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    Mhm, books are dangerous.

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    I’m Finna show my teacher this

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    voldemort was on there lol "my neighbor"

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    my full name is ryan jewhurst

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    leelynd byrd

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    Roman BoHari Yang lalu

    F,s in the chat for peter

  7. Berta Dellasala

    Berta DellasalaHari Yang lalu

    LOL did anyone else notice the "voldemort" right above hansel therepedo?

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    Ian Your mom is name is Graham Graham

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    How to find me in this video

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  12. Makenzie Woods

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    Me name is Reda vilkauskiene

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    Ok smosh i will follow

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    6:13 i agree

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    My name is damien dusek

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    i died

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    Jann Roen Esguerra Balbastro

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    Peter Peter Yes papa Eating ass No papa Open ur mouth Hahahaha

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    Idraki rafdi

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    8 years old celebration anyone?

  24. Golden Egg

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    Ian: So, decides who lives and dies? God: Um, yea.

  25. LokiitzFine MSB

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    Anime life

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    Hey, this was exactly 8 years ago

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    Instead of writing Hansel Thepedo over and over again, why not write Peter Peter First

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    Braxton levi allen

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  31. nadiralee

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    My full name is Tony Tony. Yes my parents are crack addicted.

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    This is why you have a friXion pen

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    smosh=the best

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    Holy shit

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    Which one do u like more Like smosh Like slogo

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    I love PETER PETER My parents are crack addicts

  38. Guggy pro games

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    I was born in 2010 January 24 4 more days I would of been 3 because this video came out in 20 January 2012

  39. Dawn Mellott

    Dawn Mellott3 hari yang lalu

    Wait at the end when they put down their names wouldn’t that be a infinite loop?

  40. Pavol Kazimír

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    today is it 8 years of this video lol

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    Happy 8 Year Anniversary to this video xd

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    Yo Ian went zamazu on them

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    As long as you have an Immortal Note, Here's my name. Ayden Cutris Coutlee. NOW GIVE ME POWE-- **dies of suffocation** *Minecraft Hardcore: You Died! - Spectate world or delete world?*

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    kaiden Ridd

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    is it real?

  46. QQ Meister

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    How is this video 8 years old


    REAL DESTROYER 303 hari yang lalu

    I have a death note too 1st on my note Is T series

  48. Bart Simpson

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    Somebody wrote smosh in that book when the others joined

  49. 【Un honguito de regalo】

    【Un honguito de regalo】3 hari yang lalu

    I was watching this video with my dad and what it says at the end of : the books are bad best plays vidio games Well he got up came out, came back with a video game and I From now on you'll follow that advice :v

  50. KaidoOf1000Beasts

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    Why not in german?

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    i miss this smosh

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    Why does it have more views than the subscribers

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    Because you can watch it multiple times and it will count as another person and not everyone subs to them for viewing it.

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    Yeah if I had a death note I’d be dead if five seconds

  55. Kool Guy

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    Reminds me of my friend Ryan Ryan just like Peter Peter.

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    Write my nameleland

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    this is cool

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    Here my name Ian

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    I remember watching this as a kid back in the early 2010, and now after a decade of reading the manga I can really appreciate this skit

  61. Matija Cro16

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    It's the best version of death note

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    same here

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    Do draw on ridiculous they're on right now