Real Lawyer Reacts to The Simpsons (Itchy & Scratchy Trial)


  1. LegalEagle

    LegalEagle4 bulan yang lalu

    Try out Dashlane and help out the channel!

  2. Chrisa1984

    Chrisa198419 hari yang lalu

    Can you do the case of The Devil and Daniel Webster? Can we escape from being in the Devil's contract?

  3. delmarpainter

    delmarpainter24 hari yang lalu

    @The Shamanite Overluled! Facts don't care about your feelings

  4. The Shamanite

    The Shamanite24 hari yang lalu

    Objection. I sus bias.

  5. delmarpainter

    delmarpainter26 hari yang lalu

    On a different note, can you do a review of the Duke lacrosse case? Talk about the suppression of evidence and numerous ethics violation> Thanks

  6. Lou Appleby

    Lou Appleby27 hari yang lalu

    Are you a lawyer in Canada

  7. Joe W

    Joe W5 jam yang lalu

    “Written by Roger Myers and Joseph P Kennedy.” Wait, what?

  8. Emily Collins

    Emily Collins7 jam yang lalu

    OBJECTION! Most shows have made court scenes the same amount of time or even shorter than the court scene in the episode in question. If I can bring breaking morant to the stand please, your honor, I will prove that the court scene was even shorter than the one who is on trial today.

  9. dayton koonce

    dayton koonce21 jam yang lalu

    Objection! If the scene we see is correct then Bart retrieved that image from the comic book story owned by the infamous Comic book guy. As such we can ascertain through comic book guys personality, business ethics, and demeanor towards his merchandise that comic book guy would have a certificate of authenticity at an almost 100% certainty. Evidence to reinforce the likelihood of this can be noted when Mulhouse vanhouten is cut by the claws of a comic book pop out wolverine from a controversial issue and stains the page where comic book guy then charges Mulhouse for the damage that milhouses’ tear did to the comic. This showcases comic book guys greed therefore it would make sense he would have a similar greed towards all his products within his store.

  10. Luke Bannon

    Luke BannonHari Yang lalu

    It's a stand-in for Warner Bros. They created Tom and Jerry. Warner Bros. are notorious for hanging on to copyright material with their cold, dead hands.

  11. James Dean

    James DeanHari Yang lalu

    I love how when he laughs the real world lawyer reminds me of the Simpson's lawyer. Even got a bit of the look... mate you keep an eye out for the live action Simpson's film - you could play your favourite character.

  12. Virtual_Viking

    Virtual_VikingHari Yang lalu

    Hang on Leagle Eagle. You completely forgot to acknowledge a MAJOR court violation. When Krusty was on the stand answering the inquiry about if he knew the plaintiff (Lampwick), after answering the question, he got into a fight and ASSAULTED the plaintiff in courtroom. Granted, in the Simpsons universe, that kind of thing is swept under the rug like nothing happened. But surely in the real world, the case would end in mistrial, or at the very least be put in recess for a couple days. Then Lampwick could then add another assault charge against Krusty and perhaps win another settlement worth millions of dollars. Correct me if I'm wrong.

  13. ask

    ask2 hari yang lalu

    Itchy and Scratchy was more a stand-in for Warner Brothers, not Disney.

  14. Fuxy22

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    Nobody would actually disclose a copy if they were relatively certain it was close to finding the evidence somewhere else required or not.

  15. Nathaniel Eric

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    Motion to move on to Donald Trump's impeachment

  16. Vadapalli Chaitu

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    You say Lionel hutz is best worst lawyer but he won many cases in Springfield against that thin lawyer

  17. Peter Wood

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    Cape Feare: "doesn't your tattoo say 'Die Bart Die?'' "What? Oh no, that's German! 'The Bart, The!'"

  18. Josh Lucas

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    Wasn't this the same episode that Liver and Onions line was said

  19. Houston Yu

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    "and if he fights back, I'll say that he's gayyyyy~"

  20. Frankie Turzyn

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    "The best worst law official?" You can not have one or two and go together, it would come out "odd"? Tell me, do they just give out law degrees to anyone they feel like. Because That's weird, if they do? I know what I'm going to say, my lawyer is not representing me.

  21. Inverted Trollface

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    Objection! Well sort of a Backward objection You see If the of an other persons cartoon now I'd like to say itchy and scratchy Is a Re-write of tom and Jerry and wouldn't that be a Stolen idea?

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    Are you going to do a video on the Boy Who Knew to Much episode?

  23. Grace Graham

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    I know you probably won’t react to movies that your fans suggest but it’s worth a try. I would like for you to react to coco form Disney I feel like there is some things that’s should be discussed

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    do the goofy trial

  25. Mr L

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    More Lionel Huts episodes please!

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    White people are amazing and White countries are the best in the world

  27. Melphas 1230

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    5:38 So kinda like what happened with the original Night of the Living Dead. Apparently the name was changed during production but they forgot to update the copyright on the film itself so as a result the movie entered public domain.

  28. fangere

    fangere4 hari yang lalu

    No-one going to talk about "Gaylord Vs United States"?

  29. James Coffey

    James Coffey4 hari yang lalu

    Next do homer Simpson v the frying dutchman (all you can eat shrimp)

  30. Demonitization

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  31. Connor Buzzard

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    Why does this guy remind me of Ryan Reynolds? Also, can we get a Ryan Reynolds cameo? Lol

  32. Uhmkaayy

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    Objection Since you are judging this ep of simpsons. Impartiality of judges applies to you.

  33. gut holz

    gut holz5 hari yang lalu

    scale in the advertisement of Lionel Hutz is in favor for one side :D First Amend. violation by whom? The Flagburner? xD

  34. Denver o,connor

    Denver o,connor5 hari yang lalu

    is it true that disney made copyright so they can keep they're characters from falling into fair use.

  35. Amadeus

    Amadeus5 hari yang lalu

    Cartoon violence goes back to the stone age I am sure...

  36. Amadeus

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    Legal Eagle, I don't say the word Hero very often, but you, are the Greatest Hero in American History.

  37. Morgan Bennett

    Morgan Bennett6 hari yang lalu

    My high school history teacher showed me a bill amendment song

  38. Grimm Wald

    Grimm Wald6 hari yang lalu

    You say "the destruction of Gawker" like it was a bad thing.

  39. Dan Wendlick

    Dan Wendlick6 hari yang lalu

    Objection! IF the infringement had been going on for 75 years, wouldn't the studio have access to a laches defense, even if they had continued to produce new content into the time when the statute of limitations had not yet tolled? That is to say by not challenging within a reasonable amount of time, the purported creator had effectively consented to the infringement. The evidence presented seems to imply that he had known about the similarities between the characters from the beginning.

  40. Butt Head

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    You should do Idiocracy trial scene

  41. Ebizzill

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  42. Arctic Banana

    Arctic Banana6 hari yang lalu

    "Uh-oh, we pulled Judge Sneider." "Is that bad?" "He's sort of had it in for me ever since I kinda ran over his dog. Well, replace the word 'kinda' with 'repeatedly', and the word 'dog' with 'son'."

  43. Oboro Clam Chowder

    Oboro Clam Chowder7 hari yang lalu

    This video only makes me appreciate, even more, how well the first few seasons were written. Every time I watch them, I laugh for new reasons.


    LOST LOVE8 hari yang lalu

    These videos are so well made. I already feel like a lawyer!

  45. Ben  Hickerson

    Ben Hickerson8 hari yang lalu

    My favorite of the simpsons lawyer

  46. Jennifer Sexton

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    Can you do the trial in air bud?

  47. FlanneryVA

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    "...but it's my show and I can do whatever I want." OBJECTION! You're being corrupted by your power. I'd like to file a motion for appeal with the courts.

  48. Nicholas Walsh

    Nicholas Walsh9 hari yang lalu

    Objection, relevance?

  49. hector mendoza

    hector mendoza9 hari yang lalu

    that little symbol should return

  50. Musaed Alansari

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    13:23 look at the lawyers face 😂😂😂😂

  51. Dhruv Girgenti

    Dhruv Girgenti9 hari yang lalu

    This is great but please please please do the Freddy Quimby trial and the trial from Bart Gets Hit by a Car. Both hilarious episodes. The Marge vs. the Kwik-E-Mart trial is pretty great too

  52. Aquatic Sparrow

    Aquatic Sparrow9 hari yang lalu

    "It's my show, i can do what i want". Well yea, you are in your room and we all on the other side of the screen. Doesn't mean you have to rub it in like someone who just won their case.

  53. Faelyn Dexter

    Faelyn Dexter10 hari yang lalu

    Objection! doobly-doo is Wheezy Waiter's phrase.

  54. JP Abcede

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    please review/react to Psych s1e12. i stopped watching in the middle of the show only to leave this comment here.

  55. Two Kings

    Two Kings13 hari yang lalu

    Man. I'm exactly sure what you want your channel to be (comedy, serious, ect) but the fact you gave up a perfect simpsons quote opportunity makes me question. You said: without further adieu A real simpsons fan would have said: without further apu "OH I HAVE BEEN ZINGED AND I LOVE IT"

  56. Felipe Hormazabal

    Felipe Hormazabal14 hari yang lalu

    Good job

  57. Adam Filinovich

    Adam Filinovich14 hari yang lalu

    "First Amendment Violation" Yeah... That's why it's an amendment not a bill

  58. Will Anderson

    Will Anderson14 hari yang lalu

    1:15 OBJECTION! Itchy and Scratchy is a Tom and Jerry reference

  59. Cryo Temporal

    Cryo Temporal14 hari yang lalu

    I'd love to see your take on /Bart Gets Hit by a Car/, it's another famous court episode but from the earlier seasons, that one when... Bart gets hit by a car (Mr. Burn's car) and they try to get like a million from the trial.

  60. A Guy

    A Guy15 hari yang lalu

    I put the like just at the end where he said "maybe i gave an high grade just because i love this show so much, but this is my show and i cani do whatever i want"

  61. Daniel Huynh

    Daniel Huynh15 hari yang lalu

    12:30 Objection! Isn't hearsay inadmissible in court?

  62. Casual Alcoholic

    Casual Alcoholic15 hari yang lalu

    Do the Bart Gets Hit by a Car

  63. slashdisco

    slashdisco16 hari yang lalu

    Objections about this not being Disney are obtuse. Of course I&S are based on Tom and Jerry, but the point stands: MGM and Warner Bros competed with Disney right from the very beginning, when Tom and Jerry were introduced in 1940. You all think it's a coincidence that mice, cats, dogs and birds were the most popular cartoon characters for each studio? The Simpsons has mocked Disney almost from the very beginning - Itchy and Scratchy Land is an obvious reference to Disneyland - and this now has an added dimension: The Simpsons has a long history of mocking its parent company FOX, which itself is now owned by Disney. Don't have a mouse, man.

  64. Spunky Animations

    Spunky Animations16 hari yang lalu

    Lionel Hutz IS the best cartoon lawyer of all time HOWEVER BUT the divorce lawyer that talks to Apu's wife comes very close, even for being in only one episode (as far as I know). You know, the one that dances on his desk.

  65. Stacy Ourique

    Stacy Ourique16 hari yang lalu

    Would love to see a reaction to the TV show Bones! Specifically the episode “The Boy with the Answer”, a trial of the Gravedigger and Taffet defending herself. Would love to see the input and thoughts behind this episode!