ProScout - Jadon Sancho EURO U17 2017


  1. Nemanja Radonjic

    Nemanja Radonjic3 hari yang lalu

    1:38 sancho and haaland

  2. Frenético Player

    Frenético Player3 hari yang lalu


  3. sonny adshead

    sonny adshead4 hari yang lalu

    now sancho and haaland have formed one of the best attacks in europe

  4. Hassan Khan

    Hassan Khan4 hari yang lalu

    Sancho vs haland right here and now 2 years later theyre in the same team

  5. Mother Fagga

    Mother Fagga5 hari yang lalu

    You guys know that the Number 14 in norway is haaland? 😂 and today they are Teammates

  6. Carlos Romero

    Carlos RomeroBulan Yang lalu

    1:41 Is that Haaland from BVB?

  7. ProScout

    ProScoutBulan Yang lalu

    Yes, you are right!

  8. Rakim Hossain

    Rakim Hossain4 bulan yang lalu

    This kid is a 🌟!

  9. Adrian Kariuki

    Adrian Kariuki5 bulan yang lalu

    Sancho,odoi,angel gomez,gibswhite,Brewster,phoden this team was flames Did anyone notice at 3:30 the guys chasing each other

  10. ohmighty gio

    ohmighty gio6 bulan yang lalu

    Favorite footballer r

  11. Nature Boy

    Nature BoyTahun Yang lalu

    these kids will win the world cup for england.

  12. Jahirul Islam

    Jahirul IslamTahun Yang lalu

    Feel regretful that city let him go like that. What a talented player

  13. dampu dulom

    dampu dulomTahun Yang lalu

    Wow he is not look less then neymar though

  14. DisobeyToday

    DisobeyTodayTahun Yang lalu

    ProScout Jordan Sancho??? What's next the little known upcoming rising star Wayne Rooney?

  15. ProScout

    ProScoutTahun Yang lalu

    Who is Jordan Sancho? This video was uploaded on May of 2017. One year ago!

  16. PEP

    PEPTahun Yang lalu

    Now he's in BVB and is one of the best players in it. Amazing!

  17. PEP

    PEPTahun Yang lalu

    @ProScout Yes, you guys need 1+ million subs.

  18. ProScout

    ProScoutTahun Yang lalu

    That means that we are good scouts? Haha

  19. Bucket with a face on it

    Bucket with a face on itTahun Yang lalu

    2:43 bullshit fancy shit then lost the ball.

  20. Bucket with a face on it

    Bucket with a face on itTahun Yang lalu

    Welbeck, Walcott, Oxlade-chamberlain, Alli, Rashford, Sterling, and now Sancho. All over rated. None of them develop any further than late teens. All style over substance.

  21. Bally u wont know its me

    Bally u wont know its me6 bulan yang lalu

    Rashy is 21 low him

  22. Michael James

    Michael James10 bulan yang lalu

    Sterling and Sancho are class. Oxlade-chamberlain was brilliant for Liverpool last season before his injury. Rashford has been class this season for club and country. Welbeck was never great anyway, but always did his job and scored lots of goals for England. All in all, a really shit and I'll informed comment.

  23. Vick Allison

    Vick AllisonTahun Yang lalu

    Red Pilled At Birth a lot of the people like sterling, Ali, rashford and Sancho are under 23 lol they’ll be fine buddy.

  24. Rich y

    Rich yTahun Yang lalu

    Makes you wonder what would happen if they sacked Mourinho at Man U. Rashford is another talented player that doesn’t get enough game time. It’s good that the club gives Sancho a chance.

  25. K K

    K KBulan Yang lalu

    @xinoty8 _ lol u were wrong

  26. xinoty8 _

    xinoty8 _8 bulan yang lalu

    Rashford is absolute trash. His technical abilities and finishing aren't at pro level. He can't hold up the ball or link up play. His decision making is horrendous. Sancho is miles ahead. Mourihno was right to start a more reliable striker Lukaku

  27. Messi Shaanika

    Messi ShaanikaTahun Yang lalu

    This was one talented team. No jokes 🙏💙

  28. Charles Asante

    Charles AsanteTahun Yang lalu

    Arsenal must buy him

  29. Z HX

    Z HXTahun Yang lalu

    He has good skill with the ball. If he develop more how to release the ball to his teammates that's even makes him the most dynamic football player.

  30. Ian Ryder

    Ian Ryder11 bulan yang lalu

    He's done exactly that at BVB - why he's leading the assists...amazing prospect, can't wait to see him become an England regular

  31. ElNacoPlay

    ElNacoPlayTahun Yang lalu

    Sancho + Husdon-Odoi = 🔥⚽️🔥

  32. Alex 'Works' Ahom

    Alex 'Works' Ahom2 tahun yang lalu

    You heard it here 1st!

  33. Tagar Dulom

    Tagar Dulom2 tahun yang lalu

    I'm sure he's better then Neymar. .only luxurious life can hinder his growth

  34. SAGE NT

    SAGE NT2 tahun yang lalu

    You should see callum

  35. Alfie haigh

    Alfie haigh2 tahun yang lalu

    I would say he needs to pass more, at this level he can get away with it because he's better than most of the defenders so he can dribble past them, but at higher levels he's gonna get tackled more often, by quicker, stronger and more physical players, hopefully he can prove himself at first team football one day, gutted to see him go to Dortmund when Man U were linked with him however Dortmund is a brilliant place for him to develop physically and tactically

  36. Ian Ryder

    Ian Ryder11 bulan yang lalu

    Looks like he's done exactly that :)

  37. James Germaine

    James Germaine2 tahun yang lalu

    Right footed Messi dare I say.

  38. Alex AlGreen

    Alex AlGreen2 tahun yang lalu

    He is truly amazing

  39. medie

    medie2 tahun yang lalu

    are there any more players of around his age who are this talented

  40. thegreatcalvinio

    thegreatcalvinio2 tahun yang lalu

    Sold to BVB, then Man City can buy him back for 100+ million pounds...

  41. Freddy Nayeb

    Freddy NayebTahun Yang lalu

    Holly shit!

  42. Steven Bergwijn

    Steven BergwijnTahun Yang lalu

    my nigga predicted the future kappa

  43. zZRoX

    zZRoXTahun Yang lalu

    thegreatcalvinio haahah I think this will really happen

  44. S.J.L.87

    S.J.L.872 tahun yang lalu

    This kid is class.

  45. Marat V

    Marat V2 tahun yang lalu


  46. Mohammad Abd El Rahman

    Mohammad Abd El Rahman2 tahun yang lalu

    2:53 :"D :"D wanted

  47. Muhammad Faiz

    Muhammad Faiz2 tahun yang lalu

    i think he had made a good decision by moving to borussia dortmund

  48. Uche Onuekwusi

    Uche Onuekwusi2 tahun yang lalu

    needs a left foot

  49. Michael James

    Michael James10 bulan yang lalu

    Yea. Cos all players are two-footed...

  50. W JM

    W JM2 tahun yang lalu

    He has the same skill set as Eden hazard, smart with the ball and goes forward instead of passing back or left and right

  51. Agile Swordsman

    Agile Swordsman2 tahun yang lalu

    welcome to BVB

  52. 777Tommy7

    777Tommy72 tahun yang lalu

    Welcome to Rapid Wien.

  53. Awex79

    Awex792 tahun yang lalu

    Welcome to BvB !!!

  54. Florian Sandrock

    Florian Sandrock2 tahun yang lalu

    And now...plays for BVB. Wuhuu

  55. Ciaran Conlon

    Ciaran Conlon2 tahun yang lalu

    Why does no one snap him all he does is cut inside on his right foot

  56. Michael James

    Michael James10 bulan yang lalu

    Shocking comment. So, so wrong about both Robben and Sancho. What an idiot l.

  57. CaliphaGaming

    CaliphaGaming2 tahun yang lalu

    UP THE VILLA Lmao Robben has improved and Robben has also done this in the Champions league for example against Arsenal

  58. Ciaran Conlon

    Ciaran Conlon2 tahun yang lalu

    ThefulltimeLDeliverer Bronson ye but robben plays in a crap league where you have loads of time, he was crap for chelsea

  59. The L Delivery Man

    The L Delivery Man2 tahun yang lalu

    Robben only uses left what's your point genius

  60. TooMuchTruth

    TooMuchTruth2 tahun yang lalu

    Nevermind Neymar, the next Jermaine Pennant. He'll make a lot of money, but he's a midtable/upper midtable level player. His game relies on space so he'll be much less effective at the top level.

  61. Afolabi Ayantayo

    Afolabi Ayantayo6 bulan yang lalu

    Brainless kid

  62. Michael James

    Michael James10 bulan yang lalu

    Hahahahaha. Yet another comment that has aged terribly. Was so obvious that you were wrong about him,even back then. Never get a job as a football scout. Utterly clueless.

  63. Tuff Gong

    Tuff GongTahun Yang lalu

    @TooMuchTruth A year on from your original comments i think he's more than proved at Dortmund that you do indeed have shit judgement.

  64. ThisUserName15Taken

    ThisUserName15Taken2 tahun yang lalu

    Coolworldleaderguy I don't understand your arrogance...he won player of the tournament at euros and is playing incredible at youth world cup now and many people are saying he is right up there with the best young talent around atm

  65. TooMuchTruth

    TooMuchTruth2 tahun yang lalu

    Perhaps. Hope he does great and proves my judgement to be shit. We'll see.

  66. Seba 1990

    Seba 19902 tahun yang lalu

    Come to Dortmund!


    WANKTANKANTHONY5 bulan yang lalu

    You are smart my doode

  68. Warren Rudd

    Warren RuddTahun Yang lalu

    Seba 1990 whatttt?!!!!! How tf did u know

  69. Messi Shaanika

    Messi ShaanikaTahun Yang lalu

    He did

  70. Seba 1990

    Seba 19902 tahun yang lalu

    Haha :d No, im visionary :)

  71. dorf_gueller

    dorf_gueller2 tahun yang lalu

    Seba 1990 Are you a wizard?

  72. The Bizness

    The Bizness2 tahun yang lalu

    I heard Man Utd are looking to swipe him. He's also good friends with Angel Gomes who I'm guessing is turning his head on how he will be more likely to get a game.

  73. Sheldon Wade

    Sheldon Wade2 tahun yang lalu

    Yeh I agree

  74. The Bizness

    The Bizness2 tahun yang lalu

    Well either way he's got more of a chance coming through at Man Utd or Arsenal that's for sure.

  75. Sheldon Wade

    Sheldon Wade2 tahun yang lalu

    The Bizness he's also best friends with Reiss nelson at arsenal. Also he misses London, his home city.

  76. YeSPET Henieken

    YeSPET Henieken2 tahun yang lalu


  77. Hỉ Giang

    Hỉ Giang2 tahun yang lalu

    New neymar.

  78. Abraham Tekleweyni

    Abraham TekleweyniTahun Yang lalu

    he can famoes becames i liked his players

  79. gustavo klix

    gustavo klix2 tahun yang lalu

    Lo que juega este muchacho

  80. Michael Johan

    Michael Johan2 tahun yang lalu

    welcome to arsenal

  81. boss hugo

    boss hugo2 tahun yang lalu

    Michael Johan no hahaha

  82. Pedro Ferreira

    Pedro Ferreira2 tahun yang lalu

    New Robinho

  83. Ante Brekalo

    Ante Brekalo2 tahun yang lalu

    New Sterling

  84. Will Southwell

    Will Southwell2 tahun yang lalu

    Could you make a Hudson-Odoi compilation as well please? He is the no. 10 in this video.

  85. Lukman Abdullah

    Lukman Abdullah2 tahun yang lalu

    new CR7

  86. Ball is life

    Ball is life2 tahun yang lalu

    he plays like hazard+sanchez

  87. Magnus Gullikstad

    Magnus Gullikstad2 tahun yang lalu

    2 bad its against norway, my country xd

  88. Ray1x

    Ray1x6 bulan yang lalu

    Min også

  89. Kevin CLAVEL

    Kevin CLAVEL2 tahun yang lalu

    Holds on to the ball too long , physical players can get him off the ball easily.

  90. Michael James

    Michael James10 bulan yang lalu

    @Tagar Dulom English people love skilful players. English coaches and managers though...

  91. Michael James

    Michael James10 bulan yang lalu

    @Victor Moyabi England aren't soooooo shit at football lol. Now ranked 4th in the world and have loads of great young talents coming through lol.

  92. Michael James

    Michael James10 bulan yang lalu

    @Sam Wheaton yep. Just the 15 assists and 100s of chances created this season pmsl. He got 5 goals and 5 assists at this very tournament. Should have been a clue.

  93. Michael James

    Michael James10 bulan yang lalu

    Haha, another comment that hasn't aged well on here.

  94. Vick Allison

    Vick AllisonTahun Yang lalu

    Lol he’s 5’11 and black no ones pushing him off the ball

  95. _Lion _

    _Lion _2 tahun yang lalu

    Crumbles against physical players

  96. Ten

    TenTahun Yang lalu

    @Tagar Dulom Neymar is weak though

  97. Tagar Dulom

    Tagar Dulom2 tahun yang lalu

    u said Same of Neymar

  98. Tin David Tošić

    Tin David Tošić2 tahun yang lalu

    FIFA Rating: DRI-95 SHO-85 PAS-90 PAC-90 DEF-60 PHY-70

  99. Asmen Sahinoglu

    Asmen Sahinoglu2 tahun yang lalu

    Das wäre Traum wenn Bosz (Dortmund) den holen würde

  100. R 10

    R 102 tahun yang lalu

    the nr. 10 is a machine too !!

  101. Mash Work

    Mash Work6 bulan yang lalu

    Steven Bergwijn at youth level Hudson Odoi was better.

  102. Steven Bergwijn

    Steven Bergwijn6 bulan yang lalu

    Sub 2 me for No reason yeah you saying that cause you know you was talking shit

  103. Sub 2 me for No reason

    Sub 2 me for No reason6 bulan yang lalu

    @Steven Bergwijn ur mum's head looks like a bicycle seat

  104. ohmighty gio

    ohmighty gio6 bulan yang lalu

    R 10 Hudson Odoi

  105. Steven Bergwijn

    Steven Bergwijn9 bulan yang lalu

    @Sub 2 me for No reason Kyle Walker is great kappa, im tired and you are out of here giving shit arguments, dont waste my time please.

  106. leopard

    leopard2 tahun yang lalu

    this kid is f.. good wtf

  107. Simon.A

    Simon.A2 tahun yang lalu

    Make a vid about Hudson-odoi

  108. Simon.A

    Simon.A2 tahun yang lalu

    Mark Kavanagh Chelsea

  109. Mark Kavanagh

    Mark Kavanagh2 tahun yang lalu

    Simon Sav Who does he play for?