Raheem Sterling and Joe Gomez in bust-up on England duty


  1. 최현수

    최현수8 hari yang lalu

    1:44 🦀??

  2. pg 123

    pg 1239 hari yang lalu

    When I went to university everyone who was from Leicester said that they had played football with Emile Heskey.

  3. Halil Karademir

    Halil Karademir9 hari yang lalu


  4. TriixxTTV

    TriixxTTV9 hari yang lalu

    Sterling would get dropped 🤣

  5. Dingzel

    Dingzel10 hari yang lalu

    They made it look worse than it actually was

  6. Sub 2 CnF

    Sub 2 CnF10 hari yang lalu

    “How pathetic” wtf u on about

  7. M MMM

    M MMM10 hari yang lalu

    0.06 hahahaha Duck want to fight

  8. Tohka Yatogami

    Tohka Yatogami10 hari yang lalu

    Raheem sterling anyday

  9. Maxxy Oscar

    Maxxy Oscar10 hari yang lalu

    Sterling is a spoiled little brat

  10. A R

    A R10 hari yang lalu

    *Random Heskey shoutout! lmao*

  11. lilo_ febreeze

    lilo_ febreeze10 hari yang lalu

    who’s joe

  12. AJ SINGH

    AJ SINGH11 hari yang lalu

    They booed him because he moved from Liverpool to city🤦🏽‍♂️

  13. William gaming1618

    William gaming161811 hari yang lalu

    Manchester city will surely win next time I trust this team

  14. John Shooter

    John Shooter11 hari yang lalu

    Sterling is better

  15. Nick Chemist

    Nick Chemist11 hari yang lalu

    Southgate actually handled this brilliantly imo .

  16. Sergio Garcia

    Sergio Garcia13 hari yang lalu

    Completely embarrassing, acting like two spoilt bitches

  17. Dylan Steven b

    Dylan Steven b13 hari yang lalu

    Lol sterling was in the right if anything


    KING. KAMAL AHMED.13 hari yang lalu

    stupid gomez clear your head 💋😇👄

  19. voice of Africa1

    voice of Africa113 hari yang lalu

    Heskey in his prime 😂😄

  20. Pralhad Devkota

    Pralhad Devkota13 hari yang lalu

    This is cat vs dog

  21. Kwaku Offeh

    Kwaku Offeh14 hari yang lalu

    Stop bullying sterling, enough is enough

  22. Samar Hamal

    Samar Hamal14 hari yang lalu

    Sterling best englishman

  23. marco garcia

    marco garcia14 hari yang lalu

    Nobody: Sky news: heskeys opinion

  24. Rods Start

    Rods Start14 hari yang lalu

    Jo gomez is starting it first now i understand

  25. Se7en

    Se7en14 hari yang lalu

    Sterling should have acted professionally by not bringing any issues between EPL clubs up to the England team.

  26. Eric Rios

    Eric Rios14 hari yang lalu

    Emile Heskey the Goat

  27. Herring

    Herring15 hari yang lalu

    굳이 저걸 공론화시키네 내부 일은 안에서 끝내야지 (레절레절

  28. 1.9B views

    1.9B views15 hari yang lalu

    The guy dropped the n bomb at 0:48

  29. Max Boll

    Max Boll15 hari yang lalu

    If Sergio ramos and pique plays in the el clasico they fight every day😂

  30. ali gedi

    ali gedi16 hari yang lalu

    It's Normal things in football

  31. SoloMe NoName

    SoloMe NoName16 hari yang lalu

    Liverpool fans are bunch of aholes.

  32. Valentin Moratiel

    Valentin Moratiel16 hari yang lalu

    0:20Arnold se le caga de risa a joe gomez a su propio compañero. De equipo

  33. Haer85

    Haer8517 hari yang lalu

    Black on black crime

  34. Azza 179

    Azza 17917 hari yang lalu

    Little man syndrome

  35. Jimmy Hopkins

    Jimmy Hopkins17 hari yang lalu

    Joe Gomez picked sterling up like a baby 🤣💀

  36. Red Devils

    Red Devils17 hari yang lalu

    U gotta respect Milner for backing his boy up and saving him from the midget sterling

  37. Miguel Ángel Tabasco López

    Miguel Ángel Tabasco López17 hari yang lalu

    En español me cago en dios

  38. HIIIPOWER 000

    HIIIPOWER 00017 hari yang lalu

    This shouldn’t even have gone out to the public it’s a small bust up do u really think it’s constant love it’s a squad for 20 plus players it’s work

  39. bilishu aliss

    bilishu aliss17 hari yang lalu

    This is what happens when chihuahuas get booed in Anfield.

  40. Jon La

    Jon La17 hari yang lalu

    Usual Sky/The Sun anti- Liverpool narrative.