Real Overwatch 2 Stroke RIP-TIRE


  1. colinfurze

    colinfurze21 hari yang lalu

    Sorry for the massive Gap in uploads people but I'm back with 2 MEGA projects, first of which is the Rip TIRE, then your in for a Star Wars treat. Also been sorting my Merch out due to demand so head over to the furze shop here Thanks for your patience people, I experimented with having a cameraman for this video but think I like it better when I film it myself as I feel it connects me to you you guys more but let me know what you think.

  2. Peggy Phillips

    Peggy PhillipsHari Yang lalu

    Fuck is the best way to do

  3. goldenretriever15

    goldenretriever1510 hari yang lalu

    Better when you film it yourself!

  4. bigi goblin eater

    bigi goblin eater12 hari yang lalu

    i think the camerawork is good here

  5. beengalas

    beengalas14 hari yang lalu

    I like the cameraman. It is a few to many 1-second clip, but the detail on your progress and work feels better.

  6. NorthernLaw

    NorthernLaw14 hari yang lalu

    Star Wars AND Overwatch???? I'm excited

  7. Åñïmê îs mŷ lîfë

    Åñïmê îs mŷ lîfë4 jam yang lalu

    Eeee im a junkrat main I love the tip-tire sOoo much

  8. Apollo's Gift

    Apollo's Gift22 jam yang lalu

    Robot's best friend- the Rip tire

  9. Dash_Niko

    Dash_NikoHari Yang lalu

    Almost forgot about the bunker

  10. James Dove

    James Dove2 hari yang lalu

    Definitely like it better when you film it yourself - killer job though - love it!

  11. Кот Кот

    Кот Кот2 hari yang lalu

    Надо нам такую штуку, от медведей отбиватся, ато заколебали людей жрать!

  12. Self Aware Devices / Bilinçli Cihazlar

    Self Aware Devices / Bilinçli Cihazlar2 hari yang lalu

    do you regret not buying the lot next to your home? also, how is your bunker?

  13. boris kryk

    boris kryk2 hari yang lalu

    Ну и шляпа

  14. Sir Moody Cheese

    Sir Moody Cheese2 hari yang lalu

    Everyone: WEAR SAFTY GLASSES Colin: bless you

  15. Niger Mcgauley

    Niger Mcgauley2 hari yang lalu

    Best IDreporter channel 2019.....cast you vote with a thumbs up

  16. Robin K

    Robin K3 hari yang lalu

    rip tire rips even before its supose to. Tire goes of into paint can even without any spikes. First attempt XD XD it alreaddy rips XD

  17. Robin K

    Robin K3 hari yang lalu

    using a saw on a saw

  18. Lewis Anderson

    Lewis Anderson4 hari yang lalu

    Or a Christmas tree shooter as Christmas soon

  19. Lewis Anderson

    Lewis Anderson4 hari yang lalu

    Build a robot

  20. Lucia Ambrogio

    Lucia Ambrogio4 hari yang lalu

    He looks like a clean less crazy junkrat.

  21. FMJPatriot

    FMJPatriot5 hari yang lalu

    Do you know what I mean? Colin: Knowuhmean?

  22. TheSquizzlet

    TheSquizzlet5 hari yang lalu

    I wonder how viable a alternating counterweight would be, like a thick metal pin that can jut out from left or right to weigh a free floating wheel left or right to allow it to steer. Of course you'd need to remove the "training wheels" and find a way to make the independent wheel spin enough to go on it's own.

  23. Wanderlust and Space dust

    Wanderlust and Space dust2 hari yang lalu

    Water ballast? Use a pump to shift water from one side to the other, which causes the tire to move in one direction or the other?

  24. adidasboy132

    adidasboy1325 hari yang lalu

    Can we have the old way of filming and editing BACK PLEASE?

  25. Jonathan Ambs

    Jonathan Ambs6 hari yang lalu


  26. Rob Stumbo

    Rob Stumbo6 hari yang lalu

    I'm honestly waiting for the military to recruit him and say "make us something stupid and destructive". From there we all just watch the world burn

  27. Alysaa Cowell

    Alysaa Cowell6 hari yang lalu

    Who did dislike are Motherfucke^

  28. Max Power

    Max Power6 hari yang lalu

    he's the real life junkrat, i wouldn't be surprised if he does his own leg prosthetic from the scrap in his shed. but now i want a rocket powered hammer so badly

  29. A5IP_OF_KD

    A5IP_OF_KD7 hari yang lalu


  30. Puji Jipang90

    Puji Jipang908 hari yang lalu

    Gk berfaedah banget si bngst

  31. Rasul Abdullaev

    Rasul Abdullaev9 hari yang lalu

    🤣👍🏽good blessings to you

  32. Артём Артём

    Артём Артём9 hari yang lalu


  33. The Nerd LOREd

    The Nerd LOREd9 hari yang lalu

    Company- Hello Mr. Furzen we were wondering if you could ma- Colin Furze: *Yes*

  34. Ben Jackson

    Ben Jackson9 hari yang lalu

    youre a nutter colin, good job

  35. SlinkerkittyGD

    SlinkerkittyGD9 hari yang lalu

    This was a very impressive project! one of your best! I do have some feed back though. I thought the spikes could be a little less flimsy. of course i could not do any better though. This was very cool!

  36. 焦糖QWQ

    焦糖QWQ10 hari yang lalu

    龍龍龍龍龍 龍龍龍龍龍 龍龍龍龍龍 龍龍龍龍龍

  37. PikaChokeMe

    PikaChokeMe10 hari yang lalu

    Watching him work all this machinery in a loose tie gives me anxiety. That's how people get ded. D:

  38. Nanuq 83

    Nanuq 839 hari yang lalu

    dead* Makes me anxious too

  39. Ryan Kelly

    Ryan Kelly10 hari yang lalu

    i'm conflicted

  40. chinthor

    chinthor10 hari yang lalu

    Now what you need is a brand new wall of death to test this thing on

  41. Jeremy Brookes

    Jeremy Brookes11 hari yang lalu

    Colin could've been the 4th presenter on top Gear or better still on the grand tour alongside May, Hammond and Clarkson.

  42. Matthew Squires

    Matthew Squires11 hari yang lalu

    The things you invent... They are amazing, what other things can humans invent? Floating bed? I bet Collin can't invent that

  43. Potato Gamer

    Potato Gamer11 hari yang lalu

    this fits cause the charecter is also australian too lol

  44. Nanuq 83

    Nanuq 839 hari yang lalu

    I was gonna say he's not Australian, he's British but someone beat me to it.

  45. reboot

    reboot10 hari yang lalu

    But Colin's British

  46. snuurtje

    snuurtje11 hari yang lalu

    Wow Blizzard really spending their gold on Furze 😍

  47. EdwiRey Pillon

    EdwiRey Pillon11 hari yang lalu

    What song is the outro?

  48. Kingster Sreejit

    Kingster Sreejit11 hari yang lalu

    How to refuel it?

  49. Nick nack patty wack show

    Nick nack patty wack show11 hari yang lalu

    Sthl makes a 660