Rep. Jerry Nadler: Mitch McConnell, GOP Are Covering Up For The President | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. Moosieman WTB BIKELIFE

    Moosieman WTB BIKELIFE7 hari yang lalu


  2. dragon ballz

    dragon ballz18 hari yang lalu

    Sleazebag penguin Nadler is a lying pos and should be removed from this country

  3. Dylan Martens

    Dylan Martens22 hari yang lalu

    Nadler's wife has cancer 😂

  4. Mr HappyFace

    Mr HappyFace26 hari yang lalu

    Make up statistics and show up to an impeachment with no evidence-because no crimes were committed-that's the Dem way. Then market it all through a fake mother f**ker like Morning Joe-that's the Pelosi way. The Democrat party is dead, so is the MSM…you guys just haven't figured it out yet. It's ok, I'll be here to dole out hugs when you do 🤗🤗

  5. Flood

    Flood27 hari yang lalu

    Do you guys know you're losing yet?

  6. David Stone

    David Stone27 hari yang lalu

    🆘 “Shame on lying corrupt Democrats who broke every standard of due process, transparency and fairness in their House investigation, making a mockery of their constitutional duty.” “They hid the identity of the original accuser, denying Republicans and the country the ability to judge his motives.” “They held secret depositions, barring more than three-quarters of House members, as well as the press and the American public.” “They called 18 witnesses, but blocked the president from calling any in his defense.” “The White House legal team was excluded from the proceedings-prohibited from cross-examining witnesses, denied the ability to introduce any evidence that spoke to the central question of the president’s focus on Ukrainian corruption.” The big kicker is : In the end, “Democrats approved two articles of impeachment that failed to identify a crime.” I see 4- more years of MAGA President Trump coming in 2020. 🇺🇸

  7. Wade Watson

    Wade Watson28 hari yang lalu

    What a Gonadler!

  8. Rzr 1

    Rzr 1Bulan Yang lalu

    So thankful this silliness will be over soon. Senate...Vote already.... Stop wasting our time and money.

  9. Ol' Ben

    Ol' BenBulan Yang lalu

    Nadler suffers from short-man complex.

  10. Mr Fixit Bass NM

    Mr Fixit Bass NMBulan Yang lalu

    1:51. That left eyebrow can’t be real. Looks like it came unglued and moved up. Lol!!

  11. alitlweird

    alitlweirdBulan Yang lalu

    Nadler is a #sleazebag

  12. tahiti treat

    tahiti treatBulan Yang lalu

    ' When the father of idiots met the morons of MsNbC'

  13. A W

    A WBulan Yang lalu

    We need the Presidential Nominees to take an exam in order to run for President and to get one of the top 5 grades. The test should cover ethical questions about foreign and domestic situations, American History, etc. Trump would not have been able to pass a written exam to be the President and our country. We are bound to be in better hands than this. You have to pass written test to drive a car but not be President of the United States. Civil Service jobs for instance for post office and Internal Revenue Service clerical positions, you have to get one of the top grades on the test out of the grouping of people who took the exam in a time span before the government job opening closes to even get an interview for the position. This horrible and scary position Trump has put America in has taught us he couldn’t pass a civil service exam to become President and we can’t risk another dope being elected as our President. EVER,EVER,EVER AGAIN!!!!!!! 🤦‍♀️

  14. Stro Productionz

    Stro ProductionzBulan Yang lalu

    What's with his right eyebrow?

  15. Darrel sibbet

    Darrel sibbetBulan Yang lalu

    Psychopaths are biologically unable to connect to normal human emotions. Furthermore, Psychopathic behaviors are clinically untreatable. Psychopaths are unable to comprehend their own wrong doing right up to the moment of their executions.

  16. Pat Nisbert

    Pat NisbertBulan Yang lalu

    Mr Naddler is a hateful man and I wonder how he judged people his whole career,such people should be burried face down when they die

  17. Fred Miller

    Fred MillerBulan Yang lalu

    I'm conducting a study to find out what is the cause of the brain damage Democrats suffer from. Did the doctor delivering you at the hospital drop you on your head or was it the booze your mother started drinking when she found out she was pregnant with you?

  18. Roar Isaksen

    Roar IsaksenBulan Yang lalu

    The 2016 election was invalid according to democracy. It will be much worse next time. Trump should be dragged by his tie out of the White House, kicking and screaming if that what it takes to save democracy

  19. Lolly Barnard

    Lolly BarnardBulan Yang lalu

    This is our election, not Putin’s or anyone else’s but the American People. I recent that our president is selling it to the highest bidder.On top of that, the republicans are helping him. Traitors GET OUT

  20. George Thompson

    George ThompsonBulan Yang lalu


  21. leonard wilson

    leonard wilsonBulan Yang lalu

    Trump ur right! It started the day when u stole the 2016 election

  22. Bruce Glover

    Bruce GloverBulan Yang lalu

    Mostly this is about the " I'm a US Senator" and you are just a lowly "minority representative". Reminds me of high school and the cliques going at it. In the end,$ talks.

  23. Paul Drusbasky

    Paul DrusbaskyBulan Yang lalu

    Naddler thinks he's a hero

  24. Soon Ex Republican

    Soon Ex RepublicanBulan Yang lalu

    Hillbilly justice is in order. Attack. Harass these protectors of corruption...GOP. REPUBLICANS. Trumps lawyers lied to America’s faces plain and simple...lame judge presiding over this needs to do his job..HE IS LETTING TRUMPS PEOPLE LIE TO ALL OF US. NOT RIGHT... GOP. All Republicans need to feel pressure to make things right...

  25. Jonathan Still

    Jonathan StillBulan Yang lalu

    Flash a pair of stained jockey shorts when Dershowench is giving his crooked summation so that he and everybody else in he room can see them ! Just because Jeffery Epstein is now dead doesn't mean that we should pretend that decadence and corruption have died with him ! Those malefactors are still among us....and in Government ! Root them out from the top to the bottom and exile them to a deserted island.

  26. Leo Bisterbosch

    Leo BisterboschBulan Yang lalu

    GOP is a far as I can conclude today a bunch of mobs

  27. Barbara Witchey

    Barbara WitcheyBulan Yang lalu


  28. Mr V

    Mr VBulan Yang lalu

    Jerry "No Neck" Nadler looks like a cast out as a circus sideshow freak. And "Pencil Neck" Schiff, looks like a candidate for 'Ripley's beleive it or not" thinnest skinniest neck size known to man.

  29. Greylin High

    Greylin HighBulan Yang lalu

    This is what dictatorship looks like, the face of dictatorship right in your eyes

  30. pal pay

    pal payBulan Yang lalu

    Nadler is very sure it is a hoax.

  31. Iam Anamerican

    Iam AnamericanBulan Yang lalu

    Moscow mitch has worked to get sanctions removed so he could get a Russia company to invest 200 million in a aluminum plant in Kentucky! It all leads back to Russia! They don't call him Moscow mitch for nothing!

  32. Gene Roberts

    Gene RobertsBulan Yang lalu

    WHY? Why does MSNBC insist on having Claire McCaskill around. I can't think of a former Senator or Congressman whose opinion I value less.

  33. Da Al

    Da AlBulan Yang lalu

    Republicans are the absolute worst. All of them criminals.

  34. Ana C

    Ana CBulan Yang lalu

    Mr Jerry Nadler is a HONORABLE man of INTEGRITY.👏👏👏👏👏

  35. Fire Child

    Fire ChildBulan Yang lalu

    Lindsey Graham, STOP trying to make a case that people just hate Trump and this why he is being impeached. Are you Republicans THAT DUMB? I truly believe some of the Republicans were in on the corruption of what Trump was doing, and are trying to cover it up. THE TRUTH WILL BE REVEALED!

  36. Chuck D

    Chuck DBulan Yang lalu

    How can you have a fair trial without witnesses? Vote blue in record numbers 2020 , vote the lying hypocrite Republicans out of office.

  37. Corrected News

    Corrected NewsBulan Yang lalu

    The Ranger interviews Yogi while Boo Boo looks on.

  38. Cristos Palabras

    Cristos PalabrasBulan Yang lalu

    GOP bringing realism to this sham. Dismiss the sham and charge GoNadler, Pelosi and Schiff with treason.

  39. Boss Ny

    Boss NyBulan Yang lalu

    Mitch McConnel is implicated just like Devin Nunes neither should preside over these hearing. Despite Presence of Scores of Republicans; His Teammate Purpura Misstates When Ukraine Realized Trump Was Ripping Them Off; GOP Phalanx of 53 Senators Votes Against Documents from National Security Council, from State Department, from Office of Management and Budget, with Pentagon Next; GOP Also Rejects Calling Mulvaney as Witness; Schiff Argues “A Vote to Delay Is a Vote to Deny,” with Mitch Planning to Switch from “It’s Too Early” to “It’s Too Late”

  40. Boss Ny

    Boss NyBulan Yang lalu

    Mitch McConnel is implicated just like Devin Nunes neither should preside over these hearing. Despite Presence of Scores of Republicans; His Teammate Purpura Misstates When Ukraine Realized Trump Was Ripping Them Off; GOP Phalanx of 53 Senators Votes Against Documents from National Security Council, from State Department, from Office of Management and Budget, with Pentagon Next; GOP Also Rejects Calling Mulvaney as Witness; Schiff Argues “A Vote to Delay Is a Vote to Deny,” with Mitch Planning to Switch from “It’s Too Early” to “It’s Too Late”

  41. Alf Skrinskas

    Alf SkrinskasBulan Yang lalu

    An't you people worried? If the Senate permits this ridiculous impeachment charade to succeed every elected president will become a puppet of the opposition.

  42. Martin Taper

    Martin TaperBulan Yang lalu

    No spine, no guts - Moscow Mitch's zombie look certainly adds up.

  43. John Brown

    John BrownBulan Yang lalu

    If President Obama had done only half of what Trump has done, the Republicans would be ready to hang him from the highest tree limb.

  44. Ivonne Medrano

    Ivonne MedranoBulan Yang lalu

    Traitorous Mitch McConnell needs to Recuse himself for violating his Oath of Office, vote him out as well he is not worthy of his position.

  45. Ono Puni

    Ono PuniBulan Yang lalu

    OXYMORON=trial without witnesses OXYMORON=2 circumstances that cannot exist together in reality like 'cruel kindness' Blessings, Love is the answer

  46. Steve Sanzari

    Steve SanzariBulan Yang lalu

    What Happened ? Who woke up Nadler ! All these DemoRat Mgrs Ar really Ignorant 3 Trials and DemoRats will LOSE Everything ! They Don’t have any case and NEVER Had a Case ! They don’ have any Self respective DemoRat supporters ! But Now they just have the Young and the extremely Dumb ! These two asholes Mika and Joe were Donald Trumps Lap dogs ! But then they got Madcow disease ! I ou want to know anything ! Don’t listen to these two Douches ! Fake News X 10000 !

  47. Christophe Breland

    Christophe BrelandBulan Yang lalu

    They said just play all the hypocrisy the GOP in this case


    BARTETMEDIABulan Yang lalu

    Crooks covering for a crooked POTUS

  49. cableaddict

    cableaddictBulan Yang lalu

    Jeez, Jerry - Is this actually catching you by surprise? Stop complaining, and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. You have to publicly attack Moscow Mitch McConnell. - And LOUDLY.

  50. P.J. Squilik

    P.J. SquilikBulan Yang lalu

    In the upcoming “Impeachment” movie, the part of Nadler will be played by Danny DeVito dressed as the Penguin from “Batman Returns”. The belt goes around your waist Jerry, not your nipples.

  51. The Thinker

    The ThinkerBulan Yang lalu

    This Nadler chap is one gloomy sleazebag.... aways grumpy, irritable, frustrated.... Have NEVER EVER seen him even smile. This old hag is undoubtedly suffering from PMS 365 days a year!!!!

  52. James May

    James MayBulan Yang lalu

    MS NBC is obviously another Communist news network reading the same scripts as the CNN news propaganda Clinton cartel network to deceive all of you wonderful American citizens! And dethrone a duly elected president! I am so sick of this hateful garbage coming out of the mouths of these people! I wish they were no longer a news network! Americans know they'll have more of a job to do to then just clean out the swamp in Washington! but after the swamp is cleaned out , then clean out the news medias in America! And find out which ones are lying to us, obviously this is one of them! Just an extra tip off to all you wonderful people in America, if you really want to know the truth about what's going on in the impeachment trial you should look at C-SPAN because C-SPAN is a direct line into the White House impeachment trials! A direct line that is not bias nor changed to suit somebody's particular interest like these fake news media's Who are brainwashing all of America with the same script! There's so stupid they can't even come up with their own story, That they've got a feed off each other! If you want the truth right for me those who are doing the impeachment trial and not those who are watching the impeachment trial while they give you their own hopeful bias information hoping to change the 2020 election to give us all over into a communist movement and destroy our freedoms so that all America will no longer have a first and second amendment left in the constitution! What is it again C-SPAN is the way to go for a direct line into the White House bypassing these Clinton news network propaganda machine's!😎👍👍

  53. Ed Dalce

    Ed DalceBulan Yang lalu

    Everything we do is a testimony of who we are. Election of Donald J Trump, Russian meddling in the that election or not, the 2020 presidential election, etc.,etc

  54. John Wheaton

    John WheatonBulan Yang lalu

    Long Live Jerry Nadler 🖒

  55. Mrs. Josh Randall

    Mrs. Josh RandallBulan Yang lalu

    Blah blah blah.. same old same old..shyt. different day!

  56. Pat Doyle

    Pat DoyleBulan Yang lalu

    I like what Schiff said about Dershowitz - the reason they brought in a criminal lawyer to make that argument is that no self-respecting Constitutional lawyer ever would.

  57. Mark Lewis

    Mark LewisBulan Yang lalu

    More lies from the left as usual

  58. Yve Bella

    Yve BellaBulan Yang lalu

    VOTE massively NO to all republicans in November. They say NO to all Americans. NO to witnesses and NO to the documents. Give them a taste of their own medicine.

  59. Justice For All

    Justice For AllBulan Yang lalu

    Why is Dershowitz there? I would have thought he'd be raping another little girl.

  60. C D Delbert

    C D DelbertBulan Yang lalu

    Nadler is a steaming pile of schiff