Preston and I had TWINS for 24 Hours!


  1. Brianna

    Brianna27 hari yang lalu

    Subscribe if you think I'm the better parent! 😜🍼

  2. Flora Marbella

    Flora Marbella6 hari yang lalu

    I allready sub to your channel

  3. Tamica Goode

    Tamica Goode6 hari yang lalu

    Brianna is winning already

  4. Trisha Cruz

    Trisha Cruz7 hari yang lalu

    Brianna ur better ur his just dropped the baby

  5. florencia Herandez

    florencia Herandez7 hari yang lalu

    Your favorite color is green right. 😎

  6. Lena Tuttle

    Lena Tuttle8 hari yang lalu

    @little killer ABC I feel you it is 3:54 am

  7. Trejon Walton

    Trejon Walton2 jam yang lalu

    how come Texas has a computer thing to order food from McDonald’s while I have to tell the worker to order

  8. Chad Martin

    Chad Martin6 jam yang lalu

    me both

  9. Oswaldo Ruano

    Oswaldo Ruano6 jam yang lalu

    Is the baby wet

  10. Gay Stewart

    Gay Stewart8 jam yang lalu

    Briana because I'm a girl and I haven't watched it yet so I'm just going to do it right now so going to and I'm going to do it but I so whoever I choose is getting my Build-A-Bear just kidding I actually want to keep them but I got to because get to buy one wait get to get one free wait by 2 get to get one free cuz I yeah I forgot one of so whoever is getting my so if so if I shoes one day we'll get my Sarah gets my monster well it's a plush and it's name is Gizmo and I really love him he's my monster but I'm giving him away so yeah.

  11. Jirilyn Webster

    Jirilyn Webster8 jam yang lalu

    Bri won the challenge

  12. Familia Camacho

    Familia Camacho9 jam yang lalu

    Preston was a better parent

  13. Antonette .mauxvanii

    Antonette .mauxvanii13 jam yang lalu

    When do both make a baby?


    PATRICIA GONZALEZ13 jam yang lalu

    my name is priscilla

  15. cakepop

    cakepop14 jam yang lalu


  16. Sydney Schock

    Sydney Schock14 jam yang lalu


  17. gaming Squad 1

    gaming Squad 114 jam yang lalu

    Brianna was much better than preston

  18. Madison Anthony

    Madison Anthony16 jam yang lalu

    I think bring cause she made it food and got a few warm clothes

  19. Saleh Tariq

    Saleh Tariq18 jam yang lalu

    preston i dont think you are responsible enough to have a baby after what you did. :D

  20. lee ming ee

    lee ming eeHari Yang lalu

    Ivote for preston because he is as awsome

  21. Ligaya Sante

    Ligaya SanteHari Yang lalu

    i love Bri

  22. Veronica Woods

    Veronica WoodsHari Yang lalu

    Rihanna the best mom in the world

  23. Samantha mead

    Samantha meadHari Yang lalu

    Brianna is way better at taking care of the kid

  24. Kittyamber Micheals

    Kittyamber MichealsHari Yang lalu


  25. Jannet Saldivar

    Jannet SaldivarHari Yang lalu

    Priscilla is my cousin

  26. Lynda Snell

    Lynda SnellHari Yang lalu

    Best mom and dad ever 🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱

  27. This is Champ And Teal

    This is Champ And TealHari Yang lalu

    Briana: comment💗 Preston comment:💪 Both comment:👨‍❤️‍👨

  28. This is Champ And Teal

    This is Champ And TealHari Yang lalu

    BRI is so much better at taking care of babby

  29. Carlos Martinez

    Carlos MartinezHari Yang lalu

    Brianna won! Like if u agree

  30. B W

    B WHari Yang lalu

    Brianna won

  31. Ashley Thurston

    Ashley ThurstonHari Yang lalu

    Nick❤️pizza Brianna❤️Preston

  32. evee playz

    evee playzHari Yang lalu

    Why is Princeton just like tilting a baby the baby can slip out of his hand and what did you say like the baby the baby have to get surgery


    JOSEFINA DE LEONHari Yang lalu

    Bri is the better parent because Preston almost killed Keith!

  34. Matt Smith

    Matt SmithHari Yang lalu


  35. karin van rensburg

    karin van rensburgHari Yang lalu


  36. Vikki A

    Vikki AHari Yang lalu

    Briana won!!!

  37. Z•Angel Animatez

    Z•Angel AnimatezHari Yang lalu

    Bri- *calls mum* I HAVE A BABY!

  38. Popi Bronkhorst

    Popi BronkhorstHari Yang lalu

    Preston is worst parent ever sorry bud it is true

  39. Titan Playz

    Titan PlayzHari Yang lalu

    You for baby name

  40. Dark Wolfy

    Dark Wolfy2 hari yang lalu

    I think bri won

  41. gaming with lala

    gaming with lala2 hari yang lalu

    I think i had. Dream of this before u guys hear that DREAM+!

  42. PinneappleAndLemonGirls

    PinneappleAndLemonGirls2 hari yang lalu

    Brianna won

  43. Livy! Emmy! Yo!

    Livy! Emmy! Yo!2 hari yang lalu

    I vote Bri

  44. Kasey

    Kasey2 hari yang lalu

    This chick looks like she’s 40

  45. Weasel Hocking

    Weasel Hocking2 hari yang lalu


  46. Weasel Hocking

    Weasel Hocking2 hari yang lalu


  47. Potato_head & Berry_pie

    Potato_head & Berry_pie2 hari yang lalu

    Brianna won