Rep. Dan Crenshaw Gets Honest About Mass Shootings | Joe Rogan


  1. Ultranationalist

    UltranationalistMenit Yang lalu

    Shall not be infringed. That is final.

  2. Ashley Churchill

    Ashley Churchill3 jam yang lalu

    There isn’t money for paper and pens in schools, but there is somehow money for armed guards? Also, there was an armed officer at parkland and he did fuck all.

  3. Rutger Blom

    Rutger Blom5 jam yang lalu

    Maybe taking away guns won't solve the problem on the long term. But taking away the tool sure as hell prevents mass shootings now. I live in a county with very strict gun laws. Almost nobody has a gun. And to be honest there are almost no mass shootings. But then again we do have people driving into crowds, bomb mail and stabbings. So no it won't solve crime and it might not even lower murder statistics, but taking away guns will prevent mass shootings. The coin goes both ways

  4. hallmonitor98

    hallmonitor985 jam yang lalu

    how does that thing stay on?

  5. Logan

    Logan5 jam yang lalu

    thats the cleanest eyepatch i have ever fucking seen

  6. Mark A

    Mark A7 jam yang lalu

    Enjoyed this podcast but, if I may, the suggestion that the one of the main reasons for more burglary when the home owner is present in the UK is because we don't have guns seems a bit overly simplistic to me (happy to stand corrected if there's research that backs this up btw, but comment seemed anecdotal)

  7. Chris H

    Chris H8 jam yang lalu

    LMAO. TAPS ACT is not a red flag law. Crenshaw says it gives local law enforcement the ability to perform behavioral assessments to determine if some one should have their rights. IT is the same exact thing. Don't Vote for this guy if you believe in the constitution. Your rights cannot be stripped from you until you actually commit a crime. Does he think Law Enforcement Agencies have, a fuckin crystal ball? We keep giving up our rights to feel a little safer now, in reality we are just dooming ourselves to be taken advantage of later.

  8. Lord Anton Hvornum

    Lord Anton Hvornum8 jam yang lalu

    I'd like to see this guy "take the gun, it's easy" of any active shooter. Again, look at Australia and their gun control, it's obviously lowered statistics, so it's proven to work in the past. Sure, affects law abiding citizens, but is that to terrible when it solves a massive problem? You could introduce guns again once you have a stable release platform and a more pre-through through plan.

  9. Brendan Cook

    Brendan Cook8 jam yang lalu

    Next topic: What if teachers were allowed to concealed carry at work?

  10. Brendan Cook

    Brendan Cook8 jam yang lalu

    You don’t have to commit an act of violence to be dishonorably discharged.

  11. Mark Fitzpatrick

    Mark Fitzpatrick11 jam yang lalu

    I’m in Britain, when I was younger someone broke into our house, we went downstairs, caught the guy, offered him a cup of tea whilst we waited for the police to arrive. We did this because NOBODY HAD GUNS.

  12. Bryce Smith UPnCOMMA

    Bryce Smith UPnCOMMA11 jam yang lalu

    I can’t stop looking at his eye patch lol, how is it even staying on there? Why is it not fully covering it there’s a slit at the top.

  13. Clay .C.

    Clay .C.11 jam yang lalu

    The majority or these "incels" are not "incels" at all. They are scared of what the government is going to do to them when they accidentally piss off that woman. So they intentionally do and say things that turn women off.

  14. Barrick Golf

    Barrick Golf11 jam yang lalu

    President Crenshaw 2024

  15. Clay .C.

    Clay .C.11 jam yang lalu

    If you want a healthy society then you have got to let people create their own future instead of trying to legislate everyone down the same damn path. This is the problem. We are not preparing children for reality. We are preparing them for a conceptualized utopia that all evidence says isn't going to happen. They are unprepared and will fail, then lash out in their frustration.

  16. zck2020

    zck202012 jam yang lalu

    Basically the proposed options are: A.) Disarm Everyone, which probably will just make things worse B.) Beef up security, which is apparently too scary.

  17. voteZDLR

    voteZDLR13 jam yang lalu

    Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold were the OPPOSITE of disenfranchised. Angry, sure. I mean that argument can be had and has been had so many times now. I personally do not think Dylan would've done it if not for Eric, I think it was almost certainly Eric's idea. HOWEVER they kind of fueled one another, and it's been reported many times by survivors that during the shooting Eric was mostly stoic. Quiet. Meanwhile Dylan was hooping and hollering and taunting people apparently having the time of his life. Him being the one that was the more quiet of the two. I think both of them were depressed, but it wasn't like normal teenage depression. That was the perfect storm for teenage terrorism, who knows what would've happened if they never met each other.

  18. Jim Geary

    Jim Geary13 jam yang lalu

    I had a friend in Israel who said the crime was so bad that they were putting locks on their bagels.

  19. Pedro Faria

    Pedro Faria15 jam yang lalu

    So, the fact that gun control measures are highly effective to curb gun-related deaths in virtually every country where they are implemented doesn't seem to register with these people...

  20. nate19ize

    nate19ize17 jam yang lalu

    tell your stats to the 100s of families that have lost loved ones in these shootings. I wonder how his fellow seals think of him now that he's one of trumps lil puppets

  21. John Wayne

    John Wayne17 jam yang lalu

    Threatening behavior: Government trying to take away GOD given rights .

  22. manufacturedfracture

    manufacturedfracture18 jam yang lalu

    My high school will never get shot up. 4 ex military police officers which are armed every day. They're been there 15 years

  23. Street S W A T

    Street S W A T18 jam yang lalu

    It is a challenge to get a dishonorable discharge. I've never seen one. But I've seen other than honorable all the time. Get enough DUI's, Other than honorable for example.

  24. Ian Kable

    Ian Kable22 jam yang lalu

    Considering many people look to law enforcers and makers for behavioral cues, who are typically narcissist at best or sadists at worst, I'm utterly shocked there aren't many many more mass shootings.

  25. blackmancer

    blackmancer22 jam yang lalu

    you can thank Michael Moore for making a movie about that shit and going global

  26. threepercenter03

    threepercenter0323 jam yang lalu

    Fluoride lowered violence stats. If you judge your life by where you can put your are a loser! Medicine and car accidents cause more deaths...are we going to restrict access to those?

  27. D Lopes

    D LopesHari Yang lalu

    I can’t take a Zionist who parades around as a patriot seriously! Once you take money from a foreign entity to pass laws that benefit a foreign country you are no longer a patriot you are a sellout!

  28. Jack Sutherland

    Jack SutherlandHari Yang lalu

    Be armed. Duh? And get the retarded 'no gun' stickers off of all buildings!

  29. dandil

    dandilHari Yang lalu

    "laws about crime fixed crime" WRONG. it's because they banned led additives in gasoline which made everyone smarter. Legit, go look it up.

  30. Dylan Fagundes

    Dylan FagundesHari Yang lalu

    He supports red flag laws so....

  31. Bike Builder

    Bike BuilderHari Yang lalu

    A traitor. And tyrant. He is an enemy of America.

  32. ChurBro93

    ChurBro93Hari Yang lalu

    Evil Morty

  33. Paul H

    Paul HHari Yang lalu

    In 1981 I was walking down the hallway between classes (high school) with a rifle that was rusty because of a flood in our basement. 1300 students, crowded hallways. The Principal see's me and asks "Watcha got there Paul?" I told him about the history of the gun and how my Grandfather gave it to my Dad when he was 12, and how Dad gave it to me when I was 12, how it became so rusty, and how I was going to resurrect it in shop class. He was holding it in his hands and pointed out to me to not disturb the make, model, and serial number while it's on the lathe. He handed it back to me and asked to see it when I was done. Two weeks later I walked into his office with a beautiful, fully operational rifle. He loved it. I put it in my locker and brought it home at the end of the day. My Dad was amazed at the restoration. Nobody was hurt, nobody (myself included) thought it was out of the ordinary. At any given moment there was probably 30 guns in the parking lot for students. To us it was like bringing your golf clubs to school. After school some of us might go to hit golf balls, and sometimes we would go skeet shooting. What the hell happened?

  34. pokiou

    pokiouHari Yang lalu

    Isn't 0% of deaths better then any percentage? I think people are confusing with totally removing guns and making it harder to get...I think the key issue here is that its WAY to easy to get a for guards at the school... how STUPID is that of an idea when the solution is basic... just make it harder to get guns. We have guns in Australia also.. plenty of them but to get them you need a license and police checks.

  35. Lelouch

    Lelouch22 jam yang lalu

    It's easy to get a gun because it's our right in the United States

  36. Joe Dohn

    Joe DohnHari Yang lalu

    Snake? SNAKE?! SNAAAAAAAAAKE!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Brian Kemble

    Brian KembleHari Yang lalu

    If you see someone very pale and ugly who probably lives in his parents basement playing video games and brooding over some strange sense of vengeance you shouldn't sell them a gun

  38. Queen Kylee

    Queen KyleeHari Yang lalu

    "assault rifle is not a real thing, it's not a real definition" Ummmm, yeah it is. Obviously he means assault WEAPONS. but assault rifle is a real thing. AK 47, m4, etc are assault rifles. To be an assault riffle, it has to be capable of selective fire (safe, single round, burst/auto) and usually over a certain caliber (otherwise it's an smg)

  39. scmb921

    scmb921Hari Yang lalu

    I’m all for keeping guns out of the hands of violent criminals but we need to seriously think about giving petty criminals the right to bear arms. It’s not fair to say that if you get a felony drug charge, you can no longer protect yourself with a firearm.

  40. Andrew Hill

    Andrew HillHari Yang lalu

    Oh good, rifles aren’t dangerous if you have an inflated sense of how awesome you are. Also, I’m glad to know that not having access to guns will not prevent someone from committing a mass shooting. I’m happy to know that guns aren’t dangerous because other things can also kill you. I’m sure we have all heard those stories of mass-stabbings where dozens or hundreds are injured and killed by one guy with a 6 inch knife with a bump stock. Comparing gun ownership in other countries to your own doesn’t count in this case, as both stated places have national service. This compares a trained soldier with reserve status to some guy who went to the store.

  41. Miles Shaffer

    Miles ShafferHari Yang lalu

    In Israel they are also trained to use the guns which is also key.

  42. Donna-Lynn Craig

    Donna-Lynn CraigHari Yang lalu

    Switzerland and Israel have mandatory military service , that may explain the difference in gun violence . I wonder why he never mentioned it.

  43. Alex Lozano

    Alex LozanoHari Yang lalu

    "It's crazy that they have to have armed officers in school" my school have police officers in the building every day there at most like 3-4 in my school

  44. who knows

    who knowsHari Yang lalu

    We have an armed police officer with a dog at my highschool and hes useless the only thing he does is harass people

  45. Kwashior

    KwashiorHari Yang lalu This set of statistics entirely disagree with the idea that knifes/hammer deaths are greater than gun deaths.

  46. Mohamed amine Lemmakni

    Mohamed amine LemmakniHari Yang lalu

    At the end Joe teach him his back kick.....and Dan teach him some CQC

  47. Todd Lack

    Todd LackHari Yang lalu

    I had armed police in my school back in 2001. Thought that was just the norm.

  48. Lord Dracoliche

    Lord DracolicheHari Yang lalu

    Guns were never the problem it’s how mentally unstable people use them in ways to create destruction and chaos. Getting rid of guns isn’t gonna fix the problem, it’s only going to make it worse for those who COULD defend their families if they had guns. In my opinion the way to prevent mass shootings is to make sure people who are mentally ill or have a criminal record cannot own any type of gun. Until they prove themselves fit for society. Which should take years to clear their name. But only once.

  49. chrisdarkly

    chrisdarklyHari Yang lalu

    It's funny to me that people think every problem has a solution.

  50. SomeRandomGuy

    SomeRandomGuyHari Yang lalu

    leftists are fucking retarded and they are all over the place, if i reach a point where i decide i want to go out and i want to go out loud and messy i don´t need a fucking AR, i could use a machete, i could use a axe i could use a car... fucking leftists talk about taking away the guns but not because that solves the problem but because that makes retard leftist feel good, like "we took the guns we made the world a better place" even if it wouldn´t change anything. memebers of gangs and psychos DON`T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT LEFTIST FEELINGS!!! they will keep their guns and fuck your children while you are hoping police won´t take 30 fucking minutes! Edit: i come from a country with high gun controll, i don´t own a gun.

  51. Brandon Harrold

    Brandon HarroldHari Yang lalu

    Let's just conveniently not mention that Swedish residents are not allowed to own ammunition they can own all the Firearms they want but the ammunition has to stay at the police station then they have to go to the police station and request a certain amount of ammo and fill out paperwork for exactly what it's going to be used for where and what time

  52. Nightfallondecadence

    NightfallondecadenceHari Yang lalu

    yeah "honest"

  53. Dave Clarke

    Dave ClarkeHari Yang lalu

    Ween your kids off drugs, educate them properly parent them properly and the number of mass shootings will fall.

  54. mkohlhorst

    mkohlhorstHari Yang lalu

    Putting armed guards and police in schools is not a move that will make anyone happy. But it is a move that mitigate school shootings.

  55. Vlad Baran

    Vlad BaranHari Yang lalu

    dude fuck this guy

  56. jacklegg21

    jacklegg21Hari Yang lalu

    Decriminalize weed and prostitution and the incels would probably stop shooting up schools.

  57. uhudla42

    uhudla42Hari Yang lalu

    It took me 5 Seconds of googling, to find out that "knives and hammers" are not killing more people than guns. and here fbi data

  58. jacklegg21

    jacklegg21Hari Yang lalu

    Assault rifle HAS a definition. M-16s and M-4s are assault rifles. Intermediate cartridge with select fire capability (burst or auto). AR-15s fail that definition because they only fire in semiautomatic fashion.

  59. Phillip Manuel

    Phillip ManuelHari Yang lalu

    Mass shootings are not terrorist attacks. Lumping in gangs with shit like Columbine is both wrong and insulting to the actual process. And listening to his bill which is just a stop and frisk reboot. And the fact that his initial statement about we don't have guards in schools is garbage and crap like that is how people push bs narratives to suit what he wants such as his new stop and frisk

  60. Daniel Amourose

    Daniel AmouroseHari Yang lalu

    " If I had a hammer, I'd hammer in the morning, I'd hammer in the evening, all over this land".

  61. Double G

    Double G9 jam yang lalu

    Barrow maxwell's silver hammer.

  62. Daniel Amourose

    Daniel AmouroseHari Yang lalu

    You know the old adage; "I lamented the man listening to the Joe Rogan podcast, until I saw a man broadcasting it.