Prince Harry Bans FORTNITE! #DramaAlert Jake Paul vs GIB!!!! DAVID DOBRIK & MORE!


  1. DramaAlert

    DramaAlert7 bulan yang lalu

    Hope you enjoyed todays video!

  2. A Guy

    A Guy3 bulan yang lalu


  3. TyHall

    TyHall6 bulan yang lalu

    Jake Paul vs Logan Paul boxing match

  4. Peyton Duff

    Peyton Duff6 bulan yang lalu

    DramaAlert well I didn’t

  5. GhostDiver

    GhostDiver7 bulan yang lalu

    I did my man

  6. Murimi Muchina

    Murimi Muchina20 hari yang lalu

    i dont hate any of the royal family members but have you realized the sons of Princess Diana have some despicable hairlines

  7. Descartes' Apparition

    Descartes' Apparition22 hari yang lalu

    "Feminist" women have become so insufferable that flashing lights on a screen are able to replace them. Think about the fact that sex dolls are becoming more realistic and are cheaper than dating next time you want to talk about mansplaining, and manspreading, and how sexist the air conditioning is at work. Im all for egalitarianism but this shits gone too far. Im lucky to not have to date in this era.

  8. Game breaker

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  9. Mario Avengers

    Mario AvengersBulan Yang lalu

    Prince harry is a hero

  10. Richie Anderson

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  11. Patrick Risso

    Patrick Risso2 bulan yang lalu

    I give Harry credit now

  12. Charlie’s rc’s

    Charlie’s rc’s3 bulan yang lalu

    Good and stfu keem

  13. wDr Fresh

    wDr Fresh3 bulan yang lalu

    1:03 what was that noise keem?

  14. Discovaria

    Discovaria3 bulan yang lalu

    And yes, This is why British people chose this royal. They knew it was gonna coming just to end their descendant's suffering

  15. Brooklyn Fan-1

    Brooklyn Fan-13 bulan yang lalu

    Kissing ass like always. Keep up the work..

  16. titan 111

    titan 1113 bulan yang lalu

    It's Jesus's incarnation

  17. Drew Jefferies

    Drew Jefferies3 bulan yang lalu

    keemstar your mean you lied about ewok

  18. lord woof xd

    lord woof xd4 bulan yang lalu

    The UK just found her best defender

  19. that one guy098yt

    that one guy098yt4 bulan yang lalu

    twitch is trying to kill them selfs banned dr disrespect and fed

  20. Nino Tube

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  21. Patsy Sparks

    Patsy Sparks4 bulan yang lalu

    prîñçè hærrŷ:ñœp€ bæñ fœrtñît€ kìdß: ñœœœ ŵhŷ

  22. Maria Jimenez

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  23. Raymanic

    Raymanic4 bulan yang lalu

    God that kid crying was the most cringiest thing I have EVER seen.

  24. The Gaming Pineapple

    The Gaming Pineapple4 bulan yang lalu

    Fuck yea ban the game. Its turned kids into disrespectful monsters

  25. Tomatoe boy

    Tomatoe boy5 bulan yang lalu

    Probably the most sensible Royal there is.

  26. DIO

    DIO5 bulan yang lalu

    Prince Harry is the greatest prince in history.

  27. Johann Pepin

    Johann Pepin5 bulan yang lalu

    I miss the gta streams killer keen stars will make

  28. Sam

    Sam5 bulan yang lalu

    Oh my God this Guy is the Prince of my country

  29. Ladical Radical

    Ladical Radical5 bulan yang lalu

    Doing God's work

  30. ShaDy-Suko

    ShaDy-Suko5 bulan yang lalu

    *i live in the uk and i play fortnite?*

  31. Friquido

    Friquido5 bulan yang lalu

    Thank god the tfue neck-test was negative, I don't know what I'd do if it had been positive. He should get a toe-test done as well and hope to god it's negative as well since you know what they say; "first you check the neck-test, negative, then you go for the toe-test, negative, but then they done the hiv-test, yup. Positive"

  32. SLPuppeteer

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  33. Lamo Content Gay

    Lamo Content Gay5 bulan yang lalu

    England is so progressive

  34. BappoBonk

    BappoBonk5 bulan yang lalu

    Prince Harry bans Fortnite from UK Not all heros wear capes.

  35. Wingless

    Wingless5 bulan yang lalu

    Dr.Disrespect CANNOT be talking after cheating on his wife fucking pice of shit.

  36. Ian Miscenich

    Ian Miscenich6 bulan yang lalu

    Harry banned fortnite? Good, good.

  37. Lou Chhang

    Lou Chhang6 bulan yang lalu

    under the tape is his cast you can clearly see it bruhhh

  38. Enclave Remnant

    Enclave Remnant6 bulan yang lalu

    What Prince Harry did violates 1st amendment rights, but I hate fortnite so I'm not sure how to feel about this.

  39. San s

    San s6 bulan yang lalu

    Went to the same school as him, chatted to him a couple time. He’s a very polite but professional guy, this doesn’t surprise me.

  40. 42 Slinx

    42 Slinx6 bulan yang lalu

    Why are one of the Paul brothers in every single video

  41. Spenceroo22

    Spenceroo226 bulan yang lalu

    Fortnite gets banned in uk: Dantdm goes back to minecraft


    EXAMPLE TEXT6 bulan yang lalu

    The Duke of Sussex is making a smart decision.


    CHILLS ON MOBS6 bulan yang lalu

    Like if Dr.disrespect is a savage

  44. bradyisabossVEVO

    bradyisabossVEVO6 bulan yang lalu

    Tim could have kept the sponser money for himself but he bought some kid he doesnt know a pc

  45. Aaron Smith

    Aaron Smith6 bulan yang lalu

    Lol agree ban it from UK they are smarter not have that game around I'm done watching kids floss in the road or so do it in youre room or out of the way

  46. Owen Sharvin

    Owen Sharvin6 bulan yang lalu

    just saying avxry personality went his random dous house and gave him a pc

  47. William the Wizard

    William the Wizard6 bulan yang lalu

    We are winning the gamer civil war. HAIL MINECRAFT!!!!!

  48. HackermanACK

    HackermanACK6 bulan yang lalu

    Thank the U.K for not allowing that retarded sheit known as Fortnite to be allowed to live

  49. DramaEx

    DramaEx6 bulan yang lalu

    Lmao the comedy central burns

  50. Obi Wan Kenobi

    Obi Wan Kenobi6 bulan yang lalu

    Good job Prince Harry.

  51. Gabe Jersey

    Gabe Jersey6 bulan yang lalu

    Prince Harry is a god

  52. Ch9BTW

    Ch9BTW6 bulan yang lalu

    Prince Harry’s life deserves to be banned

  53. Jimmy

    Jimmy6 bulan yang lalu

    A lot of Cringy Kids who is Fortnite Fans and hates Nintendo Games in the Comment Section...

  54. mentally unstable

    mentally unstable6 bulan yang lalu


  55. Brendon 69

    Brendon 696 bulan yang lalu

    *UK:Bans FORTNITE* *India: Bans PewDiePie's Music Videos* *VPNs and Immigration: Am I a joke to you?*

  56. departmentofnatural awesomeness

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  57. Crusher’ The man

    Crusher’ The man6 bulan yang lalu

    Nord VPN: Hello there.

  58. Chip munk

    Chip munk6 bulan yang lalu

    *Thor Want to know your location*

  59. Andy Barclay

    Andy Barclay6 bulan yang lalu

    Carefully, He's a Hero

  60. ッ

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  61. b0ss plis

    b0ss plis6 bulan yang lalu

    Bruh u just got sucked off by Jamie Charles, to undo do a 360 from your balcony!

  62. Andrew Zavala

    Andrew Zavala6 bulan yang lalu

    Except that guy liked the Giants

  63. Simone Francis

    Simone Francis6 bulan yang lalu

    Fortnite needs to GO

  64. xXAliXx TM

    xXAliXx TM6 bulan yang lalu

    Kids who play fortnite can not be called gamers

  65. Fresh Peppers

    Fresh Peppers6 bulan yang lalu

    xXAliXx TM they can be called lame though.