Rep. Dan Crenshaw Gets Honest About Mass Shootings | Joe Rogan


  1. Seven of Nine

    Seven of Nine4 jam yang lalu

    Also.. lets keep protecting companys. , .. ..

  2. dimdaman

    dimdaman13 jam yang lalu

    Genetic engineering fixes all that in the future, I almost fell of my chair.

  3. Freedom is a Choice

    Freedom is a Choice19 jam yang lalu

    Get rid of gun free zones and stop mentioning the names of the perpetrators and making them famous. Once these assholes stop getting famous, and honest people are allowed to deal with the situation before the police can respond, this problem almost disappears.

  4. dustin jones

    dustin jonesHari Yang lalu

    arrrr there mate this turd wants the TAP act he is no good but thank you for your service but don't infringe on my rights

  5. Adam

    AdamHari Yang lalu

    I was in High school 10 years ago, lived in a fine city(have had maybe 1-2 murders in the last 15 years) and we had an armed guard in the school every day. It was actually relieving tbh.

  6. code_dredd

    code_dredd2 hari yang lalu

    We have the 2nd Amendment that guarantees our right to keep and bear arms _because_ that's the natural right that allows us to enforce our natural right to life. It's the same reason why Buffalo, which eat grass, have horns. It needs the horns to explain to the Lions that they should not eat them, nor the members of their group (e.g. family, friends), nor invade their territory (i.e. private property).

  7. Mr. Jack Straw of Witchita

    Mr. Jack Straw of Witchita2 hari yang lalu

    Columbine was not the start , not by a mile ... tell me why I don’t like Monday’s , U of Texas in Austin, but to name 2 of dozens

  8. froobtoob

    froobtoob2 hari yang lalu

    And a measure to reduce these issues, the retailer of that firearm should be held as an accessory to the crime.

  9. froobtoob

    froobtoob2 hari yang lalu

    doesn't Switzerland also have a higher education standard and those people in possession of firearm are usually conscripted/commissioned soldiers that have had at least 4 years standardized service? How does that compare to Tom and dick down the street just buying a gun "because"? And they also have a population of almost 9 million people whereas America has close to 330 million. I call bias this is bending the truth to reflect an agenda.

  10. Derrick Suede

    Derrick Suede3 hari yang lalu

    Dan Crenshaw used a fake statistic, handguns and riffles are responsible for 5 to 6 times as many deaths as knives and hammers. If you compare only riffles and knives and hammers you get Dan's "statistics". Source:

  11. André Martins

    André Martins3 hari yang lalu

    God thats Big Boss!

  12. Terry Wisniewski

    Terry Wisniewski3 hari yang lalu

    How many mass shootings occurred while the assault weapon ban was effect previously? There were only 15. Easy solution to seriously consider.

  13. Iridescentsquids

    Iridescentsquids2 hari yang lalu

    @Matt Danielson Homicide rate has decline in Australia since the mid-1990s. Crime-ridden places like Detroit and Chicago have more violence. Surprise, surprise. You're arguing chicken's and eggs. Add more guns to violent places and you expect gun deaths to go down? lol. Meanwhile, mass shooting occurs more frequently in states with looser guns laws.

  14. Matt Danielson

    Matt Danielson2 hari yang lalu

    Ok let's look at gun bans like Australia.. violent crimes and murders are higher... look at places that have the strictest gun laws like Detroit.. Chicago.. LA.. highest places for violent crimes.. taking guns away from legal law abiding citizens doesn't work.. period.. facts prove this

  15. Nunya

    Nunya3 hari yang lalu

    8:50 guards are not a new thing i had one at my middle school in the burbs in casselberry Florida

  16. wantafanta01

    wantafanta013 hari yang lalu

    joe sounds shocked that knives get used to kill people when guns are illegal. in canada guns and knives give you the same prison sentence :) up to 10 years..

  17. Kalas82

    Kalas823 hari yang lalu

    what a moronic conversation. there is only one reality...we don't live in the Marvel-multiverse. there are enough countries around with strict-gun-control and you need 5 minutes to compare the mass-shootings-toll to understand how insane having this conversation even is. it's not about murder-rates, it's about a mentaly ill person mowing down 10+ people in a singel insane rush. yeah, knives kill people, but rarely someone takes a knive or hammer and kills a whole bunch of people. how stupid can you be?...well very i guess….or you are very greedy and still want your NRA money/votes.

  18. rachman1noff

    rachman1noff4 hari yang lalu

    This guy is a moron

  19. x13years

    x13years4 hari yang lalu

    just grab the barrel of the mass shooter.. so simple

  20. Spencer M

    Spencer M4 hari yang lalu

    Take away assault weapons and shut the fuck up

  21. kingsoloist

    kingsoloist4 hari yang lalu

    Hammer? Well he's a man with impaired vision to see reality so I guess I have to go easy on him.....NOT! Look I get where he's coming from. He's citing a 2017 FBI: UCR statistic which does show there are more deaths by blunt objects than there are by rifles only. However, like all GOP who love to cherry pick facts, death by firearms in total still far exceeds death by non-firearm deaths. Sure regulating firearms in general exactly solve all the problems, but i still think it'll significant reduce mortality rates in general.

  22. Peter

    Peter4 hari yang lalu

    Going after the "tool" solved it in Canada, UK, Australia, etc... So yeah, you're full of shit.

  23. Stefan Vitale

    Stefan Vitale4 hari yang lalu

    If he ever becomes a judge, he needs a Mjǫllnir hammer as a gavel.

  24. yellowburger

    yellowburger4 hari yang lalu

    Joe "I don't necessarily think that really angry volatile people who have criminal records should have guns" Rogan.

  25. yellowburger

    yellowburger4 hari yang lalu

    Yuh think?

  26. yellowburger

    yellowburger4 hari yang lalu

    "It's very easy to take away an AR." Okay, this guy has had his fifteen minutes. See ya later Long John Silver. Can we get someone on here who's not a total moron.

  27. yellowburger

    yellowburger4 hari yang lalu

    Actually, he gets much better after than stupid comment, haha. He's not such a moron later on.

  28. TheBic4

    TheBic44 hari yang lalu

    Should have asked him if his eyehole smells

  29. Richard Frankenberg

    Richard Frankenberg4 hari yang lalu

    It is not safe to call them Terrorist Attacks. When will everyone understand how DANGEROUS that is??? Our Government DECLARED WAR on Terrorism. This constant narrative is just waiting to fruit. This will only give The Fed an excuse to Occupy and Declare some form of Martial Law. This tactic is very close to how Hitler disarmed all of Germany and Austria...

  30. Levi's Wranglers

    Levi's Wranglers4 hari yang lalu

    It's really weird that we didn't really have these theatrical mass shootings before Columbine, almost like there was some sort of federal assault rifle ban...

  31. ImVeryBrad

    ImVeryBrad4 hari yang lalu

    his power level is over 9000

  32. commissionergordan

    commissionergordan4 hari yang lalu

    Try and kill a dozen people with a hammer spree

  33. Cherryboy Edits

    Cherryboy Edits15 jam yang lalu

    China, 24 people murdered by a couple of guys with kitchen knives at a train station..

  34. Jerry Young

    Jerry Young4 hari yang lalu

    I understand what you’re saying and I’m sure I’m being a hypocrite because I’m sure if one of my kids or wife were shot by an idiot at Walmart I’d change my tune but...take their tool away and they’ll find another tool, like a bomb that can kill more than their gun. But I can’t protect my family very well with a bomb!

  35. Chris

    Chris4 hari yang lalu

    Gun control may not stop the issue but it will save lives.

  36. zackvanhalen

    zackvanhalen4 hari yang lalu

    The U.S has had mass shootings going back to the 1920s. Columbine was in no way shape or form an unprecedented event. There were many school shootings in the 50 years prior. The only difference is the way it's covered with these big 24 hour news channels.

  37. commissionergordan

    commissionergordan4 hari yang lalu

    The way it is covered is probably the biggest part of the problem

  38. JustMe

    JustMe5 hari yang lalu

    Wow that guy knows nothing about europe and gun laws here. He talks complete bullshit!

  39. Jade Harris

    Jade Harris5 hari yang lalu

    Depends on the mass shootings. The ones being organized by the left to push their gun grab agenda. Then the troubled youth who are not being raised by parents but by Mr TV and Hollywood and taking drugs that should only be prescribed to very few but are given out like pez. Giving cops authority to take a person's God given write to protect themselves is disturbing.

  40. Weston Hettinger

    Weston Hettinger5 hari yang lalu

    They are using that method because it dehumanizes the victims. As soon as they lay a shot down they go scurrying like animals, and at no point do they ever speak to them, and if they did they can be quickly hushed and killed. I can't think of a way to remove the dehumanizing factor from firearms. However it may be obvious, but their fear of humanizing them can be cured by making and sustaining social activity for them. Future mass shooters are probably playing Call of Duty right now. It's not the Call of Duty that is making them do it, it is the lack of other people in their life.

  41. Aubrey Lion Swings

    Aubrey Lion Swings5 hari yang lalu

    He's the one I love

  42. Larry Lindblom

    Larry Lindblom5 hari yang lalu

    Yeah but the people that own guns in Switzerland and Israel are trained military members not some yahoo with a pickup and a keg that wants to have a "good" time with a lethal weapon

  43. Maybe It's you

    Maybe It's you4 hari yang lalu

    And yet the "Yahoos" who want to have a good time aren't the ones doing mass killing or school shootings. Those happen almost exclusively by people with mental problems or disturbed children. But the overall reaction to these is to ignore everything relevant about the reasoning and simply say "BAN GUNS". Why? Would you feel much better about a mass killing if it was done by bombing? By arson? Poison? Seems to me the main objective should be to stop the cause of the violence. Instead we focus on something like the tool used to commit the violence. As if the violence would be acceptable if only a different tool was used. It's honestly sick. That is why I have 0 respect for gun grabbers. All they do is watch media and mirror an uneducated opinion. Just to feel like they are helping the issue.

  44. LakeVermilionDreams

    LakeVermilionDreams5 hari yang lalu

    HOW IN THE FUCK DOES A US REPRESENTATIVE NOT KNOW ABOUT INCELS?! It's very hard to scrounge up any faith in the government when they come off as ignorant as this...

  45. Katniss Tigerlily

    Katniss Tigerlily5 hari yang lalu Murders in the US in 2018 totaled 10,982, 7022 by firearm, 1591 by knife, 467 by blunt object. It appears your guest may have his pockets lined by the NRA. I don’t understand politicians lying about factual data that is easy to find smh

  46. BIG B

    BIG B5 hari yang lalu

    Joe. The solution is the human race needs a common enemy much like the feeling americans had just after 9/11. Or when Independence Day came out in theaters. You need an emotional trigger based on a common fear and threat for the people have a reason to fight it and not each other. We need unity and not division which is some peoples entertainment on this spinning rock we call earth.

  47. RawkL0bster

    RawkL0bster5 hari yang lalu

    Snake Eater.

  48. Jean Alesi

    Jean Alesi5 hari yang lalu

    "You are not going to a gun show" that was gold.

  49. Benjamin Tharin

    Benjamin Tharin5 hari yang lalu

    I puke inside everytime Switzerland (where i live) is being dragged around as the perfect example why gun control wouldn't work. This is such baloney. Don't just cherry pick your data.

  50. Eric Hollaway

    Eric Hollaway5 hari yang lalu

    The assault weapons ban worked then?

  51. jerry mayo

    jerry mayo5 hari yang lalu

    Ill fuck him in the eye hole while I hit a join

  52. SirUncleDolan

    SirUncleDolan5 hari yang lalu

    It's funny seeing someone that's both smarter than Joe and not high as shit

  53. Jonathan Soto

    Jonathan Soto4 hari yang lalu

    SirUncleDolan Almost all Joes guests fit this description............

  54. Faust Ordo

    Faust Ordo6 hari yang lalu

    Leftists say that waman should not be allowed to use a gun to stop a rapist and the justification is the waman can just piss or shit themselves so the rapist won't want to rape them anymore...

  55. Ron Gavalik

    Ron Gavalik6 hari yang lalu

    I find it unfortunate that people who suffer gun fetishes would prefer to lock down society with more cops rather than give up AR-15s that have been increasingly used in mass shootings. There's an obvious correlation between that particular weapon (and other similar weapons) and increased shootings. This is evidenced by the decreased amount of mass shootings during the 10-year assault weapons ban. I also find that Crenshaw is disingenuous in his characterization of legal and popular cultures. He keeps manipulating facts to fit his narrative, which is standard for a politician, but only helps to murder more people. I suppose his ambition is more important than representing citizens. Typical for the venial. For example, he's right about Switzerland owning more guns per capita, however, that country has forced military service and most of the guns are veterans' owning their service rifles. That's hardly the same as people with behavioral issues going in to a gun store and buying an AR-15. That country's gun ownership has also been dropping quickly. Then there's the whole issuance of licenses. The authorities there issue licenses in a strict way in local communities. Every single one is treated like a big, extraordinary deal. There's a ton of responsibility that comes with getting the license to own a gun. The people are taught to respect their firearms and keep them at home, locked up. It's not voluntary either like some class in the U.S. They absolutely require you to be a sane, respectable person, with a modest disposition. You can't be someone who loves to drink beer, strip your shirt off, and howl at the moon. Know what I mean? You gotta be a person of reasonable intelligence and has love for the community. You can read more here: I guess what it comes down to, is that people want confirmation bias, as usual. That's why this is a fight. Logically speaking, if we simply look at the numbers, the best measures are to ban AR-15s, make ownership a huge ordeal with licenses and background checks, etc., and to increase our social safety net. We need to remove stress from people's lives. Healthcare, guaranteed jobs with good wages, healthy foods, robust schools (without more cops), guarantees of low debts and zero bankers up our asses. Know what I mean? We need more community responsibility of the things we love rather than privatization where we're treated like cattle with credit cards. That might sound hippy, but the truth is, sensible restrictions to stop pouring war weapons into population centers will do half the job. The other half is love through community actions and a real sense of worth without being treated as paying customers for everything. We can then end fear of Muslims or Jews or blacks or whites or hispanics or Catholics, etc. Just give up that trash and give a damn.

  56. Ron Gavalik

    Ron Gavalik5 hari yang lalu

    There's only one argument: bring back the ban. It's logical and moral. As for vets hanging on to their guns, I don't personally have any issue with that. Although, I'd probably prefer those weapons be stored at some kind of range. The reason I say that is because I don't think people realize the rounds for most weapons can fly through walls, and most of us live in population centers (cities or suburbs). You don't want a powerful round going off and flying into a neighboring apartment, know what I mean? You don't want a home defense weapon where a round is fired at an intruder and it ends up killing the baby across the hallway or across the street. Don't experts say to use a shotgun with a spread for home defense? Personally, I own a pepper ball gun (like paintball). It stings to be hit, blinds the intruder, and gives me a chance to throw them out of the house until the cops arrive. That's just because I don't want to kill anyone. I don't want to speak for others. While I know evil exists in the world, the only people who'd break in my house are those with a drug problem. (I don't have any riches.) And I just don't want to kill anyone. I live alone. No kids or anything like that.

  57. TrevRev

    TrevRev5 hari yang lalu

    Ron Gavalik damn there’s a lot to unpack here. Im definitely not gonna pick apart each argument here. But as far as AR’s are concerned, why not take a page from Switzerland’s book. How about allowing current active duty, veterans, and those in other government agencies (with no history of violence, criminal record, good standings with the law, etc.) to own and possess “military style” rifles? Keep in mind I’m using super broad strokes for “military style” rifles. Pistol grips, adjustable stocks, and rails don’t make it “military”. Let’s just say weapons that can produce a high velocity rounds at a high rate of fire.

  58. peppaz

    peppaz6 hari yang lalu

    did his eye wound injure his brain as well


    GREBZSTEP6 hari yang lalu

    Dan, come on the show .. p.s its fancy dress too

  60. bovinemarauder

    bovinemarauder6 hari yang lalu

    Big Boss?!

  61. Josh Kaid

    Josh Kaid6 hari yang lalu

    Hammers and Knives are responsible for more DEATHS... but not murders. There's a BIG difference.

  62. KhaoticAssassin

    KhaoticAssassin6 hari yang lalu

    @3:30 Notice how he says all gun deaths not mass shooting, nice way to "dodge the bullet" there buddy

  63. Kenneth Noisewatt

    Kenneth Noisewatt6 hari yang lalu

    I go to Mountain Vista High School, and after the STEM shooting, they added about 2-3 more security guards/ police officers, it fluxuates, and I got used to it in about a week, granted I am comfortable with guns and guns in public, but I don’t think people will want to go for my school to terrorize if we have more than one security guard. Honestly, it’s a liberal county, but everyone got used to it after about a couple weeks.

  64. Iridescentsquids

    Iridescentsquids5 hari yang lalu

    A lot of people are opposed to the idea of armed guards because they don't want it to be a new norm, and are concerned it will take the place of better solutions, or make weapon proliferation more tolerable.

  65. Dr. Tetramin Flakes

    Dr. Tetramin Flakes6 hari yang lalu

    Switzerland has mandatory training and time serving in the military. you want mandatory military serves in US? yes or no? love with right wing hide fact to justify bullshit ideology.

  66. Dr. Tetramin Flakes

    Dr. Tetramin Flakes6 hari yang lalu

    GOD WHAT BULL SHIT, crime rate drop due to collation to abortions and birth control increase from the 60 and 70!

  67. Dr. Tetramin Flakes

    Dr. Tetramin Flakes6 hari yang lalu

    crazy people are all around the world so what is a problem in this country? there is mass shooting only as major issue in this country. mass stabbing in other country. problem is gun availability. a right without limit mean availability without limit. the second amendment is that citizen has right to over throw the federal government using a militia as a state power. now these militia today a domestic terrorist group like 3 percenters, oath keepers, sovereign citizen the montana freemen. you know CRAZY PEOPLE WITH GUNS

  68. Chris Hnatusko

    Chris Hnatusko7 hari yang lalu

    $100.00 a bullet. Problem solved.

  69. geoff mcclelland

    geoff mcclelland7 hari yang lalu

    joe "Id be able to stop a hammer" Dan 'Thats cause your a good fighter" joe "cant do a thing against an ar" Dan "Thats not true I could take an ar from you" says the SEAL one of the most trained soldiers

  70. Chris Lehman

    Chris Lehman7 hari yang lalu

    Tennessee has officers at the schools. I don't know if that's the whole state but where I live they are there. So, yes, we've had this before. It's not a new thing.

  71. Friggin America

    Friggin America7 hari yang lalu

    Didn’t this guy endorse Red Flag Laws despite swearing an oath to the constitution?

  72. DrewRT2B

    DrewRT2B6 hari yang lalu

    Friggin America he goes over the backlash he got from that. He tries to explain it.

  73. Matthew Han

    Matthew Han7 hari yang lalu

    What a dumbass... It's very easy to take a gun, as long as I have my hand on it... What will the terrorist ever do? If only a gun could shoot from a distance longer than an arm length.