PSG 3-0 Real Madrid: Champions League Group A Recap with Goals and Best Moments


  1. Bryan Cespedes

    Bryan Cespedes6 jam yang lalu

    Glad this happened so everyone could see that Ronaldo really is the missing link even w/ Zidane as coach

  2. Draxvelo

    Draxvelo6 jam yang lalu

    When did navas go to psg ?? Didn’t hear of that

  3. Hol up

    Hol up6 jam yang lalu

    Psg fucked Madrid in the ass

  4. KafuiOl

    KafuiOl6 jam yang lalu

    Dissapointing as always

  5. Sergio Melendez

    Sergio Melendez6 jam yang lalu

    I'm watching the game with a Madrid fan and he got up and walked out when di Maria scored the second goal. Bale proceeds to score while he's out of the room. Then he comes back in and VAR rules no goal lmao.

  6. Bossman Money

    Bossman Money6 jam yang lalu

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  7. Exploring With Avi

    Exploring With Avi6 jam yang lalu

    2:44 when I stub my toe

  8. Random kid playing whatever

    Random kid playing whatever6 jam yang lalu

    We did it boys Number 1 trending

  9. Pranav Veluri

    Pranav Veluri6 jam yang lalu

    Navas’ revenge

  10. D. Rüesch

    D. Rüesch6 jam yang lalu

    That pitch is immaculate. I don't think I've ever seen such beautiful grass

  11. Ian Badawi

    Ian Badawi7 jam yang lalu

    They swapped goalkeepers, kits color, and... results, too?

  12. DaFiresMen

    DaFiresMen7 jam yang lalu

    "Did you know that Bologna is just hot dog pancakes?" My high neighbor-2019

  13. Alex Kim

    Alex Kim7 jam yang lalu

    Wow bale is back like 2014

  14. Antoine de MM

    Antoine de MM7 jam yang lalu

    RM can get 100 different coaches but as long as Florentino is there forcing them to play his preferred players, RM will keep losing.

  15. BrandonJustPlays Δ

    BrandonJustPlays Δ7 jam yang lalu

    All of the fifa games are the same change my mind

  16. Radha K. Ugo

    Radha K. Ugo7 jam yang lalu

    September: WOW PSG!! They are UNSTOPPABLE!! April: PSG 1 - 4 Ajax ( 3-4 ). Neymar (out for the season) after getting kicked in the vagina by an angry PSG fan.

  17. Imad Almosawi

    Imad Almosawi7 jam yang lalu

    What a shame ..... 3-0

  18. abdulaziz yalahow

    abdulaziz yalahow7 jam yang lalu

    Hahahaha people think 🤔 Real Madrid are good team without them cheating they never beat any team also with the help of the referees too but that’s done ✅ now it’s VAR time let’s go psg

  19. Tahtahme Xero

    Tahtahme Xero7 jam yang lalu

    As someone who played goalie in highschool, I am beyond mortified for my dude in yellow. That was hard to watch, but no one can say he didnt try! Sometimes in sports you are just outplayed, thats part of the fun of it!

  20. DeadlyBrianX

    DeadlyBrianX7 jam yang lalu

    Everyone who says it's because Navas was a better keeper, keep in mind he DID get scored on twice but VAR and Offsides saves them. All 3 of those goals were unstoppable and as a fellow keeper I don't blame Curtois for any of those goals.

  21. Abdullahi Adan

    Abdullahi Adan7 jam yang lalu

    Courtois and Hazard should have never left Chelsea l🤣

  22. Thee Girlz

    Thee Girlz7 jam yang lalu

    Must Watch ❤️

  23. Brandon Arias

    Brandon Arias7 jam yang lalu

    Madrid is shit now 😒Im a Madrid fan

  24. Justin Moreno

    Justin Moreno7 jam yang lalu

    “Madrid is back” lmao

  25. SkBNlex

    SkBNlex7 jam yang lalu

    Que rico

  26. MrCH1NG0N

    MrCH1NG0N7 jam yang lalu

    Who thinks Real Madrid will make it out of group stage?

  27. juice man

    juice man7 jam yang lalu

    I love that this is trending! But I know Navas loves seeing Madrid get beat more!!!

  28. Jorge Hernandez

    Jorge Hernandez7 jam yang lalu

    Lmfao, Bale looked guilty from the on set

  29. Robinson Bunay

    Robinson Bunay7 jam yang lalu

    Was a mistake to sell dimaria, navas and cr7.

  30. 2 Coozyy

    2 Coozyy7 jam yang lalu

    selling navas was a huge mistake

  31. Lucky Luke

    Lucky Luke7 jam yang lalu

    Zidane wished he didn't come back. :)

  32. Steven Martinez

    Steven Martinez7 jam yang lalu

    Who else about to play FIFA mobile at work

  33. Junpei ANIMATES

    Junpei ANIMATES7 jam yang lalu

    This Video: *#1 on trending* Dolan Twins: *Aw Sh*t, here we go again.*

  34. Jaime 019

    Jaime 0197 jam yang lalu

    PSG still won and didn’t have the good players

  35. That One Guy

    That One Guy7 jam yang lalu

    Real Madrid did an oopsie

  36. top 5 somali videos

    top 5 somali videos7 jam yang lalu

    The disrespect 😭😭😭

  37. sultan ahmad

    sultan ahmad7 jam yang lalu

    POOR real madrid

  38. Prabin Dhital

    Prabin Dhital7 jam yang lalu

    Selling Navas and keeping Courtis :D

  39. Ownage Zizou

    Ownage Zizou7 jam yang lalu

    Varane isn't good. He needs to be sold. We need a powerful CB

  40. Ownage Zizou

    Ownage Zizou8 jam yang lalu

    I honestly don't think zidane knows how to coach. There is no mid. How do you play James and kroos both together. James is the playmaker. Kroos doesn't need to be there. We need an engine of a player who can play pure center mid and help defensively and run crazy like Bruno Fernandes

  41. Bromarr

    Bromarr8 jam yang lalu

    Once again, Lucas Vázquez comes on and fucks up a good chance

  42. Jeet Sonwani

    Jeet Sonwani8 jam yang lalu

    As a RM fan, I am speechless. The last goal was just straight up humiliating but at the same time, it was Courtois so I didn't expect something else. He is 6'6" pf pure crap.

  43. lean on me

    lean on me8 jam yang lalu

    why they didnt validate Benzema goal? that weird

  44. Erick Chein

    Erick Chein8 jam yang lalu

    Don’t blame the goalkeeper, everyone does that when they don't know shit about soccer, blame the defense, : Varane, Carvajal, Mendy, and others.

  45. Severe Statements

    Severe Statements8 jam yang lalu

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  46. Alex Bielecki

    Alex Bielecki8 jam yang lalu

    #1 on Trending 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  47. Kroshy D

    Kroshy D8 jam yang lalu

    Navas eres el puto amo y di maria callando las bocas

  48. Clownan around

    Clownan around8 jam yang lalu

    Dont ever say REAL didnt need CR7

  49. Thomas Vizcainco

    Thomas Vizcainco8 jam yang lalu

    First goal was a golie fuck up second goal was an easy block. I can’t believe they sold Navas for this fuck up

  50. Team McBox

    Team McBox8 jam yang lalu

    Along with Juventus, Real Madrid are the shittiest and most overrated team in Europe. Complete rape against a team missing their entire forward line.

  51. egg with 1000 subs

    egg with 1000 subs8 jam yang lalu

    Yeaaaa hopefully Madrid realizes their mistakes on selling Navas

  52. Corinth Dragamire

    Corinth Dragamire8 jam yang lalu

    Zidane is a trash coach plane and simple. Amazing top tier player dog shit coach RM needs to get rid of his ass if this was any other coach besides a legendary player they would’ve sacked his stupid ass by now

  53. asher levi

    asher levi8 jam yang lalu

    Reason is simple zidane had ronaldo...pep is still the best manager in the world

  54. Syrup Al

    Syrup Al8 jam yang lalu


  55. Chest Rockwell

    Chest Rockwell8 jam yang lalu

    Soccer? Bahahaha. I thought only middle school girls played

  56. DeadShot

    DeadShot8 jam yang lalu


  57. BAYE Judicael

    BAYE Judicael8 jam yang lalu

    Di Maria had the best revenge against Real Madrid after what they did to him

  58. R McElhaney

    R McElhaney8 jam yang lalu

    Big win for PSG! Real Madrid got a reality check in this one. They aren't used to losing 3-0 in football matches.

  59. The Replay

    The Replay8 jam yang lalu

    RM keeping Courtois was a huge mistake. Also, 4-3-3, with Kroos James, and Casemiro was just a bad idea by Zidane. There were too many holes when on defense.

  60. Arshia Rahimi

    Arshia Rahimi8 jam yang lalu

    This should be age restricted