Rich and Mike's The Rise of Skywalker Predictions Video


  1. Motley Jester

    Motley Jester4 jam yang lalu

    My TERRIBLY AWEFUL THEORY. Rey spontaineously "emerged" from the force as a young female humanoid. (References scene in the force cave where Rey only sees herself infinite and final.) Funny enough, one could argue when Luke "unplugged" from the force, the force needed a balance and so created Rey from the ether.

  2. Kurzula5150

    Kurzula51505 jam yang lalu

    Stoklasa for Emperor. Evans as chief Ewok.

  3. Charlie Walter

    Charlie Walter8 jam yang lalu

    At least we have new badass female characters and plenty of diversity. You know how much black women love star wars.

  4. The Paintmarine

    The Paintmarine13 jam yang lalu

    The force goes away and it wipes the memories of everyone in the universe of knowledge of the force and then Kylo and Rey aka Adam and Eve wake up on the planet known as Earth and then Eve eats a fruit from the tree that looks a lot like the one on the island with Luke that had the Jedi knowledge. It is known as the tree of knowledge of good and evil, because of this Adam and Eve are thrown out of the Garden of Jedi 'er 'um I mean Eden and then the chosen finally shows up the newest Jedi named Jesus but his killed as we don't remember what Jedi are. That's why the 'Movies' are set a long time ago

  5. Erik Handel

    Erik Handel14 jam yang lalu

    Wouldn't the Death Star crashing on Endor create a extinction level event? Like the dinosaur meteor?

  6. Daniel Mirante

    Daniel Mirante19 jam yang lalu

    evil singing ewoks with a charred palpatine in the depths of a deathstar ruin would be incredible 🤣🤣🤣

  7. James D

    James D19 jam yang lalu

    I *wish* that I could just... wish away my desire to sing this song.... 🎶Just one more song friend, and then so long friend,... 🎶

  8. James D

    James D19 jam yang lalu

    Just one more round friend! And then something something I don't remember the words. Just one more drink friend! -Star Wars tm holiday special tm Starring Bea Arthur tm and a crazy giant rat tm and Harvey Korman tm pouring beer into his brain tm

  9. Marks Madmarktigan

    Marks MadmarktiganHari Yang lalu

    Rei is a clone of Palpatine

  10. Donovan Greenwood

    Donovan GreenwoodHari Yang lalu

    there is only ever two sith. one master, one apprentice (we currently have one) and for some reason Palpatine's quote "Darth Plagueis was a Dark Lord of the Sith so powerful and so wise, he could use the Force to influence the midi-chlorians to create... life" popped into my head when listening to your theory.

  11. Harlow

    HarlowHari Yang lalu

    STAR WARS: The Rise of Skywalker. "Awful." R.Evans. "A Horrible Time-Travel Story." M. Stoklasa

  12. Chidi Akara

    Chidi AkaraHari Yang lalu

    She's a Palpatine clone but female because "Reasons".

  13. Emperor Ssraeshza

    Emperor SsraeshzaHari Yang lalu

    Snake, you've created a time paradox !

  14. TubeScrewed

    TubeScrewedHari Yang lalu

    The Emperor fell into a chamber that had blast doors. He closed the blast doors with his last bit of force, and survived the death star's destruction.

  15. Thomas Joyce

    Thomas JoyceHari Yang lalu

    Rey is a clone of Shmi Skywalker. She was dumped on a desert planet to replicate original Shmis difficult life. She wasn't supposed to discover her powers etc. Episode 9 has Rey discovering she is inexplicably pregnant. Will a new Anakin Skywalker rise?

  16. dan223344556677

    dan223344556677Hari Yang lalu

    I like Palpatine but come on, at the end of Jedi he was as dead as dead can be

  17. Han Solo

    Han SoloHari Yang lalu

    luke the white XDDDD omg i love rich evans

  18. Greg B.

    Greg B.Hari Yang lalu

    Abrams sees the video and rushes expensive reshoots to replace BB-8 with R2-D2.

  19. Extra Bready

    Extra BreadyHari Yang lalu

    So. I've decided. What I've decided is the force is actually just the plot. Whatever you NEED the force to do, it can because the writer willed it. It IS THE ULTIMATE macguffin. It is the story, the religion, the purpose, the goal, AND 90% of the reason anything gets done.

  20. TOMMO Guy

    TOMMO GuyHari Yang lalu

    the time travel thing makes since when rumours of matt smith is in the film...

  21. Pouc Pouc

    Pouc PoucHari Yang lalu

    I just realized, being wounded on a salt planet!

  22. Julian Kowal

    Julian KowalHari Yang lalu

    they did the timetravel stuff in rebels sooooooooooooo..............f*** it

  23. Andrew

    Andrew2 hari yang lalu

    the planet is endor.. the moon is the forest moon "of" endor

  24. david allan

    david allan2 hari yang lalu

    or he comes out the shower bobby ewing style.

  25. KumaPaws376

    KumaPaws3762 hari yang lalu


  26. Animelytical

    Animelytical2 hari yang lalu

    "Writer of Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, and Justice League". I went straight to Google. I thought you were lying. Cripes. This is a guaranteed mess. Worse, is it will be boring too. Brian Johnson wrote and directed a movie which serves no purpose but to set up his own trilogy. Disney and these actors should be furious.

  27. capistons

    capistons2 hari yang lalu

    Star Wars is not a one hit wonder fairytale! How dare u?! Just need skilled, creative writers willing to explore this huge universe and tell its stories! Also, I dont think its that hard to piece together the current plot, WITHOUT time travel!!!!!

  28. Trumpisacrybaby dictator Narcissis

    Trumpisacrybaby dictator Narcissis2 hari yang lalu

    Rey is caring a bag but come on it’s her purse it has her tampons some money her makeup 3 extra Luke skywalker light sabers that she calls her own and a bunch of other junk

  29. Trumpisacrybaby dictator Narcissis

    Trumpisacrybaby dictator Narcissis2 hari yang lalu

    Women are the force , a force of destruction like no other

  30. Trumpisacrybaby dictator Narcissis

    Trumpisacrybaby dictator Narcissis2 hari yang lalu

    I know the emperor will come back as a feminist that uses his powers to protect and strengthen women lol 😝

  31. B

    B2 hari yang lalu

    Star Wars Episode 9: Safety Not Guaranteed

  32. koopk1

    koopk12 hari yang lalu

    the guy on the right is annoying

  33. DragNetJoe

    DragNetJoe2 hari yang lalu

    The backflip over the TIE fighter is just classic JJ Abrams idiocy. Yea, looks cool in slow-mo but make absolutely ZERO sense even in the fantasy world of Star Wars. I'll be interested to see (oh, wait, no I won't) why the TIE pilot doesn't just strafe Ray from a few miles away. I know that Star Wars physics have never technically made sense, but this is just moronic.

  34. ltshep

    ltshep2 hari yang lalu

    I’m not sure how I feel about Luke the Tired coming back as Luke the Light, but it seems like one of the more interesting routes they could take at this point. Also... on the topic of time-travel... what if they end the saga by just sort of de-retconning all of Legends? Anything that contradicts is just a different reality or whatever and it all exists simultaneously. I fee that’s the most benevolent ending they could write at this point.

  35. Rainer-Wilfried Kasuppke

    Rainer-Wilfried Kasuppke2 hari yang lalu

    22:26 I'd bring back Salacious Crumb

  36. joetca

    joetca2 hari yang lalu

    If the time travel is true then I now feel bad for Rian, no matter how good his movie was, it was going to be retconned by JJ anyways so now it makes sense why he shit on the series so hard and put the plot into a corner.

  37. ATS&CSecuritySolutions

    ATS&CSecuritySolutions2 hari yang lalu

    Oh, I'm afraid the boycott will be quite operational when the film arrives.

  38. ATS&CSecuritySolutions

    ATS&CSecuritySolutions2 hari yang lalu

    Oh, I'm afraid the boycott will be quite operational when the film arrives.

  39. ATS&CSecuritySolutions

    ATS&CSecuritySolutions2 hari yang lalu

    Oh, I'm afraid the boycott will be quite operational when the film arrives.

  40. Tommi Maatta

    Tommi Maatta3 hari yang lalu

    That editing and pacing, so many great laughs :D

  41. Geralt Rivia

    Geralt Rivia3 hari yang lalu

    who cares, it's star wars, the entire movie could be that kennedy woman taking a shit on a glass table shaped like the millennium falcon and it would still make a billion dollars

  42. superhavi

    superhavi3 hari yang lalu

    21:35 Wait a minute, Quarry! Are you telling me, you built a time machine... out of an A-Wing?

  43. jellybean91

    jellybean913 hari yang lalu

    I totally agree with the time travel theory that Mike has put forward. I admit that I love time travel plots (when they're done well!), but they're awful when they're done badly. I don't see how else they could undo the screw-up that is Episode 8, really.

  44. Lunar Sovereign

    Lunar Sovereign3 hari yang lalu

    not gonna lie, the first time i watched this it was like, yeah thats kind of funny as an off the wall theory, but now im thinking no this is super plausable (the rebels show set the precedent that time shenanigans are a thing) and i really want them to be right.

  45. vyse174 1665

    vyse174 16653 hari yang lalu

    Major re-shoots have been confirmed for ROTS

  46. spackoid

    spackoid3 hari yang lalu

    Do Mike & Rich work for Disney???

  47. Shane Busse

    Shane Busse3 hari yang lalu



    ITSRICHTIME3 hari yang lalu

    31:07 so that’s the snippet from the Tupac song

  49. ImMature

    ImMature3 hari yang lalu

    JJ Abrams is a good nostalgia engineer, not a good storyteller.

  50. Jesse Rapkin

    Jesse Rapkin3 hari yang lalu

    here's my force premonition: Setting: a dessert planet Rey comes on screen and into focus. She slowly parts her flowing robes. Kneeling purposefully, she relieves herself with a sufficient bowel movement. She then scoops it up and rubs it on the camera lens, breaking the 4th wall and everyone cheers. The end

  51. Thrid Eye Entertainment Nicht live

    Thrid Eye Entertainment Nicht live4 hari yang lalu

    Doctor Who comes with his Tardis and travel with Rey to the past xD

  52. Thrid Eye Entertainment Nicht live

    Thrid Eye Entertainment Nicht live4 hari yang lalu

    Actually i like the time travel therorie! Would be something different in a Star Wars Film :)

  53. AC3

    AC34 hari yang lalu

    I find it ironic I saw the most recent trailer in front of It chapter 2

  54. Call me KENNETH!

    Call me KENNETH!4 hari yang lalu

    Rey=space jesus confirmed.

  55. Edwin Spellcaster

    Edwin Spellcaster4 hari yang lalu

    Rey Skywalker.... Fuck this shit .

  56. Burpethead

    Burpethead4 hari yang lalu

    If time travel it would have to be after New Hope and before Empire - the first Death Star wreckage before Palpatine died in the 2nd explosion. Palpatine would be too old by this trilogy and we know he is a CGI character likely to present him as youthfull otherwise some new old guy would play him.

  57. Walter Reynolds

    Walter Reynolds4 hari yang lalu

    When is Rich Evans going to write a Spider-Man comicbook?

  58. J.D. Grimm

    J.D. Grimm4 hari yang lalu

    Reborn in the force?? Have you forgotten the feminist politics being force fed into this movie? No way Kathleen will let a man be a hero in this story.

  59. Kyubi

    Kyubi4 hari yang lalu

    they should've just did the old republic

  60. Lena Aalt

    Lena Aalt4 hari yang lalu

    I genuinely fear they might try and pull the "Darth Revan" shit when there's no similarity whatsoever aside from the fact that they both are apparently really good at using the force. I hate Star Wars at this point honestly.

  61. Mysteroo

    Mysteroo4 hari yang lalu

    The forest isn't endor though. Endor is filmed in the redwoods and those trees ain't no redwood trees