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  2. Prateek Kedare

    Prateek Kedare15 jam yang lalu

    logo looks like a green dot.

  3. albisouldragon

    albisouldragon17 jam yang lalu

    Go to ALBANIA please...

  4. Happy 2 Kidz

    Happy 2 Kidz20 jam yang lalu

    wonderful video !! Great Channel :)

  5. Jeff Love

    Jeff LoveHari Yang lalu

    I'm hungry I want some

  6. 188JC TV

    188JC TVHari Yang lalu

    hi.. care to help a filipino blogger? please visit me. would love your comments..

  7. sb studio99

    sb studio9911 jam yang lalu

    Very nice video 👍💞💝💘💚💜👄💙💋💝💚👍

  8. kobey bai

    kobey bai11 jam yang lalu

    cook a whole cow next..then try an elephant, whale and so on😂u guys should make a bigger oven to do next record breaking cooking vlog like this one😄😄😄

  9. ron heyden

    ron heyden11 jam yang lalu

    Dreams come true man!

  10. Rohanna Mae

    Rohanna Mae11 jam yang lalu

    I feel bad for the bird, having to be roasted whole without a proper death. 😢😥😭🐣

  11. Sulaiman Galant

    Sulaiman Galant11 jam yang lalu

    Ostrich is a very lean meat, cooked correctly is yummy. You can buy ostrich in South African grocery stores.

  12. peter paul peters pauls

    peter paul peters pauls11 jam yang lalu

    not trying to be rude, but that looks disgusting.

  13. superninja gameing

    superninja gameing11 jam yang lalu

    This one is lean you get lean from ostriches

  14. Igotbirdspigeons

    Igotbirdspigeons11 jam yang lalu

    14:27 I would be eating her

  15. gnilttbs

    gnilttbs11 jam yang lalu

    The voice of the narrator is so American it almost sound like parody. In fact, this video is so American is hurts. Still watched every second of it though, and I congratulate them for the sheer determination.

  16. Kevin Fuenzalida Pugin

    Kevin Fuenzalida Pugin11 jam yang lalu

    Lmao they complain about 50 kilos beeing heavy. Lol


    PIG WITH 30K SUBSCRIBER11 jam yang lalu

    Out of 9.1k comments you found mine Here's a cookie 🍪 ( I HOOE YOU WILL BECOME SUCCESSFUL PERSON SOMEDAY 😇)

  18. Jose Collado

    Jose Collado11 jam yang lalu

    Dude kick ass video

  19. Rat King

    Rat King11 jam yang lalu

    0/10 no stuffing.

  20. Bharat Bhushan

    Bharat Bhushan11 jam yang lalu

    Leave Some Animal / Living Thing Uneaten. Show some Kindness toward Living Being. What message do you want to serve to the community, that anything is living besides Human can be killed and eaten?

  21. WACTO Support

    WACTO Support11 jam yang lalu

    PETA Would like to know your location

  22. Gaja Tamara Rioz Morgan

    Gaja Tamara Rioz Morgan11 jam yang lalu

    vegans have left the chat

  23. Thằng Bàn Bên

    Thằng Bàn Bên11 jam yang lalu

    3:44 i hope they have cleaned the trash bin :)))

  24. Charles-Antoine Gagnon

    Charles-Antoine Gagnon11 jam yang lalu

    me at the start of the video:what??? that looks horrifying,ugly and not tasty me when they get the ostrich out of the smoker:damnn it was wrong

  25. Nguhi Karanja

    Nguhi Karanja12 jam yang lalu

    From researching and shooting to editing and mastering, our ten person best ever food review show team...

  26. Masnun Rahman Bhuiyan

    Masnun Rahman Bhuiyan12 jam yang lalu

    This guy looks like kinda old version of Logan Paul

  27. TechWizPC

    TechWizPC12 jam yang lalu

    That bird can use some olive oil on the surface. it looks so dry.

  28. Jake Knelsen

    Jake Knelsen12 jam yang lalu

    Question...where would I buy an ostrich??

  29. Zain Ahmad

    Zain Ahmad12 jam yang lalu

    Its watering my mouth as its halal

  30. Unknown50567 1

    Unknown50567 112 jam yang lalu

    I would feel bad, but an ostrich once tried to peck out my eye at a safari so....

  31. ali jdeed

    ali jdeed12 jam yang lalu

    Sorry, but as always the Russians did it first

  32. Mariel ._.R

    Mariel ._.R13 jam yang lalu

    If u wanna try some Persian food or maybe a food-trip to Iran ; I'm here to help 🐙✋

  33. James Smith

    James Smith13 jam yang lalu

    Ostrich does NOT taste like chicken just saying

  34. Mariel ._.R

    Mariel ._.R13 jam yang lalu


  35. Mariel ._.R

    Mariel ._.R13 jam yang lalu

    That thing looks like a ALIEN 😐

  36. Shailesh Patel

    Shailesh Patel11 jam yang lalu

    Holy shit sigourney weaver would have shit her self 🤣🤣🤣

  37. Exclaw

    Exclaw13 jam yang lalu

    8:45 says "wow that looks great" while he's still behind the door 😂

  38. Matthew Bradbury

    Matthew Bradbury13 jam yang lalu

    You gotta do a scotch egg with one of those bad boys

  39. Thick Baby

    Thick Baby13 jam yang lalu

    Can you please make my birthday wish come true

  40. otis 22

    otis 2213 jam yang lalu

    Thats, that kinda meat you give a Standing ovation after eating...

  41. Matty Feldvari

    Matty Feldvari13 jam yang lalu

    Wings look disgusting

  42. Alienator 愚かな死人

    Alienator 愚かな死人14 jam yang lalu

    Inportant to know how to do this yourself xD

  43. ernesto dors

    ernesto dors14 jam yang lalu


  44. sanjay rai

    sanjay rai14 jam yang lalu


  45. qwertiedota

    qwertiedota14 jam yang lalu

    Next up - Roasting a blue whale whole

  46. Dorjee Namgyal

    Dorjee Namgyal14 jam yang lalu

    You ate ostrach next time how about the human flesh .....

  47. Ramen Noodles

    Ramen Noodles14 jam yang lalu

    Humans have been eating these large birds for thousands of years. Nothing new.

  48. sydney2067

    sydney206714 jam yang lalu

    Humans are the worst

  49. Cyanatic

    Cyanatic14 jam yang lalu

    *PETA has entered the chat*

  50. dj Blair

    dj Blair14 jam yang lalu

    it did look dam yummy....

  51. Oscar Hidalgo

    Oscar Hidalgo14 jam yang lalu

    Sonny idea for you !!!!! A shirt that says Best Ever food review show NO CUCUMBERS 🤔

  52. Yaw Appiah

    Yaw Appiah14 jam yang lalu

    Oh man a ding here 🤪🤪🤪🤪😋😋😋😋

  53. sam clark

    sam clark14 jam yang lalu

    Vegans have left the chat

  54. Toufiq-Ul- Alam

    Toufiq-Ul- Alam14 jam yang lalu

    and very soon Ostrich will become extinct.

  55. Jhoxi Hum

    Jhoxi Hum11 jam yang lalu

    @Toufiq-Ul- Alam It's you who do not understand your ignorance? Ostriches are farm raised animals for meat and leather just like chickens or cattle. My country has been farming them since the 1800's. There are thousands of ostrich farms all over the world Australia, South Africa, the EU, US, Canada etc. Like I said.....ignorant and uneducated! 5 minutes of your lazy ass on Google could fix your ignorance about ostrich farming but instead you decide to talk crap you know nothing about.

  56. Toufiq-Ul- Alam

    Toufiq-Ul- Alam12 jam yang lalu

    @Jhoxi Hum do you even understand what I said? When you have a high demand of animals they soon disappear... Dodo is gone, and many more will soon follow.. so instead of calling people uneducated...learn a bit more yourself.

  57. Jhoxi Hum

    Jhoxi Hum14 jam yang lalu

    Stop lying. Uneducated.

  58. Hey Hombre

    Hey Hombre15 jam yang lalu

    Surely you can’t treat Ostrich the way you treat beef or pork. Rubbing all that flavour into the skin is apt to spoil it.

  59. Upstate_518

    Upstate_51815 jam yang lalu

    I love how they just dump the "broth" into a big plastic trashcan like the one you leave out front on garbage day.

  60. bÉ ĐạT BaR TuỔi

    bÉ ĐạT BaR TuỔi15 jam yang lalu

    Welcom to vietnam🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻 zìa ziaa

  61. O S

    O S15 jam yang lalu

    That was amazing wish I was there 😆 great job guys ty for sharing 👍🏼

  62. Muhammad Sharok

    Muhammad Sharok15 jam yang lalu

    Worth my time. The typ of contnt i want to see😍😍😍😍

  63. almond intendencia

    almond intendencia15 jam yang lalu

    Patilawa ko bi gamay lng

  64. Yaser Khan

    Yaser Khan15 jam yang lalu

    looks 🤤

  65. Emperor Van

    Emperor Van15 jam yang lalu

    Fuck this

  66. Midnight Spellman

    Midnight Spellman15 jam yang lalu

    ......anyone else want some ostrich? Just me? K..

  67. kaicascata

    kaicascata15 jam yang lalu

    The most epic roating in youtube.

  68. Bayagra Von.D

    Bayagra Von.D15 jam yang lalu

    That's what i imagine when cooking a Dinosaur. Hopefully the Chickenosauraus project will be successful

  69. Nicole Reyes-Brinkley

    Nicole Reyes-Brinkley15 jam yang lalu

    Not turkey drums at Disney it’s ostrich / emu drums sticks they sell