Restoration reuse old DVD player - EVD player restoration & repair


  1. Tommy Jensen

    Tommy Jensen23 jam yang lalu

    Dont dump the dvd player in the mud for the future 👍

  2. Tommy Jensen

    Tommy Jensen23 jam yang lalu

    Now is IT just peace metal 😁

  3. Restoration & Making

    Restoration & Making22 jam yang lalu

    thanks for the comment

  4. Tommy Jensen

    Tommy Jensen23 jam yang lalu

    Have you dumped that player in dirt i newer in mi live seen so dirty player and i Am 55 year now 😁

  5. Fredy García Martínez

    Fredy García MartínezHari Yang lalu

    Que mentiras

  6. Fredy García Martínez

    Fredy García MartínezHari Yang lalu

    No creo mucho la vejez de ése DVD.

  7. Ardi Yansyah

    Ardi YansyahHari Yang lalu

    No dies itu


    SURAJIT NATHHari Yang lalu

    Bahar toh kasra thaa, andar mai ekdam naya tha

  9. Lobo Solitário

    Lobo SolitárioHari Yang lalu

    21:01 aparece no display 👉(no disc)👈👈🤔

  10. White Tiger

    White Tiger3 hari yang lalu

    Провода похоже сам отпаял, я не представляю что нужно сделать, чтобы они аж в двух местах сами отпаялись

  11. Karel Holecek

    Karel Holecek4 hari yang lalu

    Zapínat přístroj v neznámém stavu do zásuvky (AC) bez předchozího podívání dovnitř, případně základní měření, je docela odvaha. Aspoň že to dělá venku.

  12. edebby

    edebby5 hari yang lalu

    another fake restoration...baaah

  13. Rajveer singh oad

    Rajveer singh oad6 hari yang lalu

    सारा पार्ट नया डाला है

  14. FerNando BarRos

    FerNando BarRos7 hari yang lalu


  15. bandbgamesroom - Electronics, Urbex & More

    bandbgamesroom - Electronics, Urbex & More7 hari yang lalu

    This is so badly made

  16. RapidFire Muzik™

    RapidFire Muzik™8 hari yang lalu

    You got my Sub, great work bro!

  17. miguel souza

    miguel souza9 hari yang lalu

    Uma fraude não está lendo DVD😬

  18. Mike S

    Mike S9 hari yang lalu

    Тут есть 5 плееров, новых,в идеале. Пролежали 10 лет,перестали работать. Ни мыть ,ни чистить не нужно. За 20 баксов никто не берет.

  19. Mr Lekar

    Mr Lekar10 hari yang lalu

    Wonderfull sir you are great

  20. Restoration & Making

    Restoration & Making10 hari yang lalu

    thanks so much

  21. professional jilani

    professional jilani11 hari yang lalu

    this DvD is lesar not woraking thet is fake

  22. Babumechanic Repairing shop

    Babumechanic Repairing shop12 hari yang lalu

    Ere maghya DVD player running hauchi na naibe

  23. Alexey Dryamin

    Alexey Dryamin12 hari yang lalu

    дайте заработать колхознику, больше лайков, не жмитесь)).... поржал, спасибо)))

  24. StillCloser

    StillCloser13 hari yang lalu

    A player like this costs around 25€ so...

  25. Lyrical Gateway

    Lyrical Gateway13 hari yang lalu

    I would recommend using a silicone paste lubricant on the laser tracks. They dry up over time and with direct cleaning.

  26. Restoration & Making

    Restoration & Making12 hari yang lalu

    thank you

  27. Karmjit Singh

    Karmjit Singh14 hari yang lalu

    Ullu mat banao kisi ko

  28. Karmjit Singh

    Karmjit Singh14 hari yang lalu

    Are fake hai bai

  29. Dero from Down-Under

    Dero from Down-Under14 hari yang lalu

    You really need to get yourself a decent soldering iron. Talk about half-arsed soldering. Prior to installing the upper spindle support, you should have checked to see if the laser would try and focus. No wonder you cheated by covering up the 'LOAD' display, as I'm sure the unit couldn't initialize the DVD. Just a laser eye clean is all it probably needs... Very poor electronic resto, but adequate mechanical refurbish... 4/10

  30. Restoration & Making

    Restoration & Making14 hari yang lalu

    thank you for watching

  31. Bruno Vinicius

    Bruno Vinicius14 hari yang lalu

    Ficou novo na aparência, mas no funcionamento não funcionou, você acaba de perder um inscrito pq mentiu que o aparelho estava rodando um dvd e ainda tampou o display do aparelho que estava em LOAD, mostrando que você nao conseguiu fazê lo ler discos novamente!

  32. Karan Kumar sony

    Karan Kumar sony14 hari yang lalu

    Sale uper se dekhne me kachra aur andar se saph

  33. ιтz ѕαнιl νlσgѕ

    ιтz ѕαнιl νlσgѕ14 hari yang lalu

    Amazing 😍😘😰

  34. MsJinkerson

    MsJinkerson15 hari yang lalu

    nothing keep up the great work giving things an extended life

  35. MsJinkerson

    MsJinkerson15 hari yang lalu

    where ever you get this stuff you do a fabulous job a restoration

  36. Restoration & Making

    Restoration & Making15 hari yang lalu

    thank you. Do you have any ideas please propose to me.

  37. Extreme Tester

    Extreme Tester15 hari yang lalu

    You using nokia phone!

  38. MrVovanli

    MrVovanli15 hari yang lalu

    зачем? China product, price 5$

  39. WF B3

    WF B315 hari yang lalu

    Why in the hell do they make it so big when there's obviously plenty of room that could be removed. Unnecessary wasted spaces, empty. Sure looks brand new! Or at least a hell of a lot better than it did. Damn, what a difference!


    STAR ENTERTAINMENT16 hari yang lalu

    No dice

  41. Lucas Vinicius

    Lucas Vinicius16 hari yang lalu

    Buddy, do you know why the DVD player opens the lid by itself?

  42. Lucas Vinicius

    Lucas Vinicius16 hari yang lalu

    Pensei que era brasileiro

  43. Евгений Сергеев

    Евгений Сергеев17 hari yang lalu

    это на дурочка

  44. MeLarryO

    MeLarryO17 hari yang lalu

    Anyone notice that he masked out the display with his video editing software. The disc didn't load.

  45. HDXFH

    HDXFH8 hari yang lalu

    He cheated

  46. Wokkafumpe Star

    Wokkafumpe Star11 hari yang lalu

    MeLarryO I also noticed the (no disc) on the DVD player screen in Orange letters. And he was trying to blur it out

  47. Rômulo Braun

    Rômulo Braun17 hari yang lalu

    Achei a carcaça deste aparelho grande demais, pois dentro só há a maquina leitora de cd, sua fonte chaveada e a placa principal. se apertassem colocando a fonte perto da placa daria para diminuir o tamanho da carcaça. mas pelo que vi seu painel tem diversos botões. então a carça é grande por conta das funções no painel

  48. Restoration & Making

    Restoration & Making17 hari yang lalu

    yes. thank you for the comment

  49. spacecat

    spacecat17 hari yang lalu



    CLÁUDIO MORETO17 hari yang lalu

    👍👍👏👏👏👏👏MUITO BOM !!

  51. Юрий Антонов

    Юрий Антонов17 hari yang lalu

    где же такую срань нашел?

  52. Banty Kumar Sharma

    Banty Kumar Sharma18 hari yang lalu

    Bhaiya ji ek. Mera paas hai sony ka thiri chenjar kya aap use thik karsskte hai yaa mere number hai 9934465448

  53. ga jelas

    ga jelas18 hari yang lalu


  54. he's the Master

    he's the Master18 hari yang lalu

    It's EVD not DVD so it won't play consumer DVD's in the America's regardless of what it says. Product of Beijing Dynamic Power Company Ltd. hence PDC! Stopped making these 15 years ago!

  55. wigglin_willie999

    wigglin_willie99914 hari yang lalu

    Some EVD players can play DVDs. I had a "Roadstar" branded EVD player that could play videos from regular DVDs, and record video on DVDs. Too bad it stopped working.

  56. Capt. Don Sutton

    Capt. Don Sutton18 hari yang lalu

    What did you use to remove the rust from the screws

  57. serkan Kılıç

    serkan Kılıç18 hari yang lalu

    no disk :(

  58. Jhustine Morales

    Jhustine Morales5 hari yang lalu

    fake video

  59. Vengatesh s

    Vengatesh s11 hari yang lalu

    Pakathula usb plug in ayirunthatha parkalaya

  60. rayman Jobs

    rayman Jobs18 hari yang lalu

    Oh my god "no disk" LOL

  61. Jhustine Morales

    Jhustine Morales5 hari yang lalu

    fake video

  62. Wokkafumpe Star

    Wokkafumpe Star11 hari yang lalu

    rayman Jobs I know, I thought it was funny too 😂

  63. Swag Paper

    Swag Paper18 hari yang lalu

    Well talented

  64. SmoggyLamb Gaming

    SmoggyLamb Gaming19 hari yang lalu

    WTF is an EVD disc?

  65. RoughJustice 2k18

    RoughJustice 2k1815 hari yang lalu

    Enhanced Versatile Disc

  66. Steve Hacker

    Steve Hacker19 hari yang lalu

    What is the spray cleaner you are using?

  67. IDDQD

    IDDQD19 hari yang lalu


  68. Name Surname

    Name Surname19 hari yang lalu

    When you become more popular i reccomend you to sell some of this stuff on ebay if you want

  69. Name Surname

    Name Surname19 hari yang lalu

    Can you do game consoles or phones,laptops next?

  70. عمار ابو

    عمار ابو19 hari yang lalu


  71. Dante Escobedo

    Dante Escobedo20 hari yang lalu

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  72. Протасеня Павел

    Протасеня Павел20 hari yang lalu

    Лаик 👍👍👍👍😎!!!

  73. Ansh Bskavx

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  74. Maga Mamaev

    Maga Mamaev20 hari yang lalu