#RESPECT! Bulgarian Captain I.Popov talking to the fans to stop the racist abuse against England 0-6


  1. Chris84

    Chris84Bulan Yang lalu

    lol @ bulgaria fans there the lowest of the low scum of the earth, shithole country

  2. lukas 01

    lukas 01Bulan Yang lalu


  3. Albanian Boss

    Albanian BossBulan Yang lalu

    Bullgarians are gypsies, how can they pretend to be racists, lol!?

  4. Alex Leaud

    Alex LeaudBulan Yang lalu

    While I agree with what he's doing there's only one way to deal with fascists: a bullet to the head.

  5. Nikola Krastev

    Nikola KrastevBulan Yang lalu

    First nazism and fascism are two different things. Second your solution is fucking stupid to say the least.

  6. Alex Leaud

    Alex LeaudBulan Yang lalu

    @sillylittlesheep Jax I don't see any communists in the crowd. Can you show me the communists? I do see fascists doing Nazi salutes, though.

  7. sillylittlesheep Jax

    sillylittlesheep JaxBulan Yang lalu

    you mean communists

  8. sb cheruiyot

    sb cheruiyotBulan Yang lalu

    Ignorance at its peak_by bulgarees fans

  9. Cenotaff

    CenotaffBulan Yang lalu

    Where the hell did my comment go?

  10. Alejandro Barrientos

    Alejandro BarrientosBulan Yang lalu

    He shouldnt even be out there doing this its shameful and embarrassing

  11. Muhammad Araz

    Muhammad ArazBulan Yang lalu

    I respect him!

  12. Amenhotep Pimpernel III

    Amenhotep Pimpernel IIIBulan Yang lalu


  13. Joejoe Afgan

    Joejoe AfganBulan Yang lalu

    Amazing captain,,!

  14. bekindunlimited

    bekindunlimitedBulan Yang lalu

    He should be applauded for his efforts in trying to bring calm to the situation

  15. Nazif Bracic

    Nazif BracicBulan Yang lalu

    Whilst I'm a great fan of the tennis player Grigor Dimitrov. Whilst he was here at the Australian Open. He looked very North African especially with his hair.

  16. Nazif Bracic

    Nazif BracicBulan Yang lalu

    @Michael Alexander If you work for money. That means people like you.

  17. Michael Alexander

    Michael AlexanderBulan Yang lalu

    @Nazif Bracic who the slaves?

  18. Nazif Bracic

    Nazif BracicBulan Yang lalu

    @Nikola Krastev Give the African man his dignity otherwise you'll run into trouble. Cheers Nikola.

  19. Nikola Krastev

    Nikola KrastevBulan Yang lalu

    @Nazif Bracic look I really have nothing against black people but I hate when westerners call everything racist. Now yes the fanbase said some racist stuff and what? A bunch of drunk stupid fans whose team fucking sucks what do you expect to happen? I am not blaming you in particular I am blaming this stupid snowflake culture we live in.

  20. Nazif Bracic

    Nazif BracicBulan Yang lalu

    @Nikola Krastev I don't think your very intelligent then Nikola.

  21. Nazif Bracic

    Nazif BracicBulan Yang lalu

    Ivelin pleading with a cigarette smoker.

  22. Ricardo Pina

    Ricardo PinaBulan Yang lalu

    Too bad his head coach wasn't this respectfull.

  23. Chris Cilia

    Chris CiliaBulan Yang lalu

    I reserve my judgment till the moment I am informed of the actual contents of the conversation with the racist fans

  24. Saint Cole

    Saint ColeBulan Yang lalu

    me too

  25. Diesel Estate

    Diesel EstateBulan Yang lalu

    Chris Cilla, A good point, well made.

  26. Naga kopite

    Naga kopiteBulan Yang lalu

    To stand up on this big days needed some balls and he did it ...Respect!! That's what a true Footballer is...

  27. Nazif Bracic

    Nazif BracicBulan Yang lalu

    It's a pity his skills don't match those of African decent.

  28. Ryoma Hashimoto

    Ryoma HashimotoBulan Yang lalu

    He has brave hart and we should respect him.

  29. Nimco Dewaal

    Nimco DewaalBulan Yang lalu

    Ignorance is the enemy of love.

  30. Hassan Ayoade

    Hassan AyoadeBulan Yang lalu

    I have just learnt to stand up for something. It doesn't necessarily have to work out, but stand,Still.

  31. Maxim Chehov

    Maxim ChehovBulan Yang lalu