1. Ashley James

    Ashley JamesJam Yang lalu

    love you azzyland

  2. Andrej Gligorijevic

    Andrej Gligorijevic2 jam yang lalu

    You’re cute

  3. Alex Smith

    Alex Smith4 jam yang lalu


  4. Umme Salma Husain

    Umme Salma Husain5 jam yang lalu

    It is okay azzy, I love you how u are. I'm Zahra by the way! I love your IDreporter channel btw!

  5. Ahlam Zein

    Ahlam Zein5 jam yang lalu

    I didn't like it

  6. P.7 GDCA

    P.7 GDCA6 jam yang lalu


  7. lugh mage 6457

    lugh mage 64576 jam yang lalu


  8. Rose Gamer MP

    Rose Gamer MP7 jam yang lalu


  9. Lucia Pineda

    Lucia Pineda12 jam yang lalu


  10. Krystal L.

    Krystal L.14 jam yang lalu

    Geez..if people hate it then don't listen to it. SIMPLE AS THAT

  11. Lorie Shepherd

    Lorie Shepherd16 jam yang lalu

    Pew die pie f u

  12. Kaitlynn Herendeen

    Kaitlynn Herendeen17 jam yang lalu

    Love it

  13. keegan cooper

    keegan cooper18 jam yang lalu

    you can rap because l now music and thats music

  14. Itzayanna Medrano

    Itzayanna Medrano19 jam yang lalu

    Do you really have a tattoo

  15. Lunar Lizzy

    Lunar Lizzy20 jam yang lalu

    Amsterdam!?The school right?

  16. Minnie Bradley

    Minnie Bradley20 jam yang lalu

    Pew Die Pie need some "B" word lasagna

  17. Yi Er Ruan

    Yi Er Ruan20 jam yang lalu

    Azzy’s BTS- behind the scenes Me BTS- BTS/Junkook,J-Hope,Jimin,V,Suga,RM,Jin

  18. Taylor Sterling

    Taylor Sterling21 jam yang lalu

    Azzy, you are SO BEAUTIFUL!!

  19. Jay Rob

    Jay Rob21 jam yang lalu

    This is trash

  20. Rich Varvel

    Rich Varvel22 jam yang lalu

    That was the best song and I'm a fan.

  21. jonathan cole

    jonathan cole23 jam yang lalu

    Good job 👍👏👌

  22. Shavanna Jackson

    Shavanna JacksonHari Yang lalu

    I love your song you did so good

  23. McKenzie Faith Knowles

    McKenzie Faith KnowlesHari Yang lalu

    Stop being

  24. Kristie Uva

    Kristie UvaHari Yang lalu

    It,s trash🖕🏻

  25. Thibo Meurkens

    Thibo MeurkensHari Yang lalu

    I got so sad after watching this 😿

  26. kelly licausi

    kelly licausiHari Yang lalu

    Hey Azzy I’m your biggest fan and not to be mean at all but when you curse it is a kinda bad influence sorry girl again I’m not trying to be mean I love you so much!!!!!!!!!

  27. Clayton Nguyen

    Clayton NguyenHari Yang lalu

    BTS = behind the scenes -BTS = k-pop-

  28. Ho Poon

    Ho PoonHari Yang lalu

    I see u crying


    DRAGON DESTINY101Hari Yang lalu

    I just realised that azzy is a d va on overwatch i mean that my favorite game but i cant play it because my mom just dont buy it for me so sad anyways love you azzy

  30. Alexandra Koruti

    Alexandra KorutiHari Yang lalu

    Ok am i the only one who thought BTS in the title was meant for BTS (Bang Tan Sonyeondan)💜💜💜 only me ok 😂😅

  31. Sharifah Nazurah

    Sharifah NazurahHari Yang lalu

    Your trash ! Azzypoop

  32. Fraya faith clipper

    Fraya faith clipperHari Yang lalu

    In the caption it said bts i thought this was bts😄😄😅😅😆😂

  33. Audrey Minaj

    Audrey MinajHari Yang lalu

    Thats pewdiepie has trash heart

  34. Nur Aleeya Sofea Aleeya

    Nur Aleeya Sofea AleeyaHari Yang lalu

    Hey AzzLand Google meet my brother Josh just and you friends with them and IBS and I had a little sister and you had to do it I want every day give me money 2000 million money

  35. xXGalaxis KittyXx

    xXGalaxis KittyXxHari Yang lalu

    I only clicked on it because of BTS Suga = bae

  36. Anime Gacha Girl

    Anime Gacha GirlHari Yang lalu

    To all the hater... YA LITTLE PEICES OF Just kidding also Azzy you will one day make someone a wonderful fortue cookie

  37. MALLOW gAmerz

    MALLOW gAmerzHari Yang lalu

    Wait I don’t like piediepei

  38. Felisia Bryant

    Felisia BryantHari Yang lalu

    My name is DONTA and do you want to be my girlfriend

  39. Tristen Key

    Tristen KeyHari Yang lalu

    Azzy this is what hate comments onestly is 🗣👂🏼👀👅👩🏻‍💻

  40. Gacha Pig

    Gacha Pig3 jam yang lalu

    Honestly* don’t worry, english is confusing :)

  41. Allan Colonia

    Allan ColoniaHari Yang lalu

    :O broooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oiiii

  42. Allan Colonia

    Allan ColoniaHari Yang lalu

    AYYY YOUR BOYFRIEND WATCH YOUR MUSIC VID BRUH (also how did you um do the du du du du DUUUUUU

  43. Mark Knight

    Mark KnightHari Yang lalu

    I loved The Music Video!!!!!!!!

  44. Amanda Robles

    Amanda RoblesHari Yang lalu

    U r my bff .u r great at this.i do suck but i don't know but you did good

  45. Alfredo Alvarado

    Alfredo AlvaradoHari Yang lalu

    Halsey your eyebrows are messed up

  46. Odd Costplay

    Odd CostplayHari Yang lalu

    I hate Peipie

  47. Jade Valdez

    Jade ValdezHari Yang lalu

    I don't like the song sorry

  48. Jade Valdez

    Jade ValdezHari Yang lalu

    This song is ok I think bts is better

  49. brison and chloe vlogs and more

    brison and chloe vlogs and moreHari Yang lalu

    Can you make a new song

  50. Uniorn Day

    Uniorn Day2 hari yang lalu

    Violets are blue Roses 🌹 are red Azzy is the best And you are to Stay strong azzy And don't listen to those haters ❤️🌹✨🤗💫

  51. Ben Williamson

    Ben Williamson2 hari yang lalu

    R u rich?

  52. Cecy G

    Cecy G2 hari yang lalu


  53. Karen Isidoro-Lezama

    Karen Isidoro-Lezama2 hari yang lalu

    The people that hate it are idiots

  54. dark gacha now

    dark gacha now2 hari yang lalu

    Im not a hater your videos are amazing👌

  55. Jessica Frye

    Jessica Frye2 hari yang lalu


  56. Sher Medrano

    Sher Medrano2 hari yang lalu

    Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii 😡🤬

  57. WolfieStrike -YT

    WolfieStrike -YT2 hari yang lalu

    You said “Hate comments” I think this is all positive comments

  58. Ariana Marie

    Ariana Marie2 hari yang lalu

    Your are so pretty! And, very inspiring. The internet needs more people like you. I wish we were friends!!!

  59. heather wilson

    heather wilson2 hari yang lalu

    I wish I could be a youtuber like you!😁😍 And I've been watching your videos for a long time!

  60. heather wilson

    heather wilson2 hari yang lalu

    I loved loved loved your music video

  61. Janhavi Noronha

    Janhavi Noronha2 hari yang lalu

    Why does it say BTS?