RiceGum Scammed his Fans AGAIN? #DramaAlert Ace Family CREEPY Video LEAKED! (FouseyTube BROKE!)


  1. IncenterZ

    IncenterZBulan Yang lalu

    I love keem

  2. Rebecca Spratling

    Rebecca SpratlingBulan Yang lalu

    Leaked? You mean willingly uploaded. 😒

  3. Purple Playz

    Purple PlayzBulan Yang lalu


  4. zaryab cheema

    zaryab cheema2 bulan yang lalu


  5. carttheman423

    carttheman4233 bulan yang lalu

    I got a gift card

  6. sodium chloride

    sodium chloride3 bulan yang lalu

    3:31 Message: Hi yeah no walking chopstick is defo lying

  7. call qalaxy

    call qalaxy3 bulan yang lalu

    anything to stay relevant eh rice?🤣

  8. Courtney Bridgit

    Courtney Bridgit4 bulan yang lalu

    I feel terrible for Fousey. I don't like him but what he went through was traumatic, and I wish him well.

  9. Jesse Garcia-saenz

    Jesse Garcia-saenz4 bulan yang lalu

    Fake ass family with gullible no life followers

  10. Brianni Walker

    Brianni Walker5 bulan yang lalu

    Awesome video.

  11. Dj Nrb

    Dj Nrb6 bulan yang lalu

    I liked bird box

  12. nineteen96

    nineteen966 bulan yang lalu

    You're shit is so dry 😒

  13. nineteen96

    nineteen966 bulan yang lalu

    Jake Paul's face reminds me of the blonde chick from hunger games face after it was fucked up by those wasp things

  14. nineteen96

    nineteen966 bulan yang lalu

    RiceGum is a fucking asshole. FAKE AF TWIG BITCH!

  15. justin Uh no

    justin Uh no6 bulan yang lalu

    Rice gum is a fucking joke his new chick is a rent a thot

  16. Kevin Mitchell

    Kevin Mitchell7 bulan yang lalu

    Hey you do the drama on celebrity's and youtubers can you talk about TV channel news next to youtubers and celebritys on dramaalert

  17. Munch

    Munch7 bulan yang lalu

    Well yeah, of course it’s used because the people who got it?

  18. mystry

    mystry7 bulan yang lalu

    It was before the video was posted I thought the same thing.

  19. Lunin S

    Lunin S7 bulan yang lalu

    Nobody cares dude and your youtube name is so gay.

  20. Aterhallsam

    Aterhallsam8 bulan yang lalu

    Who started the”did an oopsie” meme?

  21. Aterhallsam

    Aterhallsam8 bulan yang lalu

    Ur friend is a scammer, how does it feel?


    PSYCHO PATH8 bulan yang lalu

    Keemstar does not want a real job!! Biggest scammer on youtube. Desperate for attention!

  23. Burhan Arfan

    Burhan Arfan8 bulan yang lalu


  24. Jason 212

    Jason 2128 bulan yang lalu

    Go fuck yourself you stalker leave the ace family alone u dick

  25. SUPERYOUTUBER Guess who i am

    SUPERYOUTUBER Guess who i am8 bulan yang lalu

    Nigga is broke now😂😂😂

  26. Geez Louise

    Geez Louise8 bulan yang lalu

    Logan was trolling you on his IDreporter video

  27. BIGRahthe noob

    BIGRahthe noob9 bulan yang lalu

    How to kill the next generation Jake Paul it's a type of Heroine for parents put the antidote is .called keemstar

  28. Sky FFS

    Sky FFS9 bulan yang lalu

    dude, I like your channel very much, I like it so much that I would rather watch 4 or 5 of your vids instead of a entire episode of a good show on Netflix. Therefore, I would like to throw something back at u, it could be considered as a piece of advice. I know everything is quite steady with you but in this video, you mentioned that you are only getting 3% of likes from the total views. It seems, these numbers hv had improved thru out the time, it is obvious that you if you don’t repeated the same endings and reminder of “hitting likes buttons”, your video will receive a much higher percentage of likes out of views. In other words, if you watch something like the “breaking bad” or the games of thrones via your mobile, would you wait for the previously on XXX to play by by itself or you would fast forward to the real shit. You and many other ppl might wonder who the fu(k am I to suggest Sth like this(where every significant IDreporterr has a unique intro) , but let’s just say that it is user behavior psychology that making you the money, even if you(or your team) don’t think my suggestions worth a try, it is best to try move outside the box a lil, or never complain about getting not enough likes or subs. Lastly, everything I wrote is out of love, respect, and well wishes for your channel to thrive. For anyone who reaches this line, please do press the like to my comment, but press like only if you like this channel and agree with me, and wanna contributes constructive ideas to make this channel better. Thanks, And yes I am 100% Chinese, and yes I am actually living in China. I don’t think these would offend anybody, but once again the internet is filled with sensitive weird tards.

  29. Stephanie Bautista

    Stephanie Bautista9 bulan yang lalu

    Bird box was a good movie I already watched it like thousands of times

  30. Eric Wright

    Eric Wright9 bulan yang lalu

    Leave oopsies to Gloria

  31. Rene Del Castillo

    Rene Del Castillo9 bulan yang lalu


  32. Juan Facts

    Juan Facts9 bulan yang lalu

    5:36 😂Nobody whaches his videos that are older than 18+ 😂

  33. Car Tuber

    Car Tuber9 bulan yang lalu

    Get off of IDreporter, you racist gnome!!!

  34. Chris Shamona

    Chris Shamona9 bulan yang lalu

    This became the worst channel on youtube :/

  35. Phil Swift

    Phil Swift9 bulan yang lalu

    Chris Shamona “Prove me wrong”?, how about you prove your own god damn point.

  36. Chris Shamona

    Chris Shamona9 bulan yang lalu

    @Phil Swift he's quite clearly a racist biggot and,thinks hes better than almost anyone that watches his videos ever. Prove me wrong.

  37. Phil Swift

    Phil Swift9 bulan yang lalu

    Chris Shamona Why do you think that? Well what Rice Guy did was wrong no defending it possible. He cares if said a word, it’s just a word.

  38. Chris Shamona

    Chris Shamona9 bulan yang lalu

    @Phil Swift I find keemstars fake personality extremely annoying and i believe he is the personification of only caring about subs. He readily throws his acquaintances under the bus to be topical. Also watch his n word clip if you think hes a defensible person.

  39. Phil Swift

    Phil Swift9 bulan yang lalu

    Chris Shamona How?

  40. Georgia Taylor

    Georgia Taylor9 bulan yang lalu

    You’re so creepy

  41. Georgia Taylor

    Georgia Taylor9 bulan yang lalu

    Phil Swift look up videos about him

  42. Phil Swift

    Phil Swift9 bulan yang lalu

    Georgia Taylor How?

  43. YoshiTheLyric

    YoshiTheLyric9 bulan yang lalu

    I watch jake paul Like if i should commit suicide

  44. Life-Line Gamers

    Life-Line Gamers9 bulan yang lalu

    Dear Rice gum, Please, change your name to Rice bean.

  45. recon games

    recon games9 bulan yang lalu

    you madertrucker why do you sau that to jake...jake is the best

  46. Black zeno

    Black zeno9 bulan yang lalu


  47. Splashy

    Splashy9 bulan yang lalu

    How do u find the austin video?

  48. Justas A

    Justas A9 bulan yang lalu

    No way keem is a dad

  49. jz2vador _

    jz2vador _9 bulan yang lalu

    We all know that ricgum is really gay, and he’s paying that thot money to pretend she’s his gf

  50. The master of card tricks

    The master of card tricks9 bulan yang lalu

    Oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah

  51. ThePenguinXW

    ThePenguinXW9 bulan yang lalu

    That be to hot

  52. Vicky vida Myers and Rodriguez

    Vicky vida Myers and Rodriguez9 bulan yang lalu

    But now this messed up why would you go show that too kid she couldn't even reach it etheir so he's lieing tell child no and take her out of the store Austin you need get yourself together casu that just stupid you one who too kid in store so it Austin fault I don't mean say this but what would your family think about this I love ace family but this just too far that just like child and you have children are you out of your mind you need stop this this just horrible

  53. Gelo Carrido

    Gelo Carrido9 bulan yang lalu

    Im not supposed to give my opinion.... BUT....

  54. kwnyupstate

    kwnyupstate9 bulan yang lalu

    ACE pedofile family.

  55. James Charles is CaNceLLeD

    James Charles is CaNceLLeD9 bulan yang lalu

    I feel like riches girl is only with him for his money lmao

  56. Sxcercy R

    Sxcercy R9 bulan yang lalu

    I wish Jake got hit by the cars. Anyone else?

  57. oh yeah yeah

    oh yeah yeah9 bulan yang lalu

    Oh yeah ye

  58. oh yeah yeah

    oh yeah yeah9 bulan yang lalu

    Oh yeah ye

  59. oh yeah yeah

    oh yeah yeah9 bulan yang lalu

    Oh yeah yeah

  60. oh yeah yeah

    oh yeah yeah9 bulan yang lalu

    Oh yeah ye

  61. oh yeah yeah

    oh yeah yeah9 bulan yang lalu

    Oh yeah yeah

  62. oh yeah yeah

    oh yeah yeah9 bulan yang lalu

    Oh yeah yeah

  63. Amber Theisen

    Amber Theisen9 bulan yang lalu

    Jake paul for the win my sis don’t like him

  64. ObsessedPoppy

    ObsessedPoppy9 bulan yang lalu

    Amber Theisen Go away amber

  65. Healluceus

    Healluceus9 bulan yang lalu

    2:00 EYYYYY!!! My dude playin rdr2 : D

  66. agent thotkiller007

    agent thotkiller0079 bulan yang lalu

    my man was playing red dead i love him already

  67. Mclovin420blazn

    Mclovin420blazn9 bulan yang lalu

    I got an add called extragum

  68. MrPeachey

    MrPeachey9 bulan yang lalu


  69. Hani Agha

    Hani Agha9 bulan yang lalu

    Oh yeah