Red Velvet 레드벨벳 '음파음파 (Umpah Umpah)' MV


  1. Rosalia Rempillo

    Rosalia RempilloJam Yang lalu

    this song gave me a troll's soundtracks vibe

  2. 3VOJ enthusiast

    3VOJ enthusiastJam Yang lalu

    I hate you youtube. Seriously, they deserve moreee

  3. Time To Love RED VELVET

    Time To Love RED VELVETJam Yang lalu

    Hello reveluviesss! Hope you had a nice day today!

  4. Riham Ramadan

    Riham RamadanJam Yang lalu

    The bridges are goals

  5. Robin

    RobinJam Yang lalu

    Good Morning Reveluvs depending on your time zone hope everyone has a great day or a goodnight.

  6. 김종현

    김종현2 jam yang lalu

  7. Agung Sutejo

    Agung Sutejo2 jam yang lalu

    Something unforgettable~

  8. Adam Haiqal

    Adam Haiqal2 jam yang lalu


  9. gasbaj gabjajah

    gasbaj gabjajah3 jam yang lalu

    I'm not their fan but I think they deserved much attention than BACKPLINK AND TWICE. #TALENTS #VISUALS

  10. kim yuqi skz,idel

    kim yuqi skz,idel3 jam yang lalu

    30m is coming

  11. Cika Santa

    Cika Santa4 jam yang lalu


  12. junellnicolas

    junellnicolas4 jam yang lalu

    Love my Irene... Reveluv/Once/Midzy here...

  13. maggie_ freda

    maggie_ freda5 jam yang lalu

    RV DAY2 ALBUM ranked #13 this week, their longest consecutive charting albums on Billboard World Albums... TRVF Day 2 - 8 weeks (still charting) Well Done Reveluvs!! A new record!! LET'S KEEP it up!!

  14. ミ옌정

    ミ옌정7 jam yang lalu

  15. seulgi's pringles

    seulgi's pringles7 jam yang lalu

    Most of the reveluvs are multis so when this dropped they're excited but when times passed by and many groups have a comeback this was forgotten to stream. Reveluvs who only stan Red Velvet, let's str3am this!!

  16. Robin

    Robin8 jam yang lalu

    This song and Music Video makes want to learn how to swim again. :)

  17. Red velvet Fancam

    Red velvet Fancam9 jam yang lalu

    Is that true jan comeback of rv ?so day 3???

  18. riffgroove

    riffgroove4 jam yang lalu

    No. "Day 3 - Finale" will be a lot sooner than that. Wendy and Yeri already have new hair colors, which is a sure sign a comeback is imminent.

  19. Robin

    Robin8 jam yang lalu

    What is there a rumor about a January comeback? Thinking Day 3 Finale will be sometime in November like Peek-A-Boo and Rbb. Don't forget Peek-A-Boo was in November 2017 and Bad boy was in January 2018 so it is possible to have a January comeback too.

  20. Carpediem 789

    Carpediem 78910 jam yang lalu

    Luvies, let's get this to the 30 M soon. Wake up!!!!

  21. - i n R e v e r i e -

    - i n R e v e r i e -10 jam yang lalu

    It’s gonna be the end of the year soon... time pass so fast! Can’t wait for the music festivals and award ceremonies!

  22. riffgroove

    riffgroove4 jam yang lalu

    Lol... I hope SM boycotts MAMA again.

  23. JoyismyQueen 12

    JoyismyQueen 125 jam yang lalu

    Can’t wait for that too!

  24. Shamina Shaikh

    Shamina Shaikh8 jam yang lalu


  25. Justin Seagull

    Justin Seagull10 jam yang lalu

    Is it just me or does Seulgi remind you of Park Bo Young?

  26. Robin

    Robin10 jam yang lalu

    Something unforgettable ~

  27. sunwoo’s baby

    sunwoo’s baby10 jam yang lalu


  28. bql3

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  29. Luigi YT Channel

    Luigi YT Channel11 jam yang lalu


  30. Syahindah Akma23

    Syahindah Akma2311 jam yang lalu

    wendy is so adorable. Her face is full of happiness:-)

  31. Kaycee Gonzalez

    Kaycee Gonzalez12 jam yang lalu

    ☔️Umpah Umpah🏄🏼‍♀️ Full Daily Views (10:30 AM KST) *10/17/19: 26,055,364 (+73,776)* 10/16/19: 25,981,588 (+68,457) 10/15/19: 25,913,131 (+70,722) 10/14/19: 25,842,409 (+68,575) 10/13/19: 25,773,834 (+85,469) 10/12/19: 25,688,365 (+89,816) 10/11/19: 25,598,549 (+83,603) 10/10/19: 25,514,946 (+80,148) 10/09/19: 25,434,798 (+85,283) 10/08/19: 25,349,515 (+82,939) 10/07/19: 25,266,576 (+84,312) 10/06/19: 25,182,264 (+651,889) *5 day gap* 10/01/19: 24,530,375 (+111,721) 9/30/19: 24,418,654 (+128,325) 9/29/19: 24,290,329 (+135,046) 9/28/19: 24,155,283 (+129,823) 9/27/19: 24,025,460 (+118,086) 9/26/19: 23,907,374 (+142,280) 9/25/19: 23,765,094 (+150,911) 9/24/19: 23,614,183 (+144,332) 9/23/19: 23,469,851 (+950,779) *6 day gap* 9/17/19: 22,519,072 (+162,746) 9/16/19: 22,356,326 (+193,117) 9/15/19: 22,163,209 (+195,726) 9/14/19: 21,967,483 (+189,295) 9/13/19: 21,778,188 (+234,100) 9/12/19: 21,544,088 (+189,800) 9/11/19: 21,354,228 (+199,515) 9/10/19: 21,154,713 (+213,095) 9/09/19: 20,941,618 9/09/19: 20,941,618 9/16/19: 22,356,326 (+1,414,708) 9/23/19: 23,469,851 (+1,113,525) 9/30/19: 24,418,654 (+948,803) 10/07/19: 25,266,576 (+847,922) 10/14/19: 25,842,409 (+575,833) September 2019: 20,941,618 October 2019: 25,266,576 (+4,324,958)

  32. joohoney seulgibear

    joohoney seulgibear2 jam yang lalu

    we're decreasing :((

  33. Sakura

    Sakura13 jam yang lalu

    Any else notice in the rap part they incorporated some of there other songs


    SONE CARAT REVELUV15 jam yang lalu


  35. Fathi hatta

    Fathi hatta15 jam yang lalu

    finally 26M, hard work for 27M =)

  36. Lmao Lmao

    Lmao Lmao17 jam yang lalu

    im just saying this is a music video but everyone is talking about fx or Sulli i mean Of couse its upsetting i actually cried but i dont know why ur talking about her on a happy themed music video but id also like to say is to also like dont just come here to write that and leave with out watching the music video cause thats just rude ❤ Rip Sulli take care

  37. Gaby Mtz

    Gaby Mtz10 jam yang lalu

    @Lmao Lmao yeah, saying to people to not talk here about a person that just died because you don't like it and they should just watch the mv is NICE.

  38. Lmao Lmao

    Lmao Lmao15 jam yang lalu


  39. Gaby Mtz

    Gaby Mtz15 jam yang lalu

    The last comment about Sulli here was 2 days ago*, so who's "everyone"?? Just mind your business and let Sulli rest in peace!!

  40. TT don't mind me

    TT don't mind me19 jam yang lalu

    This song is so addicting....I can't stop watching the mv either ♡

  41. Victor Thammavong

    Victor Thammavong20 jam yang lalu

    The fact that groups like Dreamcatcher, EVERGLOW, LOONA, and SATURDAY had recently covered this on various shows, shows how legendary this song already is. Also, PENTAGON had recently reacted to this on FBE.

  42. Jimmy Cen

    Jimmy Cen20 jam yang lalu

    4k is lit

  43. Littlesprinkles9

    Littlesprinkles921 jam yang lalu

    oompa loompa?

  44. Blink_once_reveluv_moomoo _neverland_midzy_army

    Blink_once_reveluv_moomoo _neverland_midzy_army21 jam yang lalu

    K-pop ? Nah you mean K-bop 😏

  45. Baldoxxx4000

    Baldoxxx400022 jam yang lalu

    2:42 reminds me of "Morton Salt Girl" and also, she's the best vocal in Red Velvet?

  46. OnIoNaSeYo OpPaR

    OnIoNaSeYo OpPaR11 jam yang lalu

    Baldoxxx4000 that was seulgi!! The one singing is joy but the main vocal is Wendy!!! Joy voice is good too😍😍

  47. Last Romance

    Last Romance22 jam yang lalu


  48. Busy doing Streaming

    Busy doing Streaming23 jam yang lalu

    I MISS YOU!!!

  49. tiannn 09_

    tiannn 09_23 jam yang lalu


  50. superkawaiiblossom games

    superkawaiiblossom games23 jam yang lalu

    Umpah umpah means cuddle looked it up

  51. superkawaiiblossom games

    superkawaiiblossom games10 jam yang lalu

    @Kaycee Gonzalez 🤔🤔

  52. Kaycee Gonzalez

    Kaycee Gonzalez16 jam yang lalu

    Its a korean term for swimming lol

  53. Nasrul Zaffrey

    Nasrul Zaffrey23 jam yang lalu

    *2014: Happiness (Red Velvet OT4 Debut)* *2015: Ice Cream Cake (Red Velvet OT5 Debut)* *2019: Umpah Umpah (Happiness is nearby like Ice Cream Cake!)*

  54. I Love SM

    I Love SM23 jam yang lalu

    Number of dislike increase by 1k. The haters keep coming to this video just to push dislike button.

  55. ぴよひよ

    ぴよひよHari Yang lalu


  56. Al-Shaeed Muntasil

    Al-Shaeed MuntasilHari Yang lalu

    highlights of this mv seulgi's *raincoat* wenseuljoy's *high notes* yerene's *rap*



    So you mean everything 😂😂

  58. Al-Shaeed Muntasil

    Al-Shaeed MuntasilHari Yang lalu

    *26M* 💛

  59. 이은정

    이은정Hari Yang lalu

    좀 별로

  60. Patrick Gabito

    Patrick GabitoHari Yang lalu

    30M is near, let's get it faster. I know we can do it. Lets go, hwaiting!

  61. Gabesillygaming

    GabesillygamingHari Yang lalu

  62. Gabesillygaming

    GabesillygamingHari Yang lalu

  63. sunwoo’s baby

    sunwoo’s babyHari Yang lalu

    26m and das on period

  64. neotea

    neoteaHari Yang lalu


  65. Robin

    RobinHari Yang lalu

    Congrats! 26 million onward to 27 million.

  66. turnxpz._

    turnxpz._Hari Yang lalu

    BEST MUSIC I HEAR EVER! I'm Blinks who support my group idol and REDVELVETT!!

  67. riffgroove

    riffgroove12 jam yang lalu


  68. Siratda N

    Siratda NHari Yang lalu


  69. Rainbo W

    Rainbo WHari Yang lalu


  70. Yatno Yatno

    Yatno YatnoHari Yang lalu

    26.000.115 Yes 26m unlocked 17.10.19)

  71. bitch i'm a star but no patrick

    bitch i'm a star but no patrickHari Yang lalu

    Blink Here Supporting Red Velvet ❣

  72. 갓완

    갓완Hari Yang lalu


  73. 노래좋아

    노래좋아Hari Yang lalu

    진짜 다 이쁘다 ...

  74. Ui Penta Simatupang

    Ui Penta SimatupangHari Yang lalu

    Go go go 26