Red Velvet 레드벨벳 - Psycho @ReVe Festival FINALE


  1. AMI

    AMI21 jam yang lalu

    OH YERI!!!!

  2. Naki Udon

    Naki Udon21 jam yang lalu

    1:33 1:51 0:41 is so amazing

  3. Putri Pertiwi

    Putri Pertiwi21 jam yang lalu

    whoever that always said 'lipsync' on them.. look that yeri's just made a laugh when she sang her part to gigling on you people

  4. Manweol Song

    Manweol Song21 jam yang lalu

    Damn ryt

  5. 어스

    어스22 jam yang lalu

    웬디 넘 이쁨❤

  6. ᅳ빛

    ᅳ빛22 jam yang lalu

    체크자켓 혹시 성함이 어케 되셔요? 음색 너무 예뻐요...!

  7. ok jik

    ok jik21 jam yang lalu

    @{큐 티 뽀 짝 }_지원 예린데용...

  8. ᅳ빛

    ᅳ빛21 jam yang lalu

    @{큐 티 뽀 짝 }_지원 앗 알려주셔서 감사합니다 ♡

  9. {큐 티 뽀 짝 }_지원

    {큐 티 뽀 짝 }_지원21 jam yang lalu

    웬디용 !!!

  10. 이재윤

    이재윤22 jam yang lalu

    라이브 레전든데??

  11. Sugarr Soul

    Sugarr Soul22 jam yang lalu

    Idk 😭 i need more please Get well soon wendy 💛

  12. Ayush Singh

    Ayush Singh22 jam yang lalu

    Wendy is just like Taeyeon,Vocals Princess

  13. lina

    lina22 jam yang lalu

    I rarely focus on red velvet but I’ve always been amazed at how beautiful they are! I’m always in awe looking at Irene! But Seulgi and Wendy voice is just amazing!

  14. Dollspo 0.2

    Dollspo 0.222 jam yang lalu

    they sound like their recorded versions even live wow ^-^

  15. 湯什麼士小火車

    湯什麼士小火車23 jam yang lalu


  16. Vierra

    Vierra23 jam yang lalu

    F u sbs

  17. Châu Nguyễn Minh

    Châu Nguyễn Minh23 jam yang lalu

    I Love Red velvet

  18. emsé

    emsé23 jam yang lalu

    Red Velvet is composed of amazing vocalists

  19. Atefe Khosravani

    Atefe Khosravani23 jam yang lalu

    I can die for this part 00:43

  20. 아미소니카

    아미소니카Hari Yang lalu

    I am an army but i am really obsessed with this song ..

  21. Eunice

    EuniceHari Yang lalu


  22. Dhia Syuhada

    Dhia SyuhadaHari Yang lalu

    Imma getting goosebumps everytime hear wendy's pre chorus 😍❤

  23. bs Pt

    bs PtHari Yang lalu


  24. ayum smr

    ayum smrHari Yang lalu

    my sexy joy💖💖

  25. Nunu

    NunuHari Yang lalu


  26. 이지연

    이지연Hari Yang lalu


  27. Day Moon

    Day MoonHari Yang lalu

    Nol ojomyon joulka Iron mamen to chomira Up and down ijom shimhe jojori jakujal andwe Hana hwaksilhan gon i dont play the game Uri jinja byulade Gunyang nega nomu joahe Non gugol nomu jal algo nal jwirak pyorake Nado macanga ji ingol Urin cham byolago isanghan saiya Sororel busojige Gurigon to kyeana You got me feeling like a psycho psycho Uril bogo malhe jaku jaku Dasian boltut saudagado buto danini marya Ihega an gande utgijido ante Maja psycho psycho Soro joa jungnun babo babo No opshin ojireopgo sulpojo giundo mak opsoyo Duri jal manate hey now we'll be ok Hey trouble gyonggo tawin opsi oneno Im original visual urin wole ireso yeah u rin won rae i rae seo Yeah du ryeop ji neun a na (heung mi ro ul ppun) It’s hot! Let me just hop o tok ge neol da rul ka? Ooh o jol ju reul mo la neo reul da lae go me sop ge ba lo cha do ga keum nae ge mi so jit neun neol o tok ge not ge seo Ooh u rin a reum dap go cham seul peun sa i ya seo ro reul bit na ge hae (Tell me now) ma chi dal gwa gang cho rom geu ri gon to kyeo ana

  28. Elaisha Gabrielle Cabonila

    Elaisha Gabrielle CabonilaHari Yang lalu

    Their voice is crystal clear✨

  29. EysteinWine Wyne

    EysteinWine WyneHari Yang lalu

    I love they being happy singing psycho

  30. Cindy Indriany

    Cindy IndrianyHari Yang lalu

    Oh my god beautiful voice

  31. DahMi

    DahMiHari Yang lalu

    I love Wendy and Irene ❤❤❤

  32. Ana Mae Tormon

    Ana Mae TormonHari Yang lalu


  33. Jennielicious Wattpad

    Jennielicious WattpadHari Yang lalu


  34. Dream_ fs

    Dream_ fs22 jam yang lalu

    maybe bcs you are not scrolling the comment section

  35. 김승온

    김승온Hari Yang lalu

    국한들인만 아알수볼는있 글댓.

  36. Dick Of Dade

    Dick Of DadeHari Yang lalu


  37. 은영:

    은영:Hari Yang lalu

    0:30 어떤분이세용? 너무 이쁘셔요ㅜㅠ

  38. 은영:

    은영:Hari Yang lalu

    @셰링[셰린:갓연이] 감사합니당!

  39. 셰링[셰린:갓연이]

    셰링[셰린:갓연이]Hari Yang lalu


  40. Kim Hieshii

    Kim HieshiiHari Yang lalu

    I really like this part 2:44 until 3:28💗

  41. SHARON

    SHARONHari Yang lalu

    im once but redvelvet vocals............🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😻😻😻😻😻

  42. dr_ _ _ _ove

    dr_ _ _ _oveHari Yang lalu


  43. khoirunnisss _

    khoirunnisss _Hari Yang lalu

    seulgi's vocals are no joke😭she's make me melt, help

  44. x.길뫼

    x.길뫼Hari Yang lalu

    역시, 레드벨벳 Gooooooooooooooooooooo좋아요ooooooooooooooood

  45. Shine Kim

    Shine KimHari Yang lalu

    not a fan of rv(i dont even know their names hihi sorry) but this one's a bop

  46. Dream_ fs

    Dream_ fs22 jam yang lalu

    @Shine Kim thank you ❤️

  47. Shine Kim

    Shine KimHari Yang lalu

    i cant stop streaming huhu

  48. A M R I T A .S.N

    A M R I T A .S.NHari Yang lalu

    Not a fan but this is bop af TT These ladies are the queens of Kpop Love from Army💜

  49. kalfin setiawan

    kalfin setiawanHari Yang lalu



    PARKJIMIN'SWIFEU :*Hari Yang lalu

    Y'all i dont stan girl groups but red velvet is just different! ❤ i like joy and irene but i also love the others ❤ i wanna stan themm

  51. Achmi Dolo

    Achmi DoloHari Yang lalu

    Seulgi's part is so soothing and wendy's high note is on different level I love red velvet so much .

  52. tresyyunk

    tresyyunkHari Yang lalu

    R e d V e l v e t L o v e R e v e l u v ♥️

  53. Andante A

    Andante AHari Yang lalu


  54. sardi manu

    sardi manuHari Yang lalu

    Si neng neng geulis 😊😍

  55. ツTiffany

    ツTiffanyHari Yang lalu

    Wait is this after the incident or before? if it's after the incident I'm happy to see Wendy ❣️

  56. Dream_ fs

    Dream_ fs22 jam yang lalu

    nope. this was a day before the incident. wendy is still in hospital. her injury will take around 6 months to fully recover

  57. Yeni Fitriani

    Yeni FitrianiHari Yang lalu

    No, this is just a day before the incident

  58. Raquel Moura

    Raquel MouraHari Yang lalu


  59. 박은서입니다

    박은서입니다Hari Yang lalu

    라이브인데 저렇게 잘하누

  60. schxwhite

    schxwhiteHari Yang lalu


  61. Bang Usman

    Bang UsmanHari Yang lalu


  62. Merli Manalili

    Merli ManaliliHari Yang lalu


  63. Manweol Song

    Manweol Song21 jam yang lalu

    Hoy putangina ka

  64. Manweol Song

    Manweol Song21 jam yang lalu

    Gago ka

  65. Dream_ fs

    Dream_ fs22 jam yang lalu

    @Merli Manalili who? you??

  66. she said _

    she said _22 jam yang lalu

    nagtago ka pa kaya ka nagtagalog ulul 🖕

  67. rbbenz

    rbbenzHari Yang lalu

    Oh your collecting trash? Wait imma give mine to you

  68. guest 12758

    guest 12758Hari Yang lalu

    예리미 너무 쑥쓰러워한닼ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ귀여워

  69. Kpop Lover

    Kpop LoverHari Yang lalu

    Tbh i hate it when people say Irene and ywri have no talent I mean just look at those gorgeous girls, their voice are incredible!

  70. Manweol Song

    Manweol Song21 jam yang lalu

    Whoever said that just slap them with yeri's collaboration with nct hair in the air her Harmonization with renjun are lit. And irene vocals she got the most stable vocal esp in chorus parts

  71. 너구리너구리

    너구리너구리Hari Yang lalu

    레벨언니들 제가 진짜 사랑하는거 알져♥♥♥ 0.1초라도 실물영접하는게 제 크나큰 소원입니다당

  72. Nikki

    NikkiHari Yang lalu

    I don't even know Red Velvet existed until I saw this video. That blonde chic is exceptionally addicting. And this song is a really nice one. ❤

  73. Wendyluvs Olaf

    Wendyluvs OlafHari Yang lalu

    She is the main vocalist, her voice is insane. Try to listen her songs or watch her performance 💙

  74. Nikki

    NikkiHari Yang lalu

    @Taeyeon Wendy highnote yeah. I looked for her after I watched this vid and found out she got into an accident bec of SBS' rehearsal stage. She got really bad injuries. 😔 Praying for her fast and full recovery. ❤

  75. Taeyeon Wendy highnote

    Taeyeon Wendy highnoteHari Yang lalu

    The blonde one is WENDY and currently she in hospital for 1 month already because of staff fault 😔.

  76. us

    usHari Yang lalu

    한국인 모여라

  77. Nils S

    Nils SHari Yang lalu

    O.m.g Wendy are u Okey???❤❤❤❤

  78. Morem Duckpat

    Morem DuckpatHari Yang lalu


  79. xoxo kim

    xoxo kimHari Yang lalu

    Overflowing Visuals

  80. xoxo kim

    xoxo kimHari Yang lalu

    Vocals on point

  81. xoxo kim

    xoxo kimHari Yang lalu

    Vocals on fleek