Relate To Your Customers

  • 18 Sep 2019
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  1. Gor Mkhitar

    Gor Mkhitar29 hari yang lalu

    Do you consider relating to your customers? Subscribe:

  2. Keren Karine Pettibone

    Keren Karine Pettibone9 jam yang lalu

    I very much believe in relating to your customers. It is definitely game changing even in the business. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Fitness and Gymnastics

    Fitness and Gymnastics20 jam yang lalu

    This is so true. I can relate to your video. In my field in order to help them with what their goals are I would need to relate to them. You’re great and so to the point!

  4. Gor Mkhitar

    Gor Mkhitar20 jam yang lalu

    Absolutely you're right on point! You're so welcome, this is the reason we make the videos we make :)