1. Guus Van dijk

    Guus Van dijk5 hari yang lalu

    Aimbot aka crying Jarvis

  2. Eklassur Rahman

    Eklassur Rahman11 hari yang lalu

    3:58 little did they know

  3. Ali Chehab

    Ali Chehab13 hari yang lalu

    I directly download tiktok

  4. Thelma Coby

    Thelma Coby15 hari yang lalu


  5. Ryder Hovermale

    Ryder Hovermale22 hari yang lalu

    Where are you going 😇

  6. Youtube Waves

    Youtube Waves24 hari yang lalu

    Did anybody see jarvis look at summer rays Ass

  7. Crime Clan

    Crime Clan28 hari yang lalu

    4:00 OMG


    NB BREAKZ28 hari yang lalu

    9:10 look at Jarvis Lol

  9. Ben Newbury

    Ben NewburyBulan Yang lalu

    This is the video where they decide to use aimbot

  10. Cooper Bailey

    Cooper BaileyBulan Yang lalu

    Is it just me or is sommer and Charlotte the only people that actually know what they are doing

  11. Eron Muja

    Eron MujaBulan Yang lalu

    Hahahahahaha 9:58 look at jarvis looking at soomer

  12. OmarRackkz

    OmarRackkzBulan Yang lalu


  13. LSupremeness 32

    LSupremeness 32Bulan Yang lalu

    tell lycescum to GET OUTTA HERE

  14. Shivani Shrivastava

    Shivani ShrivastavaBulan Yang lalu

    Somebody saw the pillow

  15. Tommy Maher

    Tommy MaherBulan Yang lalu

    Jarvis is lucky

  16. Sieya Martinez

    Sieya MartinezBulan Yang lalu

    I wish Jarvis can play again

  17. Snyke Gaming

    Snyke GamingBulan Yang lalu

    9:58 oii where is jarvis looking

  18. Sandra Vargas

    Sandra VargasBulan Yang lalu

    Who got triggered bcuz he said season 2

  19. Roy saja

    Roy sajaBulan Yang lalu

    Somerray the best girl in the world . Love her so much 😍😍

  20. dekkomedia

    dekkomediaBulan Yang lalu

    Pause on 10:01 🤣

  21. Sub to me for free cookies bro!

    Sub to me for free cookies bro!Bulan Yang lalu

    *Well uh, I guess I found out why Jarvis was banned...*

  22. YSG Melo

    YSG MeloBulan Yang lalu

    It was at this moment Jarvis knew he fucked up

  23. DantePlaysGames Garcia

    DantePlaysGames GarciaBulan Yang lalu

    Season 2 you meant chapter 2

  24. Curlyboi TJ

    Curlyboi TJBulan Yang lalu

    The only reason I diss liked is because ricegum is in the video

  25. Mellie Bryant

    Mellie BryantBulan Yang lalu

    I just watched I guess it is Sommer ray

  26. Najma Nuur

    Najma NuurBulan Yang lalu

    Yo im the Best fortnite mobile player and I’m the mobile clan leader so if anybody looking for a clan to join then add me Epic: THEFANTASYLION ( mobile players only )

  27. Iray Hoogdorp

    Iray HoogdorpBulan Yang lalu

    Am josgng septrecod faze kay in forntite atemshop

  28. Frederick Jacksonjr

    Frederick JacksonjrBulan Yang lalu

    Sommer ray kissed a girl off wildnout

  29. Daniel Purnell

    Daniel PurnellBulan Yang lalu

    9:57 Jarvis be looking

  30. Malcolm Fraser

    Malcolm FraserBulan Yang lalu

    At 9:58 Jarvis stares at sommers ass

  31. Sendy

    SendyBulan Yang lalu

    Whats jarvis where he is looking

  32. MightyE

    MightyEBulan Yang lalu

    Did anyone else notice the vibrater on the table at 8:31

  33. Gamer_David

    Gamer_DavidBulan Yang lalu

    Did ya'll see jarvis stare at sommer rays butt @9:59

  34. mizma-

    mizma-Bulan Yang lalu

    does kay ever change his shorts?

  35. Team SGL

    Team SGLBulan Yang lalu



    CRISTIAN SOTAMBABulan Yang lalu


  37. Havôc _fn

    Havôc _fnBulan Yang lalu

    Look at how that happened Jarvis got banned

  38. Benji Gonzalez

    Benji GonzalezBulan Yang lalu

    “Jarvis man your insane brooooo”Frazier

  39. I love My cats

    I love My catsBulan Yang lalu


  40. nitzuu 6630

    nitzuu 66302 bulan yang lalu

    Look at jarvis looking at his crush butt 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  41. RetroDani 123

    RetroDani 1232 bulan yang lalu

    does chai even go out of the house

  42. Brock Croskey

    Brock Croskey2 bulan yang lalu

    he flicked me off

  43. Logan Yocum

    Logan Yocum2 bulan yang lalu

    :Frazier Omg season 2 came out!!!!

  44. Δημήτρης Κουρεμένος

    Δημήτρης Κουρεμένος2 bulan yang lalu

    9:17 jarvis is looking to sommer's butt

  45. Namraxx

    Namraxx2 bulan yang lalu

    So we are gonna ignore that fact that 11:02 that she is butt naked in background

  46. Reverse croaKy

    Reverse croaKy2 bulan yang lalu

    my dads the best at hide and seek

  47. Boris Steenbeek

    Boris Steenbeek2 bulan yang lalu

    1:32 Kay said love sex

  48. V2 CarNage

    V2 CarNage2 bulan yang lalu

    Poor Jarvis when is bed was with fish

  49. Terrial Ricks

    Terrial Ricks2 bulan yang lalu

    I think that boi is sommer Ray boyfriend I guess I think I know him is he called faze rice hehehehehe

  50. Ryu Toguchi

    Ryu Toguchi2 bulan yang lalu

    Skinny Bosley?

  51. Mason Owens

    Mason Owens2 bulan yang lalu

    Wolf one v one Xen Bum Xbox

  52. Barrlruby

    Barrlruby2 bulan yang lalu

    That’s good pizza🍕🍕

  53. Carrie Dobson

    Carrie Dobson2 bulan yang lalu

    My tik tok is hillo109

  54. Markus Tylka

    Markus Tylka2 bulan yang lalu


  55. Tristin

    Tristin2 bulan yang lalu

    3:56 everyone in FaZe gets banned

  56. Ryland Collins

    Ryland Collins2 bulan yang lalu

    Look on tic toc and go to the search button and look up ree kid

  57. RaceWithPace b

    RaceWithPace b2 bulan yang lalu

    Why doesnt jarvis start playing cod

  58. YBK CLAN

    YBK CLAN2 bulan yang lalu

    8:53 omg

  59. hey hey

    hey hey3 bulan yang lalu

    Fortnite chapter two not season two🤣

  60. Made By Ryan

    Made By Ryan3 bulan yang lalu

    hm.. aimbot... this aged well...