R Kelly's GF Joycelyn Savage Surfaces, Says Impostor Created Patreon Account | TMZ


  1. Carpe Diem

    Carpe Diem14 jam yang lalu

    Can she write this over without AZRIEL’s name. She woke now sis.

  2. Judy Brown

    Judy BrownHari Yang lalu

    He can't read. She is brandwah. Sad to see

  3. Judy Brown

    Judy BrownHari Yang lalu

    Brainwashing is no joke. Go home to your mother.

  4. Gymmaster

    GymmasterHari Yang lalu

    Dont get no worser than that, smh da ful is worser?

  5. Solo Romero

    Solo Romero2 hari yang lalu

    Wow! So scripted! Who wrote it? The Lawyer?

  6. Rashonda Oliver

    Rashonda Oliver2 hari yang lalu



    ONLY HOLINESS WILL DO Priesthood2 hari yang lalu

    yes he is not the music genius we thought he was...but a nasty freak. If you remember the words from the songs they were telling who and what he did. FYI girl...he not coming home this time!


    ONLY HOLINESS WILL DO Priesthood2 hari yang lalu

    She should be trying to take advantage of the 1 1/2 minute fame she have left doing interviews, lifetime, books etc, with that swollen eye she trying to hide. How Robert do that from jail?


    ONLY HOLINESS WILL DO Priesthood2 hari yang lalu


  10. Alexis Benjamin

    Alexis Benjamin3 hari yang lalu

    Why is she reading off a phone ..

  11. Danielle James

    Danielle James3 hari yang lalu

    What a Loser

  12. Juanita Disasi

    Juanita Disasi3 hari yang lalu

    She got her boobs done too. But on another note how you reading from your phone is that something he sent for you to read. Azrial been gone so how you speak for her. Girl wake up

  13. Kat

    Kat4 hari yang lalu

    She needs to get some healthy hate for child molesters and polyamory like I have. Till then I really dislike her.

  14. Sher Bach

    Sher Bach4 hari yang lalu

    “Nunsense” or Nonsense?

  15. Tarlie Magic

    Tarlie Magic5 hari yang lalu

    This poor girl is lost.

  16. Jamie Siegel

    Jamie Siegel5 hari yang lalu

    It’s funny how in the patreon “worser” was used and she just used it in this interview... hmmm something fishy here if you ask me... 🤨🤔

  17. Mizz Ladee

    Mizz Ladee7 hari yang lalu

    The fact that shes reading Instead of being genuine smh

  18. Westside Wizzop

    Westside Wizzop8 hari yang lalu

    Need to change those batteries in that damn smoke detector

  19. Stephanie Henderson

    Stephanie Henderson8 hari yang lalu

    Girl your chest is to damn big

  20. Chanel and Leabel

    Chanel and Leabel8 hari yang lalu

    A month ago, it was just her talking? Mm hmm

  21. Shana Catherine

    Shana Catherine8 hari yang lalu

    When she was talking about somebody pretending to be her she was turning into R.Kelly it's very sad that her words are rehearsed and I just hope that she finally comes clean

  22. Lashontoia Norbert

    Lashontoia Norbert8 hari yang lalu

    But now you DID GIRL BYE

  23. Miley Mor

    Miley Mor9 hari yang lalu

    Boo boo worser is not a word

  24. UrboyCrazy

    UrboyCrazy9 hari yang lalu

    Joycelyn is still brainwashed. We will never portray him she says?? She all alone now. Azriel woke up and left R.kelly. Joycelyn still lives in a fairytail life. Smh

  25. BrownSkin Baddie

    BrownSkin Baddie9 hari yang lalu

    So she’s reading it from her phone for one , for 2 she doesn’t know how to talk like a lady , but mostly I can’t really tell if she’s been faking it all , if she’s actually ok with the things he do or if he does it to her , I’m kind of lost on picking. A side , subscribe to my channel y’all .

  26. Shanee' Love

    Shanee' Love9 hari yang lalu

    She always reading some shit....then her little fake acting voice...its tew much Chile. We dont believe you Joy

  27. Nketia Purvis

    Nketia Purvis9 hari yang lalu

    Girl who wrote this for you?

  28. bommmb Bree

    bommmb Bree10 hari yang lalu

    She probably doesn't really talked like that she nervous asf and the shit sound rehearsed its she really meant it it would flow off the tongue more naturally..Damn 😥

  29. bommmb Bree

    bommmb Bree10 hari yang lalu

    Its sooo messed up bc it sound rehearsed 😥

  30. Itss Specialk

    Itss Specialk10 hari yang lalu

    Lawd she reading a speech off her phone..

  31. Teria Bee

    Teria Bee10 hari yang lalu

    I think azriel did it smh

  32. a Supernova

    a Supernova10 hari yang lalu

    Trying to sound intelligent when u blonde...she got a speech impediment? What's aSSasination....

  33. Emily Brown

    Emily Brown10 hari yang lalu

    Never portray him ? 😂😂😂😂😂 you mean BETRAY HIM ..

  34. S BG

    S BG10 hari yang lalu

    Girl, bye!

  35. Cree Cree

    Cree Cree10 hari yang lalu

    Portray him orrrrrrrr "betray" him. I said this before, Joy is slow. Her elevator doesn't go all the way to the top floor.

  36. God's Angel

    God's Angel11 hari yang lalu

    All lies especially when she said Rkelly reads all the letters...HE CAN'T READ!!!

  37. God's Angel

    God's Angel11 hari yang lalu

    This is a video of a lost and sad little girl

  38. God's Angel

    God's Angel11 hari yang lalu

    First of all who made that speech for her???

  39. Zee zee

    Zee zee11 hari yang lalu

    Oh lort this girl! 🤦🏾‍♀️

  40. Alcimé Royal

    Alcimé Royal11 hari yang lalu

    This all seems staged and rehearsed imjs

  41. Komplex Kontent

    Komplex Kontent11 hari yang lalu

    Every time she speaks it sounds pre-recorded, thought out, planned, taught & looks like she has a person guiding her behind the camera 😄😣😂

  42. Bughatii Lovren

    Bughatii Lovren11 hari yang lalu

    Like a rapper in a studio 😂

  43. Renita Samuels

    Renita Samuels11 hari yang lalu

    These narcissistic men can manipulate and brainwash full grown women, i can only imagine how their lies and bellshit can affect children. So sorry for them. I pray healing for them.....WE ARE TALKING ABOUT YOUNG GIRLS PEOPLE...........

  44. Kookiemya

    Kookiemya11 hari yang lalu

    Girl you better leave that old fart 💨 and wise up before your youth is gone! 🙄

  45. Ivy Pgrv

    Ivy Pgrv12 hari yang lalu

    2:53 i hope they've replaced the battery for that fire alarm🤣🤣

  46. Nicki Leveline

    Nicki Leveline12 hari yang lalu

    Betray boo betray, ain’t no P in betray homie. He need to give her an education dang

  47. Alexis Tiaonni

    Alexis Tiaonni12 hari yang lalu


  48. jae Taylor

    jae Taylor12 hari yang lalu


  49. Muriel Oduro

    Muriel Oduro12 hari yang lalu

    How when he can’t read.. lies

  50. Muriel Oduro

    Muriel Oduro12 hari yang lalu

    At least she can read, but she can’t sing so no record deal.. need to get checked for Herpes

  51. Abriauna Jefferson

    Abriauna Jefferson12 hari yang lalu

    She’d be a great actor she reads scripts good 😎

  52. #YouKnowimRight

    #YouKnowimRight12 hari yang lalu

    Go home Joy.🙄

  53. Marie Davis

    Marie Davis12 hari yang lalu

    This is the absolute worst 😭😭 she reading from a phone

  54. Latayshja Vanscott

    Latayshja Vanscott12 hari yang lalu

    Wait?! Did she say she want him to come home in PEACE..Joy, he's NEVER coming home!!! Ima need you to move on with life...Pray God has mercy on his soul...

  55. abluemovie7 84

    abluemovie7 8412 hari yang lalu

    UPDATE!!! Jocelyn has been arrested for assaulting Azriel and now Azriel has officially left them and is back home with her family. I hope Joycelyn's time behind bars will be a wakeup call for her to see that her life is so much more than with that monster. She needs to go back home to her family and start her life over.

  56. Precious Diamond

    Precious Diamond12 hari yang lalu

    How do you read that who wrote that?

  57. Lisa Young

    Lisa Young12 hari yang lalu

    Smh keep control yo ass my men ant about to have all them women's around me he going down anyways time for you some new new

  58. Lisa Young

    Lisa Young12 hari yang lalu

    Girl please that old men use get he's ass in most the women he paid to be quiet

  59. Rayxs2

    Rayxs212 hari yang lalu

    Did she really just say “worser?”

  60. LaTonia Smith

    LaTonia Smith13 hari yang lalu

    Some people can’t stay on track