Rick and Morty SEASON 4 First Look! Comic Con Scene Breakdown!


  1. adan hernandez

    adan hernandez18 jam yang lalu

    Minute 3:28 that place were rick is in the art photography kinda looks like brunsonulon 7 remember on mortys mind blowers were rick kills biboop thinking it was brunsonulon 9 were the temperature gets too freezing point that how it looks like but idk

  2. Thomas Ashwood

    Thomas Ashwood4 hari yang lalu

    Imagine If Scarlett Johansson (Natasha Romanoff) Was In This Season

  3. M 4

    M 413 hari yang lalu

    Those fart jokes yeah

  4. Ryan Aldana

    Ryan Aldana16 hari yang lalu

    I want to see more squanchyy

  5. Jevil

    Jevil17 hari yang lalu

    Lemme guess the episode they showed was bush world adventures

  6. Kenny Benitez

    Kenny Benitez21 hari yang lalu

    Evil morty!!!!!

  7. Landon

    Landon22 hari yang lalu

    The time on the phone was 11:11. Release date confirmed?

  8. MrJinx633

    MrJinx63322 hari yang lalu

    There was a date/timestamp on the mobile phone? Couldn't see it clearly but I think it was 11:11. We know that season 4 is launching in November. Maybe this clip had the hidden message that it launches on 11th November 2019. 😊

  9. Caleb Ross

    Caleb Ross23 hari yang lalu

    Evil morty or Phoenix person

  10. Summer Perez

    Summer Perez23 hari yang lalu

    U are very good at getting relevant info

  11. Shaddowkhan

    Shaddowkhan24 hari yang lalu

    Baby dick had me rollin.

  12. Shey Veni

    Shey Veni24 hari yang lalu

    I'm just here to see more about evil morty

  13. adarsh singh

    adarsh singh26 hari yang lalu

    Where is evil morty

  14. Kid From 21 Jump Street

    Kid From 21 Jump Street26 hari yang lalu

    When will we meet an actual God/Deity on Rick & Morty? Closest is the Jerry clones perception of Beth. Obviously not legit God status a technicality if anything. Our Morty also being "One True Morty" WHEN WILL WE MEET GOD OR A GOD?!?!?! Correct me if I forget one.

  15. Erules 711

    Erules 71126 hari yang lalu

    Those “crocubots” actually were cyborg alligators because of the arrangement of their teeth They might be crocubot’s rivals/ cousins.

  16. Patty Kenyon

    Patty Kenyon26 hari yang lalu

    I am looking forward to the unexpected!👽

  17. barih4prez

    barih4prez26 hari yang lalu

    The advent of Predictive Morty is upon us! 🙌🏾🙌🏾 Long may he reign 🙏🏾

  18. Silacide Squad

    Silacide Squad26 hari yang lalu

    I’m kinda curious about evil morty

  19. Clewz13

    Clewz1327 hari yang lalu

    Evil Morty

  20. Kyoku Slaps

    Kyoku Slaps27 hari yang lalu

    Jerry got back with Beth, he doesn't need to get back out there

  21. Kin Yo

    Kin Yo27 hari yang lalu

    I want Mr Poopy Butthole to be evil just because it would be funny

  22. Murrv Vmurr

    Murrv Vmurr27 hari yang lalu

    Wow when field of dreams doesn't even gets a mention when character is walking through wheat! 👵🏽👵🏽👵🏽

  23. jeom

    jeom27 hari yang lalu

    1:20 But jerry and beth are together at the end of s3, most likely it was for morty(which explains his involvement and why he’s mad/desperate), plus the alien says its “your app(jerry’s)” so he could have developed it with the alien to help morty find someone.(being the uncomfortable and overcompensating try hard he is, it doesn’t seem that far fetch.) Unless, you mean that he made it before getting back with beth, tho not sure why he’d make an app for himself and why morty would care to help jerry(if anything he would be mad at jerry or something)

  24. Frank Paterson

    Frank Paterson27 hari yang lalu

    i’m most excited to see what happens with the citadel

  25. Reanimation

    Reanimation27 hari yang lalu

    evil morty.. the main reason im hyped

  26. LeafGreen Channel

    LeafGreen Channel28 hari yang lalu

    You guys just milk out all the content you can especially with marvel things

  27. Marilyn Manson

    Marilyn Manson28 hari yang lalu

    Is it just me that wants Zeep to return?

  28. Prof. E. J. Gómez

    Prof. E. J. Gómez28 hari yang lalu

    the Chuthulu Episode, when?

  29. This guy is just Here

    This guy is just Here28 hari yang lalu

    So your forgetting that Beth and Jerry got back together

  30. Carlos

    Carlos28 hari yang lalu

    Most exiting character to see is EVIL MORTY

  31. zhartman

    zhartman28 hari yang lalu

    Mostly looking forward to the use of Space drugs

  32. Joshua Salles

    Joshua Salles28 hari yang lalu

    Kanye West episode? oh my...

  33. Bam Leith

    Bam Leith28 hari yang lalu

    hmmm.. so rick's spaceship gets a 'flat tyre' and morty goes out to change it and get's bit by a snake... sounds very familiar to bushworld, i think it's just dougie the bush wizard pranking him

  34. Ashly H

    Ashly H28 hari yang lalu

    I'm looking forward to Evil Morty. And just this whole season.

  35. DannyCake DeVito

    DannyCake DeVito28 hari yang lalu

    “YoU NeD 2 hAv VeRi Hi IQ to ViEw tHiS vIDeo!”

  36. _ ethanol _

    _ ethanol _28 hari yang lalu

    You dont have to search for this dumbass it pops up on the home page for your subscribers.

  37. Steve Bez

    Steve Bez28 hari yang lalu

    Hahaaaa,singalong cue das huh quip code quirks!!mid Dell ware mean zzzz....

  38. nick Deathpool

    nick Deathpool28 hari yang lalu

    Who wants to see Pickle Rick again?

  39. Herp All Day

    Herp All Day28 hari yang lalu

    those arent croc-u-bots they are gatorobots

  40. Ash Space

    Ash Space28 hari yang lalu

    I want to see more of Evil Morty


    BDAWGDGA28 hari yang lalu

    i need to know what happens to evil morty!!

  42. Etonomy

    Etonomy29 hari yang lalu

    I'm excited for Evil Morty

  43. Abdul Wadud Ali Musah

    Abdul Wadud Ali Musah29 hari yang lalu

    Evil morty

  44. bishop hooper

    bishop hooper29 hari yang lalu

    i would like to see jerry die

  45. DontFearUnity DividedWeFall

    DontFearUnity DividedWeFall29 hari yang lalu

    I want more of evil morty, his back story, his past, how he exceeded general morty intelligence.

  46. LaTarsha Macklin

    LaTarsha Macklin29 hari yang lalu

    Do a Jessica Jones season3 ending explained


    FTW_ JOSHUA29 hari yang lalu

    I want season 4 to do something with evil morty

  48. KappaCow

    KappaCow29 hari yang lalu

    yay rick and morty break downs are back

  49. Tenesia Gibson

    Tenesia Gibson29 hari yang lalu

    Robodial I like 🤣

  50. David Garza

    David Garza29 hari yang lalu

    Why would Jerry be “getting back out there” when he was back with Beth at the end of Season 3?

  51. David Garza

    David Garza4 hari yang lalu

    z bubbles alternative parallel universe timeline

  52. z bubbles

    z bubbles4 hari yang lalu

    Parallel universe?

  53. Pedro Pony

    Pedro Pony26 hari yang lalu

    David Garza exactly

  54. Remy Blas

    Remy Blas29 hari yang lalu

    It's ok if they don't revisit too many previous characters and settings but there's only 2 that they better appear at some point: Evil Morty and Phoenix Person.

  55. Neil Rubenstein

    Neil Rubenstein29 hari yang lalu

    Very Excited!

  56. Mike Pittman

    Mike Pittman29 hari yang lalu

    Evil morty is gonna kick off episode 1

  57. aperso

    aperso29 hari yang lalu


  58. Christopher Gallegos

    Christopher Gallegos29 hari yang lalu

    Kanye is the biggest mistake anyone can do. But because controversy equals ratings.

  59. Tj Bashore

    Tj Bashore29 hari yang lalu

    "Life is rough" golf poster in the office, a reference to the meeseeks is hilarious and overlooked

  60. Archie Vida

    Archie Vida29 hari yang lalu

    I'm looking forward to the evall Morty episodes

  61. RGkong

    RGkong29 hari yang lalu

    Who else is waiting for their *Phase 4 analysis?*

  62. RGkong

    RGkong29 hari yang lalu

    Casandra Natalie yes!

  63. Casandra Natalie

    Casandra Natalie29 hari yang lalu


  64. Alex Blades

    Alex Blades29 hari yang lalu

    Yay more Rick and Morty

  65. Emily Bartrum

    Emily Bartrum29 hari yang lalu

    Idgaf what's in season 4. I just want to watch it. It's been soooooooo loooonnnnggg. Like it could be 70+ episodes of B.S. and I would be grateful. Just saying...

  66. Rony Orobio

    Rony Orobio29 hari yang lalu

    Great Rick impression.

  67. Grant Lauzon

    Grant Lauzon29 hari yang lalu

    They might be Aligatorbots?

  68. Deshani Prathibha

    Deshani Prathibha29 hari yang lalu

    Okay thanks but where's my Marvel sdcc video?

  69. lego marvel gaming

    lego marvel gaming29 hari yang lalu

    Can’t wait for everything to do with rick and morty season 4

  70. how to do stuff in 2017

    how to do stuff in 201729 hari yang lalu

    If Drake did a song 🤔 that would be lit

  71. Alexander John Leontakianakos

    Alexander John Leontakianakos29 hari yang lalu

    Thank you for your brilliant work.

  72. Omeir Khan

    Omeir Khan29 hari yang lalu

    Make a vid on the MCU Phase 4 slate

  73. Max Pelletier

    Max Pelletier29 hari yang lalu

    Elon Musk is also believed to do a cameo

  74. Zeph Deatherage

    Zeph Deatherage29 hari yang lalu

    Pickle Rick. That needs to die

  75. YoungGod Morningstar

    YoungGod Morningstar29 hari yang lalu

    Nice touch with the "Loser" breeze😂😂

  76. Nba kingb

    Nba kingbBulan Yang lalu

    What I'm hoping for is Season 4 is evil Morty

  77. Lukas LTU

    Lukas LTUBulan Yang lalu

    a cencer joke

  78. Jari Fuller

    Jari FullerBulan Yang lalu


  79. Trashy Studios

    Trashy StudiosBulan Yang lalu

    0:39 don’t you mean “Thor love and thunder “

  80. Jesse Noals

    Jesse NoalsBulan Yang lalu

    They aren't croc-u-bots, they are dinosaurs!! Look and the claws. They must be rapter-bots

  81. HungryForH2O

    HungryForH2OBulan Yang lalu

    I'm looking for laughter

  82. Jacob Taylor

    Jacob TaylorBulan Yang lalu

    I am looking forward to all of season 4

  83. Gary McFarez

    Gary McFarezBulan Yang lalu

    it would be cool if they made a scary episode, the halloween simpsons were cool

  84. mohammad saad

    mohammad saadBulan Yang lalu

    Do marvel reveal video asap please

  85. ralegar5

    ralegar5Bulan Yang lalu

    but chicken nuggies and teriyaki szechuan sauce