Real Lawyer Defends Shaggy’s It Wasn’t Me Defense // LegalEagle


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    You should do some episodes of JAG or NCIS

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    Do you have any please to review the courtroom scenes and overall machinations of The Wire? Particularly Maurice Levy, whom David Simon said was based on real Baltimore lawyers, many of whom have since been disbarred. Mostly because Maurice Levy is such a fascinating, if overlooked character from The Wire.

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    LegalEagle can you do telephone by lady Gaga and Beyoncé?

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    OBJECTION! Review A Time To Kill (film) please.

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    Have you done legally blonde?

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    Please do a video on the film "Double Jeopardy."

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    Tangentially: Your mention of using "tripped and fell" reminded me of this case:

  9. Regina Billotti

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    No mention of the fact that the guy is not a crime suspect and he's looking for dating advice, not legal advice? If he were married to the first woman then he might be concerned about her possibly filing for divorce but as they don't live together I'm assuming they aren't married. I don't think there are any legal concerns here.

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    - But she caught me on the counter - You moonlight as a yoga instructor - Saw me kissin' on the sofa - You moonlight as a yoga instructor - I even had her in the shower - You moonlight as a yoga instructor - She even caught me on camera - You moonlight as a yoga instructor

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    Reggae not reggaeton

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    "He is talking about the girl next door, and in a post R kelly world, we must ask if she is underage." Man i love the internet

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    Dude I hope you were in Jamaica drinking some rum punch while making this video because it kept me in stitches ❤️

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    Wait who ever said he was trying to get legal advice from shaggy? Like at all?

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    He could potentially claim sexual assaults and say he was coerced into the act, and the "scratches" on his shoulder could be indicative of assault and coercion.

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    11:11 - Shaggy and James Corden did a parody regarding this -

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    can you lawyer the movie fracture?

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    I was hoping he would be dancing a little when doing this...I know I would

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    Thanks Patrick!

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    Oh my lord, Legal Eagle you are a golden god for this one.

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    I would just plead temporary insanity or tell the client to plead temporary insanity everybody has a lapse in judgment at one point.

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    Reggae not reggaeton

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    Why isn't this vid at 1mil views yet? It's amazing!


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    "Anyway, enough about the Tr**p administration" LMFAO!!!

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    Lol winging it for the win hahahaha

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    "Alleged infidelity?" Damn lawyers, he said himself he even had her in the shower.

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    Objection! because i want more wingin it defences... please look at Star treks unbeatable training mission "kobayashi maru" and its ethics.

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    You really REALLY need to do an extensive reaction to the movie “The Judge” with Robert Downey Jr and Robert Duvall. I can’t believe you haven’t done it yet. Or at least I can’t find where you have. It’s one of the best court room movies’ and all around movies’ I have ever seen !!!!

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    Patrick H. Willets and LegalEagle in the same video? What is this a crossover episode?

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    OMFG. This was a video I didn’t realize I NEEDED to see but THANK YOU

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    I really don’t get why you have to bring Trump into this, he didn’t do anything wrong. He might have flaws, but it’s not something you should talk about. I like your work aside that though.

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    Maybe he was a nudist and she had amnesia so she didn't remember how to use the shower

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    i beliver him, it wasnt him, you cant see his face on the camera so its propably the poolboy or someone like that and the marks on his shoulder could be from something else

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    I cannot 👍 this video hard enough. I have often found myself desiring a breakdown of Shaggy's legal defence. Of all the videos you have made, this is your greatest. Thank you, Legal Eagle.

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    That end bit was awesome.

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    Unsub. As a lawyer, you more than anyone should know to keep your political opinions to yourself.

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    So this is a civil case about common law property rights?

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    You really made this video 🤣

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    He should do NWA's court from f da police

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    This is a lawyer's take. It talks about what would be best for if/when it gets to court. It is important to note that often the best advice is not what would make you most likely to win in court, but what would make sure you don't end up going to court in the first place. If you go to court, usually the only ones better off than if you settled things yourself, are the lawyers.

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    I love the shout out to Patrick's parents. Definitely the best part of his channel

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    Best part of this vid is 14:02.

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    Why do you have to make law this interesting?

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    A bit off topic, But I'm curious if you ever been copyright claimed to watch music shorts like this and cover them. Would go under fair use from my understanding, but i do noticed youtubers getting copyright calimed for even useing under 5 second of a song in a video.

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    My dude, just be honest. I would love it so much more if you were to say "I am an 'vacation' and I'm going to film a IDreporter video about the song/music video of 'Shagy'" and just dismantle the stupidity of this concept... If we're taking the time to listen to you, we're open to becoming better educated. Help us all out

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    Man, why did you bleep out the name of the administration who's been using the Shaggy defense? NOW I'LL NEVER KNOW!!!!

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    Shaggy is not a reggaeton rapper.

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    RikRok; Hey, my GF just walked in on me being unfaith- Shaggy: GASLIGHT. THE SHIT. OUT OF HER. LegalEagle: _NOOOOO SHUT UP YOU IDIOT_

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    Next up: Real lawyer reacts to bogus claims that i shot the sheriff but not the deputy

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    So, when are you going to do The Man Who Sued God?

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    Any chance of doing Presumed Innocent or Reversal of Fortune?

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    You should review the Batman the Animated Series episode, "the Trial".

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    Not quite a TV show or movie but I’m curious how you’d grade Dangan Ronpa’s trials.

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    I just wanted to say i recently became of fan yours l and love all the videos! :) I wonder if you'd be willing to review Thomas Sanders' video "Selfishness v. Selflessness" on IDreporter I know it's not TV or movies but the video takes on a courtroom scenario and I find it very intriguing! definitely recommend a watch!

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    Wasn't Me

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    I have o idea have no idea why you did this but it was great

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    I love your channel. I think my game does too!

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    PLEASE do lawyer reacts to "real lawyer destroys joven in court" from the smosh channel

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    Do an episode of the drake and josh episode when drake goes on trial for moving his teachers car into her room

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    You can tell how uncomfortable he was trying to come up with a defense that slimy love this video.

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    I dont normally post things online but i just got in to watching your videos and i cone to realize id like to see the court case in ted 2 to see if he is a person or property..

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    No face shown. If it was me in this I’d tell her it wasent me. Then I’d say One of my freinds also uses my house to hook up with random woman from the club sense my places is nicer then his. I just tell him to clean up after He is done. I’d then text a bro that’s got my back and have him say ya it was him over there.

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    There's some interesting courtroom thing that happen in the show Arrow, s6 e21

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    I love your alternative defenses.