Post Malone - Saint-Tropez (Official Video)


  1. rap remix

    rap remix4 jam yang lalu

    where 's the French People 🇫🇷 👇

  2. Victor Zard

    Victor Zard4 jam yang lalu

    I like the chorus so much I hope it repeats when the beat drops but.....

  3. Lady Luck HQ

    Lady Luck HQ4 jam yang lalu

    LOVE this song!!! Did you film this in Utah? Just curious =)

  4. Papi Chullo

    Papi Chullo4 jam yang lalu

    Get Tesla and electric shaver.,oh yeah and stop singing.

  5. Reiyah Mission

    Reiyah Mission4 jam yang lalu

    Mary me please😉

  6. Infinitum

    Infinitum4 jam yang lalu

    wish i could see you live but i dont have that money yet. Your music is amazing, just like your self and i wish i could meet you, you seem like the chillest guy on earth and i hope you continue to make ear changing music for years to come ;D

  7. Trippy Kiwi

    Trippy Kiwi4 jam yang lalu

    Imagine knowing you used to be a bad boy with booty shorts making music and eventually you make it so big you get a Bugatti, custom made stab vest and a house in the valley. What a wild ride, posty needs to be protected at all costs he's literally a legend.

  8. Chan Wareppam

    Chan Wareppam5 jam yang lalu

    Who miss young post malone?

  9. Chan Wareppam

    Chan Wareppam5 jam yang lalu

    Who is here after circle?

  10. Jonas

    Jonas5 jam yang lalu

    Would u suck your friends 🐓 to save his life?

  11. oyathomas RB

    oyathomas RB5 jam yang lalu

    video: Rich:50% Poor:50%

  12. Ellen Mutya

    Ellen Mutya5 jam yang lalu

    Like for one

  13. Ellen Mutya

    Ellen Mutya5 jam yang lalu

    Hey wanna buy a replay button 00:00

  14. m4rzus

    m4rzus5 jam yang lalu

    Post can make even flexing classy as shit.

  15. George Harris

    George Harris5 jam yang lalu

    I love that post Malone

  16. George Harris

    George Harris5 jam yang lalu

    I love that post Malone

  17. Jaf

    Jaf5 jam yang lalu

    You still look like you've been attacked by a toddler with marker pens tho, so your flexin ain't shit

  18. Nea Ilie Cârnat

    Nea Ilie Cârnat6 jam yang lalu

    Florin Salam??

  19. N O N E S E N S E

    N O N E S E N S E6 jam yang lalu

    I don't want these kinds of songs to end. Im sad now.

  20. Aero TV

    Aero TV6 jam yang lalu

    Me when i get 5 dollars extra for lunch

  21. Jonas

    Jonas6 jam yang lalu

    That chiron though

  22. En3rgize

    En3rgize6 jam yang lalu

    The French Touch.

  23. Elixir Sniper

    Elixir Sniper6 jam yang lalu

    You should get copyright cuz you copy the song of THE ROMANIAN KING FLORIIIIIN SALAM

  24. Syahir Putera

    Syahir Putera6 jam yang lalu

    Hmmm why so rich.giv me one computer plsss @Post Malone

  25. 강다영

    강다영7 jam yang lalu


  26. Hannah Berry

    Hannah Berry7 jam yang lalu

    HE'S TOO CUTE ❤ 0:38 that face though

  27. Fabio Rego / Brandown5

    Fabio Rego / Brandown57 jam yang lalu

    Estas todo fudido começaste muito bem, agora é só musica de merda

  28. Nikos Nik

    Nikos Nik7 jam yang lalu

    Louis vuitton vest is some next level sh@t

  29. 이주원

    이주원7 jam yang lalu

    nice homemade video

  30. Aaron Tocker

    Aaron Tocker7 jam yang lalu

    welcome to saint Tropez, where the second language is French and the first is money

  31. Stephan Duller

    Stephan Duller7 jam yang lalu

    Trash song

  32. Cruise Official

    Cruise Official7 jam yang lalu

    u need to try "Florin Salam - Saint Tropez" guys..

  33. Bromex TCD

    Bromex TCD7 jam yang lalu

    man of culture

  34. Allan Tatenda Magaba

    Allan Tatenda Magaba8 jam yang lalu

    No models Yes cars.... How unique this guy is ❤️

  35. cathy ginika

    cathy ginika8 jam yang lalu

    probably the first video without any women while flexing

  36. wang Mercy

    wang Mercy8 jam yang lalu

    Who fracking people give dislike

  37. 0 Video 1 million Subscribers Challenge

    0 Video 1 million Subscribers Challenge8 jam yang lalu

    0% girls 0% Weeds 8% alcoholic Drinks 100% Beutiful song!

  38. Kerriann Garcia

    Kerriann Garcia8 jam yang lalu

    Pheonix,yes, you didn't deserve me then.

  39. David Betancourt

    David Betancourt8 jam yang lalu

    Flexing his Bugatti I see 💦💦

  40. KOko Mino

    KOko Mino8 jam yang lalu

    You are nanen npidh! Ta qifsha !

  41. Gwenael Petit

    Gwenael Petit8 jam yang lalu


  42. Gwenael Petit

    Gwenael Petit8 jam yang lalu

    Fuck tatouage

  43. Francisco Verdugo

    Francisco Verdugo9 jam yang lalu

    I love it

  44. Summerof Shargiyah

    Summerof Shargiyah9 jam yang lalu

    I love the fact that he didnt use models

  45. Erica Davis

    Erica Davis9 jam yang lalu



    JAMES MATHEW9 jam yang lalu

    Can I get a couple of subscribers here? :)

  47. Stratotes Phoenix

    Stratotes Phoenix10 jam yang lalu

    That money dont meqn shyt at the enda da day and yall know it .

  48. Joanna Sakouli

    Joanna Sakouli10 jam yang lalu

    The Post Malone version of 7 rings. . . . . . . . I love it 😍

  49. EmildosGaming Hjmm

    EmildosGaming Hjmm10 jam yang lalu

    Post malone that type of guy who calls him rich for 2 minutes and 36 seconds, but then puts a add in the last second of the vid :D

  50. Kaleb Alarcon

    Kaleb Alarcon10 jam yang lalu

    He made this song just to flex his new Chiron 😂

  51. Mafaz Rahman

    Mafaz Rahman10 jam yang lalu

    This video is freaking goals!!!!!

  52. Jessica L

    Jessica L10 jam yang lalu

    Anyone know where this was filmed?

  53. Abu hajaar

    Abu hajaar10 jam yang lalu

    When the The game ur downloading on PS4 is done

  54. Nathan Brizee

    Nathan Brizee11 jam yang lalu

    Damn! That's inspiring.

  55. christosTrex K

    christosTrex K11 jam yang lalu

    “And I I’m trying to close the fridge slowly to see if the light turns off” #FACTSSSS

  56. Lord Seid - Brawl Stars

    Lord Seid - Brawl Stars11 jam yang lalu

    Post Malone makes doubt my heterosexuality

  57. Florian Guiraud

    Florian Guiraud11 jam yang lalu

    Such a beautiful clip 😍🙏🏻🏞

  58. NBD Minotaur08

    NBD Minotaur0811 jam yang lalu

    this reminds me of old posty

  59. Bradley James

    Bradley James11 jam yang lalu


  60. Kushager Dogra

    Kushager Dogra12 jam yang lalu

    Hey post malone why are you calling me poor for 2:37

  61. Junior GTA SP

    Junior GTA SP12 jam yang lalu


  62. heavenfxeyesforsale

    heavenfxeyesforsale12 jam yang lalu