Qasem Soleimani: Iraqi MPs back call to expel US troops - BBC News


  1. ئشلون ئلحجي

    ئشلون ئلحجيBulan Yang lalu

    Iam iraqi but shit on qasim😒🙂

  2. AsiA I.

    AsiA I.Bulan Yang lalu

    there is no such thing as europe there is only ASIA youwhite then get out of OUR CONTINENT

  3. AsiA I.

    AsiA I.Bulan Yang lalu

    we also agree with iraq ..america uk needs to gett he fouT' they are in direct international violatioN'

  4. AHenStew 90

    AHenStew 90Bulan Yang lalu

    It's like the Gauls asking the roman empire to withdraw troops unlawfully settled in Gaul... :)))


    RIDIN’ HIGHBulan Yang lalu

    What was he doing in Iraq in the first place?

  6. Captain America

    Captain AmericaBulan Yang lalu

    Should we not ask the Iraqi Shia to leave Iraq? They seem to love Iran so much, so why can't they just move on across the border?

  7. Aurobindo Ghosh

    Aurobindo GhoshBulan Yang lalu

    bbc american troops living in iraq since 2003 have become citizens of iraq

  8. Ikram Subhaany

    Ikram SubhaanyBulan Yang lalu

    ISIS is nothing but just American own created organization behind which American evil thinking and and pursue it's objectives mainly oil resources and nuclear power plants

  9. Ikram Subhaany

    Ikram SubhaanyBulan Yang lalu

    Brutality at very best .... the most dangerous ,notorious and evil terrorists on this planet is United States of America can kill anyone for the sake of oil resources

  10. Jay Zee

    Jay ZeeBulan Yang lalu

    Hamas and their 25,000 rockets is literally why the us wont strike Iran. Only reason. It’s like a dead mans hand

  11. Manu KrishnaSadhak

    Manu KrishnaSadhakBulan Yang lalu

    Islam and Christianity made for mind control to colonize and loot what happened to Yezidi Baha'i zorashtrian pagans give back Arab land to them back world will be ☮️ ?????

  12. Rabid Farmer

    Rabid FarmerBulan Yang lalu

    He says the remains -What remains? There shouldnt be anything left. Evaporated is more like it. LOL

  13. abdulhussein

    abdulhusseinBulan Yang lalu

    It’s really bad , it seems like tramp taking US down ,

  14. horst gummer

    horst gummerBulan Yang lalu

    Yes america and the west is the devil lets all move to the middle east its a better life there for us !!!!!!!!


    JRT 4JUSTICEBulan Yang lalu

    Proves how much of the Islamic world revere terrorism ..wake up western world!!! They been chanting death to America since 1979! It’s not new. When Ghandi died, a man of peace, a sea of peaceful humanity mourned. What a cultural difference! Yet liberals like to victimize aggressors ... have they entered your countries and instead of assimilating with the culture have called for Shari law? It’s hundreds of years many were enraged when osama bin laden was killed. Enough of this propaganda which the liberals and the media love.

  16. Faisal Khan

    Faisal KhanBulan Yang lalu

    Why do millions of people have to die over oil. The guys running shit behind the scenes are gangsters. They aint even American

  17. Anupam Roy

    Anupam RoyBulan Yang lalu

    America is spreading terrorism in the world not iran i support iran from india

  18. killed Noob

    killed NoobBulan Yang lalu

    Beginning of world war 3?

  19. Montather Aati

    Montather AatiBulan Yang lalu

    USA now targets cultural sites great isis has a mate now

  20. Seelantha Kangaha arachchi

    Seelantha Kangaha arachchiBulan Yang lalu

    Sham to see UK still defending US utter unlawful actions

  21. stephen Nadar

    stephen NadarBulan Yang lalu

    Trump is my role model

  22. S A M

    S A MBulan Yang lalu

    And for real Trupm has lost his mind ...

  23. Andrew Stacy

    Andrew StacyBulan Yang lalu

    Death to america

  24. Aaron Ranque

    Aaron RanqueBulan Yang lalu

    Europe will help Iran goodbye USA and Israel the evil

  25. Jide Creppy

    Jide CreppyBulan Yang lalu

    Iraq: usa, we don't want our country to be a battle ground between you and Iran. Let's all exercise restraint and ensure nothing escalates due to your recent military attack against Iran. So, kindly get the fcuk out! usa: NO! 🤦🏾‍♂️

  26. Yasmine Nazarine

    Yasmine NazarineBulan Yang lalu

    When "Esa son of virgin Mary" comes Muslims kept saying it over n lover ?

  27. Yasmine Nazarine

    Yasmine NazarineBulan Yang lalu

    2020 another peace full life welcome to new paradise 2020 blood shad💔 🌷💥🌷💥🌷💥🌷💥🌷💥🌷💥🌷💥🌷🌷

  28. Herman Moore

    Herman MooreBulan Yang lalu

    It is a blessing in disguise for the USA Troops to be asked to leave Iraq..................Let Iraqis and Syrians fight for their future on there own from here on out. They have have been given more than enough assistance over the last 10-15 years. Maybe some other countries will be invited to step in to fill the void in assisting Iraq. It is long overdue that the entire Middle East take care of their own problems...........It could also offer the opportunity for all the refugees from these countries to be sent back home to rebuild their own countries instead of using up the resources of their neighbouring and other countries.

  29. enrique garcia

    enrique garciaBulan Yang lalu

    What are they doing there in the first place? We all Know that it's all about and will be. Perhaps besides of cultural manifestations the American presence in the middle East will be more difficult and more difficult to defend the American presence in the area. And the ball is on both sides, but targeting cultural sites will be the last stroke on American proclivity for barbary.

  30. Nick Heritage

    Nick HeritageBulan Yang lalu

    From an American, send the Orange man over there (Iran) as a present

  31. Denzo D

    Denzo DBulan Yang lalu

    When the Iraqi Parliament voted to expel all foreign troops from Iraq, I hope it means ALL: Iranian, American, British, French, German and other EU forces. If Iranian (Quds) forces remain, it can only mean that Iran had strong-armed the Parliament, and the people of Iraq can rebuff the vote. Should the Iraqi Prime Minister confirm the Iraqi Parliament vote, and the US finally decides to pull out of Iraq, it should demand from the Iraqi government payment for the billions of dollars spent by the US in helping them get rid of the ISIS caliphate that was threatening their very own existence, and other air bases and structures built by the US using American taxpayers’ dollars. If they refuse to pay, the US has all the right to stay until the Iraqi government reimburse us for all our expenses and deaths of our fighting men and women defending their sovereignty. This should be our last military assistance for any Muslim country who does not appreciate our coming to its aid should it is invaded by another hostile party.

  32. halima gogosh

    halima gogoshBulan Yang lalu

    Ginger guy shit on his pants, he thought people will get happy but don't know the truth

  33. technician chamber

    technician chamberBulan Yang lalu

    A big head ache of the world ----AMERICANS

  34. Albert Henriette

    Albert HenrietteBulan Yang lalu

    The US dark elites killed president Lincoln and kennedy , armed Hitler Nazi , Finance Trotsky and Lenin , Murdered the 3000 plus victims of 9-11, killed their CIA right hand man Osama bin laden , desposed sadam after using him. Betrayed colonel Gadaffi after using him The list goes on and on. To trust the US dark elites is to commit suicide.

  35. Kimberly York

    Kimberly YorkBulan Yang lalu

    America is showing its tyrannical and imperialistic nature out in the open. The arrogance of the American mafia who runs the country is beyond the pale.

  36. Bucket with a face on it

    Bucket with a face on itBulan Yang lalu

    I'm Embarrassed as an Englishman that our UK media is cheerleading for Iran. To my American brothers i apologise we just have CNN types infested every corner of our media.

  37. Bucket with a face on it

    Bucket with a face on itBulan Yang lalu

    Pretty much all of Americans problems in the Middle East have been caused by George Bush senior, Hillary Clinton, Barrack Obama, and George Bush junior. President Trump is just sorting out their mess. Leftists wise up and stop hating on Trump.

  38. Moe Gee

    Moe GeeBulan Yang lalu

    trump needs to be assassinated

  39. Quick Wahay

    Quick WahayBulan Yang lalu

    Keep weaving those prayer rugs. Seems like the battle for Britian was an utter waste of time.

  40. Damien

    DamienBulan Yang lalu

    Don't remove troops we need to keep an eye on there necleor program leftys are dumb as shit nuke them all problem solved

  41. Peter

    PeterBulan Yang lalu

    Damien Nope, go bother North Korea instead see where that get the US regime 😂


    FUN JOY KNOWLEDGEBulan Yang lalu

    America and allies get out of Iraq its night ur place if never will. How do u kill us shameless being ur blood is blood and ours water No way

  43. Brentgeorgina De Ronde

    Brentgeorgina De RondeBulan Yang lalu

    The news reporter is mourning this scums life and 90% of the commenters here are themselves terrorists. God help us.

  44. Captain America

    Captain AmericaBulan Yang lalu

    I totally agree, beautiful woman.

  45. Asfak Kazi

    Asfak KaziBulan Yang lalu

    Whole country and Islamic must support iran America itself have nucuelar at her home you first destroy your home nucuelar then stood a finger for other countries this whole world country is a property of Allah Allah is watching what happen in the world with in a minute he can take back what he has given to us so you fear to allah and eshu Allah sallam he is live if this comment like contact 9969561857

  46. James Dunlap

    James DunlapBulan Yang lalu

    In reality it's death to Iran if they don't shut up

  47. nasir husain

    nasir husainBulan Yang lalu

    Bbc news didnt broadcsted the full Speech of Nasrallah.U know he is good.

  48. sohail

    sohailBulan Yang lalu

    Nobody : America : let's start world war 3

  49. Captain America

    Captain AmericaBulan Yang lalu

    sohail - America is a country of peace that hates war. Trump is not going to wage a war on Iran and bomb millions of innocent people like war criminal Bush did.

  50. Laila Sell

    Laila SellBulan Yang lalu

    sohail bad*

  51. Laila Sell

    Laila SellBulan Yang lalu

    No body : Trump : I’m gonna kill a terrorist to protect us citizens. Omg so baf

  52. S D2

    S D2Bulan Yang lalu

    Trump is a thieving liar who want control over other countries wealth to maintain his fat pig looking ass!

  53. S D2

    S D2Bulan Yang lalu

    Trump don't care about the lives of these American soldiers, the American soldiers need to wise up and go after Trump personally for carelessly putting them at unnecessary risk! Fight for the safety of your family and people of your country when needed to, but don't lose your life for Trump who brings pain and destruction to your families and country!

  54. Mark Lim

    Mark LimBulan Yang lalu

    a sea of mourners for a General who droned

  55. Peter

    PeterBulan Yang lalu

    Mark Lim Yeah he should have gotten a more elaborate funeral like Bush Sr for killing millions. What a shame

  56. Richard KL44357

    Richard KL44357Bulan Yang lalu

    So leave Iraqi if the government wants the U SA out , simple. It's easy to reinvade if they pose a threat to to the USA .

  57. Commander Red

    Commander RedBulan Yang lalu

    I think I'll get to see the world end before i see the US stop it's warmongering

  58. ernie rink

    ernie rinkBulan Yang lalu

    The American Secretary of State is a liar he's done it several times on television so far and I don't anticipate him telling the truth in the near future

  59. Heidi Loves Jesus

    Heidi Loves JesusBulan Yang lalu

    They're pretty close to Israel... I kinda wouldn't doubt that is how they're going to hurt us. Hit us in our Faith. We're praying for the world. Lord come soon!!😇💝

  60. Timbuck Too

    Timbuck TooBulan Yang lalu

    Will the arrogant Americans honour the request of the "democratic" Iraqi politicians? Doubtful! Seeing as the USA has been in Iraq ILLEGALLY for the past 18 years. I predict a waves of "terrorist" activities to hit Iraq until they decide they Need the US army to keep them safe????? from terrorist activities.

  61. Chella Pandiyan

    Chella PandiyanBulan Yang lalu

    It's foolish attack

  62. Darren Fenton

    Darren FentonBulan Yang lalu

    This Trump dump stinks.

  63. maxnetir timon

    maxnetir timonBulan Yang lalu

    us will pay for this #heardrevenge

  64. Barni Mb

    Barni MbBulan Yang lalu

    Why you say Middle East it’s just Iran or you guys wants to destroy middle East

  65. miguel romo

    miguel romoBulan Yang lalu

    Democrats should send a back channel message to Iran that trump will be removed soon

  66. Greg Dobson

    Greg DobsonBulan Yang lalu

    I was really pleased to see the Uprising and Protests by " JEWS AGAINST WAR " movement . It's high time the Good Jews Stood Up against their Zionist Masters that want nothing but WAR . If they don't they will Suffer in the end .