1. Soso Alzahrani

    Soso Alzahrani2 jam yang lalu


  2. MysteriousNinja

    MysteriousNinja4 jam yang lalu


  3. Rebecca Charteris

    Rebecca Charteris6 jam yang lalu

    I watch Logdotzip

  4. Margarida Aguiar

    Margarida Aguiar18 jam yang lalu

    yay jen and lauren i love you guys

  5. Kherington Vinyard

    Kherington Vinyard20 jam yang lalu

    OH MY GOD!!! I LOVE UUUUUU!!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  6. sibtain ali

    sibtain aliHari Yang lalu

    Wo is that lubcubs i see him first time in my life in realife with a reaction cartoon inside a reaction cartoon

  7. Jestine Esquivel

    Jestine EsquivelHari Yang lalu

    Logdotzip: *You and your husband* Me: I wish I could die.....

  8. Tony Torres

    Tony TorresHari Yang lalu

    Good job Jen you wine yay woo hoo

  9. Amie  Monk

    Amie MonkHari Yang lalu


  10. chloΓ« grif

    chloΓ« grifHari Yang lalu

    my heart shattered after the and your husband πŸ˜°πŸ˜°πŸ’”

  11. Alice Playz

    Alice PlayzHari Yang lalu

    Congrats Jen, you deserved it Also I voted for you Jen

  12. Brayan Lizardo

    Brayan LizardoHari Yang lalu


  13. mindy williams

    mindy williamsHari Yang lalu

    I pick pat and jen

  14. Amy Chang

    Amy ChangHari Yang lalu

    β€œThat’s the WiFi password” Omg I’m weak πŸ˜‚

  15. asangba chuba

    asangba chuba2 hari yang lalu

    Congrats Jen I love your videos!!Β‘!!!!!;;;;;!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Madison Wood

    Madison Wood2 hari yang lalu

    Omg i love jen's outfit it's so preaty.

  17. Amabel Maloloy-on

    Amabel Maloloy-on2 hari yang lalu

    Congratulations Jen! Edit:sorry I'm late!

  18. Depressed_Couch

    Depressed_Couch2 hari yang lalu

    Thought the shorty awards meant, the shortest gamer.

  19. SHREK -BB

    SHREK -BB2 hari yang lalu

    β€œYou and your husband..” Me: Not anymore..

  20. Kiana Morales

    Kiana Morales2 hari yang lalu

    I literally didn’t know any of those you tubers except Jen’s

  21. Naomi Dyett

    Naomi Dyett2 hari yang lalu


  22. Moya

    Moya3 hari yang lalu


  23. Kristi Bottegal

    Kristi Bottegal3 hari yang lalu

    If u guys still play roblox please friend me at Enderman30907 plzz I love ur vids sooooo much and I sub and liked

  24. Cdgame

    Cdgame3 hari yang lalu

    I'm confused is it for they're country only?

  25. the ghostly gamer

    the ghostly gamer3 hari yang lalu

    NP Jen NP

  26. Lucani

    Lucani3 hari yang lalu

    Im 11 years old And im taller than Jen

  27. Sinned Pasifist Xyzhr

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  28. Gumballplays enraca

    Gumballplays enraca3 hari yang lalu

    LETS GO FOR JEN!!!!! i almost said kylie jenner lol mai laif

  29. Khatelien Nicole

    Khatelien Nicole4 hari yang lalu

    Y u broke up and congrats to jen


    II KOOBALYN II4 hari yang lalu

    I’m still mad that they broke up I will never forgive you guys, you are my whole child hood and you break up...😒

  31. Skylar SCM

    Skylar SCM4 hari yang lalu

    But..If you are mad at them for breaking up when they said it would be better for them, then you are being unreasonable. It was their choice, and as a fan you should respect that decision.

  32. Piganator 300

    Piganator 3004 hari yang lalu

    When they said it’s community I thought they said communism

  33. ShootingStarsWish

    ShootingStarsWish4 hari yang lalu


  34. Diana Ramirez

    Diana Ramirez4 hari yang lalu

    Compare her voice there and the Gaming SCREAMπŸ˜… πŸ‘©=😩 awards πŸ‘©=🀣Gaming

  35. Madyson Davis

    Madyson Davis4 hari yang lalu

    It means a lot for you guys to make this vid because I couldn't go and I'm a fan!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Insanity

    Insanity4 hari yang lalu

    Girl at interview: dont tell anybody that is the password Pat: do I need to put that flying comma thing. Lol XD

  37. wierd alpaca

    wierd alpaca5 hari yang lalu

    At 8:16 pause and look at the the bottom right corner. I think that's Shane Dawson

  38. w o t h l e s s

    w o t h l e s s5 hari yang lalu


  39. Stampy Long Face

    Stampy Long Face5 hari yang lalu

    Yes logdotzip

  40. jordyns art/singing

    jordyns art/singing5 hari yang lalu

    No NO NO NO! oml so funny

  41. who what

    who what5 hari yang lalu

    Won an Shorty award and you still are uploading in 720p.

  42. Lori Smith

    Lori Smith5 hari yang lalu

    jen i so proud of you your amazing i happy crying right now your the best jen

  43. Jess Manley

    Jess Manley5 hari yang lalu

    Go Jen your awesome go pat your awsome to

  44. Gaming with Magic

    Gaming with Magic5 hari yang lalu

    Besides all the break up comments yaaaaaaayyyyyyyy go Jen

  45. Yng King

    Yng King5 hari yang lalu

    congrats pat and jen and asbelshly lubcubs cus he helped jen so congrats guys.

  46. Rebecca Lovell

    Rebecca Lovell5 hari yang lalu

    Good Job Jen I Wish I Could Have Been There

  47. BSO Mambaling Branch

    BSO Mambaling Branch5 hari yang lalu

    I see it right now

  48. ShadΓΈwWΓΈlf TheUltima

    ShadΓΈwWΓΈlf TheUltima5 hari yang lalu

    Today he has 16,772,877 subs

  49. Diego Navarrette

    Diego Navarrette5 hari yang lalu

    Pat won

  50. Fun Time With Abby

    Fun Time With Abby6 hari yang lalu

    I know what he means I only watched 4 videos from this channel 2 hours passed by

  51. Marie Hunter

    Marie Hunter6 hari yang lalu

    If you get 10000000

  52. Krystal Stevenson

    Krystal Stevenson6 hari yang lalu

    I’ve been waiting very long well I hope that you guys can actually do some work things like that but thank you I was just wondering who won but I thought that Jen would well I didn’t think that she was going to do anything bad but I didn’t think that she would probably actually yeah maybe a jump into the crowd and then run away