people don’t think animals have souls because you can see joy and pain in them. hope you will start feeling better and happier jeffree 💕

  71. Sammy Poole

    Sammy Poole7 jam yang lalu

    Heartbreaking. It is so horrible to lose a beloved fur baby 💔

  72. Ashton Strider

    Ashton Strider7 jam yang lalu

    Rip diamond we will miss u sweet baby ❤️

  73. Claris Liau

    Claris Liau7 jam yang lalu

    Jeffree : Losing diamond star = losing my family

  74. ASMR mom life

    ASMR mom life7 jam yang lalu

    RIP sweet Diamond.

  75. insfires? InFiReS MaN YeAh !!

    insfires? InFiReS MaN YeAh !!7 jam yang lalu

    Welp,..... now im crying 🤧

  76. peachy slime's slime

    peachy slime's slime7 jam yang lalu

    Im so sorry i feel so bad rip diamond we will always love diamond we love you stay strong ❤❤❤i love you guys so much i love all your dogs diamond 💎💓💓💓

  77. Routh Mailmi

    Routh Mailmi8 jam yang lalu

    Dis fr fr a dog I thought it was for a whole ass person

  78. deakanutz

    deakanutz8 jam yang lalu

    You pervs probably banged it in the ass. Satanic goat Lucy lovers.

  79. pollixlolli chan

    pollixlolli chan8 jam yang lalu

    Jefree where here okay i had a cat and lost her i cried but i know she is heaven now but we are all here for you. We love you 💕👑 and we love Diamond and also my name is diamond too😊💕💎

  80. Ashley Douglas

    Ashley Douglas8 jam yang lalu

    RIP Diamond.. I’m sooo sorry 😢❤️💐

  81. trovey02

    trovey028 jam yang lalu

    So sorry for your loss. Lost my chihuahua 2 years ago and although she was 17 years old it was terrible to lose her. Still miss her so much every day so I know how it feels.

  82. tdaytona_ 500

    tdaytona_ 5008 jam yang lalu

    Diamond will be forever in our heart’s💕❤️💘R.I.P Diamond Star

  83. Melon man and Pineapple guy

    Melon man and Pineapple guy8 jam yang lalu

    😭😭😭😭😭😭 💧💧💧💧💧💧💧 💧💧💧💧💧💧💧 💧💧💧💧💧💧💧 💧💧💧💧💧💧💧

  84. Shelly M. Graham

    Shelly M. Graham8 jam yang lalu

    Nate, Jeffree; my heart and prayers go out to you. I too have experienced the emotional, physical & mental pain of unexpectedly losing and/or having to make the hideous choice/decision to send my heart & soul to the "Rainbow Bridge ." My thoughts and prayers are with you both. God bless!

  85. Eden :3

    Eden :38 jam yang lalu

    I’m so sorry 😭💔💔 Love u jeffree!!❤️❤️

  86. Malakai Waldrobe

    Malakai Waldrobe8 jam yang lalu


  87. hermila parra

    hermila parra8 jam yang lalu

    I’m so sorry for your lose!!! Sending you and Nate lots of love ❤️❤️ stay strong honey 😢😘

  88. MiA Zz Prodigy

    MiA Zz Prodigy8 jam yang lalu

    When all these global crisis going on and you crying over a damn dog 🤦🏽‍♂️ smhh

  89. Lazy Garl Cha

    Lazy Garl Cha7 jam yang lalu

    Rather than being salty why dont u the one who help those global crisis

  90. Mary Nicole

    Mary Nicole8 jam yang lalu

    This get me crying

  91. Vanessa Zanudo

    Vanessa Zanudo8 jam yang lalu

    It hurts a lot, but the good thing is that she is in a better place with all of our people or animals are all together and god wanted them with him and a better place it’s ok I have had A LOT of people or animals died😓🙏💔😭😞

  92. Mariaha Duran

    Mariaha Duran9 jam yang lalu

    I know what it's like loosing a dog Jeffre.. I had a dog tiny for 15 years grew up with him since I was 3 we put him down in 2016.. I thought my world was over my protector my dog my life was just gone..

  93. nicoleab88

    nicoleab889 jam yang lalu

    Oh man, I’m so sorry you guys. All of us here’s passed pets are all together playing and having fun right now ❤️

  94. Anette Wheeler

    Anette Wheeler9 jam yang lalu

    I might not like Jeffree after the whole JC fiasco, but when I heard that Diamond passed, I came to give my condolences. Rest in Peace Diamond. You were a good friend and family member to Jeffree. Be happy up in Puppy Heaven.

  95. Chelsea Allison

    Chelsea Allison9 jam yang lalu

    I will never fully understand why animal's lifespans are so much shorter than ours. But she definitely had a really good life. RIP.

  96. Koka Koke

    Koka Koke9 jam yang lalu

    Wtf just dog🙄

  97. Benj y

    Benj y9 jam yang lalu

    The dog ate Kylies skin products

  98. Andra Yt

    Andra Yt9 jam yang lalu

    I cry because of the final video😭😭 Love you Jeffre and Shane (You re awe some♥️) You re next pallette should be called white Diamond 😁

  99. Andra Yt

    Andra Yt9 jam yang lalu

    You re strong and I know that is hard ,but you should be happy because Diamond is in a better place🤟🏻😉

  100. Kahina Milla

    Kahina Milla9 jam yang lalu

    I had my cat at the age of 3, he was born in 2001, and he left in 2018, when I was 19 ... I lost part of my heart and my life at the same time that he. It’s heartbreaking. Be strong together... RIP Diamond 🙏🏼

  101. Cas T

    Cas T9 jam yang lalu

    Please honour Diamonds memory by your next collection and call it the Diamond Collection. She was so beautiful guys and I am so sorry for your loss.

  102. Andrea Olesya

    Andrea Olesya9 jam yang lalu

    I just lost my cat and was there when he put to sleep and my best little hamster passed. It's been really rough. I feel your pain. When they go, it leaves us feeling broken. RIP Diamond.