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  1. EmKay

    EmKayBulan Yang lalu

    You know, I'm trying to come up with a funny comment to pin for this video but I really got nothing. Hope your day was good everyone : )


    DON'T SUBSCRIBEJam Yang lalu

    I kicked Brandon into the road,he is going to die now cos I broke his legs. Like to undo.😂🤣

  3. M1A1 Abrams 3rd Generation MBT

    M1A1 Abrams 3rd Generation MBTHari Yang lalu

    just type in "gay" it's easy

  4. Jayden Dickson

    Jayden Dickson2 hari yang lalu

    I want that pup, I want him, ilk name him Jeffery

  5. gamzee makara603

    gamzee makara6032 hari yang lalu

    tag draw withjazza in this because that was him and his brother sword fighting.

  6. hnellothere

    hnellothere3 hari yang lalu

    i have urinary infection

  7. Ashen Phoenix

    Ashen PhoenixJam Yang lalu

    Waszat shadeversity lol

  8. JustGeorgiaxD

    JustGeorgiaxD2 jam yang lalu

    9:28 draw with jazza!! Legendary IDreporter channel

  9. ThatOneDerpyArtist

    ThatOneDerpyArtist2 jam yang lalu

    2:09 :(

  10. Muz CuzBuz

    Muz CuzBuz2 jam yang lalu


  11. Brandon

    Brandon3 jam yang lalu

    My name is Brandon

  12. Julia

    Julia4 jam yang lalu

    I got a full Boy With Luv fancam of Taehyung as an ad in this video. Did I watch the whole thing? Yes. Of course I did. Enjoy your ad revenue emkay :)

  13. Violet Echoes

    Violet Echoes4 jam yang lalu

    ive fell for the door trick yep

  14. Drak0burn Gaming

    Drak0burn Gaming4 jam yang lalu

    What did the guy with the bike do?

  15. Lil Bay

    Lil Bay5 jam yang lalu


  16. Kahvinporo

    Kahvinporo5 jam yang lalu

    Man EmKay, your laughter is so contagious.

  17. Bryce Wilson

    Bryce Wilson7 jam yang lalu

    My brothers name is brandon....... weird

  18. MeefBeef

    MeefBeef7 jam yang lalu

    Cat deserves it for trying to attack the dude for no reason

  19. Niji is not a meme

    Niji is not a meme7 jam yang lalu

    Back again with the florida man

  20. V3N0M

    V3N0M8 jam yang lalu

    3:46 I thought that was blood coming out of his head at first

  21. BNKAB

    BNKAB13 jam yang lalu

    1:56 is that MaxMoefoe

  22. X Shot

    X Shot14 jam yang lalu

    3:53 there was nothing in it, the splatter was his head.

  23. Crazy Cubing

    Crazy Cubing14 jam yang lalu

    “He was sent to hell”

  24. Hannah Bass

    Hannah Bass14 jam yang lalu

    5:53 are we not gonna discuss how freakishly long her arm is?

  25. Caleb Williams

    Caleb Williams16 jam yang lalu

    “And I still have a magnum dong” I can related danny. but mine has a choking warning and then all of a sudden its a fricken giraffe!

  26. SplaatFan205 TehLogoEditior

    SplaatFan205 TehLogoEditior17 jam yang lalu

    peta: eating chicken can make ur kids dīćk small me: who gives a šhït?

  27. Xandeath75

    Xandeath7518 jam yang lalu

    I hate how the video is behind your mic, it always ruins some of the great vid XD

  28. Lewis M

    Lewis M19 jam yang lalu

    I like how you call Chris Brown a garbage human being for posting art without crediting it then 34 seconds later play a tik tok video with the @ cropped out

  29. Israel W

    Israel W21 jam yang lalu

    9:28 shadiversity

  30. Ze AnceøGamer

    Ze AnceøGamer22 jam yang lalu

    8 and 3/4? *really*

  31. Lettuce Leaf

    Lettuce Leaf22 jam yang lalu

    Damien squeaking over animals being cute is the best thing ever!!!

  32. Keaton moffat

    Keaton moffat23 jam yang lalu

    This audio seems off it is just me

  33. Henry B

    Henry B23 jam yang lalu

    13:13 my car isn’t starting

  34. Darkenz

    DarkenzHari Yang lalu

    My names brandon :D

  35. snake gaming

    snake gamingHari Yang lalu

    its goddamn 9 3/4 not 8 3/4

  36. Jassimca2 Xd

    Jassimca2 XdHari Yang lalu

    3:11 as you can see she threw it right she threw it at an angle like imagine your hands bend on it self that what happens to me EVERYTIME

  37. Vaping Duckie

    Vaping DuckieHari Yang lalu

    Wow. That's Shadiveristy.

  38. matrixphijr

    matrixphijrHari Yang lalu

    3:27 - If that's anyone else, we're all just like, "Shut up, ya jackass. Nobody cares about the made-up size of your dick." But it's Danny DeVito, so he gets a standing ovation.

  39. Axelariel Salchipapa

    Axelariel SalchipapaHari Yang lalu


  40. Perla Jurado

    Perla JuradoHari Yang lalu

    I think that kid was trying to steal the bike

  41. FeatherWing Art

    FeatherWing ArtHari Yang lalu

    9:30 that was a clip from draw with jazza and though they didn't intend for the 3D printed swords to break they knew they wouldn't stand up well being smashed against each other

  42. loopy demon

    loopy demonHari Yang lalu

    Peta:Eating ChILdrEN

  43. Gamer Alex 386

    Gamer Alex 386Hari Yang lalu

    Eating childrennnnn it's like auto correct but in real real life Maybe he was thinking about eating children

  44. Blank Blank

    Blank BlankHari Yang lalu

    9:33 Correctly if Im wrong, but is that Shadiversity? Great Channel if you love Medevial Europe and Fantasy.

  45. Blank Blank

    Blank BlankHari Yang lalu

    Hey, he at least tried. (To help the woman) He may of done more harm than good. But I am 99.9% sure she was okay. Due to most subreddits having a No Death/Injury Policy

  46. Gamer Guy12111112111

    Gamer Guy12111112111Hari Yang lalu

    There was an attempt to make a creative comment here

  47. Dayton Kinas

    Dayton KinasHari Yang lalu

    jacksepticeye is a gay ig

  48. Straced_Out

    Straced_OutHari Yang lalu

    13:07 Love how he gains speed. *insert 'go hard or go home meme'*

  49. I'm a Fish

    I'm a FishHari Yang lalu

    I feel bad for that cat.

  50. dark power

    dark powerHari Yang lalu

    9:07 Albeit a bit intrusive someone took interest in your work and encouraged you so you repay that with being a cunt. Very nice and cool. Like imagine if it wasn't some asshat with books published, an up and coming writer gets even less praise/acknowledgment than an up and coming artist. Guy's just trying to be nice to a stranger and you gotta put in some "Oh he just doesn't believe I'm published cus I'm a woman" bullshit.

  51. homie dino

    homie dinoHari Yang lalu

    the cat landed on the camera

  52. The kid no one cares about

    The kid no one cares aboutHari Yang lalu

    Ya boi said 8 3/4

  53. Gaming Is Cool

    Gaming Is CoolHari Yang lalu

    D-did he say eight and three quarters? EIGHT!? I AM OUTRAGED!

  54. gta buddys

    gta buddysHari Yang lalu

    the 2 dudes are jazza and his bro look up draw with jazza

  55. A Mcdouble

    A McdoubleHari Yang lalu

    Eight and three quarters lol