Rag’n’Bone Man & Calvin Harris - Giant (Live at BRITs 2019)


  1. Fabiano Ferreira

    Fabiano Ferreira3 jam yang lalu


  2. Antonio Marcos Almeida

    Antonio Marcos Almeida3 hari yang lalu

    You liked THE music rangbone man ?liked ?like ,tenkyo

  3. Ana Belen Piedehierro Gómez

    Ana Belen Piedehierro Gómez4 hari yang lalu

    El puto amo

  4. Flor Gonzalez

    Flor Gonzalez5 hari yang lalu

    Que voz, por Dios!!! Suena genial ❤

  5. Martina Martina

    Martina Martina6 hari yang lalu

    Iron man with strong voice! Super

  6. Your Boy

    Your Boy7 hari yang lalu

    He has an amazing voice but you gotta give credit to the dancers

  7. nane6

    nane69 hari yang lalu

    I used to love Rag´n Bone man (check out his earlier stuff) but this is disco crap

  8. Fiona Gibbons

    Fiona Gibbons13 hari yang lalu

    This song of his makes me cry. It brings out so many powerful emotions in me that I cannot help feel pulling. This guy is amazing, what an amazing song, one of a kind.

  9. Online Slots

    Online Slots14 hari yang lalu

    that i called disco so i like it very much

  10. tensfxtv

    tensfxtv14 hari yang lalu

    森に吠えろ、吠えろ、吠えろ Go to the forest, go on, go on, go

  11. Jotham Dockie

    Jotham Dockie15 hari yang lalu

    The best soundtrack for nba 2k20!

  12. Jafet Rivera

    Jafet Rivera18 hari yang lalu

    This is just amazing I love his voice and confidence

  13. drunkkilla

    drunkkilla21 hari yang lalu

    Damn I came here to see another artists sound half as good live but this guy is just the same voice in the studio

  14. BandarPro

    BandarPro24 hari yang lalu

    Wow his voice live is better than the recorded one😍 this man is real artist🌹

  15. ksenia x

    ksenia x24 hari yang lalu

    he’s breathtaking

  16. Brent Randel

    Brent Randel24 hari yang lalu

    what a waste twentythirteen an twentyfourteen was to have animals steal my daughter after these words were ment to save her

  17. gixeff 750

    gixeff 75025 hari yang lalu

    Tattoos are for idiots and look shit

  18. Abel Billy Alvarez

    Abel Billy Alvarez26 hari yang lalu

    this is the best song i've heard all year long, can't wait for more new music by Rag N Bone Man

  19. Abel Billy Alvarez

    Abel Billy Alvarez26 hari yang lalu

    this is the best song i've heard all year long, can't wait for more new music by Rag N Bone Man

  20. Alfredo de la Fuente

    Alfredo de la FuenteBulan Yang lalu


  21. Fábio Dá Glórias

    Fábio Dá GlóriasBulan Yang lalu


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  23. Nicola G.

    Nicola G.Bulan Yang lalu


  24. Rodrigo R

    Rodrigo RBulan Yang lalu

    is he lazy to say "A" giant, i checked the lyrics its i am a giant, but to me he says I AM GIANT though

  25. Star Clair

    Star ClairBulan Yang lalu

    Amazing Calvin Harris ...

  26. Vlad Dtu

    Vlad DtuBulan Yang lalu


  27. 우공이산

    우공이산Bulan Yang lalu

    Best of the best voice

  28. Elmas Nasıl Bulunur

    Elmas Nasıl BulunurBulan Yang lalu

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  29. Mayara Morais

    Mayara MoraisBulan Yang lalu

    Não gosto dessa música odeio esse gigante 😡

  30. pablo7 !

    pablo7 !Bulan Yang lalu

    No ototune i love it

  31. Eduardo Yo

    Eduardo YoBulan Yang lalu

    Really awesome backing vocals too !

  32. Nicolas Trader

    Nicolas TraderBulan Yang lalu

    2 genius

  33. Thiago R5

    Thiago R5Bulan Yang lalu

    Parece o Fernandinho

  34. Andrew Holmes

    Andrew HolmesBulan Yang lalu

    This is good but I want the old calvin back

  35. Sacramento Cheese Hog

    Sacramento Cheese HogBulan Yang lalu

    There’s a soulful brother inside him singing

  36. sean grant

    sean grantBulan Yang lalu

    Now this is a man who can sing any song and make it sound good oh what a brilliant voice I could listen to this music all day every day

  37. Mihai Petre

    Mihai PetreBulan Yang lalu

    Thanos? Inevitable Drax? Invisible Rag'n Bone Man? Giant Hotel? Trivago

  38. Halina Jordan

    Halina JordanBulan Yang lalu

    a nasz polski Du it jest lepszy z Halayo! Kocham Ragn Man!

  39. rc Cowie

    rc CowieBulan Yang lalu


  40. Júlio Cesar Molina

    Júlio Cesar MolinaBulan Yang lalu

    Assistam na velocidade 1.5x