Q Anon/News - BlackOut - In Pursuit of Truth Presents - 7.15.19


  1. Mary M. Tucker

    Mary M. Tucker15 hari yang lalu

    Marvelous Monday morning Sir Patrick ♥️♥️🥳🥳😊

  2. jennifer stewart

    jennifer stewart25 hari yang lalu

    Mystic Mac and i workout together ALMOST every morning. He doesnt know it lol Ive lost over 40 pounds and still going THANK YOU Mystic Mac P.s. i love you Mystic Mac NOT in a creepy wear your dirty underwear on my head way but in a healthy you make my workout bearable kinda way

  3. The Shane Davis rants

    The Shane Davis rants29 hari yang lalu

    Performing arts center at the epicenter of a huge s8 anic sacrifice? Naww....no dancing for devils or nothing like THAT going on... Much L&R! s.

  4. computerbunnie

    computerbunnieBulan Yang lalu

    the rectangle cut out by the temple looks like it is a surface that comes up and allows access to below much like an aircraft carrier elevator - raised platform and closes and none would be the wiser that it is under there and the temple if the engine room for the lift motors

  5. computerbunnie

    computerbunnieBulan Yang lalu


  6. 712Menzies

    712MenziesBulan Yang lalu

    “Anyway this guys got billions of dollars and can’t even afford a digital” 🤣🤣🤣🤣 love it!

  7. Cogzed

    CogzedBulan Yang lalu

    Save you the search: Billy ”Pedo” Clinton is the 42nd President.

  8. Cogzed

    CogzedBulan Yang lalu

    Catholic church = The great abominable church.

  9. Edward Rapka

    Edward RapkaBulan Yang lalu

    For some deeper diving into the Epstein web, I recommend this video by The Amazing Polly, which delves into Epstein's background & history, where he amassed his fortune and offers a possible explanation to why he only got a "slap on the wrist" ten years ago by our compromised justice system: idreporter.net/v/video-Vc-uysS6Tlw.html

  10. Suzann Kania

    Suzann KaniaBulan Yang lalu

    From what I understand, Jessop Smollett is Kamala Harris' nephew. Food for thought.


    FATHER THOMASBulan Yang lalu

    Lolita express carried a CIA aircraft ID # ,


    FATHER THOMASBulan Yang lalu

    Fiji , Ebola, Clinton smuggling ships, and Obama's private underground bunker complex... Look at Fiji , they are overpricing commoners out of their tourism, and turning like New Zealand , elites only club.


    FATHER THOMASBulan Yang lalu

    Drag Obama's and Tom Hanks, private island french Polynesia.

  14. Bobbye Kay

    Bobbye KayBulan Yang lalu

    Taco stand! 😁

  15. Joe Public

    Joe PublicBulan Yang lalu

    Why not look at the roster for that flight? Did they take someone’s luggage or something from the luggage? Also, you can set your Airdrop settings to for contacts only. That’s how mine is set up.

  16. Sicily

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  17. moonlighting44

    moonlighting44Bulan Yang lalu

    WWG1WGA!...winning all the way..FACT....great vids as always..thanks for sharing always informative...cheers eh...ken...

  18. Wolfgirl Rules

    Wolfgirl RulesBulan Yang lalu


  19. Catty Scatbrat

    Catty ScatbratBulan Yang lalu

    Follow the wives -Q

  20. Mike Miller

    Mike MillerBulan Yang lalu

    pic at 1:17 is more like a Skeet shooting range

  21. Kay Dee

    Kay DeeBulan Yang lalu

    The girl who was interviewed by De. Phil about being trafficked since she was a baby, discussed being taken to private islands, and talked about being HUNTED by them-just like Hunger Games!

  22. Carson

    CarsonBulan Yang lalu

    Is this how our boy became a billionaire? You may have seen this 7 min video Daddy Dragson UK posted. Fascinating! This goes way deep. idreporter.net/v/video-1uExAFBPCe0.html

  23. No Proof !?

    No Proof !?Bulan Yang lalu

    idreporter.net/v/video-4iju62rNFmY.html thought you should see this

  24. DRUCO316

    DRUCO316Bulan Yang lalu

    They play rocket league they have to have something for the kids.

  25. Gabe Lanz

    Gabe LanzBulan Yang lalu

    Sir Patrick, I think that grassy field on Epstein island, with the small stair case and ramp, is possibly a helipad.

  26. James LaSpino

    James LaSpinoBulan Yang lalu


  27. m. norman williams

    m. norman williamsBulan Yang lalu

    Anybody see the [H] right by the temple?

  28. DawnMay Jackson

    DawnMay JacksonBulan Yang lalu

    On the sun dial there's a faint circle around the inner circle of lights around the face or whatever they are. I wonder if it's actually something built in that either raises up or sinks down...if the dial is able to be moved out of the way that is. Juuust another creepy thought...uug!

  29. sonia

    soniaBulan Yang lalu

    Mount San Michelle?

  30. The Shane Davis rants

    The Shane Davis rantsBulan Yang lalu

    A week to remember Maybe weve been goven a week to rememberize ALL the Q Drops . I dunno just a guess.. Much love SPMc. s.

  31. David Williams

    David WilliamsBulan Yang lalu

    God wins

  32. Tessa Erickson

    Tessa EricksonBulan Yang lalu

    Were you thinking of Berder Island off the coast of France? cloverchronicle.com/2019/01/15/misspellings-matter-heres-what-president-trumps-hamberder-tweet-really-means/

  33. Wendy Fox

    Wendy FoxBulan Yang lalu

    Sir Patrick, you are one of my news sources. You keep me informed, and you make me smile. Thank you for your hard work.

  34. Von Chubbz

    Von ChubbzBulan Yang lalu

    Great work Sir Patrick Mac!

  35. Nick L

    Nick LBulan Yang lalu

    Those pesky ninjas!!

  36. Heather Reid

    Heather ReidBulan Yang lalu

    Helicopter pad.

  37. Smitty

    SmittyBulan Yang lalu

    Patrick....ABLE DANDER/FIELD .....had Mad Dog on yesterday at the end of show and he said that the 15th was very important! A week to remember!

  38. Stacy Berg

    Stacy BergBulan Yang lalu

    Starin' at the boob tube, turnin' on the big knob Tryin' to find some life in the waste land Fin'ly found a program, gonna deal with Donald Trump Ready for a trip into hate land Obnoxious Joe comes on the screen Along with his guest self-righteous ma’am And one more guest who doesn't count Her hair and clothes are too far out While pushin' back her glasses ma’aam is casually sayin' "I was elected by the masses" And with that in mind she starts to unwind A vicious attack calling Donald Trump Fascist Well, Trump’s evil, wicked, mean and nasty (Don't step on my flag, ma’am) And he will ruin our fair country (Don't be such an ass, ma’am) And, he will take your son and daughter (You're so full of bull, ma’am) All will pay who disagree with me (Please give up you already lost the fight alright) Mis-in-formation….. Cortez and Pressley Are feeding to the nation But the one on 4 chan …….counted them out By exposing all their false quotations Faced by a very, awkward situation This is all, she'd say to save the day Well, Trump’s evil, wicked, mean and nasty (Don't step on my flag, ma’am) And he will ruin our fair country (Don't be such an ass, ma’am) And, he will take your son and daughter (You're so full of bull, ma’am) All will pay that disagree with me (Please give up you already lost the fight alright) You waste my coin ma’am, all you can To give my fellow man All that I’ve worked hard my life for And you hand it to him You've been telling lies so long Some believe it’s true And so they close their eyes to things They have no right to do Just as soon as you are gone Hope will start to climb Please don't stay around too long You're wasting precious time Well, Trump’s evil, wicked, mean and nasty (Don't step on my flag, ma’am) And he will ruin our fair country (Don't be such an ass, ma’am) And, he will take your son and daughter (You're so full of bull, ma’am) All will pay that disagree with me (Please give up you already lost the fight alright)

  39. Jester

    JesterBulan Yang lalu

    Rusty Shackleford is probably a reference to Larry Correia's Monster Hunter International series. Rusty starts a business hunting monsters to protect his community.

  40. Ronald Lane

    Ronald LaneBulan Yang lalu

    Follow Sean Penn, first at the scene @ every crisis, spent months in Haiti, good buddy of Chapo's, just sayin'

  41. Robben Morin

    Robben MorinBulan Yang lalu

    Raised patch of grass looks a lot like a helo pad and the ramp is for....wheelchairs or maybe stretcher???? Just sayin' 🤔😉

  42. sumbamotor

    sumbamotorBulan Yang lalu

    Your yellow square is just an underground structure

  43. Jack Hammer

    Jack HammerBulan Yang lalu

    the windows are real but everything else is painted on. its an good paint job it has depth its weird to look at a 2d paint job on a 3d building through a 2d camera

  44. Jack Hammer

    Jack HammerBulan Yang lalu

    the trenches are the beginning of footings. the strings are common also. it looks like they are about to buildsomething there.

  45. microkoondy

    microkoondyBulan Yang lalu

    The grassy knoll (so to speak) with the lights is a helicopter landing zone

  46. Sarah Tonen

    Sarah TonenBulan Yang lalu

    Florence and the Machine (creepy band, creepy video) The Dog Days are Over lyrics.............................something to do with dogs.................... idreporter.net/v/video-iWOyfLBYtuU.html Happiness hit her like a train on a track Coming towards her stuck still no turning back She hid around corners and she hid under beds She killed it with kisses and from it, she fled With every bubble, she sank with a drink And washed it away down the kitchen sink The dog days are over The dog days are done The horses are coming So you better run Run fast for your mother, run fast for your father Run for your children, for your sisters and brothers Leave all your love and your longing behind You can't carry it with you if you want to survive The dog days are over The dog days are done Can you hear the horses? 'Cause here they come And I never wanted anything from you Except everything you had and what was left after that too, oh Happiness hit her like a bullet in the back Struck from a great height by someone who should know better than that The dog days are over The dog days are done Can you hear the horses? 'Cause here they come Run fast for your mother, run fast for your father Run for your children, for your sisters and brothers Leave all your love and your longing behind You can't carry it with you if you want to survive The dog days are over The dog days are done Can you hear the horses? 'Cause here they come The dog days are over The dog days are done The horses are coming So you better run The dog days are over The dog days are done The horses are coming So you better run

  47. Shepperton Studios

    Shepperton StudiosBulan Yang lalu

    4:35 looks like a firing range.

  48. letsjet

    letsjetBulan Yang lalu

    The video "The Devil of Saint James" is very interesting! I'm glad I watched it!

  49. Wink

    WinkBulan Yang lalu

    JEW'srael just got the contract for the JEW York subway system. Nothing like (((artists))) stringing up wires in the subway. Con-Ed. And we thought 911 was evil? meh.

  50. Wink

    WinkBulan Yang lalu

    Another froth-whipping shake-em-up served w sippy-straw! Nice! And El Chapo (((Gutman))) play-mate w Epstein. Hum, which one is Alpha? Hum. Beta-Ep may just find out. Hee hee What a great idea! Put the Beta next to the Alpha & Beta remains in shivering shadows. No, Beta-Ep, you are not equals. Drop the soap, Beta-Ep, drop the soap.

  51. Tricia Stevens

    Tricia StevensBulan Yang lalu

    Aren't they supposed to shut phones off on take off?

  52. Navigating the Human Terrain

    Navigating the Human TerrainBulan Yang lalu

    The berm looks like one for security teamsto train in. They can drive in and practice 360° fire

  53. William Stephens

    William StephensBulan Yang lalu

    Performing arts at mass sacrifice site not a surprise where else are they going to perform their rites to sustain their evil deeds!!!

  54. William Stephens

    William StephensBulan Yang lalu

    Thats a man...(new mrs kushner)

  55. t.dezyn 24516177

    t.dezyn 24516177Bulan Yang lalu

    77. Turn one upside down and you have a triangle, mirror them and you have a pyramid, all seeing eye. Merge both triangles together you have the "Star of David" Kabala 1n73ll1g3nc3. Numbers and letters.....we are also on top of it!

  56. t.dezyn 24516177

    t.dezyn 24516177Bulan Yang lalu

    Ghislaine Maxwell was a male, same as Michael OB4M4. Many who seem to be women are actually men, part of their Baphomet thing! LGB< etc This is the time that the world is the theater, humanity! No one has ever taken on this old guard, it is a world battle, we are all involved.

  57. Danielle Murphy

    Danielle MurphyBulan Yang lalu

    "Taco Stand"---- that's why we listen to you. Thanks for all your hard work. This is a tough subject, your humor helps get the message out.

  58. Diane Todd

    Diane ToddBulan Yang lalu

    Amazing Polly IDreporter has great information about what Epstein was involved in. Scientists that are studying THE HUMAN BRAIN, he gave $$$$ to be able to ALTER OUR BRAINS , to control our thinking, to brainwash us, for future generations. This is some scary, Si.Fi stuff that we have no idea what is really going on. Many RICH AND POWERFUL PEOPLE ARE INVOLVED. She is able to track the families, most likely using children as experiments. After WW11, the U.S brought over many German NATZI Scientists, they were sick and very cruel to the Jewish people held in Concentration Camps, so many died during experiments. This has never ended, they use computer programs on our children using GAMING, VERY VIOLENT, ABLE TO DISASSOCIATE FROM HUMAN COMPASSION, THE ULTIMATE PLAN IS TO TURN US INTO ROBOTS, NO THOUGHT, NO EMOTION, JUST PROGRAMMED TO TAKE ORDERS. EPSTEIN & MANY OTHERS ARE INVOLVED IN THIS. THE DEEP STATE CONTROLS THE WORLD. THEY PURPOSELY STARVE PEOPLE IN MANY COUNTRIES TO ERADICATE THEM, THEY WANT CONTROL OF THE COUNTRIES WITH WEALTH, GOLD, MINERALS ETC. THEY HAVE A PLAN, TRUMP IS EXPOSING THE EVIL DEEP STATE, IT GOES AS HIGH AS THE VATICAN, THE MONARCHY....ALL ABOUT POWER, GREED, AND CONTROL OF THE MASSES. NO TO COMMUNISM IN OUR GREAT COUNTRY. POTUS IS TRYING TO SAVE AMERICA FROM THE EVIL GRIPS OF THE DEEP STATE. PLEASE FOLLOW AMAZING POLLY, LIZ CROKIN AND OTHERS ON THIS CHILD TRAFFICKING, IT IS HORRIBLE, BUT TRUE. GOD BLESS ALL YOU GREAT PATRIOTS 🇺🇸🙏 #TRUMP2020 🙏

  59. Bertaboop1955

    Bertaboop1955Bulan Yang lalu


  60. Platos Cave9012

    Platos Cave9012Bulan Yang lalu

    The blackout may have been the Q team knowing the deep states plan ahead of time then causing the blackouts themselves and used the number 42 as a sign to them that’ patriots are in control. Reminds me of when Barr recently came out playing bagpipes knowing his staff had planned on surprising him. He knew their plan and took it over.

  61. The Gassy Troll

    The Gassy TrollBulan Yang lalu

    Research Alexander Smollett, a high British official in Jamaica during the pirate era.

  62. Si Simons

    Si SimonsBulan Yang lalu

    intro : I AM THE WOLFINATOR , follow me if you want to live ./:)

  63. Mom's looking towards the Lighthouse

    Mom's looking towards the LighthouseBulan Yang lalu

    Actually has much to do it’s the sun they warship the sun gods

  64. Steve Lux

    Steve LuxBulan Yang lalu

    I am sure Epstein got a sweetheart deal last time so he wouldn't sing the song of many wealthy people and many powerful people in politics, government and business. We will see what happens this time as this is a great opportunity to clean up some of the lead swampiness.

  65. Todd Tucker

    Todd TuckerBulan Yang lalu

    Is the Island name "Corsica?""

  66. Daniel Davis

    Daniel DavisBulan Yang lalu

    Maybe when Q says a week to remember he not talking about it being a big week that will be in the history books but as in remember things that happen this week for future proves past proofs and independent bakers on the boards.

  67. Truth Trojan

    Truth TrojanBulan Yang lalu

    Hi Sir P. Could the "GOD WINS" references in the Q-posts maybe be related to "Godwin's law"? Just throwing it out there. :) There are also a few attorneys with the last name Godwin, One of them is from Dallas (Don Godwin) -> his name led to Irving Cohen attorney at law -> Address: 233 Broadway, Ste 2701, New York, NY 10279 (Not far from the One World Trade Center, Manhattan) -> www.mapquest.com/places/-277424666?ncid=searchusmqlo00000001&utm_source=ppc&utm_medium=ppc&utm_campaign=ppc20160601 -> List of Godwin attoreys at LAW OFFICE OF IRVING COHEN -> opengovny.com/attorney?q=don+godwin -> LLC & LLP related attorneys #WWG1WGAWW #EuropanQn

  68. chip63us

    chip63usBulan Yang lalu

    brown not tropical green

  69. chip63us

    chip63usBulan Yang lalu

    tropical island ped. isl. sure looks like they kill, stall and destroy

  70. butlerson

    butlersonBulan Yang lalu

    Is Epstein the "Keystone" that Q has spoken of before that when removed will bring everything down?

  71. Loyce March

    Loyce MarchBulan Yang lalu

    Maybe places for ceremonies. They used to show up like tennis courts. When planes filmed they covered up with dirt. They now have bermed.

  72. Concerned Canadian

    Concerned CanadianBulan Yang lalu

    Islands name was Malta..

  73. Alan Saul

    Alan SaulBulan Yang lalu

    a week to remember might mean we have 1 week to remember???

  74. SecondComingTwice

    SecondComingTwiceBulan Yang lalu

    Are we enjoying the show yet? Alphabet hasn't dropped my subscription to the IPOT channel yet, but today suddenly recommend a mess of channels from Russia. (Cyrillic text, so I'm assuming Russia anyway..) Never been, don't speak the language, don't have any contacts there. Weird huh? Free Tommy! He ought to qualify for refugee status in a heartbeat

  75. Nana Albert

    Nana AlbertBulan Yang lalu

    Morning Patrick....godfather III means The Vatican - said (x22report / Dave)...listened to your video was great - so much stuff‼️‼️💡🤩 Do you saw the map from Dylan Monroe?! www.deepstatemappingproject.com. 👋🏼🇱🇷

  76. The JeanJeanne

    The JeanJeanneBulan Yang lalu

    I thought the drone pics were of his new place on great St James...under construction...

  77. TurboNerd

    TurboNerdBulan Yang lalu

    Sir Patrick brings the good stuff once again! Thanks again, my freedom-loving brother!

  78. Free Range Thinker

    Free Range ThinkerBulan Yang lalu

    I thought they stopped umbrella surveillance. Maybe I misunderstood that.

  79. Selma Kelly

    Selma KellyBulan Yang lalu

    If the black hats did the NY black out, they made de Blasio their pedo cabal boy look bad -- really bad.

  80. David Mills

    David MillsBulan Yang lalu

    The small building w/ thin metal doors with slats on em doesn’t look like a tunnel entrance but 1 of 2 things. 1. Generator room the vents on door for air ventilation so generator doesn’t over heat. Or 2. An emergency exit. Doors seem to thin compared to other entrances