Real Lawyer Reacts to the Exorcism of Emily Rose - Demons or Negligence?


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    This case would have been perfect for a colab with Shane and Ryan from #BuzzfeedUnsolved and #DoctorMike

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    yeah.... what id a INDOCHINO GHOST?


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    "There's no such thing as ghosts" OBJECTION! I've seen some things man.

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    Honestly, I'd like to know the legal realism of the film trial to the real life trial. I'm not aware as to whether or not they used the actual court transcripts. That would make this review a bit more interesting, in the event some of the "unrealistic" bits were indeed part of the trial.

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    If legaleagle was the priest's lawyer...he might won the case

  10. islamic school of meme studies

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    @Bennett McCoy No and God hell i wouldn't want to heheh...but my father has the copy book of Grundgezets in his library which he copies the article of 90-100 as his ground for studying international judiciary system. It was pretty much similar to the rest of western world judicial system, the Grundgezets(Ground law) was actually a constitution rather than guidlines. The rest of the article i stated above(mainly from 1-80 revolves around sonderweg of Germany) actually discus about the legality and constitution of germany. I mean why the hell do we need Legality on Germany? Is it illegal to begin with? This intrigue my father back in those days. Chase different career than my father. Career that lands me in open laboratory. My father used to influence me to become a lawyer just like him by inviting me into his own library and doing some chores. By this time he introduces me to Korpus juris civilis from justinian era. I don't have any credential on my review above but as a guy who is Responsible for his own argument i could give you a reference from what i stated above about German judicial system and procedures of court : Jehle, Jörg-Martin; German Federal Ministry of Justice (2009). Criminal Justice in Germany. Forum-Verl. ISBN 978-3-936999-51-8.

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    @islamic school of meme studies Are you a lawyer?

  12. islamic school of meme studies

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    @Bennett McCoy honestly idk what judicial system or the tradition of law in Germany. But the law was basically revolving around the 1949 Grundgezets which applies throughout federal courts in Germany. The process of court would still be the same(Hearing, arraignment, Objections, jury trial, pleas etc) but i would reckon the judge mentality would be heavily influenced with Objective perspective, in this case the judge might probably insinuate the fact that demons were not going to be acknowledged by the federal courts, thus by acknowledging the possession of annalise Michelle they would taint their reputation as an objective system(That women lawyer in the movie wouldn't stand in any trial in Germany). An intresting case also happened with adolf hitler who the judge actually being mesmerized by hitler's speech and was right wing patriot,his verdict? Guilty of course, now we're talking about sentence, hitler get remissions and eligibility for parole and he only serves 5 years in landsberg prison where he didn't become weaker but his influence get stronger instead. When the judge was interviewed in propaganda media he is infact seeing hitler as savior of germany, which was highly subjective in my analysis. The updated Grundgezets in 1949 would have prevent such absurd court trial and verdict to happen again. So if annalise michelle case to be proven she should've been brought to recording session in hospital observed by scientific experts and those who were experienced in their fields. Or she could've just wreck enough havoc on court if she was present in the court.

  13. Bennett McCoy

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    @islamic school of meme studies I was thinking about the real case , the exorcism of Anneliese Michel in Bavaria

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    @Bennett McCoy well technically this wasn't whether the fact she was possessed or not. If you analyze the cases you can see how poorly that women lawyer defends his client without using any substantial evidence(she basically discarded one of the most usefull tape and psychologist review on the cases). Mr "eagle" would probably brought up the evidences in "hearing" part. This wasn't really about "demons are real or not" this was morely about the fathers guilty of manslaughter or not, or in this case women-slaughter heheh. If the father was found unguilty that doesn't meant that court adjudicated or acknowledged demons as "real", but whether the father helped her "accordingly" or not. The court won't acknowledge demons due to judicial principles of Anglo-American tradition were highly objective. So yeah there was a chance that the father could be freed of all charges (and if such cases with high disturbing and unexplained anomaly happened in 21st century and there are actually more profound evidence that were acknowledged by psychologist and not some mambo jumbo witch doctor then the case would be under investigation, which FBI might even be involved if the case were widespread).

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    Objection: the court has a responsibility to avoid the judgement for or against religion, the testimony of demonic possession implies that certain religious beliefs are more valid.

  16. Louis Seifert

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    Heh, I got annoyed I started watching this and was annoyed, objected, and stopped watching long before the tile with scientific testimony.

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    10:45 If you are nor prepared for her smoky rasp, you might experience some discomfort as your erection breaks though the table...

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    The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist. Listen to the ACTUAL Exorcism of Anneliese Michel audio....its not possible for someone to speak with 2 voices at once...scientifically impossible... In the link below is the unaltered Audio...

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    Objection: A judge could allow a jury to consider a defense of a sincerely held belief that is religious in nature.

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    Objection! the legal eagle is beeing heartless your honor lol

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    Objection! A transcript may be inaccurate depending on audio quality and what the transcriber thinks they heard, which may influence future listeners.

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    objection! What crime?

  23. Bobby Adams

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    I want to point out a fact I found out years ago. When you go to a priest for a suspected exorcism or demonic possession. While they do pray for you and put a blessing upon you they look for psychiatric health issues, physical health issues, or environmental and family issues first.

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    23:15 - OBJECTION!! There is no definitive evidence that proves or disproves the existence of ghosts, demons or other similar entities. :P

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    do they ACTUALLY teach how to study spiritual experiences at yale and at cambridge? because i highly doubt it

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    Is there a history or jurisprudence of super natural or religious testimony in court? There are a lot of people who believe in super natural intervention in the real world.

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    Objection! These segways into the sponsor who makes your suits are getting cornier and smoother all the same time. The defence requests that you choose between bad puns or straight up, not both.

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    I'd make a minor objection here regarding the sentencing. From what little witnessed in the courtroom, often the the judgement of expedited sentencing often leans in favor of the prosecution unless defense has something up their sleeve that may convince the court that it's reasonable to lower the sentence. For simplicity, we can say he is found guilty of negligent homicide which has a wide range of punishments that seems to average out to 6 years prison time. Now, assuming that the defendant were terminally ill, I have heard (not witnessed) that the court may be lenient on sentencing for someone who is terminal so that they may end their days in peace so long as their crime is not incredibly serious, so assuming he had 5 years to live they may decide to give him ~4 years with an additional 2 years probation. Also want to throw out there, the jury asking for time served here is rather unnecessary from what I've seen, defense often requests it, and I've never seen it turned down (not that I've witnessed a lot of court cases). I digress, unless the defense has a reasonable argument for leniency trying to request expedition is going to put the judge on the spot (judges hate being blindsided, right?) and will likely lean in favor of the prosecution's suggestion for sentencing.

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    Objection: the evidence provided in this trial will prove that Emily had cacodemonomania. cacodemonomania is the strong psychological belief that a person is possessed and an exorcism is the only cure. This condition can be alleviated through the intervention of a spiritual leader often through a form of a ritual, such as exorcism, or through antipsychotic medication. The evidence provided will prove that an exorcism is a viable treatment option for an individual suffering this condition and was the best option for Emily following her unsuccessful treatment of antipsychotics and therapy. First witness: a doctor of psychology who specialises in the effects that spiritual and religious rituals have on those suffering psychological illnesses. The second witness: the psychiatrist who was treating Emily before the exorcism Third witness: an expert priest (if you can get one. The Vatican must approve all exorcisms and will often consult their own legally and professionally qualified psychiatrists and investigators who have also been ordained by the church as preists.) From the evidence provided it is clear that Emily's physical and mental health was rapidly declining despite the intervention from psychologists, psychiatrists, doctors and medication. There is evidence that exorcism rituals have worked on others suffering the same condition and the priest took all the necessary precautions. The exorcism was requested and supervised by Emily's family and a qualified psychiatrist/doctor was present. Emily's death, though tragic, was not a result of negligence or abuse, but the result of a serious psychologically and physically debilitating illness. (Of course, you would present recordings and photographs for the entire timeframe, showing Emily's rapid decline, as they aligned with events in her life and could possibly call witnesses to testify to Emily's behaviour, such as having a breakdown in a college classroom. By doing this you could suggest that the rapid decline began long before religious intervention and the visualisation of her decline through photos could make the jury feel a little deceived by the prosecutions opening statement where he showed the start and end. As somebody with no legal training and a very basic understanding of the law, I feel this lawyer was completely unprepared and overwhelmed with the complexities of the case.)

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    And by the way, I am an epileptic with focal seizures with a temporal lobe focus. When I have them I get a feeling that there is a shadow person ripping my “soul” (and I’m agnostic) from my body. I go to one of the best hospitals in the country and was told there are 3 types of these seizures and this one I have can definitely feel “spiritual”, or I would just say weird since I didn’t grow up with religion. If I didn’t take my meds, it would become worse and worse. For the 5 days I was monitored continuously with an EEG while in the hospital, I had 13 of these episodes in those five days without my meds... So, glean your own conclusions from that if you think she was truly possessed.

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    Seriously, how do you keep your “beard” at that perfect stubble level?

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    Objection: Inserting ones personal beliefs that there is no such thing as ghosts (23:20) while potentially accurate is not within your realm of expertise to testify on. Improper testimony. lol

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    Silliness 😹

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    Could you lawyer the movie Primal Fear?

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    9:15 OBJECTION: Water is not wet

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    Why didn't the jury just use "Jury Nulification" if they were just going to ask to have him sentenced to time served? Basically stating that yes he broke, but letting him go for it.

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    there's an old Canadian movie called Daniel mouse and the devil it's short but would love to see your reaction to the court scene

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    look forward to Conjuring 3. based on The trial of Arne Cheyenne Johnson (1981)

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    It started off so good

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    0:52 that chuckling immediately calls to mind alien children playing at a wedding, or at a resort bathed in an immortality field...🤔

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    ...or one of the sound clips in "Plague Inc."

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    Objection! None of these comments are phrased as objections and should be disregarded.

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    Sore wa Chigau yo!

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    You mentioned having the foreman read the verdict. When I attended jury duty, I was given the privilege of being the foreman for the jury. When I stood to report that we had reached the verdict (fully expecting to dramatically deal our verdict to the court), the judge instead had the bailiff bring the form reporting such to him.

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    I think it would be cool to do an episode of True Crime on the trial of Anneliese Michel which the movie was based on.

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    Why does this guy look like Ryan Reynolds? And how did I go for watching ghost videos to doctor videos now to Lawyer videos? What is happening here 🤣🤨

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    In all fairness "nonsense" argument is subjective. The term "nonsense" applies to things that make no sense. However, just because somebody does not understand something like you do, does not make it "nonsense." This is what experts are for. Just FYI

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    Do your lawyer buddies rag on you for being Internet famous?

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    OBJECTION! SILLINESS! Excorcisms aren't real. Do an episode of Law and Order! The original preferably.

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    Objection! This whole move is argumentative. 😂😂😂😂😂

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    Can we use that Trump is possessed by demons? Union Of Demons # 666: .." We object! Even as demons have our standards!!

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    Objection! It's spelled "lectern," not "lecturn."

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    Wow, so at NO point did they ever think to address the actual psychology of the issue? The power of belief to cause detectable physiological changes in a person is well-documented, such as the "nocebo effect" for one. There are so many ways you could use these aspects of psychology to make a defense that would stand up in court. But no, they decided to start with the assumption that ghosts are real and try to persuade a modern, skeptical jury of this.

  54. cheezemonkeyeater

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    Objection: In classical logic and debate terms, an opening statement is an argument in that you are stating your position. You are providing what your argument is to the court. The rest of the trial isn't an argument, it's presenting evidence to support an argument.

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    I've got one for you to review. NYPD Blue season 11. The 1st 4 episodes focused on the trial on an IAB Captain that while drunk shot a Lieutenant in the Lieutenants office only to not only be aquited but then not be fired from the department.

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    Indochino haunting you now cause you been cheating on em with Mack Weldon

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    Objection.. Demonic possession has been proven to be possible by the department of the Defense in the case of Judith windless in the 1970s I believe

  58. cary waltonjr.

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    This was based on a real story of a real woman

  59. Jinhunter Slay

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    09:42 - wait, wouldn’t this lawyer’s statement count as badgering (utter failure) ? Also, how does the lawyer know the medical treatment is a failure when the treatment wasn’t even finished yet? The doctor had more plans for Emily, but she stopped coming.

  60. MorgaineRiddlePrince

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    Talking about how sentencing is calculated to ensure same crimes give the same sentence while the USA is infamous for it's discrepancies. Same judge, same crime, but one white and one black. Or women and men.

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    This movie is NOT actually based on a true story. What happened in a real life is that a mentally ill woman in Germany starved herself to death. Everything in this story is fiction.

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    If I saw you in public, I would think you were a lawyer just by how you look and would want to punch you.

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    "No such thing as ghosts" Objection. The host is not an expert nor even an experiencer.

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    Review "The Amistad".

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    "In related news, the sky is blue..." Australia: Objection.

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    A movie based around a woman who had severe epilepsy. Movie opens with flashing lights. Seems legit.

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    Objection! Water is not wet

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    Your videos are awesome, perfect distraction from what I'm actually supposed to be doing (studying for the LSAT). I wish I worked for you! 😭😭😭😭

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    As someone who has troubles sleeping often, I can tell how tired you were in this video and I want to give mad respect for both: 1.) Making the video while tired and all that. 2.) Making it well, by having no signs of tiredness show in your voice/words. A little bit in your movements, but great voice control to keep it at a 'stage level', clear, e.t.c.

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    Am I the only one that takes the closing statement "I will see you in court" like a threat? Like jesus, better buy me one of dem Indochinos :P

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    10:44 Objection. The defendant wasn’t attempting to legitimise the existence of demons, only relaying the victim (and her family’s) belief in them as pertinent and relevant to the case.